Milking the Stallion Part 14
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Milking the Stallion 


Part 14: Dark Victory


Lex Luthor stood by the overgrown Blue Scout who is now moaning in heat from the constant supply of the drug labelled KV dripping into his blood stream, admiring the beautiful mass of muscles one last time.

“You know what makes me HATE about you most, Superman? Your chiselled good looks, that overgrown muscled body  and your stubborn conviction to goodness. Your utter MALENESS puts me off.” Lex squeezed the huge and powerful biceps, then caressed the heaving pecs, and continued,”And it turns me on to crumble your body and mind. Today will be the day where I, Lex Luthor, shall eradicate the source of your manhood!” Lex held Superman’s scrotum tightly as he spoke closely to his face.

“I have discovered that these balls not only contain sperms but are also the entire source of your maleness. Due to my greater intellect, this titanium cum sucking machine will suck out every drop of cum those balls can produce. Your balls will try to compete against the depletion by setting out in a production frenzy, the enzymes will work to an extreme overdrive. However, my machine shall prevail! We expect a certain threshold, that once exceeded, every system in the balls will literally overheat and malfunction. In other words, those juicy balls will be fried, incapable of producing anymore sperms and hormones. The very elements of your manhood.”

Lex paused a moment to that the words sink and continued,” At least for a long period of time. Don’t worry though, I don’t intend to destroy them permanently. At least not until I have unlocked the secret to create your progeny with your sperms. My scientists have a scanning device to keep track of every biological details happening in those balls and in every other part of your body through the entire draining process. This will be one of the greatest scientific study ever, the data will certainly unlock more secrets about your body.”

“Oh and if you think this stops at your ball destruction, you are gravely mistaken,” Lex continued further.”The electrodes on every muscle groups are there for a purpose. To break the very fibers of your muscles! Since your body is of such incredible strength and resilience, the electrodes here have to draw their power separately from a secret Lex Corp Nuclear Plant, specially set up just for this purpose. The nuclear plant can supply enough power to light up a few big cities. Let’s see how much your muscles can withstand that. Haha.”

Turning toward Dr Rhamsdin, Lex instructed,”Dr Rhamsdin, we can start.”

Lex and the scientists all stood away from the examination table and put on their safety goggles .  Dr Rhamsdin switched on the machine connected to the cock and a vacuum began to build up, sucking Superman’s clear precum  which dripped into the collector. Superman closed his eyes and whimpered with a little grin. The effect on his cock was certainly pleasurable.

Dr Rhamsdin went over to a huge instrument to which all the electrodes where connected to. There was  a knob on it that marked was one to ten. Slowly, he turned the knob to one and Superman’s body began to tense up from the electrocution. The amount of electrical power is sufficient to kill any human right off. Precum began to drip copiously into the collector as the prostrate got stimulated from the electrical currents.

Slowly, Dr Rhamsdin increased the power three. Every muscles became more stiff. Sparks began to appear on the body from the high amount of electricity, giving off tiny amount of smoke where they appeared. Superman began to grunt in pain. Reading the various monitors carefully, Dr Rhamsdin increased the power to six. Superman’s body convulsed even more violently. There were terrible stretching sounds of the muscles as they were tensed and stretched to their very limit. The sparks that randomly appear on the body became more frequent and brighter. Superman’s eyes flickered uncontrollably and drool began to flow out of his mouth. His cock twitched and throbbed as if there was no tomorrow. His prostate and balls pulsate under the direct electrocution of the electrodes attached directly to them,  stimulating and zapping them senseless. After a few minutes, the stimulation was over the top – cum flew out in a sudden from the cock as Superman cried in both extreme pain and pleasure. The sucking device drank up every drop of the cum hungrily. Thick white creamy coats of cum were observed in the collector tank.

Lex and the team of scientists stared in anticipation at Superman’s huge balls that filled out the entire scrotum. Those testes seemed to be putting up a strong resistance against the draining. After thirty minutes of cumings, the scrotum finally seemed to shrink. Lex watched in huge anticipation.

“Yes! Own those balls ! Destroy those balls!” cried out some of the scientists with their fists clenched. It was as if they were watching some football match.

However, a few of the scientists felt a certain pity. These are the balls of the mighty Man of Steel, the idol of countless men and women. Silently they muttered, barely audible even to themselves,”Fight it Superman, fight it.”

As if energized by those silent encouragement, the balls began to plump back up, much to the astonishment of Lex and the scientists. The truth was the special diet had greatly enhanced the balls’ rate of rejuvenation – far more than any of the scientists had expected. It was a stale mate for now.

