Milking the Stallion Part 18
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Milking the Stallion


Part 18: Confessions


It was a peaceful and quiet night except for the constant murmur of prayers that filled the grand hall of the cathedral. Finally the last bead of the rosary, the young blond priest in kneeling position at the alter, dressed in black robe, ended his routine prayer. He bowed to the crucifix in complete reverence, made the sign of the cross and stood up. The large crucifix was laid against the back drop of gothic stained glasses with patterns of various saints and angels, lighted strategically by candles. The priest let off a sigh at the awe inspiring view. It is moment like this that makes priesthood worthwhile.

The priest felt a sudden gush of wind as if someone had walked passed behind. He looked around and right before his eyes was the Man of Steel floating in mid air. The priest’s jaw dropped at the sight of the immaculately beautiful angel of justice – tall and muscular, powerful and mighty. Completely awed and captivated, the priest felt his knees buckled and knelt down. Superman glided down and helped him up.

“Don’t think you want to do that, Father,” said Superman.

“Uhhh … oh my ….Superman!” said the priest, catching his breath from the excitement.

“I believe I am him,” affirmed the Man of Steel.

The priest stared at Superman in bewilderment. He had strange visitors to the church before but not at this unearthly hour and certainly not Superman.

“I guess you must be wondering why I am here.” replied Superman as if reading the questions in the priest’s mind.

“Yeah … Superman” the priest answered back.

“This is a very impressive place I must say. I have never really entered here before and it look way different in here than out there from the top,” continued the Man of Steel as he looked around. “It felt peaceful in here and yet within these walls, I sensed secrets …. many dark secrets.”

“You mean confessions?” asked the priest.

“Yeah …,” replied Superman as he looked up to the large crucifix.

“You have something you need to confess to?”asked the priest further. He was bewildered. Superman needing confessions? The thought was almost ludicrous. Surely there must be more to it.

“I don’t see myself needing to confess to any upper powers. I had done many things in the past in the name of justice. Sometimes hard decisions were made but I never truly felt guilty, only sadness. All these changed in recent times. My heart is constantly filled with guilt and anguish. And it is with that heart that I flew around and passed by this building. I heard you praying from up there and strangely your prayers comforted me and drew me in. Maybe that is fate or maybe that is arranged by the higher powers.” Superman paused and turned around, looking at the priest directly into his eyes seriously and continued,”You priests are bound by oath to keep secrets? Can I trust you?”

“Yes Superman, we are bound by oath to God that nothing shared to us are to be divulged to anyone,” replied the priest. The priest sat down at the bench in front of the alter. “I’m sorry, let me introduce myself. I am Max. Come sit down beside me, Superman. I hope you can be rest assured to the oath of secrecy as God be my witness, even though you may not share the same religious beliefs as me. And to tell you the truth, I believe that’s what I am here for, to share his burden no matter who he is – believer or non-believer. I always think that is my calling. I don’t see myself as a judge – only God can. People come to me because they need a friend to listen to them. So just treat me as a listening ear. In fact, I am more than honored to be able to share the burden of your thoughts and woes. You have helped mankind so much. This is the least I can do, as part of the human race, as a return.”

Superman sat down beside the priest facing the crucifix. The difference in their sizes was obvious. “Thank you. You are very kind and I can sense your sincerity. And I must say you are one good looking priest. I always thought priests looked like the pope” said the Man of Steel.

The young priest chuckled and blushed at the same time. He knew he had no lack of girls swooning over him even now. If not for his devotion to the religion, he would likely be married with kids at the age of 30. “Thanks,” muttered the priest shyly.

“How do I begin this?” Superman stared up at the cross. “I think I am a changed man, Father Max. I used to be totally focused in one singularity in my thoughts and actions – that is to help mankind. It was like my inner calling and duty much like yours to your faith. This is the land that gave me my life as an alien and this is the only thing I can give in return that is within my power. And I have never gotten tired in helping. It always warm my heart knowing I have done something right and good. But of late, something else is taking over my mind. In fact, it is driving me crazy. “

Superman paused, his eyes darkened and looked down in shame. “I keep having dark thoughts and dreams, Father. They have been haunting me every waking hour. And with these thoughts sowed seeds of desires – desires that I had never truly experienced before until now.”

