Milking the Stallion Part 10
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Milking the Stallion


Part 10: Cold Turkey

Superman, floating in mid air, let the incoming sun shone down on him. He closed his eyes as his body bathe in power. He felt his body shivered a little. He ignored it for a second, thinking it was likely due to the sudden infusion of power from the yellow sun. But he began to feel strangely thirsty and light headed. His throat felt dry. The tremblings became more obvious and uncontrolled. And his hands grew icy cold as if blood had withdrawn from those vessels. Cold sweat began to form in large droplets all over his body. Oddly Superman felt a certain craving he had never felt before. He thought he smelt the scent of the kryptonian drug. Images of the message oil and the hypothermal needles kept poping into his mind.

Superman opened his eyes and looked around below at the henchmen, his vision began to blur. All the henchmen looked back up to Superman in confusion – there lies the chance for the Man of Steel to escape but there he was floating in mid air acting as if he was in a state of stupor. Superman shook his head to try to regain focus.

A man walked out among the crowd from behind. It was Lex Luthor. He looked at Superman curiously for moment, the a smile broke his calm face. He knew what was happening. He had been waiting for it for the past two days – the withdrawal symptoms of the kryptonian viagra were finally showing and it seems to Lex, they are showing up in full blast. Lex had been perplexed for the past two days. He knew the kryptonian drug is extremely addictive. So addictive and destructive that some kryptonian men were known to cum to death with it. He was expecting Superman to suffer from the sudden withdrawal of this highly addictive drug. It was part of his reprogramming plan for the Man of Steel. Lex had wanted Superman checked in the lab to study why Superman was not suffering from the expected withdrawal symptoms. Now, it seemed Lex or, more precisely – Superman had unwittingly solved the mystery. The answer lies in the yellow sun. It was the missing ingredient to accelerate the physical expression of the withdrawal symptoms. Lex smiled at the irony – the source of Big Blue’s strength and energy becomes his Achilles heel.

Superman began to breathe hard. His cravings were more intense. The thought of escape was at the back of his mind now. His thoughts began to focus on the drug. He missed its effects. The drug had given a hard on that was both painful and enjoyable. Yes, those pains were very enjoyable in the most peculiar way. He never thought of those aching desires and cum denials as enoyable when he was subjected to them but now he missed those feelings and euphoria terribly. Not to mention they paved the way for the most intense orgasms he ever had.

Lex looked up smiling at the now stupefied Superman – he knew he was in control again. Time for some punishment for blowing up my walls, he thought. Lex took out a gadget that looked somewhat like a gun and fired at Superman. The gun shot out some kind of electrodes which hit and attached to Superman’s thigh.



Superman fell to the ground on his back immediately as the electrode released shocking amount of electricity. Superman’s body convulsed momentarily. Superman recovered weakly as the electrode ran out of its energy. He pulled out the offending electrode from his thigh and stood up slowly. He looked strangely pale. He looked round and saw Lex who smiled back in triumph.

“Lex … do you have it … the drug … give it to me.” Superman sounded desperate.

“No,” Lex replied. “You don’t order me to give. And you don’t refer to your master by his name.”

Lex walked up to Superman and held Superman’s chin,”You have been a very very naughty slave. Look at the mess you made and to think you actually try to fool the great Lex Luther. You are going to be so sorry.”

Lex stood back again. Out from the crowd behind Lex, came a different group of henchmen in black leather tights. These henchmen were obviously Lex’s elite team. They were all bigger sized and way more muscular than the rest of the other henchmen. Each of them held a taser. The henchmen in leather walked up and circled round Superman. One of the henchmen behind Superman took the taser and pressed it against Superman’s back.


Superman cried out in pain and his body convulsed again. The henchman released his taser and allowed Superman to recover for a few seconds. Another henchman tased Superman at his side, shocking him fiurther. The henchmen were literally playing with their prey – each henchman took turned to tase Superman for every few seconds. After a few rounds of tasing, Superman finally knelt in one knee. Taking a deep breath, he picked himself up again. Two henchmen in front of Superman pressed their tasers against Superman’s mounting chests and held there for the longest time. Superman’s body shook violently. It was the final blow to his weakened state. Superman’s legs buckled and gave way, kneeling in both knees. The henchmen gathered up close around Superman. Superman looked around at the henchmens’ faces, his mind a total blank. Another two henchmen tased Superman’s back causing him to fall forward, kneeling in all fours. Sweat dripped from his forehead to the ground. Superman stared at the ground as he began to space out. All the henchmen began to tase him repeatedly in unison. The repeated moans of pain became weaker and weaker and finally there was silence.

