Milking the Stallion Part 3
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Milking the Stallion


Part 3: Chained


There were faded voices. Was this a dream, a bad dream? Or was it a good dream? Or perhaps a wet dream went awry? Something’s aching. He couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was. He was tired and yet somehow content. But the bliss was shortlived. The ache was becoming more obvious and it was disturbing his needed rest.

Reluctantly, he opened his eyes. His arms were tied firmly with chains to a arms of a sturdy metallic t-cross. His feet were chained together to the pole. Superman looked around. The room was in reddish hue. It was filled with various machinery. There were a few tables facing him with laptops on top. There were cameras at the corner of the room. And the ache came again. This time, he realized what it was. His painful erection. Superman started to recollect. The costume he was wearing was still drenched with the dreadful oil. He is still under the influence of the drug.

The heavy metallic door opened.

“I came rushing down the moment I was informed that you were awaken,” exclaimed Lex Luthor as he walked in followed by two of his henchmen.”How was your rest? Good? How rude of me – let me introduce you about this room. It is specially designed for you. Red solar lamps to cancel yellow sun effects that were giving you the superpowers.Double layered inch thick lead walls with solid steel in between. And in case you think you can destroy the lamps, I had them protected with solid steal bars. I figure just in case, if the drug wears off (oh what am I kidding? it won’t) but being a cautious man, I have to make sure there are backup plans. See how much you are costing me? But thanks to the fact that LexCorp controls the nation’s ore mines, I am essentially spending none! Ha ha. See how good is it to be a rich man?”

“Do what you have to do. Kill me if you want but don’t expect me to work for you,”muttered the Man of Steel as he looked away from Luthor.

Smack! Lex gave Superman a slap to turn his face back to front.

“Don’t look away when I am talking to you, it’s rude, didn’t your mother teach you?” growled Lex. His voice soften,”You know, a wise man will judge his condition before saying anything. And you are now working for me whether you like it or not. My scientists had already started working on those cum you supplied.”

Superman looked at Lex agitatedly. An army of his bastard sons working for Luthor, calling him father? That very thought was absolutely horrifying and repulsive. Superman pondered and finally spoke.”Let’s make a deal, Lex. You stop all these genetic engineering works and I will stop bothering you and anything that is related to LexCorp. You will have my word.”

Lex started laughing. “Are you seriously negotiating with me when you had absolutely no hold against me right now? There is dumb, and there is dumber.” Lex went over and grabbed the Man of Steel’s balls squeezing them for their worth. “I will take what I want and you have absolutely no say in it.”

Superman shuddered a little as he felt the hands cupping his aching balls. Cold sweats start forming on his forhead as he tried to catch his breath. He wanted to cum … badly. That realization weighed down his heart. He knew Luthor was right. But the fighter in him was strong. Martha had brought him up right – disciplined, righteous and proper. He will put up a fight to the end, he resolved in his heart. 

Lex let go of his hands, knowing full well he had the upper hands. The table was turned. What was supposed to be an apprehension of Luthor, became the imprisonment of Superman. It was a stroke of luck and genius on Lex’s part on how the events turned out. But this is a classic case where money and sex can bring down even the greatest man on earth. 

A person in white coat walked into the room.

“Hello, Dr Rhamsdin. I trust that you are making progress in fertilizing the eggs with our Big Blue’s seed?” Lex asked, turning around with his eyes still focusing on the Man of Steel.

“We have not yet succeeded in a complete fertilization. Those sperm were extraordinarily resilent to normal enforcing techniques. But we did make a quantum leap in progress. We discovered that by exposing the sperm to weak kryptonite radiation, followed by electricution, we were able to make those stubborn sperm cells more obedient. I need to study further but I believe that it is a matter of time before we conquer these sperms and force them to fertilize a human egg successfully.” Dr Rhamsdin proudly replied.

Superman felt more violated upon hearing this. His own sperm smacked into obedience by some human mad scientist?

“I am not going to let you guys continue with this sick experiment,” cried the Man of Steel.

Dr Rhamsdin looked up to Superman right into his eyes from the sudden interruption and continued,”We had worked day and night on those sperm samples. A lot had been sacrificed from those kryptonite radiation experiments. But man, you really should see! One momemt these seemingly invincible sperm cells were swimming at an amazing speed and the next moment, they are all dead. Oh those electricution experiments were very interesting as well. Shocking and zapping them to death in their weakened state. It was great fun. We did not sleep through the night but it was well worth it. I came to report that we have left with less than a quarter of what we had been given.”

“They need more sperm, Superman.” said Lex as a matter-of-factly.”Yes Dr Rhamsdin, go work on the remaining stock of sperm. It will take much longer before I could you a second round, so be a little more thrifty. But I assure you, once that is over, the stock of sperm shall be more regular. You can go for now.”

Dr Rhamsdin took a second look at the once mighty Superman before he walked out. Superman was still a presence to behold with, and despite the precarious situation he was in, he still looked majestic and proud like a stallion.

Lex motioned his bodyguard over.

“Make sure proper meals are supplied to this man over here. He need all the nutrition to give good healthy sperms,”Lex instructed the bodyguard. “You can force the food down if he refuses his food.”

Turning back to Superman, Lex continued,”Those wealth of information back in your home was so useful. Based on what we learned, we created a set of liquid food that is highly nutritious, designed to maximise your sperm production. The current human diet was not ideal, lacking certain nutrients for good sperm count. I wonder if that was the reason you managed to keep yourself so prim and proper despite so many men and women threw themselves freely at you. No man with the right libido can resist those temptation. I intend to make sure those balls are really plump and juicy.” Lex reached over and caress Superman’s balls once more. Examining them like some fruit. It looked as though Lex was salivating and getting ready to devour what was in his hands.

Stopping himself, Lex beckoned over another henchman at the door over.”Jack, make sure you and your men are to follow strictly on my instruction on what to do on the next few days. The true breaking shall commence starting today. I will have his will and mind all bent towards me.”Luthor looked menacingly toward Superman.

Superman felt sick in his stomach. What is Lex up to his sleeves this time? He is so not looking forward to his day.

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