Milking the Stallion Part 7
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Milking the Stallion


Part 7: The Submission


It was not a restful sleep. It was a sleep filled with many dreams – many vivid, lewd dreams. Dreams of Superman fucking a horde of willing men and women – Lana Lang, Lois Lane, Green Lantern, Robin, Wonder Woman, Flash, Batman, Jimmy, unknown people down the street. Men, women – it dosen’t matter. All it mattered was him cumming over and over, getting his nuts off. This was not the Superman of truth, justice and morality. This was a super man whore free from all responsibilities, honor and ethics. 

Breaking out in cold sweats, Superman opened his eyes slowly. His vision was blurred for a moment, and slowly sharpened. He began to make out the figures in front of him …

Sitting right in front was his arch nemesis,Lex Luthor who was watching Superman. There were a group of henchmen standing behind. Beside Lex, stood two curious looking men in a white lab coat.

“Had a good sleep? We had been waiting patiently for you.” said Lex, finally breaking the silence. His tone hinted sarcasm and menace.

Lex glanced over to the nearest lab coat man who nodded promptly in response to the silent instruction. The two men in white went over to Superman’s side. One of them was holding a metallic tray with a hypodermic needle filled with a yellow liquid plus gadget that resembled a sophiscated looking torch. The free handed man in white rolled up Superman’s arm, took the torch and switched on the light at Superman’s arm. A green laser shoot into Superman’s arm which caused a sudden pain. The man accessed the tenderness of the skin with his finger. Satisfied that the skin was sufficiently weakened, he took the hypodermic needle and inject the content into Superman’s blood stream.

Lex stared at Superman intently in anticipation. There was no reaction for the first few seconds. Then something happened. Superman’s cock began to come into life and grew right before Lex’s eyes. In a mere few seconds, it was standing in full mast, throbbing violently. Precum stain began to form on Superman’s brief. His whole body began to break into periodic spasms. The strain on Superman’s muscle was so intensed that he broke into cold sweat all over.

It was a moment of triumph for Lex Luthor.

“You had just recieved a direct dose of the kryptonian viagra into your blood stream,” Lex finally explained “Well the dose you had just recieved was twice what you had over the past week. I bet your cock had never felt so super as now!” Lex chuckled at his own joke.

Superman could not concentrate, he was barely understanding what Luthor said.

“Lex, please let me cum.” Superman asked, barely able to control his voice properly from the spasm.

“Maybe … in a week …. or two,” Lex replied non-chalantly.

A week or two? Superman was sure he couldn’t last another hour.

“Please Lex”

Lex Luthor got up and walked toward the door with his henchmen following behind.

“Lex! Lex! Don’t leave! Please! Lex! Don’t Leave!”. Superman’s heart was pounding in desperation.

“I don’t negotiate with beggers,” Lex replied as he stepped out of the door.

“Lex! I beg you! What do you want? Anything ! Please!” Superman cried out.

“Anything?” Luthor asked.

“Yes, anything,”Superman reaffirmed. “Please”

Lex turned around and walked back toward the Man of Steel.

“I want you to swear your eternal slavehood to me!”

The pain in the groin was burning Superman senseless.”Yes, yes I will.”

“Untie him,” instructed Lex to the henchmen.

Two of the henchmen went over and untied Superman, Once Superman was down from the cross, he instinctively tried to grab his cock. But his hands were pulled apart by the two henchmen,  who then grabbed onto Superman’s arms tightly, locking him.

“Don’t you dare to do anything without your master’s approval !” growled one of the henchmen beside Superman.

A third henchman went behind Superman and mercilessly kicked at Superman’s hind knee with all his strength forcing Superman to kneel in one knee. He walked over to other leg and kicked at its shin causing Superman to kneel in both knees. Then he grabbed Superman’s hand upwards violently.

A fourth henchman went over to Superman’s front. He strapped on a metallic studded glove and started to slap Superman senseless. Every slap as intense as it could be, and the slappings went faster and faster.  

Superman would had been able to take all the blows even under full effects of the drug. However, under the effects of the red solar lamp, his powers and invulnerability was negated effectively. He felt the full pain of every slap. Then, blood spat out from Superman’s mouth. It was a power trip for the slapping henchman and he continued even harder. Finally, the slapping stopped.

