Milking the Stallion Part 11
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Milking the Stallion


Part 11: A Different Bliss


It is a perfect day. No crimes. No war.The weather is great. Time for some great romance. Superman flew to Lois’ apartment, his hand holding a bunch of roses – good old fashioned love. The window was opened in apparent expectation of his arrival. Superman flew in, and looked around the room in expectation for the woman of his life..

He heard a muffled moan. The voice was familiar.

“Right there ! Oh yes! Oh yes!”

He recognize the voice. It’s a man’s voice. It’s Batman. Superman’s heart pounded.

What is Batman doing in Lois’ bedroom?

Slowly he opened the door to Lois’ bedroom. There before his eyes, Lex Luthor fucking Batman in the ass on the edge of the bed facing Superman. He looked round the room – Green Lantern, Flash, Robin, Hawkman – all sleeping naked peacefully, occasionally letting off a satisfied moan and sigh.

Batman looked up to Superman. It was a look of pure satisfaction.

“Like what you see?” Lex asked seductively.

Superman stared hungrily. He dropped the bunch of rose in his hands. His cock fully erect.

He nodded his head.

“Do want to get fucked like all the people here?”

Superman nodded again.

“Take off your tights and come to daddy.”

Superman took off his tights and walked toward Lex Luthor. Lex got off Batman who is now moaning like a slut.

“Time for daddy to own your ass.”

Lex turned Supes around. Superman moaned loudly …




Superman opened his eyes suddenly. He was half naked. There were bruises all over the otherwise perfect, hard body. Sweating profusely, Superman moaned in pain. He looked around in confusion with his eyes barely opened. He realized he was back in the damned cell. He felt sore all over from Gon’s extreme physical punishment. But even the near unbearable pains and injuries were behind Superman’s mind. He didn’t care about anything. All that was in his mind now is the drug. The drug will take all the pain away, give him the very comfort and satisfaction he need. Cold sweats broke out from his forehead. Superman looked ghastly sick. His face and lips were pale, his eyes dull with dark circles round them. He felt he couldn’t breathe properly. He coughed and choked violently. Superman looked around the room in desperation. He need his shot now.

The door opened.

“Looking for something?” It was Lex Luthor followed by his group of henchmen.

“Lex … I mean … Master Lex … please … give me the drug?” asked Superman. His voice quivered.

“You mean this?” Lex dangled the bottle of the oil.

Superman’s eyes brightened immediately at the sight of the drug. His heart pounded in excitement. Ignoring all his injuries and pain, Superman crawled toward Lex, knelt by Lex and held his legs.

“Please, let me have it” Superman’s hand reached for the oil.

“Ah ah ah !” said Lex, lifting the oil high up in the air denying Superman’s desperate request. “You got to promise me a few things first.”

Superman nodded his head.

“Good. You are to use this bottle of oil and rub all over your own body.”

Lex paused while looking at Superman in the eyes, then took out a syringe filled with a dose of the drug from his pocket and continued, “And use this to inject yourself with the drug. I expect you to need to cum. In fact, I know you will. You shall cum into that jar over there at the floor. Our men will supply you with the drugs and collect your cums for studies every four hours. Do you understand?”

Superman nodded his head again.

“Oh yes. And one more thing – see that video camera over there? You are to perform all that I have said right in front of that camera. I want all your degrading self acts of debauchery recorded in detail.”

Superman nodded his head a third time. The desire for the drug was too intense for any self respect.

Those videos will be such hot property, not only for Lex but for anyone who hated Superman. Perhaps the money generated will more than compensate for what he had spent so far. Not to mention in the event that Superman should one day escape his clutches. These videos will come in handy. He can claim that Superman had became a sex and drug addict on his own and that he was merely trying to help Superman to kick his addiction. With Lex controlling the media and government, he can easily twist the whole truth claiming Superman was trying to frame Lex for trying to help. And who will believe Superman after watching all these videos? Lex smiled. He is always full of backup plans.

Lex passed the vial and syringe to the henchman beside who then placed them on the floor.

