Milking the Stallion Part 12
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Milking the Stallion


Part 12: Mind Bent


It had been five days since the recapture. The wounds on Superman’s body were almost healed completely. The drugs were served consistently every four hours through day and night. And Superman would diligently supply his load of cum for the scientists to perform more evil experiments on his helpless sperms. There was a huge sense of guilt and shame after each session of self gratification. He would resolve to try to resist each time but all resistance crumbled when his cravings started with the drugs served up to him beneath his nose. Each time he fed himself with the drug, all those sense of guilt would disappear into thin air and he would work to pleasure himself. Over time, he grew numb and stopped fighting it completely. In fact, he lost a bit of himself everytime he orgasmed under the effect of the drug. By the fourth day, he was beginning to look forward to each session. Every cell of his body is now tainted and infused with the insidious drug.

Due to his innate incredible ability to rejunvenate and his greatly enhanced libido from the special diet, Superman was able to keep up in the frequency of his orgasms. There were a few times he actually came twice. He drew snickers from the men guarding outside the door whenever the session started. They would taunt him and humiliate him. It bothered Superman at first but soon he grew numb. Never did he realise that this too was part of Lex’s plan to tenderize his will further, to make him numb towards his own sense of guilt and morality.

It had been thirty minutes passed the stipulated hour when the drugs should be delivered. Superman laid down waiting anxiously. He was beginning to feel uncomfortable. The desire to experience the immensely pleasurable orgasm was overwhelming. The half naked Superman tried to rub his cock to life but it remained flaccid. The feelings of frustration and despair were intense.

Unknown to Superman, this was the final stage in the addiction of the drug. The person would become so dependent on the drug that the body actually lost its innate ability to excite in the absence of the drug, at least for a long period of time, creating extreme anxiety and despair in the process. This, in turn, leads the person to believe, even though not entirely true, that he needs the drug in order to get the erection. The natural course would be perpectual dependance on the drug. Even more insidius is the fact that any kryptonians that somehow managed to kick his addiction, will never be the same again as any subsequent orgasms will never be as satisfying as those under the effects of the drug. It was this very reason why the drug was listed as one of the most addictive substances in the kryptonian world. Success rates in rehabilitation are extremely low and chances of relapses are almost invariably garanteed.

The door finally opened. Superman sat up in great anticipation at the two henchmen who walked in. They were both empty handed.

“Get up,” growled one of the henchmen.

Disappointed, Superman stood up slowly.

“Do you have some of that thing, you know, with you?” Superman asked, braving himself against all humiliation. The desire for the drug was intense.

The same henchman looked at Superman disgustedly as if he was asking if Superman had any ounce of self respect. Superman looked down, his face flushed with shame.

The henchmen guided Superman out and led him to the elevator which took them further down to another basement floor. The door opened and Superman walked out into a huge room with the two henchmen following behind. The floors and walls are marbled. There are sofas, plasma screens and paintings on the wall, and a largest bed. Superman walked around, his arms folded to keep himself warm. The withdrawal symptoms are beginning show.

“Welcome to my parlour,” a voice said loudly followed by a dramatic pause. The voice continued almost musically, “Said the spider to the fly.”

Lex walked out of a door at other end of the room. He was naked with a tower drape over his waist.

“This is a beautiful room isn’t it?”

Lex walked to the sofa and sit.

“Come Superman, come over here and sit by me”

Superman walked over hesitantly and sat beside Lex.

Lex signalled the henchmen to leave. Turning his attention back to Superman, Lex continued, “You have been behaving well these few days. Your consistant supply of your man juice had allowed my scientists to make great progress in subjugating your strong healthy sperms.” Lex paused a moment, and stroked Superman’s cheek. “And now I am here to subjugate the father of those sperms.”

