Milking the Stallion Part 5
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Milking the Stallion


Part 5: The Breaking


He felt hands cupping his balls again. Squeezing deliberately.

“Please … stop this,” pleaded Superman weakly, his head resting against pole at an uncomfortable angle. His eyes closed, trying to lock himself out of reality. He was breathing hard. His head was filled with his sweat dripping down.

Six days had passed by. He had not cum yet.

His cock had been painfully erect all these while. A definite death sentence to any normal human. This is, however, the mighty Superman. His heart still beating strongly despite the brutal assualts. The constant erection had not done any real physiological harm to his body …yet. However, the burning desire in his loin was growing stronger with every tick of the clock, and this desire was consuming him.

Superman felt his crotch uncomfortably tight against the briefs. There was usually more room. He felt something heavy in his groin, unusually heavy. More precum oozed from the cock. This had been going on periodically as if to release some kind of pressure like an active volcano. It was becoming more frequent by the day, in fact, by the hour now. The entire room was saturated with Superman’s musky precum scent. The almighty kryptonian was in great heat.

Reluctantly, he opened his eyes slowly and turned toward the dreaded mirror. Was it his imagination? It looked as if his red brief was carrying some large fresh, juicy prunes. His balls seemed so much bigger, almost twice the usual size. They fill out the red underwear completely, stretching the red fabric to its maximum limit. His balls were never this conspicuous. They looked obscene especially in that small red brief.

The urge to cum was unbearable. He desperately pushed his hips upward, trying to get his cock stimulated over the edge but it was useless. There was no room in his overstretched brief with those big balls.

“Look at him! He’s humping air again!” exclaimed one of the henchmen. The rest started laughing. “Ha ha, the Mighty Superman can’t get his nuts off.” The henchmen laughed again.

Superman felt humiliated – it brought him back to his senses again … for a moment. But feelings of his burning balls came back as fast as it subsided and his cock twitched painfully. Another spurt of precum oozed out from his cock. So much precum had spurted out in the past few days that the precum had dripped down his thighs, all the way to his feet. He got to cum. He’s losing his senses, his identity, his very dignity as a respected superhero. He broke further into more cold sweats. What is dignity? What the hell is respect, justice, truth? All he want is to cum. And to cum right now !

“Pul…ease jerk me,” Superman begged very softly to the henchmen beside him, his eyes looking around the room, afraid that someone else might hear his shameless request. The henchman stopped for a moment, surprised with the request. And then as if nothing had happened, he went back twitching Superman’s erect nipples

Minutes went by. There was no response.

“Make me cum, please …,”Superman begged softly again. This time, a little louder. He was trying very hard to make a personal connection with the henchman, hoping to earn some pity and let him cum without Lex Luthor’s knowledge. He had helped mankind a lot, surely his contribution to the peace and order could at least earn him some pity from a human being.

The awkward silence lingered for a few minutes. It was as if Superman was non-existant.

This had gone far too long. It had been six days and he had not cummed. He could feel his heart thumping so strongly against his chest. The urge in groin burned ever more strongly. He broke into more cold sweat. Resting his head on the rod, he closed his eyes. Tears began to formed and dripped down his cheeks.

Superman was crying!

After a few silent sobs, there was silence again. For what it seemed like eternity, Superman opened his eyes again, slowly.

Superman turned his head toward the video camera in the greatest reluctance and said,”Lex, I know … you are in there … Please stop this now … Make me cum … please …” His voice shaking and raspy with utter shame. 

The Mighty Superman asking Lex Luthor, his arch enemy, to make him cum? It was unthinkable.

Superman waited in anticipation. He knew Lex Luthor should be here any minute. He heard footsteps.

The door opened. It was Dr Rhamsdin.

“Hello Superman, time for your bodily checkup.”announced the doctor. The doctor had been doing regular checkups on the Man of Steel every six hours, checking his blood pressure, heart beats etc. The four henchmen stood aside for the doctor to perform his checkups.

“Please doctor, can you please help me.” Superman begged the doctor as the doctor walked near him. Superman looked down toward his crotch, hoping the doctor understood his indecent request without the need to spell out.

“As much as I want more of your sperm samples, I am instructed to wait,” the doctor replied as a matter-of-factly.”Blood pressure very high, heart beats – triple the normal rate … but you should be able to last at least a bit longer before any real damage is done, I think. You can be rest assured anyway, we have a reputed cardiologist and a team of other specialists with us just in case you went into cardiac arrest or something.”

The doctor and four henchmen left the room after the examination was complete.

Superman was all alone again in his room. The clock on the wall was ticking loudly making every agonizing moment count. Thoughts started running though his mind. Maybe Lex missed the message. Or something went wrong with the video cam? Surely, he would have come by now if he had gotten the message. He is Superman, Lex Luthor’s arch enemy. Surely Lex Luthor would have come running into the room by now, to see the Great Superman in defeat. Desperately, Superman shouted again,”Lex, if you can hear me, please make me cum!” His voice shaking, shocked by his own shameless, indecent pleas.

Minutes went by. Then hours …

The silence was killing Superman, eating further into his bruised will and dignity. His cock had been twitching and throbbing non-stop in the past hour. The effects of the drug was at its peak. Coupled with his highly enhanced libido due to the specially designed nutrition, and those special messages, that burning desire was way beyond any drug addicted kryptonian had ever experienced in the past. The pre-cum was dripping continuously down his thighs, right down to the floor, forming a small puddle. The pain, the rapid heart beats, the cold sweats, the insatiable hunger to cum … Superman’s eyes rolled up.

Deliriously, Superman begged out loud repeatedly and with utter shamelessness. “Lex … please … I beg you … take my cum .. take my cum …. take them all ….”

The door opened again …

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