“What dark thoughts and dreams, Superman?” asked the priest.

Superman paused for a few and continued, “Sexual thoughts and dreams.”

The priest opened his eyes wide. Superman thinking of sex all the time? He couldn’t believe what he just heard. Well, it is a common confession among normal people who confessed to him but Superman? He held tongue and simply nodded with a straight face to let the Man of Steel feel comfortable enough to continue his tale.

Superman began by describing his abduction by Lex Luthor and the drug that was forced fed to him which caused him to have uncontrollable sexual urges. His failed attempt to escape and his subsequent gruesome punishment. The timely rescue by the JLAs and his uneasy road to recovery from the effects of the drug.  He went on to describe his vivid lewd dreams in detail. And how Professor Hamilton is now treating him with his addiction to sex.  The priest listened attentively and with deep fascination. Superman adjusted his legs while talking about his dreams and treatment. Unknown to the priest, the Man of Steel was getting aroused by his own sexual tales.

“Do you masturbate, Father?” asked Superman interrupting his own story, as he looked down between his legs.

The priest blushed heavily at the question. Superman probed at the priest, looking for an answer.”Well we are encouraged to stay pure but we are all human too. And god will pick us up if we fail in our temptation,” the priest answered with a light blush. It was an indirect admission. 

“Anyway, I did what the doctor instructed.” continued Superman as he looked back down. “I masturbate regularly. According to him, this will keep my libido in check. But I still dream of those erotic dreams and whenever I wake up from those dreams, I would masturbate even more. My thirst seems to get more insatiable by the day. I get easily aroused even at the slightest suggestion. And there is something else that is even more disturbing. I seemed to enter a trance whenever I feel myself getting aroused. And I will lose control of myself. Nothing will stop me until I get my hunger satisfied. I had even hurt my most beloved Lois – possibly nearly killing her. I am afraid I am slipping away in my mind. I am afraid I will bring harm to mankind. And that no one would be able to stop me if I ever truly lose my grip on my sanity.”

Superman covered his face with his hands, bending forward. He was almost in tears. The fear and distress were genuine. The priest was very touched – it is indeed tough to be such a powerful being since it comes with unimaginable pressures. The priest put his arms around Superman. “Everybody has his own weaknesses. Don’t be too hard on yourself, Superman,” he whispered into Superman’s ear. “I have faith in you. You have done much more good to mankind than you ever know yourself. For one, you have saved my life indirectly when you had helped to put out fire in the building down the street two years ago – I am not sure if you still remember that. My point is – that is the magnitude of impact you have. Such that a random person like me has benefited from your help. Don’t be too hard on yourself Superman, you deserve much more than these.”

Superman turned and looked at the priest, touched by the words of encouragement. There was a tensed awkward silence. They could feel each others’ increasing pace of breaths on their faces. Superman inched forward, his lips almost touching those of the priest who surprisingly closed his eyes ready to accept whatever is to come. The Man of Steel suddenly pulled himself back at the last second.

He stood up and turned away.

This is wrong, he thought to himself. He had tried to rape Lois and now he’s thinking of making out with a priest in a cathedral. Superman felt dirty inside. How low is he going to stoop himself to? Superman took a deep breath, attempting to gain control over himself.

“This is so wrong of me, Father. I am sorry, I shouldn’t have come here. I am a danger to people. Thanks for the listening ear but I got to go now,” said Superman in deep resolution as he began to walk away.

The priest stood up and wrapped his arms around Superman by the waist from behind before Superman could take off. It took the Man of Steel completely off guard.

“What are you doing, Father?” asked Superman.