After what it felt like eternity, Lex walked up to the circle henchmen. The henchmen stopped their tasings immediately and walked to the side opening the way for Lex Luthor.

There before Lex Luthor lied the great Superman – barely concious. Superman’s body twitched periodically from the shocks. Foams started to form in his mouth.

Two of the henchmen lifted Superman up by the arms roughly into the standing position, supporting him as Superman was too weak to stand on his feet.

The biggest henchman of the group, obviously their leader, went up front of Superman. This henchman is as tall as Superman and while his muscles are not as taut and powerful as the Man of Steel comparing fiber by fiber, he certainly has way more mass, making him appear bigger than Superman.

“Gon, make this slave learn what is real pain!” instructed Lex, his voice almost sneering.

Gon unzipped his black leather vest. There was a row of hypodermic needles, each filled with some greenish liquid. He took the needle and inject into his arm. Gon started to convulse. Veins started to show clearly throughout his body. His muscles grew bigger and became much more defined and tight. It was as if Gon became Bane himself. In fact, he was almost like Bane. The green liquid is in fact Venom, the very same substance Bane used to enhance his own strength. Lex’s team of scientists must have somehow managed to replicate the chemical.

Finally Gon grew to his maximum size. He is way bigger and bulkier than the Man of Steel now. Gon drew back his fist and hit into Superman’s abdomen. Pow! The sound was shattering. Superman bent forward in obvious shock and pain from the sudden impact.

“So you think your abs can take my blows, Blue Boy?” asked Gon mockingly.

Gon tore Superman’s uniform, revealing his immaculate chests and abs. He pinched and twist Superman’s nipples wth all his might. There was a terrible ripping sounds of muscles.

“Ugggggghh!” Superman opened his eyes wide as he screamed out in pain.

Smack smack ! Gon smacked the mighty Superman on the face repeatedly to silence his scream of pain.

In sudden tenderness, Gon caressed Superman’s abs with his hands. He breathed deeply in awe at first, then his face changed – it was that of pure hatred and contempt. Here is a kryptonian gifted with a beautiful body that he could only dream of even with all the work outs and injections. In pure madness, Gon screamed out and threw into a series of heavy punches on Supe’s guts. Everyone could feel each and every terrifying impact Gon made on those firm abs.Superman tighten his stomach to fight against each relentless punch. Superman would have been able to take those blows normally, but being already heavily weakened, he could only defend himself so much. Slowly he began to lose control over his muscles. Gon stopped after a long while, he was sweating profusely. Then in a sudden cry of anger,  Gon pulled back his hand and punched into Superman’s guts one last time. Blood spat out into Gon’s face. The invincible Superman spat blood! Gon did it! Superman’s abs softened and couldn’t protect his internal organs from that last blow. Gon was finally satisfied, he knew he had hurt Superman’s internal organs badly.

He pulled Superman away from the two henchmen and gave Superman a strong bearhug.

“Uhhhhh,” cried out Superman as Gon tried to break Superman’s back.

Realising his attempt was futile, he held Superman’s muscular thigh and shoulder on both hands and lifted him high facing up. Using all his might, Gon threw Superman down and hit Superman’s back against his knee. Superman cried out in deep pain. Gon lifted up Superman and threw hit Superman’s back at his knee again. In pure frustration, Gon lifted Superman up for the third time, let off a loud growl and threw Superman against his knee. Crack ! Superman let off a terrible wail. Keeping Superman in position against his knee, Gon pushed Superman’s further, bending his body further. Crrraaack ! Another crack was heard. Satisfied with the damage he had done, Gon lifted Superman up one again and threw him onto the floor.

Gon went up to Superman who was groaning in deep pain and used his foot and started to grind at Superman’s cock. Superman let off a sharp wail.

“That is enough for now,” instructed Lex. “You have done well. I still need his precious sack in tact.”

Gon flexed his muscles and screamed in victory into the crowd of onlookers.

“Take this slave to the lab.”

Four henchmen went over and carried the gravely injured Man of Steel off.

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