The two henchmen at Superman’s side pulled Superman up and  forced him against the desk. The third henchman pulled down Superman’s brief revealing his muscular butts in their glorious nakedness. Using a large paddle, the third henchman started to spank Superman’s butt cheeks. The paddling went on louder and faster by the minute as if each following spank tried to outdo the previous one. Superman cried in pain, yet strangely his cock throbbed with each spank and spurted more precum in excitement. The paddling continued for the longest time until Superman finally went limp. Those muscular tight butts actually went soft. The cheeks were blood red. Satisfied with his achievement, the third henchman stopped.

The first two henchmen violently pull Superman up and brought the staggering Superman before Lex Luthor. Even though the man in blue tights was far taller and way more muscular, it was obvious that the smaller man was in full control.

Lex Luthor lifted his hands and motioned Superman to kneel.

“Kneel!” ordered Lex.

A visibly shaken Superman took a deep breath and knelt down.

Lex lifted his hand toward Superman.

“Hold, my hand.”

Superman lifted his hand and held Lex’s hand.

“From now on, I shall be your Master and you my slave. Now address me.”

There was a short silence.

“…Mas.. ter.” Superman addressed Lex, his voice shaking.

The room went silent.

Lex drew back his hand and unzipped his own pants. He let out his erection and stood with his hands on his hips, in posture of a master in control. Lex’s cock pointed threatheningly at Superman’s mouth.

“Kiss it,”

Superman was taken aback at the command.

“I’m waiting.”

Superman leaned his head forward and kissed the head of Lex’s cock.

“Lick the head.”

Superman hesitated again.

“I say lick it!” Lex commanded again.

Spank ! The henchman at Superman’s side gave Superman a forceful slap. “Do as the master command !” ordered the Henchman.

Slowly, Superman sticked out his tongue and lapped on Luthor’s head like a dog.

Satisfied with the act of submission, Lex commanded again,”Now, Suck it!”

Superman opened his mouth and started to go down on Lex’s cock.

It was a pure power trip for Lex Luthor. The mighty Superman, the ultimate symbol of strength and power, sucking the cock of Lex Luthor. Lex reached forward and fondled Superman’s hard nipples causing Superman to make small whimpering moans. Grabbing Superman’s head, Lex started to thust into Superman’s throat without care.

“Ahhh Ahhhh Ahhhh”. Lex grabbed Superman’s head tightly and forced his cock down Superman’s throat as he started to cum, forcing Superman to take in every drop of Lex Luthor’s cum. Lex pulled his cock out after the orgasm was complete.

“Lick it clean,” Luthor ordered Superman.

Superman obediently lapped up every remaining stains of cum on Lex’s limp cock.

“Now jerk yourself .” ordered Lex.

Superman pulled down his red briefs and started to fondle his throbbing cock, the copious precum lubricated his hands well. He closed his eyes in concentration, and threw his head up as he felt his manhood in his palms. He squeezed his head over a few times and whimpered like a slut, He started to pump his cock like a piston. Superman leaned forward as his jerking became more intensed and serious. The entire room was filled the Superman’s moans and the obscene squishing sounds of the masturbation. Everyone in the room was focused in their attention at Superman selt act of debauchery. 

Suddenly, Superman stopped his jerking and let off a cry of intense ecstacy. Cum came squirting out violently from his throbbing cock. The cum flew around in the room as Superman’s body convulsed while gripping tightly on his own cock. Cum was splatterd on Superman’s own chest and face, on the walls, on Lex’s pants and some even on the henchmens’ faces.  

Sweats of satisfaction dripped down Superman’s face as he slowly opened his eyes.

“Thank the Master !” ordered one of the henchmen.

“Thank you Master.” said Superman meekly, his head eyeing on floor.

“Take him to Dr Rhamsdin now” instructed Lex to the henchmen.

Lex had more surprises for the Man of Steel. The breaking process was not over yet. Superman might be addressing Lex as master now, but it was conditional. It was addressed out of necessity not spontaneity. He wanted Superman’s will and spirit to be utterly crushed.

“Do not disappoint me, doctor,” muttered Lex to himself.

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