Superman felt uncomfortable. A man of his stature and strength being treated almost like a woman by another man half his size. But he did not want to upset Lex. In fact, he couldn’t afford to. Lex moved up close beside Superman and started to stroke his pecs and back lustily, groping at his muscular body. Lex moved his head forward and nibble Superman on his neck followed by wet kisses on the cheeks and finally to the mouth. Superman closed his eyes, his body as stiff as a rock. Lex continued to kiss Superman trying to get a response from him but to no avail. After a few more failed attempts, Lex backed off a little. He narrowed his eyes at the overgrown Blue Scout. He was determined to conquer this hunk. He stood up and forward his hand to Superman who reluctantly lifted his hand up to Lex’s hand. Silently, Lex guide Superman up and they walked to the bed.

Lex stripped his towel off to full and went up to the bed naked while Superman stood by and watch.

“Now strip,” ordered Lex.

Superman obediently stripped off his remaining tights to his glorious nakedness. His cock even when unerect was a great seven inch long. The sight of that incredibly muscled and well proportioned body coupled with that well endowed cock and those humongous balls would send any men and women into heat.

“Come up to the bed”

Superman stood by stiffly, unsure if he should. He found the whole episode somewhat repulsive. He wanted to back off, but he couldn’t. He’s certainly not gay. He had been straight all his life. There may had been men who tried to come on strongly onto him but not a single moment was his heart and mind stirred. He was technically raped and set up by Lex and his henchmen under the influences of the drug. It was never out of his free will. This is certainly crossing the line. 

Sensing Superman’s reluctance, Lex bent over and took out a bottle of oil from a drawer beside the bed. Superman’s eyes glistened at the sight of the oil and began to salivate. All thoughts of awkwardness and shamefulness were overshadowed by his pure lust of the drug. Lex looked at Superman seductively and opened the bottle of oil. Superman closed his eyes and breathed in deep, the scent entered his lungs and olfactory receptors reaching directly into his blood vessels and brain. His limp cock twitched and began to grow to full attention. Superman opened his eyes and looked at Lex, panting hungrily. He needed more.

Lying back against the pillow, Lex poured the oil onto his own chests and began to message the oil slowly all over his body, while licking his own lips seductively. He let off a few deliberate moans even though the drug does nothing to him. It was to further tempt the hungry Man of Steel, reminding him of the pleasures that drug can bring. Superman is now in a fixated trance, panting. Lex placed his hands behind his head and looked at Superman cockily.

“Want to touch it?”

Superman looked at Lex for a moment then back Lex’s oily body. He nodded his head silently.

“Want to taste it?”

Superman nodded his head again.

“Come and get it!”

As if under a spell, Superman went up the bed slowly and sat on Lex’s thighs. He looked down hungrily at Lex’s drug smeared body. Gulping down his own saliva in excitement, he began to caress the body. The comforting and the euphoric effects of the drug from the touch were almost immediate. Superman let of a little muffled moan. This was not enough. He wanted more. Superman bent forward and began to lick the oil off Lex’s chest.

“Yes, that’s my boy. Lick them good,” commended Lex, encouraging Superman to lick more.

“Lick my tits.”

Superman obeyed and licked at Lex’s tits. Lex let off a grunt and grabbed Superman’s back, feeling the strong muscled back all over. Lex was savouring every moment of it. He moved his hands down and felt Superman’s muscular bums and those incredible thighs.

After sometime, Lex pushed Superman back up and sat up. Taking a moment to enjoy the beauty of the body, Lex pushed Superman down lying on his back. He took from the side of the bed, the drug laced lipstick and smeared it over his own lips. He moved down and kissed Superman. This time, the Man of Steel responded. Their tongues mingled with each other. Lex kisses down to Superman’s pecs and started to nibble his nipples. Superman moaned excitedly in response, amazed at how good it felt. Superman was not only having a drug induced state of excitement, he was actually truly being turned on by Lex. The idea of him being dominated by another man half his size that is his arch enemy at the same time is, somehow, incredibly hot and sexy. Superman was new to all these dark feelings, and these feelings were beginning to grow in him.

“Time to get owned by daddy.”

Lex knelt up between Superman’s legs and pushed the legs further apart revealing his nether hole. Using his oil coated fingers, Lex circled the splincter and slowly insert his index finger in, oiling up the anal walls. He pulled his finger away and inserted two fingers in and started to message Superman’s postrate gland. Precum started to ooze out in copious amount from the tip of the cock, drawing moans and whimpers from the Man of Steel. Satisfied that the ass was properly conditioned, Lex poured a generous amount of oil on his now erect cock. He lift Superman’s legs to rest on his shoulders, allowing the ass to open wider and for Lex to position himself. Lex carefully insert himself into the tight hole and started to thrust into Superman, his cock expertly hitting the postrate with each thrust.

