Milking the Stallion Part 15
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Milking the Stallion


Part 15: New lease of Life


A terrible smell drew the Man of Steel from the blackness.

“Wake up Superman,”said a voice.

Superman slowly opened his eyes. He tried to rub his eyes with his hands but gave a sudden groan of pain instead. Sharp pains pierced right through his muscles all over. The pain was so intense that he broke into sweat and lied back helplessly. He looked around with his half lid eyes and there stood a man in white coat alone in the room with him.

The man took away his smelling salts and began to gently remove the straps and electrodes as he tend to Superman’s wounds at the same time. 

“Uggggg!” cried out the Man of Steel as the man in white accidentally exert too much pressure cleaning on a tender spot on his chest.

“I’m sorry Superman,”said the man silently as he turned back to the doorway in fear.”I didn’t mean to hurt you. Try to keep your voice down.”

Superman closed his eyes. There was a sense of pure desperation that was growing intensely. He needed his dose of the deadly drug. The only comfort that he knew that will transport miraculously him away from all these pains.

“Do … you have … it …. with … you?” asked the Man of Steel weakly as he opened his eyes again.

“Have what ? Oh … you mean KV? I’m sorry, I don have it,”replied the scientist as he worked down to Superman’s crotch.

“Ugggg!” cried out the Man of Steel in pain again.

The scientist was working on removing the electrodes on his injured cock and scrotum.

“Sorry Superman, this is going to be painful here but try to bear with it. I’ll be as gentle as possible.”

Superman lifted his head to watch the man in white tending to his wounded crotch. The sight of his scrotum shocked him beyond words. His balls – the source of his pride and manhood, now shriveled and shrunk up beyond recognition. Thoughts of utter despair began to flood his mind. What if he can never cum again?  What if he lose permanently the very sweet intoxication of orgasm that he had experienced in the past two weeks.? Life would be utterly meaningless. Silently, Superman began to sob. He wanted his plump balls back.

“Sorry Superman, I hope this ordeal will be over for you soon. Just try to bear with it a bit more,” said the scientist as he continued to clean the wounds, clearly not understanding the source of Superman’s grief.

Soon the scientist was done with the clean up.

“Thank you.” said Superman silently, his face was devoid of any expression.

Suddenly two henchmen walked into the room and said ,”Get up! You are ordered to see Master Lex Luthor now,” said one of them.

The name sent shivers to the once mighty Man of Steel. He felt a terrible fluttery feeling in his stomach. Memories of the electrical torture came flooding back. He wanted to run away and hide.  The scientist helped Superman to sit up and carefully helped him to stand up slowly. The Man of Steel almost stumbled to the ground as he tried to stand on his two feet. He was way too injured to stand on his own and certainly too heavy for the scrawny scientist to assist well.The two henchmen promptly went up to Superman and held him up each on his arms and brought him out of the room.

Superman turned back at the scientist. He wanted to scream for help. He had no idea what diabolical plans Lex have this time and what new tortures he is going to experience.

The elevator door opened and Superman was brought to a hallway. There at the end of the hall sat Lex Luthor on a seat flanked by two parallel rows of his elite henchmen in black tight leather.  The seat was made of royal gold with elaborate designs like a throne.  Beside Lex on both sides, stood Gon and Dr Rhamsdin.

The two henchmen brought Superman forward to Lex and pushed him down into a kneeling position. Superman looked down, trembling part in fear and part from the pains of his injuries. With his cum depleted balls, all the haughty signs of his maleness were gone. There was absolutely no resistance.

“Who is your master, Superman?” asked Lex.

“You are, Master Lex. You are my master …” replied the former hero.

“Will you serve me wholeheartedly?

“Yes … I will serve you with all my heart.”

Lex stood up in silence and walked toward the Man of Steel. 

“This is the first nourishment that you shall receive after the baptism. This will mark both a new beginning and status of your life.” said Lex, looking straight down at Superman.

Lex unzipped his pants, and brought out his already erect cock. The tip of the cock pointed dangerously to Superman’s mouth. It was a strange moment for the Man of Steel. Lex Luthor’s cock never appeared as appealing as now. He felt drawn to it. Truth is, being a cum depleted kryptonian, Superman is no longer the alpha male and presence of a virile cock brings about an instinctive submission that was primal in origin.

Lex gave an eye to Dr Rhamsdin who went over to Superman and injected a full dose of KV. Incredibly, Superman’s cock grew into full attention despite the depleted balls and the injuries. The comfort the drug bring was almost miraculous. All pain was snuffed out in an instant. He felt a general well being again. And somehow this euphoria he was experiencing was further enhanced by the comforting sight of Lex’s erect cock.

Superman stared at the cock and licked the tip. He let the taste register in his taste buds. It never occurred to him that a cock can taste this good. He began to lap the head over, harder and harder, with his tongue until precum started to ooze out. The taste of the precum was almost exquisite and the cum depleted Man of Steel needed more. Lex let off a sigh, his hand reached down and caress the Man of Steel on his cheeks.

“Yeah, lick the head good,” encouraged Lex. “Drink the nectar of life my cock is oozing now.”

Superman took the entire head into his mouth while his tongue worked frantically on it, lapping up hungrily every drop of precum that oozes out. Lex was sky high, he threw his head back in triumph, moaning in joy and power, while his cock was worked over by the hungry tongue of the most powerful man on earth.

“Yes … uhhh … yes…. right there …good boy,” said Lex while he grunt in excitement.

