Milking the Stallion Part 2
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Milking the Stallion


Part 2: The Milking


“Superman, your great days are over.” declared Lex triumphantly.

“Lex, what do you gain from all these?”, Superman asked breathlessly.”You know the effects are temporary. I had shown you mercy over the years, refusing to take your life even though I could …”

“That is why you are naive and stupid!” retorted Lex Luthor. “And who says this is temporary when I can keep using this drug on you until you are a sex and drug addicted low life scumb”

Lex laughed maniacally.

Superman saw fear for the the first time as the words sank in. Superman closed his eyes, trying to concentrate once more. There must be a way to control this great urge in his loins. He is Superman, the Man of Steel – he can control himself. And his cook is like Steel set on fire. Superman opened his eyes at the thought of his cock. The concentration is not working, and trying not to think about his cock makes him think even more, makes him even more aware of his need and hunger to get his juice out from his aching nuts.

“Bring me the oil,”Lex ordered one of his henchmen, who quickly went over and passed Lex a curious looking bottle of oil.”I hate you so much that I want to bring the worst possible hurt to you and what’s more gratifying than you reduced to a sex fiend begging to be released. Being a businessman, I want my investment to be fully worth its value. And I spent millions to see you humilated, destroyed and have your sperm all stored to create an army of your progeny fully controlled under my command. There shall be world peace under my rule!”

“This is insane! I will never let your plans come to light!” declared superman, surprising defiant. He found new strength upon hearing Lex Luthor’s plans and struggled violently. The two henchmen had difficulty holding superman in place. More of the henchmen rushed over behind superman to hold him. There were hands grabbing superman’s shoulders, waist, his tree trunk thighs down to his ankles. Finally the great stallion was subdued again.

Three henchmen were taking all these down with their video cams. “I want those pictures to be of high quality,”Lex Luthor ordered. “This shall be the greatest movie of the year. I expect it to blow the box-office.”

Lex poured the oil over his hands. “I think you are smart enough to guess what’s inside this oil,”Luthor grinned evilly. “You know, as much as I hate you, you are the finest male speciman I have ever seen. It’s true that I had many partners – males and females. But the person I want most is you. Instead you chose that whore Lois Lane! You know I live by this motto – its either mine or no one’s.”

“I will fight you to the end!” growled the Man of Steel valiantly.

Smiling at Superman, Lex moved up to superman real close and starts to feel his biceps. “So hard …,” muttered Lex, almost to himself. He moved his hands over Superman’s mounting chests, and messaged the oil into the fabric. “Damned …” Luthor is clearly liking what he touched there. He pinches the nipples in the fabric lightly. They were nice and firm. It was pretty obvious Luthor was aroused himself. He had dreamt of owning this stallion for the longest time and he wanted to savour every moment of it.

A little moan escaped from Superman.

Lex looked up and mused at Superman thoughtfully. Superman was feeling so aroused with those caresses. That tingling sensation and euphoria was almost indescribable. It was a losing battle. And the drug that was present in the oil seeped through the fabric, making sure every pore of his skin remain in constant contact with the deadly drug. The henchment started to relaxed as they felt Superman releasing tensions in his muscles.

Lex poured more oil over his hands and worked the oil on Superman’s abs. It was incredible – he can feel all the six-packs – well defined and hard. Superman looked down. His eyes almost pleading, as if asking Luthor not to touch his package.

Lex looked up and grinned. Ignoring Superman’s blatant package purposefully, Luthor knelt down went on to work on Superman’s thighs. Those thighs were simply amazing. Well defined and thick to the right size. Luthor felt he could almost hump the thigh of this god like a dog in heat.

Lex smelt a strange mildly pleasant musky smell. Superman’s cock is now leaking pre-cum.

Another moan escaped from Superman. This time it was louder and deeper. Superman bit his lower lips just in time before another moan is let off.

“The little slut in you is beginning to show,” observed Lex Luthor. Lex stared right into Superman’s package. This is where all his treasures lie. The Seed of the Man of Steel, right in there. Lex fingered the tip of the head through the red fabric. That sent shudders to the Man of Steel right down to his spine.

