Jokers and Goblins Chapter 5
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Jokers and Goblins  


 Chapter 5


Several hours had passed and the Joker kept the webbed hero sedated under the drug. The Green goblin had left the premises for quite some time only to come back with a clean costume for the hero.

The Joker had not realized that the goblin knew Spider-man’s true identity and knew where he lived.

“Oh a fresh change of clothes for the webbed dummy” snickered the Joker. 

“Yes so we can eventually see what strength he has left after we are done with phase 3.  Get the boys to get him dressed and don’t unmask him quite yet” ordered the Green goblin.

Soon Boris and another well-built thug went into the cell and while one held the weakened drugged hero the other had dressed the hero in a fresh costume. 

“Wonder what the two have in store for this moron” asked Boris.

“Only the Goblin knows what he’s going to do next” replied the other

Meanwhile in the other room, The Green Goblin was letting the Joker know about his next phase.  “This is the plan. We are going to let the hero rest and let some of the drug wear out of his body and then a fight that you have never witnessed. The loser of the match will be fucked by you and me and if the outcome is not of my satisfaction, phase 3 will be continued as planned.  We are going to have a match in a steel cell. The inside of the cell will have barbed wire stretching around the bars. You see this match will bear blood and much worse for either one of the fighters.  But I know that Spider-man will not be able to beat the monster of a man that is about to show up. The loser will be put on a torture rack and taken care of by you and me. And anything goes in the match as well” Goblin explained

At this time Boris and Morris were bringing the weakened hero out by dragging him out of one cell and placing him inside the steel cage.  The hero stumbled while inside the cage and collapsed to the floor.

“Good let him rest and regain what little strength he can muster” gnarled the Goblin.

Several hours had passed and the evil group were still awaiting for the arrival of their man beast for the battle.  Meanwhile Spider-man had become more awake and finding out his whereabouts.

“Ohh-h-h-h my aching body” groaned Spider-man, “what’s next for me?”

“I’m unbound from my shackles, my ass hurts, and I’m in some kind of steel cage” thought the webbed hero.

“The drugs are still making me feel not myself… spider sense is gone… but gaining some strength” Spidey continued to think as he still lie on the floor.

Not too far off the group of evil doers were off discussing their plan when Morris came up and alerted the Goblin and Joker. “He has arrived”.

“Good and we can soon start phase 3″ snickered the Goblin as he rubbed his hands together. “Bring Him in”, Goblin ordered.

Soon walked in a giant.  A solid man of pure muscle.  He stood over 7 feet tall and weighed over 560 pounds. He wore skin tight black leather pants black leather vest and a black leather mask.

His arms were as big as Kingpin’s thighs, his hands as large a human skull…and legs larger than an elephant.

As Spider-man lie in the cage he thought to himself, “God I have to regain my strength back for this battle but the drugs are not wearing off fast enough. Still weak, but will have to hope I can gather enough strength.  Cage is lined with barb wire so these goons are going to see how much more I can take.” 

Slowly Spider-man dragged himself up off the floor and saw in astonishment what he was about to face. “Oh my fucking god. I have never faced a man or anything that huge before… and I thought Kingpin was huge.

Gotta survive somehow” thought the hero.

“As you can see Spider-man, your doom is coming to an end soon and if you happen to survive… you are free to go and if you don’t well let’s say that torture rack will be waiting for you” snickered the Goblin.

“Ok your goal is to squash the bug badly and take as much time as you need” snapped the Joker. 

“No puny man will order me” snapped the Giant.

Meanwhile Spider-man thought to himself, “Fuck this guy is larger than the Hulk and I barely came out alive with a few rounds with him. Have to play it safe”

Within moments the huge monster of the man had entered the large steel cage and he towered over the shocked Spider-man. The two faced off for several moments, then the monster made his first move by attempting to grab Spider-man.

