Milking the Stallion Part 17
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Milking the Stallion


Part 17


Lois Lane sat on a chair as she waited anxiously on her rooftop garden. These few months had been most distressing. She had not seen Superman and had only received calls and messages from him. Though such long absences had happened before, her perceptive mind told her there is something amiss this time. She couldn’t quite pinpoint what though. She had tried to get information from all her sources but none of them seem to know anything. He’s probably working on some top secret mission, she reasoned to herself. What else could make the Man of Steel spent all his time on?

The sudden announcement of his departure from JLA made her more anxious. He could have at least talk to her after the announcement but he was gone as soon as he appeared at the JLA news conference.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. The JLA was conceived by Batman, Wonder Woman and me ……….. Due to unforeseen turn of events, I have to regrettably announce my temporary departure from the team. Wonder Woman and Batman will helm over the JLA. I hope the public and the government can give them as much support as you had for me. Thank you”

That was all he said. She was right there. And it was as if she is invisible to her boyfriend. Some boyfriend he is, thought Lois bitterly. She lighted a cigarette and inhaled deeply to clear her mind and calm her nerves.

“Care to share your thoughts?” asked a familiar manly voice.

Lois Lane turned around and there stood Superman at the edge of the wall with his hands crossed. The sight of the ultra sexy Man of Steel dissipated all her anger and queries into thin air. She felt proud to be the chosen one. The girlfriend of Superman – now how many girls can actually claim that? Superman flew down as she stood up and ran toward him. She leaped into his strong arms and kissed him. It was a passionate kiss. She missed him so much. His warmth, his scent and his ultra hard body.

Lois stepped back , catching her breath, and took a second look at her handsome boyfriend. There is something different about him. He seemed bigger, more muscular than ever. Her eyes traveled down and something else caught her attention. The bulge between his legs. They seemed way fuller than before. She didn’t remember the bulge to be that conspicuous.  Though that package plus that incredible body does make him look incredibly hot and sexy. Damned, she thought, did he ever know how sexy he is? How many girls would throw themselves at this hell of a hunk? How did he remain so prim and proper all these while? Lois sighed, she’s one lucky gal.

“See something you like Lois?” asked Superman, almost chuckling.

Lois shot an eye at the Man of Steel. Was he actually making a kinky remark?

“Oh … maybe ….but first thing first – where had you been all these while? You got me so worried!” asked Lois, frowning and almost tearing.

“Well as I said, I am needed away for a while. I can’t tell for the moment what it is for but I hope you can understand. I am so very sorry ….,” replied Superman. “So are you going to invite this insensitive boyfriend in or you gonna punish me to stay out?” Superman grinned sheepishly.

“Oh … so sorry, hon, yeah come right in. I have lunch prepared for the both of us.” said Lois as they walked into her house.

“Maybe we can have lunch later,” said Superman almost whispering as he pulled her close to him once inside the house. Her head laid on the firm mounting chests. Superman smelt wonderful, he has this manly scent that no other guy has. And his body felt so good to hold. Firm, muscular and hard. And the warmth it radiates is so comfortable. Lois felt utterly safe. 

Superman held her tight and whispered,”I miss you so much.” He kissed her forehead as she looked up to him. She stared at his sexy lips and found them too irresistible. She grabbed Superman’s head and pulled him down to her and she plunged her tongue into his inviting mouth. Superman responded back.

It went on for some time until she felt something. It was warm and hard and it throbbed against her stomach. Lois Lane stopped and peered down. She could see the outline of his erection in the tight red briefs. This was the first time she had ever seen his huge erection. They had kissed before but she had never got much of a reaction from him. Not until today. Lois was deeply fascinated as well as turned on by the the throbbing meat.

“Like what you see?” asked Superman, his eyes gleamed as Lois looked up to him. “Go on, touch it, feel it,” he encouraged softly. Lois breathed hard in excitement as she moved down her hand and stroked the huge manhood lightly with her index finger. To her amazement, it throbbed with a life of its own. Lois Lane blushed. She is no virgin but the huge piece of meat beneath the red briefs is certainly making her feel like one.

Lois was excited and hugely turned on. She could feel her breasts getting fuller and herself getting wet below. She had never seen this kinky aspect of Superman. And she’s liking it.

“Mmmm yeah … now  feel my balls,” encouraged Superman.

Lois reached further down and cupped the scrotum that was held tightly by the red briefs. It was too big for her to fully cup with her palm. She could feel the two plump, juicy balls as she tried to jiggle it with her fingers. Superman moaned in excitement.

“Hold my balls and stroke my cock of steel,”coerced Superman, smiling.

Lois stroke the cock upwards through the red tight fabric with her fingers. Her other hand that was cupping the balls started a kneading motion, coaxing the balls to release their precious man juice.

“Uhhhh … yeah …Uhmmph ..,”cried Superman as he closed his eyes enjoying the stroking.  His voice was incredibly deep and sexy.