“Please … stop this … this is … wrong,” begged Superman. 

Ignoring Superman’s pleas, Lex continued to rub the oil into the tip of the head. He traced the entire length of Superman’s cock down to the base with his finger, sending another wave of shudder. He poured the remaining content of the oil onto the tip of the cock. The deadly liquid dribbled down right to the base, permeating through the fabric. The outline of the huge cock became highly conspicuous now that the red undie is thoroughly soaked with the deadly oil. Lex grabbed Superman’s huge balls and squeezes lightly. “Got to make sure the drug goes right in there, gonna make them work until they go bust,” said Lex. Superman could only look helplessly down. Too much of the drug is in his system now.

Eyeing to the two henchmen that were grabbing Superman’s by his arms, Luthor gave a nod. With a pair of scissors, they snipped off the fabric covering Superman’s nipples. The two henchmen started to pinch his nipples in a deliberate manner. The nipples hardened further rapidly. Superman’s already erect cock grew another inch right before Luthor’s eyes! The cock is at full mast now, extending a little beyond the belt. That was the biggest cock Luthor had ever seen, it was beyond what he imagined.

“Ahh … ahhh …. ahhh … ahhh,” This was all Superman could mutter as the two henchmen worked on his super sensitve nipples. The nipple torture was sending Superman right to the edge.

Lex gave another nod to the other henchmen. The hands that were grabbing Superman, started to caress over his arms, chests, back, thighs and calves, sending chills down Superman’s spine. The arousal was too much – the stallion finally broken. All signs of the previously majestic and mighty Superman were gone. Superman closed his eyes and started to make soft whimpering noises like a man slut. He started to make humping motions, pushing his erect cock over the small tight red fabric that was covering his decency.

“The great Superman. Now a sex crazed person!” Luthor chuckled. 

Lex stood up. Clearly a man of much smaller stature compared to Superman, Luthor muttered “I have finally triumphed over you, Superman.”

Superman is now totally oblivious to his surroundings. All he want is his release now. His moans and whimpers are now totally uninhibited, raw and pornographic.

Lex unbuckled Superman’s belt and pulled his red underpants down. The great shaft sprang free. Lex was absolutely amazed how beautiful the cock was. The moment had finally come, to touch the Man of Steel’s cock skin to skin. Lex grabbed the cock and gave the head a few deft strokes. The cock feels so good in Luthor’s hands – soft yet hard and full of heat. One of the henchmen knelt behind Superman and started to fondle his scrotum.

“Ahhh ahhhh” Superman exclaimed louder.

Luthor placed his thumb over the tip of Superman’s cock and rubs back and forth on the slit. The cock throbbed excitedly leaking out more precum. Using two hands, Luthor grabbed the throbbing shaft and started to pump it, increasing his grip at the head. Every now and then, he would rub his thumb over the head causing the great Man of Steel to shudder involuntarily. 

“Yes, Superman, give in to those desires, you know you want to.”Luthor coerced softly.

Superman started to thrust his hips against Luthor hands. A henchment came beside Luthor and held a metallic container size of a large mug in front of the tip of the cock. They were literally milking this stallion.

Suddenly Superman gave a loud cry.

Thick white ropes of cum came spewing out from the Man of Steel’s cock. Superman’s balls and abs tightened. Luthor grabbed the cock tightly like a vice refusing to let go despite the force of the cum. He was determined to milk every drop out of this stud. He shall conquer this man whom everyone called Superman and he shall conquer this man’s mighty cock. Never again shall he be defeated by this man slut.

Superman’s entire body convulsed and would have collapsed if not the whole team of henchmen grabbing him tight to keep him in place. The waves of climax keep coming over and over, and the cum keep spewing off in thick ropes. This was unlike any ordinary man’s orgasm. It lasted a good fifteen minutes before the climaxes finally slowed and subsided. Amazingly, the entire container was almost filled to the rim with his cum. 

Superman was totally spent and slumped onto the floor as the henchmen released him. His body spasmed occasionally from the aftermath of the orgasm.

“I am so going to enjoy this,” Lex walked over the once great Superman.

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