Lex began to hump into Superman’s mouth in pure ecstasy. The two henchmen push Superman’s head into Lex’s cock in rhythm to Lex’s hip motion. Superman took the entire shaft into his mouth then back up to the tip and back down again. He was beginning to enjoy the exquisite taste and the rhythm. There was a part of him that wanted to please his master. Lex grabbed Superman’s head and began to push his cock deeper into Superman’s mouth. It was such an incredible power trip.

The sucking went on for a few minutes and suddenly Lex stopped the humping and grabbed Superman’s head with his cock buried deep in Superman’s mouth. Lex was right at the edge. He pushed himself a little deeper into Superman’s mouth and cried out in a sudden ecstasy as his cum came gushing out into Superman’s mouth. Lex held his cock tight in Superman’s mouth while he continue to cum. “Swallow all my cum! Suck them! Eat them!” commanded Lex as he continued to cum. The Man of Steel drank up every drop hungrily. It was his much needed nourishment.

Lex zipped up his pants in satisfaction after it was all done.  It was an incredible ego trip. He want to keep Superman’s saliva stains on his cock for as long as possible.

Lex stood back and gave a sign to his henchmen. Eight henchmen surrounded the naked Man of Steel. They unzipped their black tight leather pants and took out their erect manhood all pointing dangerously at Superman. They all began to masturbate and fondle themselves. All these men had been withholding their cums for weeks waiting for this glorious moment – to have their cum to stake a claim on Superman’s once mighty body.

In a matter of minutes, all of them began to grunt in joy as they came one after another, each trying to outdo the other. Cum splattered on the Man of Steel’s face, hair, chest, back, arms – literally coating his entire body. It was a cum shower. Amazingly, Superman closed his eyes and began to rub the cum over his wounded body. It was as if his cum drained body needed the man juice to compensate its own loss. Superman moaned in delirious joy. Lex laughed at the decadent sight.

It was at this moment, one henchman came running into the hall

“Master Lex, we have intrud ….!” cried the henchman.

Before he could finish his sentence, a golden lasso wrapped round the the henchman by the waist and pulled him back out of the hall. Out from the shadow at the doorway walked in a female – it was Wonder Woman. Followed by Batman, Green Lantern, Flash and Hawkman.  Lex was shocked. This had been most unexpected. The henchmen that circled round Superman dispersed revealing the Man of Steel, leader of the JLA, covered in cum all over. The JLAs were all momentarily shocked at what they saw.

Superman opened his eyes and realized Lex and the henchmen were looking out to the doorway as if something had grabbed their attention. Slowly he turned his head around and saw some familiar figures. It took a while before he recognized them. Superman turned back, his head hung down in utter shame. He was their respected leader. He was the one who always talked about justice and morality to them. He was the one that exudes the most integrity of them all. Superman wanted to hide, wishing his comrades would never see him in such a decadent state.

“What is happening here? What are doing with these people Superman?”asked Wonder Woman as she regained composure.

Something must had happened. Angrily, she turned toward Lex, “What did you do to Superman?” Tears started to well up in her eyes. This is not the Man of Steel she know. This simply cannot be true.

“Oh, nothing really. You see, Superman came to Lex Corp Medical Center for help. He told our doctors that he had serious problem. He was addicted to sex. And Superman being super man, knows he is a danger to all human with such an addiction. You know rapes and stuffs,”explained Lex Luthor.

Flash sped toward the Man of Steel and carried him to the safety of the JLAs. Every of the superheroes were utterly shocked at the sight of Superman’s near empty scrotum and gigantic erect cock.

“What did you guys do to him? Why is his … so small?” asked Green Lantern sternly.

“Oh that, well one of our scientists had a postulation that Superman’s addiction to sex is due to his extreme libido of which his testes are solely responsible for. So he came up with a unique treatment which by draining the Man of Steel completely of his cum, he won’t be acting from his wild libido anymore,” explained Lex.

“You lying snake!” cried out Hawkman.”Superman never had such a problem. He is the most decent man I’ve ever known!”

“I don’t know, you have the US president sleeping with woman in his office, what’s more a JLA leader. In any case, I have proof here, see this agreement here?” retorted Lex as he took out a sheet of paper with Superman’s signature.”Here, see here, this paper states that Superman himself agreed that he has this problem and that he will undergo whatever treatments we are coming up with. And right now, we are simply testing if the treatment works by subjecting him to temptation. And look! What a big hard on he is spotting now. I think this only proof something, his addiction is not only due to his balls but also his perverted mind. But at least he can’t harm people with his cumless balls now. Consider that as an act of grace from us and to double the deal, I am making these treatments free of charge. If you want, I can help clean up his mind once and for all, free of charge too, for the good and safety of all mankind.”

Hawkman lifted his hammer in a rage. All the henchmen took into a defensive position around Lex. But Batman held Hawkman back.

“Ahh always the cautious one. You should learn from Batman,” said Lex.”Do remember that I am a governor right now and that I am controlling the financial blood in this country. So treat me with a little more respect.”

 Another figure walked in. It was the scientist who tended to Superman’s wounds earlier.

“Thank you for the tip off,” said Wonder Woman.”Would you kindly explain to me what happened here?”

“I think Superman is in need of urgent treatment. I will follow you guys back and explain what happened on the way,” said the scientist.

Wonder Wonder took a last look at Lex Luthor, turned around and said to the rest of the team, “Let’s go. We bring Superman to Star Labs. I am sure Dr Hamilton can work out something with the information provided by this kind soul.”

“See you Superman,” said Lex as he waved at Superman.”I hope you can come to us for more treatment soon.”

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