Superman crawled over to the drugs desperately. He took the vial of oil and knelt up. His shivering hands opened the vial excitedly and moved the opened vial to his nose. Superman closed his eyes and took a deep breath. The effects were almost instantaneous, almost like a miracle drug. His tremblings stopped. Color returned to his face and lips. His cock twitched and came to life. Superman let off a slight moan. There was a look of peace and euphoria on his face.

Superman poured some of the oil onto his chest and moaned in pleasure as the insidious oil dripped down from the chests to the abs, defiling the very body of justice, truth and strength. He rubbed the oil over his ripped pecs with his palms slowly, then he pinched his sore nipples lightly making them hard and firm.

“Ahhhhh.” Superman moaned in exquisite pleasure as he continued to play with his nipples. His cock twitched and precum stains began to appear on the red briefs.

After a while of tit playing, Superman stopped and began to rub the oil on his firm abs and his arms. Soon his entire body glistened with the deadly oil, every pore soaking up the drug into his blood system. Superman moaned as shivers sent down to his spine from the pleasure. He poured the oil on his crotch, wetting the entire briefs and rubbed his scrotum softly. Superman let off another obscene moan. He had learnt how to pleasure himself to full from the lessons Lex and the henchmen been giving in the past week.

Lex watched Superman in amazement. He was very turned on himself. The great and mighty Superman, the ultimate embodiment of manliness, strength and goodness, succumbing to the vile effects of the oil, defiling and corrupting his very own body and soul.

Superman pleasured himself like an expert. He held his enlarged balls and squeezed them. His cock throbbed as he felt his balls tightened. Precum oozed out from the tip of the cock through his red tight trunks. Superman is now moaning and gasping intermittently. He started to rub his cock with both hands through the tight briefs, outlining his throbbing manhood. Superman’s moans became louder and more crude as his sensitive cock twitched violently in his hands.

Superman stopped teasing his cock for a moment. He took the syringe up and injected the content into his arms. Superman knelt straight up with his head thrown back and his eyes shut closed as the body and brain infused with the deadly drug. There was a moment of silence. After a few seconds, the silence was broken by a series of load moans and sobs. His beaten body tensed up to the maximum showing every muscles and curves clearly. His cock throbbed on its own, spurting out more precum. Superman pushed his hips up in the air, humping against the air as he grabbed his own pecs, caressing his own chests and abs. Superman was in a utter state of euphoria and bliss. All pain was gone. He never felt this good before. He want to keep himself in this pepectual state of edge, the cliff before the great orgasm.

Superman controlled himself, keeping himself right at the edge for as long as he could. It went on for a long time. Finally he couldn’t take it anymore and sank down. Shaking with excitement, he rolled down his briefs and poured the remaining oil onto his throbbing cock causing it throb even more. Superman squeezed and rubbed over his sensitive head. He shuddered and moaned in utter pleasure. He continued rubbing the head until they were swollen and purple. Feeling he was ready, Superman positioned the jar on the floor and started to jerk himself off with one hand while he grabbed his gigantic balls with the other. His eyes closed as he began to work himself over the edge.

After a  few minutes, Superman tensed up his body and began to cry and moan loudly. Cum came spurting out in thick violent ropes. Superman had difficulty controlling his convulsing body. Semen was splashed everywhere on the floor messily even though a substantial amount ended up in the jug. Superman finally stopped cumming after a longest time. He lied back on the floor, panting. His body was glistened wet with perspiration and the deadly oil. The air was saturated with the muskiness of the his scent. There was a look of bliss in Superman’s face. He had never felt this good before.

Superman felt guilty and shameful as his mind cleared a little. He, Superman, enjoying such dark pleasures while the world is in trouble. Not to mention that his cock is for Lois not this, not for some sick scientific trial to create devil spawns for Lex and certainly not for Lex. He blamed himself silently for being not strong enough in his will power. But the pleasure is incredible. What if everything dosen’t really matter and all it matter is pleasure? Maybe this is what life should be – cumming and keep cumming and keep cumming. Not firghting against wars, crimes and people. And who cares about honor and respect? Superman began to drift into his long needed sleep, too tired of the self debates that went on in his mind.

The corruption had began to edge deep into Superman’s mind and soul.

Lex was delighted. This little movie is turning out way better than what he thought. He is gonna have to watch this entire scene over and over again back in his bedroom.

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