Milking the Stallion Part 1
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 Milking the Stallion


Part 1: Ensnaring the Stallion


The doors flung opened. It was the Man of Steel … a very angry Man of Steel.

The presense of the Man of Steel was commanding. Incredibly tall and handsome. Those tights revealed two huge chests, superbly well defined abs, thighs and calves. In short, one hundred percent hard muscles. A living sexy god among the mortals, who fights for truth and justice.

“I have been expecting you, Superman … come over and sit.”

Lex Luthor, the city mayor, was sitting comfortably in his chair, with two burly bodyguards behind him, calmly bade Superman over to sit. In comparison to the incredibly muscled superman, Lex Luthor carries a medium frame, almost lanky. He had a devious look with a one sided smile that seemed to hint that everything was under control. The atmosphere was tense.

“I knew you were up to no good, when you introduced those robotic police for national securty. You had over the year worked to have the entire government under your control, willing them to declare wars on nation that refuse to sell oil to LexCorp. Your hands are tainted with the blood of thousands of innocent lives …” 

“Correction,” retorted Luthor. “Those people aren’t innocent, they deserved to die. LexCorp is the blood of the nation. If LexCorp is down, this nation will as well. And who’s the man behind LexCorp? It’s me, LEX LUTHOR. Your small brain is only good enough to fly around saving kittens on the trees. What do you know about economics and sciences? I am only doing this for us you know, Su-Per-Man. And I believe in fair trade, I am not forcing them to give me oil freely, I am merely asking them to sell me at a better price.” 

Superman was pissed. Luther and his twisted logic. This man who literally killed thousands of people with his utter selfish greed had the authencity to justify himself with these absurb excuses. He walked towards Luthor, eyes glowing crimson red. It seemed as though his heat vision could shoot out any second, turning that man called Lex Luthor into ashes.

The two bodyguards flinched. An angry superman is not a sight that anyone was familiar with. It was absolutely terrifying. This man can hurl comets and blow buildings down. What if the heat vision missed and hit them instead?

Unlike the two henchmen, Luthor remained calm. He had been fighting Superman all his life. And had failed many times, far too many times. This man, superman, represented Lex’s greatest stumbling block to his plans in all these years. And today is the day where he can possibly redeem himself. Lex smiled at the thought. 

Suddenly the crimson glow stopped. Superman hesitated. He was pretty sure no kryptonite was around. He had scanned the area. No lead. No kryptonite. He felt a lightening of head. No, this effect cannot be due to kryptonite. For some reason, he felt his member stirring. 

“I had been visiting your home in south pole, if you don’t mind, while you had been busy fighting to stop the wars. Your anatomy is nothing but amazing.” Luthor stood up, walking slowly towards the great superman. “And I discovered that kryptonian scientists had came up with a chemical that carries an effect, according to my calculation, an equivalent of viagra that is at least a hundred times more potent. It is easily absorbed by the krytonian body through even skin and breath. It was proven by your scientists to be highly addictive, leading to destruction of many kryptonian lives in your society.”

Superman is now breaking into cold sweat. A kryptonian viagra? Why is Luthor even interested in that?

“If my theory is not wrong, this aphrodisiac effect is so strong that it will at least temporarily incapacipate you. Some psychological and physiological damages might be more or less permament if not long lasting. That is why this drug was under a strict forbidden list.”

Luthor is now standing right in front of Superman. Clearly a head shorter than his muscled adversary, Luthor continued,”I had this chemical created again just for you to feel your home.” 

Superman was breathing deeply, trying to gain composure, trying to clear his mind. His heart was beating faster by the minute, his manhood painfully erect. Escape. Yes, he need to get out of here. Whatever this thing is, is in the air and he need to get out. Superman turned around and staggered toward the door.

“Get him.” Luthor hissed.

The two henchmen quickly ran up and grabed superman by the arms on both sides. Superman struggled and pushed the two henchmen on either sides, sending them flying to the wall. Subduing this stallion is not going to be easy even when drugged. More men rushed into the room. Superman lunged forward and grabbed the two nearest henchmen in front, and throw them backwards against the other henchmen behind like sandbags. More cold sweat broke out from his head, his painful erection is getting domination over his mind.

Breathe deeper – get that chemical right into your blood stream, Luthor thought gleefully. The gas had been released at full blast right now. Out from his pocket, Luthor took out a lipstick. This lipstick is filled with the same drug that is in the air right now. He applied the lipstick on his lips, over and over, making sure his lips was saturated with the chemical and walked toward superman who is now still fighting against the henchmen, albeit more and more clumsily.  

Luthor grabbed superman by his shoulders and turned him around, then grabbed the now semi-delirious superman’s head forwad and planted a deep kiss. Luthor tongued the Man of Steel, making sure all the chemicals on his lips is worked into superman’s mouth.

Superman struggled but it seemed his strength was leaving him. The henchment rushed over and grabbed superman’s arms. The godly stud was still struggling but this time the henchment could hold him ensared. Luthor stood back and grinned evilly into the face of his adversary.

The stallion was subdued.


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1 thought on “Milking the Stallion Part 1
2.7 (6)

  1. SUPERMAN is becoming the LOWERman. Superman’s own sexuality is powerfully overCUMMING his own flesh & blood surpassingly stronger than his mind can resist. Every cell of his body is converging on his staunch superior erection.

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