Milking the Stallion Part 13
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Milking the stallion 


Part 13: Preparation


Superman sat up suddenly from his sleep. He looked around. He was alone in the room. Lex must have left the room while he slept. He laid back on the bed, still feeling pretty tired from the incredible work out with Lex. Thoughts of confusion came back. He tried to make some sense but couldn’t. He thought about Lois again, then about his parents, the Kents. He had always been straight in all his life, not that he is against gay, but it never occured to him that he could enjoy the sex. And of all people, Lex Luthor …. A great sense of shame overwhelmed him. What happened to his will and integrity? What is happening to him? The honorable, strong and unfaltering symbol of truth and justice. He felt his life destroyed and in a total mess.

The elevator door opened and four henchmen walked in. Superman sat up again.

“You are ordered to the lab,” said one of the henchmen.

What is it this time, thought the Man of Steel as he stood up naked and walked toward the guards.

The doors to the lab opened, Superman walked in and found a team of scientists, each of them peering into their own microscrope, fully focused in the experiment they were working on. He looked around. There were test tubes and flasks on the table. Each tube contained  some  milky gel like substances. He recognized them immediately. They were his semen. These scientists were all working on his semen.

“Oh my god! Look at this!” said one of the scientists while looking into his own microscope.”I am actually zapping the Blue Scout’s mighty sperms senseless. This is really fun!”

“Oh yeah?” said another scientist.”You shoud see mine, I weakened Supe’s sperm cells with kryptonite radiation. They stopped wriggling. I am actually playing with them. If I prick the tadpoles, they will come alive again to wriggle a bit and stop. It’s so funny.”

And yet another scientist quipped,”Awww mine all died. I guess I dose too much poison on them. They shivered and trembled before they died.”

“I can zap Supe’s sperm into pulp! I did that in the last plate. Used too much electricity. Hee hee,” said the fourth scientist. “I can’t believe I am destroying Superman’s sperms.”

These scientists aren’t just doing experiments. They were actually having fun torturing and killing his sperms. A part of Superman wanted to go over and stop what they are doing, to save his sperms. Strangely, another part of him found the whole thing erotic, albeit in a sick way.

The henchmen pulled Superman further in, breaking his thoughts, to another room.  There stood Lex Luthor and Dr Rhamsdin with a team of scientists, all waiting for the Man of Steel.

Superman felt a flush in his face as some of the scientists stared hard into his incredible body in full nakedness. They aren’t just staring, they were ogling.

“Stop staring and do your jobs!” ordered Dr Rhamsdin.

The scientists quickly move forward and brought Superman to the examination table. They spread his legs out and cuffed the legs to each corner of the table. Similarly, they cuffed his hands to the sides of the table and strap his body to the table, rendering him totally immobile.

Lex walked over to Superman.

“This body,” he muttered as he caressed Superman’s pecs down to his firm abs, “is about to experience the most extreme pain and pleasure.”  Lex walked down slowly as hands travelled down the muscular thigh and continued,”Every fiber of these muscles shall submit to my will and power.”

Lex fondled the Man of Steel’s greatly enhanced balls and continued,”We made some very important discovery about the kryptonian body. These plump balls are not only responsible for manufacturing sperms, they are also the sole source of the kryptonian male hormones. These hormones are interestingly found to be strongly associated with independence, will power and manliness. The traits that disgust me the most about you. Today , I, Lex Luthor, will force these balls to  give up every drop of its man juice! Your balls will try to regenerate against the juice draining but I expect my drainings to surpass the rate of regeneration. Once robbed of all their juices, those plump balls will be reduced to a fraction of their current size and will be so damaged that they will not produce anymore sperms and hormones for a long period of time. Your strong will and manliness shall be neutered.”

Superman’s heart sank upon hearing Lex. He knew Lex does not mince his words. The past weeks had proven that. 

“What’s more do want from me? You have me under controlled with your drugs! You can do whatever you like with my sperm ! Please, Lex, Master Lex, can’t we talk through this? I promise I will be good.” pleaded the Man of Steel.

Lex went over and kissed the Man of Steel in the mouth and whispered,”Hush now. Yes it will be painful for a while but this is all for your good. After this, you will belong to Lex Luthor heart and soul. Isn’t that wonderful? It pained me too but surely you want to please Master Lex don’t you?”

Superman closed his eyes, unsure if he should respond.

Lex stood back. He smiled with an eerie wickedness.

“OK time to do your work!” ordered Lex.

The scientists moved up to Superman, each holding a clump of electrodes. They clamp the electrodes onto Superman’s nipples. One scientist used a device to open Superman’s ass and inserted two electrodes and attached them to the postrate glands. Four electrodes were attached to the huge scrotum. Ten electrodes were attached to Superman’s cock – two at the base, three along the stem of the huge hung cock, one just below the slit of the cock and four at the head. The remaining electrodes were attached throughout the body focusing on each muscle group.

Dr Rhamsdin took a needle connected to a drip and inserted the needle into Superman’s arm. The drip was marked KV, which stood for Kryptonian Viagra. The drug was fed into Superman’s system continuously with the intravenous drip. Within seconds, the drug reached into Superman’s system and his cock grew and stood at full attention. Precum started to ooze out. Superman moaned in heat as the effects of the drug took hold of him, forgetting about the precarious position he was in.

Another scientist took a rubbery tube and wore it over Superman’s erect cock. The tube was connected to a machine with a collector made of glass.

Finally, the scientists attached another set of probes on various part of Superman’s body. These probes were connected to different instrument that seemed to be monitoring Superman’s various vital statistics.

The scientists stood back after they were all done. There laid the mighty Man of Steel, spotting a huge fourteen inch erection, with a drip in his arms and electrodes all around his body.

Lex looked approvingly at the moaning Man of Steel who had no idea the dire situation he was in.  After today, history shall be rewritten. Lex chuckled to himself, as usual, amazed by his own genius.

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