Milking the Stallion Part 8
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Milking the Stallion


Part 8: Lab Rat


The elevator door opened, Superman stepped into the lab together with the henchmen. Dr Rhamsdin and a team of doctors had been waiting for their arrival.

“Having fun?” asked Dr Rhamsdin, as he noted all the dried cum stains on Superman’s suit and face. The delicious musky scent of superman’s dried filled the room.

“We can’t possibly be conducting tests in your current state of filthiness. It’s good that I expected this. I have my two interns prepared to clean you up. Max and Jon, come get our subject cleaned. I want him scrupulously clean!”

Two hunky lads clad only in red hot speedo emerged from the crowd, looking ready to get wet. They went up to Supernan’s side and guided him to the shower room.

The shower room was made of clear transparent glass. Everyone stood around the shower room to watch the cleaning process. The interns slowly stripped Superman piece by piece until he was totally naked, revealing the full glory of his entire toned body. Every muscle and tendon were well defined beyond words. One intern stood in Superman’s front and the other stood behind. Using soap and scrub, the two interns started to scrub Superman’s body in small cicular motion. They scrubbed merticulously every inch of his hard firm body – neck, chest, arm, back, buttocks, legs. The intern in front, knelt down in front of Superman to clean Superman’s crotch. He took a moment and stare in awe of Superman’s glory. Superman looked down and was embarressed with the obvious adoration on the intern’s face. Using his bare hands, the intern soaped the flaccid cum crusted cock, followed by the huge plump scrotum. He pulled the scrotum up and soap the area below. Every part of the cock was cleaned to surgical standards. Using a shower head each, the interns washed off every trace of soap and dirt. They used a tower to dry Superman and finally they removed any last traces of moisture with a blow-dryer.

The shower door opened and Superman walked out naked. The shower had been most invigorating. Freed from the effects of the kryptonian viagra, Superman was clear minded for the first time in the week. Superman started to contemplate on his escape. All he needed was a dose of the yellow sun to fill his body with the depleted energy again. But it seemed that this lab had all the yellow sun’s effect cut off.

A group of doctors gathered around the naked Superman and inspect every inch of Superman’s body. They took swap samples from his mouth, armpits and groin. After the physical examination, they attached probes on his head, neck, chests and various parts of the body. These probes were to study his heart beats, blood pressures, brain waves, muscle tensions etc.

“Amazing, his heart beat at rest is only 10 per minute.” exclaimed one of the scientiest. “Not even the best human sportsman can achieve a resting heart beat twice of that.”

Superman was made to do various excercises with those probs on. The data provided more crucial information about Superman’s body.

“Wow !” exclaimed the same scientist. “My calculation showed that Superman’s maximum safe heat beat rate is 600. A normal human would have been dead by half that value.”

A few hours went by, Dr Rhamsdin studied the collected data. With the data computed into the supercomputer, he calculated the threshold limit of every Superman’s muscle including his heart. It was time for the final study. The study was Superman’s erogenous zones. By studying the brain waves and heart beats, Dr Rhamsdin would be able to find out Superman’s most sensitive areas.

Superman was led to an examination table.

“Now sit,” Dr Rhamsdin instructed Superman while putting on his examination gloves. He turned his head to the team of scientists and continued,”Get him into position.”

Four men in white coat moved over to Superman’s side, helping him to sit in the right position. The table was inclined upward at an angle from the hips up like a chair. Superman’s legs dangled at the edge of the table. Two scientists Superman’s either side and locked his wrists to the sides of the table. The other two went over and helped spread his legs out and chained the ankles against the legs of the table. Superman was apprehensive on what was to happen.

Dr Rhamsdin moved over behind Superman’s head. He started to message Superman’s neck in sofly. It was a tingling sensation. Dr Rhamsdin read the brain wave readouts and noted the heartbeat. Next, he moved his hands to Superman’s mounting chest in large cicular motion, avoiding the nipples. Using his fingertips, he circled round Superman’s nipples. The nipples started to grow taut without even being touched. Superman’s breathing and heartbeats began to pace up. He pinched Superman’s nipples in varying strength accessing the effects. The nipples grew in size and became solid hard. Superman’s limp cock stirred a little. However, Superman, who is now back to his senses, was determined to stay in control, though this was way more difficult than in the past due to his greatly enhanced libido. Unknown to Superman, this was what Dr Rhamsdin wanted exactly – to study Superman’s errogenous zones free from effects of any drugs

