Milking the Stallion Part 4
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Milking the Stallion


Part 4: Feeding the Balls


It had been an hour since Luthor left the room. There were guards outside the room. Superman looked around. He tried to concentrate his eyes on the chains, but it was of no use. The heat ray simply wouldn’t shoot out. He thought back to those times when he could kill Luthor. Back then, he believed it is wrong to take a life, no matter how bad the person is. How wrong was he to believe that! He should have eradicated this man when he could and save the world from all these troubles and himself too from this precarious situation.

His thoughts were interrupted as he hear footsteps coming toward the door.

Two henchmen walked in. One of them was holding a tray with two glasses of pinkish colored liquid like strawberry milkshake. Placing the other glass on the table, the henchman brought the first glass toward Superman.

“Drink,” the henchman instructed, while bringing the glass to Superman’s mouth.

Seemingly obedient, Superman opened his mouth and took a mouthful. The liquid tasted awful. Superman spat the entire content onto the henchman’s face. “Drink yourself!” said Superman defiantly.

Smack, smack, smack, smack!

The henchman smacked the Man of Steel’s face repeatedly. It was a power trip for the henchman – slapping the most powerful man on earth like a little whore.”If you want your food the hard way, you shall have it!” He declared.

The first henchman plied open Superman’s sore jaw while the other henchman quickly took a funnel with a flexible tube end and started to insert the tube down Superman’s throat. The drink was poured into the funnel slowly, force feeding the once great Superman. When the two glassful were finished, the henchmen pulled out the funnel and let go of his jaw.

Satisfied with their jobs, the two henchmen left the room.

Lex watched the entire event in his own room on the video cam while fondling his own crotch. He was getting so turned on by what he saw. “I assure you Superman, those balls are going to be bigger and fatter than what they are right now,” he muttered to himself.

Superman felt a bit sick but surprisingly energized from the food he just consumed. He started to struggle a little, hoping to free himself from the chains but it was useless.

Another set of footsteps approached. This time four henchmen entered the room, the first two henchmen were holding the same bottles of oil that Luthor had used on him in each hand. The latter two henchmen carried a lifesize mirror and placed it in front of Superman. Superman could see himself and the state he was in. He pondered dreadfully on what was to come. Are they going to milk him like Luthor did?

The first henchman walked over and poured the oil over Superman’s arms and shoulders. He began working the oil into the fabric, resoaking them, meanwhile squeezing and kneading Superman’s tight muscles for all their worth.  

The second henchman went behind Superman and started to work the oil onto his back followed by those firm buttocks. He squeezed Superman’s buttocks deliberately, kneading them and pressing them. The very ass of of the great Superman – right in his hands.

Superman closed his eyes, obviously enjoying the sensation the two henchmen were giving him.

The third henchman poured the oil over Superman’s chest. The oil saturated the costume and dripped down to his abs area. The henchman started to message Superman’s mounting chests and hard abs. Satisfied that they well coated with the oil, the henchman moved his hands over to Superman’s nipples and started to pinch and fondle them. The nipples seemed to have a life of their own, becoming taut, firm and erect. The hard nipples are of the right size, not disgustingly huge, but neither are they small. The henchman liking what he felt in his fingers, spotted a hard-on. His cock strained uncomfortably against his pants.

The fourth henchman went over and poured the oil over Superman’s tree-trunk muscled thighs. These thighs had caused countless men and women to swoon in heat. Superman had always seem to be oblivious to how sexy his thighs were. Even straight men couldn’t resist staring and ogling at them. In fact, a number of them turned gay. And now those great thighs are right before the henchman for him to touch and grab.

Superman couldn’t resist anymore and started to moan and whimper loudly.

Satisfied that the great thighs and calves were soaked thoroughly with the oil, the henchman went on to the crotch area. He poured the oil over Superman’s crotch and stroke the cock through the red fabric. The cock twitched and throbbed excitedly. Normally, the henchman would have grabbed that super delicious looking cock right into his mouth as he would on any cute gay lads. But this is work and this man belongs to Luthor. The henchman was careful not to overexcite the cock. And stopped stimulating the cock when copious amount of precum started to ooze out through the fabric. The musky scent of Superman’s precum started to fill and overpower the room. It was pleasant and yet raw. Hell, that scent could be the latest branded fragrance as the henchman pondered upon the potential business.

Next the fourth henchman cupped the balls and started to squeeze them methodologically.

Superman caught his breath back after his cock was spared from further stimulation. He opened his eyes and looked into the mirror observing the four henchmen stimulating him. Oddly, he began to find it sexy and appealing. His cock twitched violently and more precum oozed out involuntarily at that very thought. His balls ached desperately. He was losing his mind again, and all he want was to cum over and over again. But that finale was denied, leaving him cold.

The messages would go on for two hours before the henchmen left for a break, leaving him alone to stare at himself in the mirror.

Superman had never took a good look at himself at least not in the light that he is incredibly sexy. He knows he is good looking and muscled. But he never see himself as sexy, at least not until today. Those wet costume clinging tightly to every curves of his body, revealing all the ripped muscles. He is drop dead sexy. He must be god’s gift to anyone he befriends and dated. He could have anyone in this world. His cock twiched again, another spurt of precum oozes out.

Every minute that went by felt like hours. He was always busy flying around, attending meetings, saving people, preventing wars. He had never stopped for a second in his life and now he has all the time in the world doing nothing. The dullness was unbearable, and he could only think about his aching cock which made it even more unbearable. He got to keep his mind occupied with something else. Staring back into the miror. He began to tense his biceps. He liked what he saw. He never realized his biceps were that firm and defined. Next he tensed his chests and abs. He was incredibly turned on by what he saw. Another spurt of precum oozed out. Superman was surprised how firm and erect his tits were. His breath hieghtened while admiring at himself. 

“Superman, I will have you come begging to me for release,” Lex talked to himself in his own room while watching all the events through the video cam.”Everything is going perfectly as I planned. The food is designed for maximum cum production. The messages and the drug to keep you constantly aroused. I don’t think you even realise that kryptonian sperm production rate triples when aroused. And those ball messages are also meant to stimulate the balls into production frenzy. Not to mention the psychological attacks I am inflicting by making you stare at your own sexy body. I am expecting those balls to burst from overflowing of cum real soon …”

Lex laughed maniacally and started to jerk himself off.

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