Milking the Stallion Part 6
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Milking the Stallion


Part 6. The Release


“Well, well, well, the indomitable Superman begging me?” taunted Lex Luthor as he walked into the room together with two bodyguards. Lex stopped momentarily, taking a deep breath. “Smell of a kryptonian in heat.”

“Lex, please … my nuts are burning … Make me cum … Please …,” pleaded the Man of Steel breathlessly. He was hyperventilating.

Lex Luthor was clearly enjoying every moment. The great and almighty Superman, begging Lex Luthor to masturbate him, he mused.

“You mean you don’t mind me doing those “sick” experiments on your sperms?”asked Lex mockingly.

The Man of Steel stared blankly and closed his eyes. Finally he shook his head in defeat.”No, I don’t care. Do what you want with them. Please just make me cum. I beg you, just make me cum …”

Lex Luthor laughed. It was a power trip he truly enjoyed.

Lex went up real close toward Superman, pulled his head forward and kissed Superman roughly. Superman did not resist. He let Luthor’s tongue invade freely into his mouth. It was a sign of surrender. “The great Man of Steel finally tamed to be mine.” Luthor muttered softly. It was not a kiss of love, it was a kiss of triumph.

Lex looked down, his eyes opened wide by what he saw. The cock was huge but that he knew already. But those nuts! Surely they can’t be termed as “nuts” anymore. They were so fat and plump, protruding out obscenely, stretching the red brief to its limits. Luthor reached down and fondled the scrotum, feeling the balls in his palm. He used to be able to grip them fully. Now he can’t. Superman’s head rested against the pole closing his eyes, surrendering his body to the arch-nemesis.

“So plump and juicy … the diet is working way better than I expected.”mutted Luthor in complete amazement.

“Please … just make me cum,”begged the defeated Superman again.

Ignoring Superman’s pleas, Lex looked up and admired Superman’s body. He was in total awe of this beautiful body, the most well proportioned he had ever seen. He lifted his hands and traced the S emblam on Superman’s chest with his fingers. The S emblem fits so nicely on those mounting chests. His hands travelled down to Superman’s abs. He pinched each ab muscle. They are solid hard. Superman may not have the biggest muscles but every of those muscles hold a power that no other muscles have. He want to conquer every single strand of fiber of these muscles, to beat them to utter submission. He may not have the strength to do it, but he has the brain …

Breaking away from his thoughts, Lex placed his hands over Superman’s cock but not touching it. Superman looked down in deep anticipation which caused his cock to twitch and throb violently. Lex was highly amused, the sight of the cock reminded him of a struggling eel out of water. To his surprise, Superman pushed his hips forward trying to make his twitching cock to come into contact with Lex’s hands, which did for a second, then he tried again and again. Superman was trying to hump on Lex’s palm.

Lex laughed at those pathetic attempts.

Lex placed his palms on both sides of Superman’s pelvis and pushed it back against the pole, stopping all humping attempts effectively.

Superman pleaded again,”Luthor … please.”

Lex gave Superman an eye. Taking a deep breath in defeat, Superman remained still.

Lex’s palms travelled from Superman’s pelvis down to his inner thigh below the scrotum and grasped those muscles. Superman moaned loudly. Lex’s hands travelled back up to Superman’s waist. He slowly slid down the small red brief. Superman looked down eagerly, biting his lips in anticipation. His cock sprang free pointing towards Luthur. It was dripping with precum.

Superman’s balls were indeed huge, so huge that his scrotum was filled up totally. There was not single wrinkle. Lex placed both his hands together, cupping the succulent scrotum as if it was some holy grail. He squeezed the scrotum with his both hands, feeling the plump balls on each hand and their juice inside. Amazingly, the cock spurted out even more precum in reaction to the pressure Lex applied.

Superman moaned loudly.

Lex knelt down in front the fallen god. He held the cock with his two hands, sticked his tongue out and flicker his tongue over the sensitive slit. Superman had never felt a rough wet tongue on his cock. He had never had sex, not even with Lois Lane despite the fact they were engaged. It felt incredible, heightening his arousal even more. His cock throbbed violently and spurted off more precum which drip onto Luthor’s tongue. Luthor let the precum mingle in his mouth and swallow it. Seeing a man swallowing his precum was a first, and it excited Superman even more.

Lex went in for the kill and lapped the swollen head over and over, sending Superman’s cock into a deep frenzy, spurting out more and more precum. Superman was in ninth heaven. All he could muster was to moan in rythmn with Luthor’s lappings. His muscles were all tensed up, revealing conspicuously through the wet blue suit every bulge and curves. The two henchmen totally amazed by Superman’s body, started to spot hard-ons themselves. They began to fondle their own cocks while staring at Superman’s body in awe.

Lex started to go down on the slippery throbbing eel. He couldn’t take all of it but he took what he could. Superman’s abs tensed further and tried to push his cock against Lex’s mouth despite the uncomfortable restraints. It went on for a while. Superman began to feel himself near. His pushings became more violent and rapid. The entire cross that was restraining the Man of Steel was shaking. The chains that ensnared the Big Blue clashed noisily against each other. Superman is now in a sex trance. Realizing what was about to happen, Lex raised one of his hand signalling to the masturbating henchmen who stopped reluctantly and brought a metallic container beside Lex. It was larger than the previous one.

There was a sudden silence and the cross stopped shaking. Every strand of Superman’s muscle tensed to its maximum. Then Superman let off a series of loud jerking sobs and cries while his body started to convulse uncontrollably. Cum spurt out like a geyser onto Lex’s face, taking him by surprise. The henchmen had to assist Lex in redirecting the violently throbbing cock toward the metallic container. It was like controlling a fireman hose in full blast of water. 

Superman was wailing loudly as he keep cumming and cumming in convulsions. For what it felt like eternity, the cums finally subsided. The container was filled to the rim with Superman’s cum.

Superman’s cock softened for the first time. His body was still in short spasms. However, he felt a certain relief, a bliss he had never quite understood nor experienced before in his life. Slowly, superman drifted into a deep sleep.

Lex stood up. Using his finger, he took a swipe at his cheek and suck the cum off his finger. It was taste of triumph over Superman and his super cum.

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