Spider-man had just slipped by the huge hands that were taking the first grab.  The giant turned around and made a second attempt.  Again he missed as the hero narrowly slipped by. This time Spider-man was going for an offensive move but the drugs were slowing him down again and this time the giant happened to grab the hero by the shirt and lifted him off the floor.

Unable to make a full contact swing Spider-man struggled against the huge man as held him by the scruff of his shirt that revealed the hard abs and treasure trail of hair of the hero.

With little effort the beast threw the hero hard against the steel cage.

KABAAM!!!!!  Spider-man hit hard and fell hard to the floor. Slowly to recover, the giant swiftly went over and again picked Spider-man up by the back of his shirt and again pulling the fabric far enough revealing the hero’s midsection.   This time he raised the hero high above the floor and then just dropped him.

Spider-man lay motionless for a few moments and then rolled over only to see a huge hand grab him by the throat.

“GGAAAGH” Spider-man tried to cry out. It was no use the hand was like a steel vise grip and was squeezing the air out of the hero. Then with again little force the beast threw Spider-man face first into the steel cage.

“AAAAGGGGGGH!” screamed Spidey has his face hit hard against the steel and barb wire, tearing a bit of his mask around the lower jaw. Again the huge hand smashed Spidey’s head into the cage and rubbing it into the steel mesh and wire tearing more of the mask off the hero.

Trickles of blood began to stream from the hero’s face. Spider-man moaned as the wire tore through his mask and flesh. Again the hero fell to the hard floor and lay still as the huge man stared down at him.

As Spider-man tried to pick himself up a huge foot ploughed him hard into the mid-section. “UGGGGhh-h-h-h- ” moaned Spidey as he went rolling into the center of the cage holding his mid-section.

“Have to hang on…  gain some offence somehow ” Spidey thought as he choked back blood.  Then the huge man grabbed Spider-man up by the arms and turned it into a bear hug. Spider-man struggled to get free but was futile.

Two hard head bunts and Spider-man fought to stay conscious.  The beast then held Spider-man by the arms   and then with a mighty surge the beast rammed Spider-man hard into the steel cage and wire again CRRRAAAACK as the hero hit the cage and wire. Spider-man was held there and held back the scream as the wired tore his costume and dug deep into his back.  The giant let go and the hero fell part way before the back of his shirt got caught in the wire leaving Spidey hanging helplessly. The muscular giant then grabbed Spider-man’s legs and pulled him from the wire.

R_I-I-I-I-P-P-P as the back of the costume tore with some skin from the hero as he fell hard to the floor.  Blood streamed from the partially bare back from the hero.

Spider-man again thought “I’m getting beat good… feels like some ribs are cracked. Not sure I can take much more”.

As Spidey lay on the floor, the monster hand picked him up by the shirt, stretching the fabric to its limit, again revealing his mid-section. 

Spider-man hung helpless with blood continuing to trickle down his face and back.  With a mighty blow, Spider-man was hit hard in the midsection and again fell to the floor and coughing up a bit of blood.  Spidey then lost consciousness.

10 minutes had passed since the brutal beating and Spider-man was starting to wake up only to find himself hanging helplessly in the cage.  His arms were restrained by metal cuffs around his wrists and biceps.  Spidey’s costume was torn down most of his back and half his mask gone outlining his facial features.

“Broken up inside, have to gain strength somehow. Bound up again. Can’t imagine what Gobby and Joker have in store for me” thought Spider-man.

A few minutes had passed and the 7 foot plus giant reentered the cage. This time he had a whip in one hand and a barbed wire bat in another. The giant laid both weapons down momentarily and walked over in from of the helpless hero and spoke “You are pathetic. You are in store for more from orders given by Goblin and Joker.  They don’t want you dead, just pulverized a little more.”

He then grabbed Spider-man by the crotch and began to fondle him.  Through the spandex tights Spider-man’s man meat was beginning to grow. After a few minutes of fondling the hero and feeling Spider-man’s cock grow, the giant then placed his hands underneath the shirt that was skin tight and felt the hard muscular pecs and squeezed the nipples.

