Jokers and Goblins Chapter 6
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 Jokers and Goblins   


Chapter 6


Several minutes had passed and Spider-man was beginning to stir and find himself in an awkward position.  Spider-man’s upper body was stretched to its limit with heavy chains wrapped around his chest and outlining the muscles in his pecs. Chains were securely wrapped around his biceps and wrists, exposing the well haired armpits Spider-man’s hairy legs were nicely showing the quads and his cock at half-mast and his large low hanging balls.

“God, I’m in trouble now” thought Spider-man, “have to try and break free but too weak to even attempt”

Soon the Green Goblin and the Joker entered the chamber this time only wearing jockstraps. The goblin’s body was muscular and well-built as Norman Osborn kept himself in shape.  His upper body was slightly hairy and his mid-section somewhat smooth. The Joker was an average villain but was in athletic shape as well. He was mainly smooth after the acid bath that he had taken from encountering Batman in his early days.

The Goblin walked in front of the hero and snorted, “I’m not sorry that your pretty face and body were a little banged up but I wanted it this way”.  The Goblin walked around behind the hero and stepped up behind him and grabbed the top of Spider-man’s mask as if he was to pull the headpiece off.

“As the old saying Webhead, resistance is futile” snarled the Goblin. As he pulled the head back of the hero and evilly smiled. “You resist and the mask will be removed and your identity will be shown to one of the greatest villain” quipped the Goblin as he let go of the hero’s’ head.

As he did the Goblin then began to massage Spider-man’s neck and massaging his whipped back. Meanwhile the Joker came up in from of Spider-man’s face and rubbed his crotch in his face.

“Open up and take your meat hero”, giggled the Joker.  Knowing that his identity threatened, Spider-man forced himself to push his face towards the villain’s crotch.

Joker then grabbed the hero’s head and pushed it in towards his 10 inch cock that was sticking out from the jockstrap.

“Suck it hero or suffer the consequences”, snarled the Goblin as he began to work the ass cheeks of the hero.  Spider-man slowly began to suck on the Jokers tool.  Starting at the head and then began to work down the shaft as the joker began to thrust his cock down the hero’s throat.

Meanwhile Spider-man’s own cock was growing to its full length.  The joker saw this and pulled out of Spider-man’s mouth and retorted. “We need Spider-man in a position where we can both be able to play with our prize”.

“Agreed” replied the Green goblin.

The two villains gestured Boris and Morris to re-secure Spider-man in a position where all could have time to play with their possession.

Still weak form the several drug injections, Spider-man was unable to resist the two goons. Within minutes Spider-man’s arms were tightly secured to a steel fence. A chain was secured around his chest and neck. 

His legs were secured at the thighs and ankles by chains.

“Nice and secured for our playtime again” snickered the Goblin as he stroked his cock.

The goblin walked in front of Spider-man and ran his fingers through the hair of his chest and pinched Spidey’s nipples.

Spider-man tried to resist but as he did a hand went to grab the torn mask.  “Remember, any resistance and the Joker gets to see who u really are” Goblin snapped.

Shortly the Goblin walked behind the metal fence and began to feel and massage the hero’s ass and cheeks while the Joker was about to take a taste of the Spider’s cock and balls.

Spider-man’s cock began to stiffen again as the Joker went down and began to lick the huge shaft and massage the handful of balls.

“Mmmm…” moaned the hero.

The Joker worked Spider-man’s cock and balls for what seemed for eternity. Spider-man’s body began to jerk as a huge load came shooting out of the hero’s cock and cum splattering all over the  Joker. 

“Well done hero” sneered the Joker as he took the cum and licked it off and what was left smeared along Spider-man’s lips.  

“Taste your own cum before Spider-man?” Asked the Joker.

Spider-man just moaned.

“Taste it or your identity will be revealed to me” ordered the Joker.

Spider-man slowly licked his cum covered lips and swallowed.  

“Good boy” giggled the joker as he stepped up on one barrier of the fence with his cock sticking out of his jock strap.  

“Now you get to taste me”, snarled the villain as he pushed his cock into Spider-man’s face.  “Open up and suck it boy” ordered the Joker, as he slapped his hard cock onto the face of the hero.

Slowly Spider-man opened his mouth and allowed the cock to slip in.  

Slowly the Joker pumped his cock in the hero’s mouth as it was being sucked. 

Meanwhile the Green Goblin was massaging the ass cheeks of the hero and preparing his ass for serious ass pounding.

Spidey moaned as he sucked the Jokers cock and while the Goblin played with his ass.

Within a few minutes Spider-man felt his hole being widened by a huge 12 inch cock as it inched its way inside him Spider-man wanted to let out a scream but moaned loudly as the Goblin began to fuck his tight hole

“Oh fuck the pain is too great” thought Spider-man as he continued to suck on the 10 inch cock of the Joker.

The Goblin started to slam the hero’s ass harder and harder until the cock of the Joker slipped out and Spider-man let out a loud scream.

“STOPPP” Spidey screamed as he tried to break the chains that held him but as it was no use.

The Joker forced his cock back into Spider-man’s mouth and the hero reluctantly sucked the 10 inch cock.

Spider-man’s own cock was full length and beginning to drip with pre cum again

Boris had seen the erect cock and walked over and dropped to his knees and massaged the cock for a bit before he put Spider-man’s cock in his mouth.

For Spider-man the fucking seemed to go on for eternity as he was still too weak to break free of his bonds while the villains were man torturing his body.

For at least another 15 minutes the Goblin pounded Spider-man’s ass while the hero sucked on the Jokers rod and Boris continued to suck and grope his cock and balls. 

“Going to cum soon” thought Spider-man, “don’t know how much more ass pounding I can take before passing out”.

Boris began moaning as Spider-man began to shoot a huge load of spider-cum down his throat.  

The Joker began to laugh as his piece of meat was about to explode.  The joker pulled out his rod and stroked it for a bit and unloaded a huge load of cum over Spider-man’s face and mask.

As the Joker stepped down from the railing, Boris walked up and unloaded his load all over Spider-man’s midsection. The Green Goblin was still fucking the hero as he knew the hero was about to pass out.  

The Goblin motioned Boris and Morris to begin to loosen the binds and remove the chains around the hero.  Once done the Joker removed his cock and at the same time pulled off Spider-man’s torn mask and watched as the hero fell like a rock to the floor.

With his firm ass showing the four villains stood over the hero and each unloading another load of cum over Peter Parkers naked body.

“Take a good look Joker at the hero you just helped stripped of his manhood” said the Goblin. 

The Joker smiled and grabbed the torn mask of the floor and rolled over the beaten young man that lie on the floor.  The Joker stuffed the mask that was covered in cum and said. “Till next time we meet Mr. Parker”.

The four villains laughed and left the warehouse leaving behind a hero who lost his manhood.  Peter Parker lay in a pool of cum and a torn costume scattered about the place. 

Two hours passed before Peter regained conscious. “Oh shit… I’m naked covered and cum and no costume hardly left to get dressed in” he thought as he pulled the cum covered torn mask out of his mouth.

“My ass hurts like hell. Don’t know if I can even walk home. Shit my problems have just begun on how to get out of here”

Peter tried to stand up but instead collapsed to the floor again and into a deep state unconsciousness.


Next … Spider-man tangles with Kraven

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