“That was unexpected! To see the balls actually acclimatize themselves to such a rate of draining. I guess they don’t call you super for nothing. This makes it more fun! I always love challenges. And we are only at six. I shall conquer these balls!” said Lex, fully confident that his machine will prevail in the end. “Doctor, turn a notch higher!”

Dr Rhamsdin turned the knob up to seven. Superman cried out louder. His cock twitched even more violently and cum started to flow out in greater spurts. Still the mighty balls withstood the pressures, the enzymes within the balls working diligently, refusing to give up.

“Higher,” commanded Lex Luthor.

The knob was slowly turned to eight. Even more cum spurted out. Sparks are now appearing all over Superman’s body, burning his skin. The balls withheld their size for a few minutes, then very slowly, began to lose the battle and started to shrink as the enzyme factories in the balls started to deactivate from the extreme pressures.

Some of the scientists cried out triumphantly,”Yes! Superman’s balls are losing it!”

Lex smiled. He knew victory will be his.

This is the beginning of a rapid spiral down. The balls tried to keep up and for a second, actually gained back a little in their sizes as a last ditch of effort but shrank down again as more of the enzymes shut down from over-activity. The balls shrank down faster and faster.  Finally, after some time, the cums were no longer in great spurts but slowed down considerably. The cum was no longer thick and milky but became very watery and almost transparent. The balls are now the size of dried prunes, a former shadow of their glorious size.  Dr Rhamsdin was relentless in his punishment. He continued to turn the knob up to nine, forcing the almost dried balls to give up their very last few drops of cum. Superman screamed out in pain as his body tried to pump out last few drops of cum from his balls.

More smoke began to emit all over Superman’s body as the violent sparks appear throughout his body, inflicting extreme pain and burns. His muscles are now stretched beyond their tolerance limits. The muscles continued to make terrible stretching sounds from the extreme tension. Suddenly, a loud snap sound was heard. Followed by another. And another. The mighty muscle fibers  of the invulnerable Man of Steel are actually tearing up!

“His muscles are tearing up,”cried one of the scientists excitedly as he read the data in deep concentration, obviously proud to partake in the domination of the near god.

Lex felt a huge sense of achievement. The invulnerable muscle fibers of the great Man of Steel are finally defeated – overstretched and snapped by human science. The body of the great and mighty Man of Steel is succumbing to the high voltage. The burnt smell of the kryptonian flesh filled the air.

The watery cum finally dripped one last drop into the collector and stopped. The balls had ran out of cum completely! Every single drop Superman’s cum is now contained in the diabolical cum sucking machine. Everyone stood silently around, watching Superman’s cock in sick fascination as the cock throbbed in extreme violence, flapping back and forth but with no cum coming out.  They were all waiting to see what happen next.

Under the background noises of snapping muscles and electrical sparks, Superman’s gibberish moans stopped all of a sudden. Then a terrible wail. It was a wail that was unheard of from the Man of Steel, shaking the very walls and piercing through everyone’s hearts. It was cry of indescribable pain. Blood suddenly spurt out from the cock splattering into the cum collector.  Superman coughed out blood at the exact same moment, splattering blood all over, and passed out.

Satisfied with the outcome, Lex signaled to Dr Rhamsdin who promptly turned off the power. The unconscious Superman slumped back finally. His body was still trembling and twitching from the electrical overload.

Except for one or two of the scientists, shocked by the gruesome torture, the rest of the scientists gave each other pats on the backs and hi-fives on their victory.

Dr Rhamsdin walked over to examine Superman. His previously taut muscles had went soft and tender all over. They appeared smaller than before too. His pecs and abs, previously well defined, had lost their structure almost completely. In fact, Superman is now a shadow of his former self

“So how is our slave doing?” asked Lex.

“His muscles are approximately sixty percent damaged. A normal human with this level of damages would have been permanently paralyzed if not dead. It is going to take a long time for a full recovery,”replied Dr Rhamsdin.

“Haha! I have finally defeated those muscles. I promised myself that one day I will own and defeat every fiber of his body!” cried out Lex triumphantly. He continued to ask,”So how about those balls? I still need them for my future army.”

Examining the almost empty and wrinkled scrotum that contained two tiny shriveled balls size of a raisin, Dr Rhamsdin replied, “His testicles had taken an extreme punishment. They are very damaged, totally incapable of producing anything at the moment. But with the special diet, I estimate they will start producing cum again in a few weeks time. A full recovery, however, will probably take  a few months.”

Lex was pleased. This was the state of being he wanted Superman to be in. With the balls incapable of producing any male hormones and cum, Superman will become much more submissive and passive.

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