Spider-man moaned. Spider-man’s upper body was being massaged by a huge hand and was enjoying the feel of a hard hand caress his hairy pecs and upper body.


“Enjoy for now hero because you will suffer more” muttered the giant as he walked over and picked up the whip.

Spider-man took a deep breath and swallowed.  

With a show of strength the giant snapped the whip to show he was ready for giving more punishment. With 2 cracks of the whip, the giant meant business.  The third crack and the whip raked the back of the hero and opened up the existing tears down the back of the hero

Spider-man screamed in pain. Again the whip landed its mark on the back of the hero. Spider-man let out screams of pain each time. Spider-man’s back was laced with slash marks from the whip and blood was streaming down onto the concrete floor. The giant man laid the whip down and then picked up the barbed wire covered baseball bat.

As Spider-man tried to break free of his bonds the giant took a swing at the hero with the bat as a warning that the worse may still to come. Spider-man took a sigh as the bat just narrowly missed his abs.  The giant walked up to the hero and grabbed him by the face and snorted “The Goblin and the Joker will be ready for you in a bit but I have to have my taste of you first. You resist and I won’t hesitate on pounding the shit out of you with that bat”, the giant then began to caress Spider-man’s upper body. 

Spider-man winced as the huge hand swept over his mid-section. Then the hands worked their way up to the chest and shoulders and with his fingers began to tear away the shirt from the shoulders down to just below the nicely shaped hairy pecs.

Spider-man swallowed hard and could feel the pain building up inside from a possible busted rib or two.

The giant then began to lift up his black leather mask to reveal the wet lips that were hungering for a taste of the Spider.

The huge man stood in front and began to kiss the hero with passion. Spider-man tried to resist at first but gave in to the passion of the kiss. As the giant continued to use his lips on the hero his one hand began to rub the spiders chest and pecs and pinching the nipples at the same time.

Spider-man moaned as the kiss continued and the huge hand ran across his mighty chest. Then the giant noticed that a nice bulge under the spandex tights of the hero. Slowly the huge hand slipped under the tights and began to fondle the 9 inches cock and balls.

Again Spider-man moaned as the groping continued. Then as the kiss ended, the giant began to lick the Spider-man’s face and moved over to the nipples and began to chew and suck on each one for seconds at a time. While stroking the hard cock under the spandex.

Spider-man tried to resist the handling but the drugs in his system were not allowing him to do so.

The giant then went down and slowly pulled down the tights to reveal the huge 9 inch cock that was sticking out. Slowly the hero’s cock was being licked and sucked. 

Spider-man moaned again as the giant began to work his cock with his hot mouth. The huge villain worked the hero’s cock slowly sucking the thick nine inch cock and then licking the huge low hanging balls as well.

The pecs of the hero indented as his cock was being worked over.   The huge man of muscle worked the head and shaft of the huge cock and then with his huge hands reached behind and began to massage the hard firm cheeks and began to reach for the tight hole.

Spider-man could not resist the feelings going through him as the drugs had not clear his system yet.  The muscle giant still was working over his cock and balls.  At the time his huge balls were being sucked and Spider-man sensed the urge to blow a load. Spider-man’s cock was being milked as he finally arched back and let a huge load release into the giant’s mouth. Streams of hot spider-cum gushed as the hero moaned out loud.

The giant looked up smiling and said “I’m not done yet hero”. The mountain of muscle stood up and again licking the hero, then moves towards Spidey’s face and pressed his lips and another deep kiss. Spidey did not resist this time. He couldn’t. Then the huge giant went around to the back of the hero and again massaged the hero’s pecs and tweaked his nipples as he licked the hero’s neck.

“Don’t resist me hero or you will be punished more” ordered the huge beast.

All Spider-man could do was moan in response. Soon the huge hands made their way down to the hard smooth ass and began to finger the tight hole again.