The stroking went on for a while and precum stains started to form at the tip of the cock on the red fabric. Soon the precum began to ooze out as the fabric became over saturated. A strong musky smell began to fill the air. The scent turned Lois on even further. Her fingers were wet with Superman’s precum. She had a sudden urge to taste it.

Superman looked down at his wet crotch and looked back up at Lois. And it was as if he knew what Lois was contemplating, he smiled and said, “Go on dear, taste it.”

Lois brought up her wet fingers to her mouth and hesitated a moment. She closed her eyes and slowly insert her wet index finger into her mouth. It was wonderful and arousing. Lois felt her lips thicken and her heartbeat paced up rapidly from the excitement. Clearly enjoying herself, she began to lick her other fingers clean.

Lois opened her eyes and looked up to Superman in total love.

“Are you ready?” asked the Man of Steel, grinning.

Lois nodded her head.

Superman slowly rolled down his red briefs and out sprang the erect cock that was hidden below. Lois opened her eyes wide in total amazement. It was bigger than what she imagined it to be and curiously she felt a strong attraction to it. Lois reached down and grabbed the throbbing wet cock that was leaking precum. It was hard, warm and alive.

“Go on, taste my cock,” said Superman.

Lois was about to kneel down when the telephone rang rudely, interrupting the perfect moment, followed by a voice message. “Lois, this is Jimmy. You got to hurry down to Daily Planet … something terrible happened. There is a terrorist attack! Burning buildings and streets on fire. Lots of explosion. This is really bad. Where’s Superman when you need him?”

“<Sigh> … Oh well … let’s do this another time. I know you have work to do hon,” said Lois, taking a deep breath to get a grip of herself. “And I have to go to Daily right now.” She turned away from Superman to walk away. Superman grabbed her hands and pulled her back to him and held her tightly. “Nothing’s gonna break this moment,” said Superman. Lois was about to protest when Superman goes down on her lips and kissed her deeply, stopping her in effect with his mouth. “Don’t worry Lois, I am ‘Super’ man, remember? I can reach there in a second and get things done before you know it. Let’s just take a few minutes to enjoy our moment. We have not seen each other for such a long time.”

Lois was confused. While it is certainly flattering that Superman is so smitten by her that he even put his usual priorities on hold, but this isn’t the time to procrastinate. 

Superman carried her up and went into the bedroom and gently put her to the bed, in a sitting position against the pillow. He began to undress her while kissing and nibbling her neck, determined to get her back into the mood.

“Clark …. please stop. There are people dying out there in the streets,” said Lois. All her mood for romance was long gone.

Superman ignored her pleas and continued to undress her to her full nakedness. Superman knelt up in front of Lois between her legs.

“Do you yearn for this body?” asked the Man of Steel as he caressed his own pecs.

“I do … you are sexy but this is not the right time … I can’t possibly do this right now, we both have works and responsibilities,” replied Lois, earnestly hoping Superman would snap out of it.

“There are many women out there who want this body, Lois. But I saved it for you. Tell me how much you want me. How much you need to touch my muscles. How much you want to taste me. Worship me, Lois and I’m yours.”

Lois couldn’t believe what she is hearing. This is not the Superman she knew. There was a terrorist attack and he wasn’t even interested. He’s only interested in getting his nuts off. It’s as if he’s some kind of sex fiend. Her mind was even more confused than ever. Superman never had this mega male ego, he’s always kind and gentle despite his might and power. And he never put his needs before others.

“Clark … Superman …. What’s happening to you?” she asked softly.

Superman ignored her and went down to kiss her, forcing his tongue into her mouth. His fingers began to fondle her breasts, which started to respond against her will. Lois tried to fight him but it was useless. He is far too strong. She felt the piece of meat rubbing dangerous against her cunt as he began to hump lightly on her. Superman is obviously in heat and it seems nothing is going to stop him until he get his satisfaction.

The Man of Steel knelt up again and began to try to insert his cock into her. It was too much … way too painful. She felt herself tearing apart. In fact, she know she will be. This man is no ordinary man, he can move mountains and the cock is too powerful for her.

“Clark! Stop it! You are killing me!” screamed out Lois in a last ditch of effort. Tears welled up in her eyes. Lois started to sob in horror and disbelief.

The cries pierced right into Superman’s heart and woke him up from the sex frenzy. He pulled out his cock which rapidly softened up and grabbed to the pole of at the corner of the bed looking away from Lois, panting and gasping for air. He was sweating profusely all over as if he had to use extreme efforts in controlling himself.

“Lois, take your clothes and leave now before I do more terrible things to you,” said Superman, gasping and panting in between his words.

Lois knelt up. She can see that he is in great pain. Her heart softened. She wanted to comfort him.

“Clark what is wrong? You can tell me,” probed Lois, in the gentlest of her voice as she tapped on his shoulder from behind.

Superman closed his eyes, his cock grew back into full mast again. Breathing even harder than ever, he cried out,”Lois, leave!”

Lois Lane held her hands back and picked up her clothes. She took one last look at Superman and quickly leave the house.

Superman broke in tears as he heard the door closed. Then he began to masturbate himself.

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5 (1)

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