“I have a dark secret too, Superman,” the priest said silently. “I am attracted to guys. Many times, I had resisted to take advantage of those cute alter boys and men who came to me for confessions. It was tough, but I still manage to control myself. Not this time though. And quite frankly I am willing to take my chances just this once. I will be damned if I let you go. I know you are feeling horny now. I could see your hardon. Take me, Superman. Use me to satisfy your burning urge!”

Superman began to hyperventilate and his heart beat twice as fast. He was very tempted. He closed his eyes, trying to decide what to do. A part of him want to let go but there is another part of him is holding him back. He could fly off but his legs were frozen. He felt utterly confused and torn.

The priest moved his hands up and caressed Superman’s heaving pecs, pinching his nipples at the same time. “You are so muscular and so incredibly sexy. You have no idea how much I longed for you and dreamed about you. Let me satisfy you. Do what you want to me with your dirtiest thoughts.” The priest was relentless in his seduction. He was determined to have Superman. He moved his hands down and grabbed Superman’s huge erection and gave it a few tug. Superman moaned in pleasure. All remaining walls of resistance crumbled right and there. 

Superman turned around and plunged his tongue into the priest’s mouth. The priest responded back. They grabbed each others’ bumps tightly, grinding their hard erections onto each other right before the holy crucifix against the back drop of the majestic stained glass. It was uninhibited and completely carnal. After a long while of heavy petting, they stopped, panting heavily. The priest took a step back to admire Superman’s heaving body.

The priest was clearly enthralled by Superman’s hard and strong body. He grabbed Superman’s arms, feeling the strong biceps. His hands traveled to Superman’s mounting pecs then to the well defined abs. The priest let off a worshipful moan. He moved forward again and kissed Superman’s pecs and lightly bit his nipples till they were swollen and erect. Superman closed his eyes and moaned in pure dark pleasures. All feelings guilt had long dissipated. What is left is a horny Man of Steel whose only thought is to have a great sex.

The priest knelt down and there before him was the inviting package of the Man of Steel. He moved his hand up to feel Superman’s large erection that was held upward by the tight red briefs. His hand trembled excitedly as his fingers traced from the tip of the cock down to the bulging scrotum. Feeling the large scrotum with his fingers and the intense heat it radiate, he could almost sense the powerful man juice in those balls. The priest was in utter awe. Right in his very hand, the entire source of Superman’s cum – his maleness.

The priest looked up at Superman who on cue moved his hand down and caressed the priest’s cheek on one side. It was a silent approval. The priest went ahead and kissed the scrotum that was held tightly by the red briefs, lightly and in great veneration. He kissed his way up to the tip of the throbbing hardness. The priest closed his eyes and rest his cheek against Superman’s pelvis, kissing the erect cock continuously in complete reverence, while his other hand caressed the other side of the erect cock through the red fabric, exciting it further. It was as if the priest was holding a holy relic.

Superman was completely captivated by the priest’s worshipful manner. It was a sexually charged ego trip. He felt so aroused that his throbbing cock started to spew off copious amount of precum. The musky scent of Superman’s juice sent the priest into a kissing frenzy as he rubbed the throbbing cock faster, causing the Man of Steel to moan out loud. The echoes of the moans filled the entire hall that was on an ordinary day. filled with sounds of prayers.

Superman gently pushed the priest head off after a while. The priest looked up, his face and lips were wet with Superman’s precum.

“Take my cock out,” ordered the Man of Steel, his voice raspy and deep.

The priest panted in pure excitement as he slowly rolled down the red briefs. He let off a cry of thrill at the sight of the largest and most beautiful throbbing wet cock he had ever seen. It was more than anything he imagined. This cock certainly belongs to a god. And Superman is god.

“Yeah kiss it. Worship it, Father. Feel my powerful cock,” the Man of Steel silently coerced the priest.

Holding the base the cock with both hands, the priest kissed the tip of the cock in utter adoration and licked the precum off from the slit. The taste was incredible – raw, salty and full of power and energy.The priest stuck out his tongue and began to lap on the head of the cock like a lollipop. To his amazement, the cock throbbed and more precum oozed out. The priest began to go down on the might cock, sucking it deeply and vigorously.