Spider winced as the huge finger began to enter his tight hole. Deeper and deeper the finger went and Spider-man arched his back again and pecs indenting as the giant probed his hot hole.

“Don’t fight me boy” snapped the giant. This time the huge fingers slowly came out of Spider-man’s ass and the huge hands spread the cheeks open, then the huge watering mouth plunged into the hero’s hole.

The villains mouth and tongue worked over Spider-man’s ass and Spider-man hung merciless as it continued for 15 minutes.

Then again the cheeks were spread and a slowly the giant drew his hand together to make a fist.  Slowly the cheeks were spread again and the giant made an attempt open the hero’s ass and push his huge fist inside.

“NOooooooooooo”, cried Spider-man.

Slowly the huge fist inched its way into the tight hole, spreading the inwards of the hero. Spider-man tried to hold back the scream but had to let it out.

“AAAAARRrrrrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhh fuck no more”, he screamed.  The giant ignored his pleas and inched his way further into the hero.

When the giant was satisfied he began to pump his fist in and out of the hero with Spider-man screaming loudly in pain each time.

10 minutes of fisting the hero was enough to take all strength out of the hero. The giant removed his fist and stood up. Spider-man hung helpless and blood dripping out of his hole.

“I’m not done hero” snapped the giant.

The giant then pulled out a 13 inch cock with a circumference of 8 inches and then grabbed the hero that hung helpless around the waist.

The giant inched his massive cock into Spider-mans opened hole and began to pump him hard.

Spider-man cried in pain as the monster continued to punish him.  Harder and harder the giant penetrated the hero’s ass.  Spider-man was suffering merciless as this continued on for what seemed forever. The giant grabbed Spider-man’s nipples as he pounded the hero.

Spider-man cried in pain as the huge cock rammed his tight hole, tearing away at in insides.  The giant pounded the tight hole for 15 minutes and finally let out a loud cry as he unloaded loads of cum deep inside the hero.

As he pulled out of Spider-man he slapped his tight ass and said “It was a pleasure, maybe again one day”.

Spider-man weakly replied, “Fuck off you slut”.

Angrily the giant lifted his right fist and laid a series of punches to Spider-man’s mid-section and one big blow to his face.

Spider-man fell unconscious as blood again inched down his face.

“Joker and Green Goblin will finish you” snarled the giant as he was beginning to leave the cell.

Spider-man hung in chains with his back slashed and his costume and mask in threads and his cock dripping cum as he hung unconscious, with blood stained to his face back and chest.

Outside the cell the giant reported to the Joker and Green Goblin that their victim was ready for the final phase.

“You will be paid greatly for your work” replied the Goblin.  “Joker you may as well inject our guest with another stronger dose of the drug, Spider-man’s going to receive our gifts to him shortly” Goblin said as he rubbed his crotch.

Shortly the Joker entered the cell and saw the beaten hero hang unconscious.  “Oh what a pretty job our man did to you” said the villain as he looked at the beaten hero.  Spider-man’s face was swollen and his body was demolished as the Joker looked over Spider-man.

“This will help you be more comfortable” The Joker said as he injected another dose of the drug into Spider-man through his right nipple.

Spider-man arched his back and as he felt the drug he let out another horrific scream.  The Joker stood back as he watched the muscular hero try and fight off the stronger dose of the drug.

After a few moments of reacting to the drug, Spider-man fell unconscious again.

Joker then motioned in Boris and Morris in to unchain the hero and take him into the next room. The two brutes did as ordered and unchained the beaten hero and both men carried him out of the cell and into the torture chamber.

This time Spider-man was secured with his head and neck placed in a heavy leather collar. On is knees and in a position where both his arms were securely fastened with heavy metal chains and his legs bolted down while on his knees. The tight blue tights were removed and the torn mask that revealed most of Spider-man’s facial features was left on momentarily. The Green Goblin walked behind the naked chained hero and pulled his head back by the mask and said “When you awake Spider-man, the final phase will begin.”


To be continued…………………………….

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