Milking the Stallion Part 9
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Milking the Stallion


Part 9: The Escape


Superman was woken from his sleep in his cell as the door opened. Two henchmen walked in with a tray of food and placed on the floor. Slowly, Superman crawled over in apparent weakness and started to eat using his bare hands. The two henchmen sneered at the pathetic sight of the former superhero.

“Hey Superman, show some balls!” laughed one of the henchmen, mocking Superman’s meekness despite his bulging sack of balls.

The henchman lifted his foot and pushed Superman’s head into the bowl of food. Superman meekly lifted his head from the bowl and continued to eat using his bare hands. The two men shaked their head at Superman and left the room – any last traces of fear and respect for this man were long gone.

It had been two days since the last ordeal in the lab. Superman was back in his custume but red and blue lacked its usual lustre. Food had been served at usual times. Superman took whatever was served, he needed the energy. Those food despite being designed for enhancing Superman’s libido, help in accelerating his full recuperation. He will do anything to keep himself alive – there is a glimpse of hope so long he is alive. Superman is no ordinary man even by kryptonian standards. Those years spent in fighting crimes and super villians had honed his body into one mean machine. Truth is, in the absence of the crippling effects of the kryptonian viagra, he can handle ten of those burly henchmen with ease without any of his super powers. Superman hoped his acts of weakness will fool Lex and his henchmen.

Minutes after Superman finished his food, four henchmen came into the cell.

“Get up! Time for more experiment.”instructed one of the henchmen.

Superman slowly got up and stood slouching. Two of the henchmen held Superman by the arms and guided him to the door out of the room. Superman with his head down in pretension of weakness, checked out the corridorr – no one else seemed to be around besides these four henchmen. He had previously took note of the positions of the cameras in the corridor and he knows that the area at the door is the only blind spot. It is now or never.

Superman gripped onto the two henchmen who were holding him by his arms and flipped his body backwards, effectively flipping the two henchmen along and let go of his hands, sending them both to floor. In the most fluid motion, he kicked the other two henchmen on their heads, knocking them out cold immediately. Superman went over to the front two henchmen who tried to recover from the floor and punched them both in their faces, knocking them out. Superman quickly stripped one of the henchmen and wore the henchman’s custome over his tights. He picked up the henchman’s hat and put over his head. In the most calm manner he could mustered, he walked out of the corridor under the guise, bending his head down as he neared the cameras.

Superman went to stairs and realized that this was 3rd basement floor below ground level. He quickly ran up the stairs to the ground floor as quietly as possible.

Lex Luthor tapped at the table as he waited for Superman’s arrival in the lab. He felt a certain unease. This is taking a little longer than it should. Suddenly, the intercom switched on, “Mast .. er …Lex… Supes … escaped!” It was the voice of one of the four henchmen who recovered from the knockout.

Lex stood up. His eyes narrowed, “Lock up the entire building. He must be still around in this building.”ordered Lex. Lex smiled. He had underestimated Superman. This is going to be more fun than he thought. He loves new challenges. 

Superman is now at the first floor at a hidden corner. He studied around the area. Many henchmen were walking briskly around the corridors in different directions. He guessed they must have known that he has escaped. Supernan saw the exit door locked and guarded by a team of henchmen. The exit doors were made of two large panels of glasses that is at least two storey high. Unlike the basement where there were special insulation from the yellow sun, there were none at this floor. In fact, the sun is shining through the glass panels lighting up the lobby. Superman felt a little energized even by the mere reflected sunlight on the marble floor.

Taking a calculated risk, Superman closed down the cap down his forehead and looked down slightly while he mingled into the crowd of the busy henchmen. He appoached the glass doors slowly. Superman felt stronger as the yellow rays hit his skin. The sun’s energy is energizing Superman. Even not fully energized, Superman’s strength is now more than able to handle all the henchmen combined.

One of the guards guarding the door stepped up and asked, “Just where you think you are going ? No one is to leave this building!”

Superman continued to look down and replied,”I have to collect a report from Dr Rhamsdin urgently …”

“Stop him!” It was the guard whom Superman had stripped his uniform.

Superman looked up catching the talking henchman in total surprise as the henchman began to recognize the face. He gave the guard a punch in the face sending him back before the guard could even raise his gun. The rest of the henchmen instantly took into position with their guns aimed Superman.

Zaaaap. In mere seconds, Superman disarmed all henchmen directly in front with his heat vision. Taking a deep breath, he blew at them, freezing them into position and disabled them with the sudden coldness.

More guards ran to the door blocking Superman’s way. They readied their grenade launcher and started to shoot at Superman. Multiple grenades exploded at Superman , the force was so strong that it sent him back away from the door. The bomb burned away the disguise revealing Superman in his red and blue tights. More bombed launched at Superman. In the most agile manner, Superman flew up, avoiding the bombs. Floating in mid air, Superman used his heat vision and blew up the rows of the grenade launchers as counter attack. More men appeared behind Superman and started to shoot at him using machine guns but the bullets merely bounced off Superman’s now invulnerable body harmlessly. Ignoring the people behind, Superman’s eyes glow dark crimson red and a strong blast of heat ray was shot out at the wall just above the door, shattering the entire glass door at the same time. Bricks and glass shards fell to the ground, forcing the men at the door to run away for their lives.

The rest of the people stood frozen in fear and awe of Superman’s renewed might.

The full glory of the sun shone in empowering Superman even more. Salvation is near.

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