Milking the Stallion Part 16
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Milking the Stallion


Part 16


“Help me! Help me!”

Superman stopped immediately in mid air as he heard the cry of help. It’s Lois Lane … his love is in danger!  Superman flew to the source of the cries in a hurry and he traced it to an old abandoned warehouse. Superman flew in and there in the middle sat Lois Lane  surrounded by four hunky young men dressed only in a pair of tiniest tight fitting black  briefs. Superman couldn’t help but checked out those guys. They were all pretty well built, each carried a nice package in their crotches. And their bums were all perfectly shaped just like his. 

 Lois was crying, her hair a total mess, her clothes were badly torned. 

“Let her go!” said Superman to the four henchmen as he cleared his voice.

The four henchmen turned around and looked at the Man of Steel.  Superman was shocked. These men resembled him somewhat and they looked exactly the same as each other like twins. 

“Hello, Father,” said one of them.”We have been expecting you.”

The four young men were extremely cocky. They walked up toward the  Man of Steel and surround him. Superman stood still, his cock was erect from excitement. The four haughty youngsters began to fondle the big Blue Scout all over. The one to Superman’s right reached down and message Superman’s erect cock through the red tight fabric. Superman closed his eyes and moaned silently.

“Ahhhh ….Who are you? Uhhhh ….And what are you guys  doing? What do you guys want from me? … Uhhhh…” asked the Man of Steel breathlessly.

The guy groping Supe’s crotch whispered into his ear,”We are your sons, father. And we are here to collect  more of your sperms for Master Luthor.”

Superman moaned. He was greatly turned on by the proposition. The four henchmen began to undress Superman.

“Uhhhh … yes …Uhhhh …. take my sperm …they are yours,” uttered the Man of Steel,  enjoying the caresses and gropings, as the guy began to masturbate him.

“Clark ! What are you doing? You are supposed to save me ! Claaarrrrk …,” screamed Lois Lane.




Superman woke up suddenly gasping for air. His familiar red and blue costume was drenched in sweat over his muscular frame. His cock was painfully erect.

“Having erotic dreams again?” asked a black figure sitting in the dark.

“Yeah …,” replied the Man of Steel.

“Tell me what you dreamed.”

“I dreamed about some guys who claimed to be …. well just some guys … that kidnapped Lois. I tried to rescue her. She was in grave danger. But it turns out she was being used as a bait instead. The guys  tried to seduce me …..,” said Superman, his face going red with embarrassment.

“And did they manage to?”

“Well … sort of … I mean yeah ..”

“Describe their uniform”

“They were only dressed in their underwear.”

“Did that turn you on?”

“Yeah,” replied the Blue Scout, his face going redder.

“So I guess they manage to seduce you?”

“Yeah … they did …”

“The dreams are darker than I thought.”

“What do you mean Professor Hamilton?” asked Superman.

“Well, Lois represent your manhood, since she is who you think you love. The guys who seduced you represent other desires and pleasures that are seemingly not obtainable from Miss Lane. Do you have feelings for them?”

“No … I don’t feel for them, but I get turn on by them. I love Lois,  professor. I am straight. I know I am but I don know why I am just so easily turned on and there is this insatiable hunger in me that I had never experienced before.”

“I don’t doubt your straightness, Superman. I know you love Lois. But maybe some part of you had changed. Think of it as the forbidden fruit in the garden of eden. Once tasted, there is no turning back. I think the more you try to resist, the more confused and troubled you will be. Why don’t you learn to embrace it?”

“How?” asked Superman, deeply confused by the doctor’s suggestion.

“Well remember the exercises we had been going through for the past week. You can learn to pleasure yourself and fantasize whatever you want. There is nothing wrong with that. It is part of sexuality. Everyone has needs – men, women, kryptonians. It is very important for you to regulate your emotion and pleasuring yourself is a good way to keep that in check. Come let us begin with this simple exercise again.”

Professor Hamilton moved up to the bed and sat beside Superman and said,”Ok, just relax yourself, Superman. Close your eyes.” The professor lightly caress the Superman’s cock through his red briefs. “Tell me, do you feel good being rubbed there?” asked the professor.

“Mmmmph ….. yeah …,” replied Superman, his breathing started to pace up.

The professor went on to scratch Superman’s scrotum. Enjoying the tingling sensation on his balls, Superman let off a sigh of pleasure.

“Yeah, just go head and fantasize whatever you want, anything that turn you on,” cooed the professor.

Superman began to fantasize about the four young men that he had just dreamt of. He imagined their hands caressing him all over as he began to move his hands over his own body and that one of them were rubbing his crotch just as what the doctor was doing. Superman moaned louder in pleasure as he began to immerse himself in the fantasy.