“Uhhhh … Uhhhh …. Yeah worship me …. Suck me,” cried out the Man of Steel aloud as he threw his head back.

Beads of sweat rolled down at the side of the priest’s head. He had to stretch his mouth wide to contain the thick cock. Superman grunted in ecstasy. He was determined to hold his cum as long as he could. The sucking went on for a while and just before Superman lose control, he quickly pulled his dick out from the priest’s mouth.

“Stand up, Father,” ordered the Man of Steel as he tried to catch his breath.

The priest stood up reluctantly, unsure what is happening. To the priest’s astonishment and secret delight, Superman roughly tore the priest’s black robe, followed by his shirt and trousers, leaving him only in his boxers. The priest, though not as muscular as Superman, does spot an athletic body, lean and hard in his own right. Superman looked down at the priest’s white boxers. The priest’s erection was making a large protrusion on the boxers with some precum stains. Superman smiled and tore the boxers up effortlessly. The priest, with his own erection revealed, is now completely naked, saved for his shoes and the silver crucifix necklace round his neck.

Superman grabbed the priest’s hand and led him up to the alter. He swept the artifacts to the floor and carried the priest up sitting on the cleared alter table. He pushed the priest  back lying on the table and stood between his legs spreading them.  Superman grinned and wet his finger with his saliva and insert into the virgin butt hole of the priest. The priest squirmed. He had never felt anything quite like it, to be invaded there.

“Mmmmph…,” the priest grunted.

Soon the grunts softened as the priest got used to the finger and instead began to moan in pleasure, as Superman wickedly worked on his prostrate. It caused the priest’s cock to spew off large amount of precum. After some time, Superman assumed  the hole was sufficiently conditioned. He pulled out his finger and lift the priest’s legs onto his shoulders spreading the ass wide in position for his cock. Superman began to slowly insert his large erect cock in.

“Oh God!” cried out the priest in deep pain. There is no way any ass is conditioned enough to take in that gigantic piece of meat without pain. Beads of sweat formed all over his body as his body was subjected to extreme pain.

Amazingly, Superman managed to insert his cock in and began to hump into the priest’s virgin ass slowly at first and paced up over time. Soon the Man of Steel was fucking the priest’s ass like a battering ram. It was merciless and relentless. The priest, who had gotten used to the pain, now moan in utter pleasure. His own wet erect cock flip about against his stomach.

“Ahhhh, Superman, Superman, fuck me …. ahhh …. fuck me!” cried out the priest. Then the priest began to mutter incoherently to himself,”Oh god, I am fucked by Superman. Oh god, I really am fucked by Superman.”

“Yeah take my cock. I know you want it!” cried out Superman in response, totally turned on by the priest’s delight. He felt like a true man once again.

The humping went on for a long while. Superman stopped suddenly. He pulled out his cock and grabbed it tightly giving it a few more tug. A low moan was followed out loud cries and grunts of ecstasy. Superman convulsed all over as cum came spurting out in thick white robes onto the priest’s face, chest and his crucifix necklace. The priest who was holding and jerking his own cock at the same time, upon seeing Superman’s super thick cums on his own body, was so aroused and excited that it spontaneously brought him into orgasm as well. Obscene echoes of the cries and moans of the two men orgasms filled the entire cathedral hall like a hymn of a different kind.




Unknown to Superman, a dark figure loomed over at the roof of the cathedral looking down. Normally, Superman would likely have spotted if someone was following him but his senses had been dulled with his constant preoccupation with sexual thoughts and desires. The dark figure took out his handphone and called.

“He is losing it,” said the dark figure.

“Good,” a voice was heard over the phone.”Soon our blue scout will come begging me at my knees on his own. Ha ha ha”

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5 (1)

  1. SUPERMAN becoming the sexual being of FULFILLING his own delicious desires for completely expressing his desires through ejaculating his very own jism juices with joyful and wild abandon. All his inhibitions are satisfying his insatiable hunger to hump every male available…

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