Lex couldn’t do it for long though. Superman’s weight is too great for him. Lex pulled himself out.

“Turn over, bitch,” commanded Lex Luthor.

Superman turned over. Lex inserted his cock again into Superman’s ass and impale mercilessly and forcefully into Superman’s ass. His hands moved forward to Superman’s chest and fondle his nipples. Superman was in sky high. He had never felt so good. The pleasure was extreme. Superman began to pushed his ass against Lex, wanting more. Lex moved his hands down and began to pump Superman’s enormous cock of steel which is now leaking a river of precum. 

The bed shook violently for a long time as Lex continued to hump onto Superman’s ass. The room was musky and sweet from the scent of Superman’s precum and the perspiration of the two men’s bodies. The intermittent grunts and groans were suddently broke by loud cries of ectasy in symphony by the two men. Both Lex and Superman came simultaneously. Lex gripped Superman’s cumming cock tightly as he himself tensed all over from his own orgasm. Finally, Lex was done, but Superman was still cumming spurts after spurts. Lex held onto Superman’s cock tightly from behind.

“Yes, cum, give me all your cum, give me every drop, every single drop,” Lex whispered into Superman’s ears.”You want me to take all your cum don’t you? You loved being dominated by me don’t you? And perform all those sick experiments on your sperms and dominating them. Deep down inside you, you know you want it.”

“Ahhh Ahhh .. Take all my sperms … Dominate me … Dominate my sperms … Ahhh Ahhh ….Take every drop of cum from my balls! … Ahhh Ahhhh” cried out Superman in response.

Lex’s words seemed to excite the Man of Steel even more causing him spurt out cum in thicker ropes. His body jerked and convulse in greater violence.

Soon the cummings stopped. Superman turned over lying on his back on the cum covered bed, trying to catch back his breath. He sighed contently. It was an amazing experience.

Lex coated his finger with Superman’s cum and placed it at Superman’s lips.

“Lick your cum,” ordered Lex.

Superman obeyed. He sticked out his tongue and licked the cum off Lex’s finger.

“Suck it,”said Lex as he pushed his finger into Superman’s mouth.

Superman sucked Lex’s finger like a lollipop.

“Yes, eat your own sperm. You like it, don’t you?”

Superman’s cock started to grow erect again. He was wildly turned on. Lex looked down, pleasantly surprised with the second erection. He kissed Superman in the mouth with his crotch rubbing against Superman’s, causing the Man of Steel to become even more aroused helplessly. Superman, in his excitement, responded the kisses. It didn’t matter that he hated this guy. All he knew was he is feeling very horny and he need a warm body to hold and get his nuts off.

Lex moved away from Superman’s mouth and began to kiss his way down to Superman’s crotch. He lapped on Superman’s head over and over, causing the cock to throb violently. Superman grunted in excitement, and began to pushed his cock up to Lex’s mouth. Lex started to go down on the huge cock, pumping and sucking it with his mouth. In a matter of minutes, Superman went into a second convulsion and started to cum again.

“Ahhhh … Take all my cum … Take all my cum,” cried the Man of Steel

Having spent the bulk of his energy in the first orgasm, the second wave of cum was considerable weaker though still stronger than any normal men. Lex with Superman’s cum in his mouth moved back up and kissed Superman deeply, letting his cum coated tongue mingle with that of Superman’s. Lex rested his head on Superman’s heaving chests, listening to those strong heart beats. Satisfied that he had at last conquered the Man of Steel, Lex drifted into sleep.

Superman panted breathlessly. He was totally spent. His brain was literally fried from over excitement. He had no love for this man but the sex was the most incredible experience he ever had. He loves Lois in his heart but he doubt she can bring him anything half as close as this for physical pleasure. And the truth is, he is getting to prefer this physical pleasure over love.

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