“You’re doing good, Superman. Let the imagination take over you. The mind is a safe realm of its own. You are not going to hurt anyone. No one will know your secrets. You’re only going to pleasure yourself. Take yourself to the next level. Say out whatever you want, let it come out verbally.” Dr Hamilton pulled down the tiny red briefs and grabbed Superman’s throbbing cock. He began to squeeze and rub over the head of the throbbing wet cock.

“Uhhhh …. yeah …. take my cum Master …. punish me,” cried out the Man of Steel as he imagined the same young man in his dream masturbating him. “I am your bad slave … take all cum …. own my muscular body!”

The doctor began to pump Superman’s cock. And the squishing sounds became faster and faster. Suddenly Superman grabbed the professor’s wrist and cried in ecstasy. He grunted and moaned as waves of pleasure hit over him. Thick white cum erupt from Superman’s cock and splattered all over his S emblem on his chest, the symbol of justice and truth.

“Thank you doctor,” said Superman, heaving from the incredible work out.

“Remember, whenever you feel a rush, always take the time to relieve yourself. You can always come to Star Labs to look for me if you need additional help. Don’t think about anything for now. Take a good rest Superman, I’ll see you tomorrow,” said the professor as he walked out of the room.

Superman rubbed the cum over his S emblem and tasted it. He felt a kind of peace for the moment and stared up at the ceiling as memories came flashing back.

It had been the most grueling six months of hell at Star Labs for the Man of Steel. Batman had to supply his secret storage of kryptonite to create a special cage to contain the Blue Scout. The scientist who tipped off the JLAs helped to replicate the deadly drug to allow administration of the drug in diminishing doses over time. This was to help Superman’s body to detox and overcome the drug with minimum risk to his heart. Even then, there were times when the distress of the withdrawal was so great and intense that Superman had to be restrained and chained with kryptonite cuffs, to prevent him from hurting himself and others. Those moments of begging and cryings still rang in his ears.

It was the most humiliating ordeal. To have all his closest comrades to witness the lowest point of time in his life. To witness his huge dick and decadent self as the drug was administered to his system. He had begged Wonder Woman, Batman, Flash and every other JLAs who visited him for the drug. There was not a single ounce of self respect.

It took three months for Superman to overcome the effects of the drugs completely. Sometimes there were relapses of momentary hunger for the drug. Fortunately, Dr Hamilton had designed a drug to help minimize the relapses. That plus the constant encouragement from the rest of the JLAs had helped him to finally pull through with enough conviction.

After conquering his addiction to the drug, Special advanced technologies to enhance the yellow sun’s effects on his body were employed to help his body to heal from the massive injuries that had incurred from the extreme electrocution. The results had been successful if not spectacular. In fact, his muscles actually became even stronger, firmer and more well defined than before. It was as if the electrocution had served as a vigorous work out for the Man of Steel. And the work out had paid off tremendously.

Superman’s depleted balls had also plump back up. They were not as large as after Lex’s special diet but were still considerably larger than what they were originally. This was mainly because, under the Professor’s instruction, the special diet was fed to Superman’s system in a more controlled manner. This was done to mainly aid the recovery of the testicles which was deemed by the professor to be absolutely necessary.

After the full recovery of the balls, Superman’s libido came rushing back too. He began to have wet dreams every night, and in fact, every naps he took. And he was easily aroused. He would be talking to Flash and his eyes will began to wonder down at Flash’s body, yearning to touch it, grab his bums and suck his cock. The yearning would be so great that Superman would completely be distracted and only to grab hold of himself before he do something silly. It was pure anguish. His temperament would change as a result, becoming short tempered, highly strung and self destructive. The sudden change in his character was a shock to everyone, as he was well know to be the most level headed. It was as if he had became a different person. But Superman could not bring himself to tell anyone of his dark secrets.

Professor Hamilton had been most patient and perceptive. He is not only thoroughly trained in the field of medical science, but is also a professor in the field of psychology. He suspected the change in Superman was sexual in nature. After weeks of counseling and psychoanalysing, Superman finally opened up and told the told doctor of the dark desires he had been harbouring.

Professor Hamilton had been great in helping Superman to keep his emotion and hunger in check. The professor had taught the Man of Steel to completely embrace masturbation and unrestricted fantasies. This had liberated Superman from a lot of guilt and embarrassment. Not to mention that by keeping his libido in check, he can try to lead a normal life without harming other people.

Under the advice of the professor, Superman had officially stood down as leader of JLA and had taken an extended leave from the organization. Without being a head of a team associated with a strong sense of morale, reasoned the doctor, will help the Man of Steel to accept himself and his current state more readily and learn to be more confident as he had once used to be. It was a sad moment for everyone, including Superman. The JLA had been his baby. This was the place where he felt like a true hero, worshiped and respected by everyone. But it was also the most liberating moment. Truth was even without the doctor’s advice, he had already made up his mind to leave JLA. He was simply too ashamed to face up to them after what they had witness.

Superman closed his eyes and began to drift into a deep sleep. Perhaps no more disturbing wet dreams today.

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