Jokers and Goblins Chapter 4
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Jokers and Goblins


Chapter 4


Spider-man lay on the cold concrete floor motionless.  His costume was burnt and shredded bearing his muscular arms shoulders legs and half of his upper body, and most of his back

Boris went over and kicked Spider-man hard in the groin area “that’s for hitting me you fuck head”.

“Ok boys prepare him for phase two” ordered the Joker.

Boris grabbed Spider-man by one of his legs and began dragging the hero across the cold concrete floor to the adjoining room.

This time a pair of heavy chains were placed on each of Spider-man’s wrists and around his ankles. Spider-man was then hoisted so that his arms were chained over his head and hoisted so that the chains that were attached to his ankles were supported to heavy cement blocks. Spider-man’s body was being stretched to its limit and was helpless. 

Spider-man hung like a beaten dog with his muscular body showing through his burnt and shredded costume.  Tony the next largest henchman of the Joker went over to the beaten hero and begin to feel the hero’s hard muscular body.

“I can’t wait to fuck this hero and hear him scream” Tony blurted. “Oh you will all have your turn” Joker promised with a big smile on his face, “but continue to prepare Spider-man for the next phase” ordered the Joker.

Boris went over to Spider-man and tore off the remainder of what was left of Spider-man’s shirt. Spider-man hung shirtless with his mighty muscular hairy chest being stretched to its limit and the muscles in his arms looking like they were being torn.

Morris then brought over what seemed to look like an electrical jumper cables and attached each unit to one of Spider-man’s quarter sized nipples.

“Spider-hunk will sure get a shock out of this when he awakens” thought the Joker, “even our special guest should be arriving soon to join in our little party”

“What about his mask boss…  should we unmask the hero?” asked Tony. 

“No, we will leave it on him for now” replied the Joker.

Walking out of the darkness a familiar villain to Spider-man came walking towards the Joker and his henchmen.  “A job well done Joker, even Norman Osborne would be pleased with your little trophy on display. I don’t have a lot of time so let’s get down to business and get the show on” laughed the Green Goblin.

We have all the equipment you asked for Gobby” Joker said. “Excellent, now wake the patient” ordered the Green Goblin.

Bo, the largest of the henchmen who stood over 7 feet tall and weighed almost 400 pounds was standing behind the control panel and wearing a tight muscle shirt and tight leather pants hit the switch that sent an electrical charge to the beaten hero.

BBBZZZZZZZZT!!!!! Spider-man’s body jerked as the electricity jolted through his body. Spider-man moaned as the charge swept through him.

“More power!!!” ordered the Green Goblin.   Again Spider-man’s body jerked as the current went through him. This time Spider-man let out another scream as the powerful current raced through his muscular body.

“Oh fuck… man I’m in trouble… and I can’t do a thing” thought Spider-man “the pain is bearable for now but can’t take much more.”

“Welcome Spider-man to your worst nightmare”, laughed the Green Goblin. “Oh great halloween arrived to early” retorted Spidey.

At that time another jolt of electricity jolted the hero as he let out another scream. “You’re in a predicament to have any say” scowled the Goblin.

“But I must say you look damn hot in your position” laughed Goblin, “torn costume showing your hot muscular body and man I have to say I love a hero with a physique as yours.”

“If you put it that way web head then you are our little treat for as long as we need you”, laughed the Goblin, “as we have lots of treats for you as well.”


“I bet you Gobby”, replied Spider-man.  “Don’t banter with me you fool” quirked the Green Goblin. At the very moment Green Goblin went over to the control panel and pushed aside the Joker’s henchman. Then with a turn of the power supply to maximum, Goblin turned the juice on.

“ARGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!”    Spider-man jolted in great pain as the electricity raced through his body again. This time Spider-man hung motionless again as the surge of power was too much for him to handle. “Now Joker you can inject Spider-man with your drug this time and make sure it is a high dosage, we want to move quickly” ordered the Green Goblin.

Immediately the Joker giggled with joy as he upped the dosage and then went over to wear Spideman hung motionless.  This time the Joker removed the cable from Spider-man’s left nipple and slowly injected the drug into the tit. Still Spider-man hung motionless. The Joker then replaced the cable to the nipple. Joker then slapped Spider-man’s left pec saying, “You will enjoy this treat Spider-jerk”.

“Ok Boris, you can go first, have fun”, ordered the Joker.

Boris walked over to the hero and began to pull Spider-man’s mask up again so that it sat on the arch of his nose. Then with no resistance began to take off the metal clamps off the hero for the time being.

Boris then began to lick Spider-man’s chest and sucked and chewed on the tits and nipples, and rubbed the muscular hairy pecs at the same time. Meanwhile the drug was beginning to take effect of the beaten hero.

Boris then licked the arm pits of the hero and continued licking and chewing on the hero and gave long hard kisses to the drugged beaten hero.

Spider-man was beginning to moan again and asking for MJ to continue.

The drug was again starting to take effect again. Boris continued his foreplay assault on the hero, then his hand began to slip underneath the spandex tights, stroking the soft cock and rubbing the huge set of low hanging balls the Spider-man carried got Boris’s 11 inches thick cock hard within seconds.