Seeing no further responses from Superman, Dr Rhamsdin moved to Superman’s front and sat comfortably on the chair. He began to stroke Superman’s thighs softly. Superman was repulsed by the sight of a moustached middle aged man groping his thighs lecherously. I will not let myself get aroused by your dirty hands, he thought. Admittedly or not, the strokings were extremely sensual. This doctor was disgustingly good. Superman closed his eyes in deep concentration. He was sure he can stay in control. He had encounters with beautiful men and women, even members of the Justice League, who tried to seduce him – never once did any of them succeeded.

The doctor sat closer to Superman and started to finger Superman’s large, plump scrotum softly in small circular motion. Superman felt his balls tensed up in excitement. The sensual attacks were relentless. Superman’s heart beat faster and his member struggled to twitch to life against his will. Superman felt a certain fear, a fear of losing control to this disgusting lecher.

“He’s getting there,” noted the doctor to the rest of the scientists as he study the data on the screen.

The doctor took some grease to coat his gloves, turned back and held Superman’s cock, stroking the stem of the cock teasing it, the cock twitched a little in response. The doctor gripped around the stubborn flaccid cock and applied strangulating pressures in pulses. Hot blood began to fill up the cock. Superman started down in horror as his cock sprang out into life uncontrollably.

“Eureka!” cried one of the doctors standing by.

Dr Rhamsdin held Superman’s cock stem at the base tightly and stroked at the head of the cock softly. More blood flew into the cock causing the cock to become even bigger and more erect. This is certainly one of the most sensitve areas, noted the doctor as he read the charts on the screen. Next the doctor stroked repeatedly at a spot just below the slit of the cock. Superman let off an uncontrolled moan. Precum began to form in droplets on the tip of the cock from the stimulation. Superman tensed body in response to the stroking of that small spot and closed his eyes, obviously in enjoyment to the stimulation. His mind began to work toward orgasm. Moments passed, Superman felt himself getting closer and closer. The doctor was reading the data output carefully. Feeling that Superman was about to cum, he eyed to one of the assistants, who promptly brought an ice pack. Superman feeling he was about to cum, opened his mouth and was about to moan in final pleasure when suddenly he was rudely interruped by a shock. The assistant wrapped the ice pack around Superman’s cock and scrotum. Superman struggled as he felt his cock rapidly turned flaccid, denying the orgasm he was about to experience.

Recovering in deep short restless breaths, Superman looked down at the assistant in deep frustration.

The doctor moved his finger to Superman’s anus and began to stroke the sphincter. It was a strangely erotic sensation. Superman was extremely disgusted with this new violation. His ass having been properly conditioned by the previous paddling, allowed the splincter to soften sufficiently under the doctor’s masterful strokes. The doctor began to insert both his middle and index fingers into Superman’s. It was the ultimate invasion of personal privacy. Superman struggled but was held down by the chains and the scientists. In the most expertly manner, the doctor began to massage the prostate. Precum started to ooze out in droplets from Superman’s flaccid cock.

“Get your sick hands off my ass!” cried out Superman in desperation. “You disgust me! Stop it”

The doctor ignored Superman. He was determined to get a clinical response from Superman’s cock. He continued his relentless assualt on the prostate. Whimpers and moans slowly took over Superman’s pleas to stop – softly and reluctantly at first, then becoming louder and unrestraint as time passed by. One of the men in white took a large jar to collect the precum. Semen began to flow out freely out from Superman’s cock like a slow piss. In fact, Superman felt as if he was pissing. He felt like he was on the constant edge of orgasm, his guts felt turned inside out. It was sensation that Superman had never felt before.

“Oh my god! Superman’s getting prostate milked,” exclaimed one of the doctors watching the whole ordeal.

The milking process went on for more than an hour before the doctor stopped. The entire jar was filled up. Superman lied back weakly on the bed. He felt drained but very unsatisfied. He wanted to orgasm badly.

“Take this to have it analyzed in detail,” instructed Dr Rhamsdin pointing at the jar of semen.

With all the data collected, Dr Rhamsdin would be able to design Superman’s ultimate destruction.

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