“Man you are going to get fucked hard hero”, snickered Boris as he continued to fondle the 9 and a half inches cock of the hero that became hard.  Boris then pulled down the torn spandex tights to Spider-man’s ankles. Boris then bent down and began to place his wet lips around the 9 and a half inches cock of the hero and began sucking on it slowly.

Spider-man moaned as Boris sucked on his tool and his low hanging balls.  Tony then walked over and pulled off his shirt and walked toward the hung and drugged hero. He walked behind the hero and began to massage the hero’s pecs and mid-section. While Boris continued to suck Spider-man, Tony then began to passionately kiss the hero.

Spider-man let out another moan as the Boris continued to suck him and Tony still kissing him while rubbing his pecs and pinching his nipples. The Joker and Green Goblin were watching with pleasure and were both beginning to rub their groin areas.  

Tony whispered into the ear of the hero, “Now you are going to get a feel of an 11 inches cock in your hole.”   Tony then pulled down his tight pants and pulled out his hard thick 11 inch cock, then with a  mighty thrust he penetrated the hero’s tight hole.

Spider-man let out a scream as the cock entered his inner body.  Spider-man’s body jerked as Tony began to pump his ass and Boris continued to suck Spider-man’s cock and balls.

“Noooooooooooooo “, screamed Spider-man as Tony pumped his cock harder into Spider-man.   The two worked over the hero for another 10 minutes when Spider-man felt a warm presence filling his hole.  Tony had dropped a huge load into Spider-man.  “You enjoyed that hero?” asked Tony.  

“Yeeeeesss”, moaned Spider-man. “I am cumming ” and a huge load of Spider cum splashed all over Boris’s face.  Boris took his hand and licked off the cum that was on his face.  He then got up and while stroking his cock rapidly and blew two huge loads over Spider-man’s abs. 

Then Tony and Boris switched places and began working over Spider-man again. Tony began by sucking on the low hanging balls while Boris kissed the hero and rubbed his muscular pecs. 

Tony pulled out his 13 inch thick cock and with power thrusted into Spider-man’s tight hole. Again Spider-man let out a scream as Tony plowed his ass over and over and much harder than Boris.

“Can’t take much more” Spider-man thought as Tony continued to fuck him harder and deeper. Boris was still sucking on the hero’s cock and balls while the Joker and Green goblin were both stroking their 12 inch cocks waiting for their turn to punish the hero.

Tony kept pounding Spider-man’s ass for another 15 minutes and let off a huge load deep into the hero.   Spider-man moaned as Tony came out of him.

The hero hung motionless again as the powerful man slapped the hero’s bubble butt. 

“Thanks hero” quipped Tony.

Meanwhile Boris had blew another huge load as it splattered over Spider-man’s abs and as high his pecs.

“Maybe another injection of the drug before phase 3 would help Joker” said the Green Goblin.

“Yes we can’t let Spider-man regain his senses for the next part” laughed the Joker.

Again the Joker went over to the cum drenched hero and injected another dosage of the drug into his right nipple.  Spider-man’s body thrusted about again for a few moments and then hung helplessly as the drug took full effect.

“Unbind him and prepare for the next phase” ordered the Green Goblin. Immediately the bonds that held Spider-man stretched were released and the hero fell to the concrete floor like a rock and remained motionless.

Boris and Tony then grabbed Spider-man’s arms and dragged the hero to the showers to clean him up nice in the shower, Tony decided to have a little more fun with the drugged hero. Boris agreed with Tony as he held Spider-man’s arms tightly and had forced Spider-man on his knees.

Spider-man at this time was slowly beginning to stir as the two thugs manhandled him.  Boris went in front of the hero and again pulled out his cock and said “Suck it boy”.  Boris waved his cock in front of Spider-man’s mouth but Spidey refused to cooperate.

Tony yanked back Spidey’s head with force and scowled “Suck it or get the unexpected!”, as he forced Spider-man’s face into the hard cock.

Spider-man obliged this time knowing what could be instore for him.  As he sucked the hot piece of meat Boris replied, “Feels good Spider-man…”

Spider-man sucked Boris man meat for about 5 minutes and then Boris let out a mighty moan as he shot a huge hot load into the hero’s mouth.

“Swallow it hero or else”, ordered Boris.  Spider-man hesitated at first, but then slowly swallowed the hot load as he gagged. “Good hero” said Boris as he pat the head of the hero as if he was a dog after fulfilling an order.

Then as ordered Boris and Tony cleaned the drugged hero up by lathering him up in soap and having the privilege to feel the hot muscles of the hero.

Within 15 minutes the two were done cleaning the hero and placed the hero into a large cell and onto a nice huge king sized bed.

The Green Goblin walked up and said “Good job… let him rest for a bit… the drug will keep him in a weakened state for several hours.   Now go prepare the next piece of equipment” ordered the Goblin.

“We will keep Spider-man drugged while he sleeps… by injecting him every hour or so” thought the Green Goblin.

To be continued………………

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