Milking the Stallion Part 19
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Milking the Stallion


Part 19: Free Again


Life had been miserable and lonely – to the point of being almost unbearable, in this dark prison cell. It was pure agony, especially for someone who had tasted the powers of godhood, to only fall rock bottom. He swore vengeance and the years spent behind the bars had not quench his anger a single bit. Instead, his hatred had grown beyond logic and sense. However, it looked like he will only spend his final days in this dark cell – to die a lonely, broken man.

The thought of his helpless situation and his utter humiliation sent Rudy Jones, or Parasite, as he is now formally known as, into a reckless rage. He knelt up and screamed at the S-emblem drawn on the wall, a reminder of the very being that let him tasted power but who had also defeated him in the end, and punched at it repeatedly with all his now limited might.

Finally the pain in his knuckles were too much to bear. The Parasite slumped down, Fresh blood stains trickled down on the drawn emblem, covering the old stains. The sight of the emblem renewed his fiery anger. He stood up and pulled out his purple skinned cock from his tattered pants and started to jerk his cock at the wall. Loud squishing sounds of the rough, rapid jerkings filled the entire cell, broken in between by small grunts and groans. After a few minutes, the Parasite shuddered and groaned out loudly as his spunk came spewing off directly onto the blood stained S-emblem on the wall.

“Eat my cum,” said the Parasite silently as he watched his creamy ejaculate mixed with the blood, defiling the shield that represented goodness and justice.

Admittedly or not, it was a cheap thrill, a false sense of superiority. But at least, it satisfies him for now. The large purple skinned monster laid down on his undersized bed. Content with his pathetic false sense of victory, he chuckled to himself and drift slowly into sleep.

It was barely a few minutes that a loud explosion was heard. The Parasite opened his eyes and sat up. He could hear rapid footsteps of the prison wardens right outside his cell. Whatever the entity is, it is threatening the wardens.

“Stop right there or I will shoot!” exclaimed one of the wardens.

A series of gunshots were heard followed shortly by loud sounds of punches. The Parasite’s heartbeat paced up excitedly. It seemed the wardens were defeated. He stood up in front of the thick metallic cell door as he sensed a presence right at the door. This person is coming for him but is he friend or foe, he pondered. A loud crack sound was heard at the door. Instinctively, the Parasite stepped aside and watched in anticipation. Suddenly, the thick metallic door was smashed right open. A dark figure in some kind of power suit with a red mask stood at the doorway.

“Who are you?” asked the Parasite.

“Never mind who am I. I am your chance to freedom,” answered the dark figure as he stepped in. The dark figure looked around the cell and spotted the stained S-emblem on wall. “I see we have a common enemy here,” observed the dark figure.

“You mean Superman?” asked the Parasite.

“Yes,” answered the dark figure. The Parasite was ecstatic in hearing that. He knew he is one of Superman’s most formidable, deadly foes. With the help of this person, his chances in exacting his revenge is closer to home.

“I guess you need some energy after being denied for so long,” said the dark figure who walked out of the cell. He walked back in with a groaning young muscular warden in his hands. The dark figure roughly pushed the warden over to Parasite. “This is the strongest meat among them. Feed on him.”

“Fresh meat! It had been sooo long!” exclaimed Parasite as he grabbed the young muscular man and hugged him tightly.

An eerie purple glow began to emit from the two bodies as energy started to flow into the body of the Parasite from the muscular young stud. The sensation of infusion of power was simply euphoric. How he missed those sensations! He hugged the young stud even tighter, trying to get as much contact as possible so that every of his pore can absorb the stud’s strength from every strand of his tight muscles.

“Arrrrhh Arrrrhhh ..,” moaned the muscular stud as he felt his strength flowing out of his body.

Amazingly, the Parasite could read and feel the thoughts of his prey. Somehow, his powers must have evolved over the barren years.

The Parasite could feel something else. He could feel something warm and hard thumping against his own groin. In fact, he sensed a dense source of power emitting from there. He had never sensed such source of power before in the past. The parasite looked down and saw the warden’s huge erection forming a clear outline in his tight blue pants.

Interesting, he thought to himself. The strong absorption of power must have caused a surge of blood in his prey’s cock. But why so much power in there.The Parasite reached down and grabbed the groin, feeling stud’s erect cock and balls.

“Uurrrrh …” The warden let off an involuntary moan. This was all strange to the Parasite. The moan was obviously sensual. It was as if the man is a sexual trance. As matter of fact, he is since the Parasite could now read his mind.

The Parasite could sense strong powers held within his hand as he feel around. He wondered what is in there that carries this concentrated source of energy. He want to extract and absorb them all. It seemed to him that the source of energy is concentrated within those balls. How strange, pondered the Parasite as he feel the stud’s balls. He had never felt nor experienced anything like that but he is enjoying the flow of energy into his hand. Somehow his powers have evolved, and likely to greater heights. Perhaps the barren years caused his absorption is be much stronger and more efficient.

He turned his head back up and looked directly into the muscular warden. The warden’s handsome face was contorted with ecstasy, his eyes closed and head drooping to a side, as if totally exhausted and yet totally aroused at same time.

“Give me all your juice!” exclaimed the Parasite. He grabbed the buttocks of the warden and pushed warden’s groin against his own. Amazingly, the Parasite felt a surge of power. He pushed again and again there was another surge. The Parasite began to grab and release the warden’s buttocks continuously, causing the warden’s strong erection to rub in rhythm. The weak warden could only helplessly moan in ecstasy in the deadly embrace. The Parasite paced up, determined to extract all the remaining power and strength out of the young stud which is now all held in the stud’s balls. Suddenly, the stud tensed up and let off a wail, cumming in his pants. The Parasite could feel large amount of energy released from the groin. The purple glow grew deeper and stronger as the Parasite greedily absorbed all the spurts of energy.

“Yes! More! More!” commanded the Parasite at the cumming stud.

After a short while, the orgasm subsided. The Parasite was still unsatisfied. He reached into the pants of the now weak and soft warden, and took out his hand. Wet fresh cum coated his fingers. The Parasite closed his eyes and concentrate. Amazingly the cum was absorbed into his skin and the surge of power that went along was incredible! Now he understand why. He can convert cum to pure energy. This explain also why he could sense the warden’s groin, specifically the balls, to be the most concentrated source of energy, since that is where all the cum is stored.

The Parasite let off his hands from the energy depleted young man who helplessly slumped to the ground.

“I need more,” said the Parasite as he looked down hungrily at the former stud, who is now whimpering and moaning weakly like a little kitten. 

“That is enough for now,” interjected the dark figure before the Parasite could go for the coup de grace on the warden. “I do not want any deaths here, it will jeopardize our operation.”

“So, about Superman …” began the Parasite.

“We will deal with him later – we have plenty of time for that. I know his achilles heel and I have a plan that will assure our victory. But there is another important job that you need to do.”

“This is music to my ears but am I going to work with someone I do not know?” asked the Parasite.

“You can call me Ruin,” the dark figure introduced himself and continued,”You are to go to Lex Corp right now. You see, Lex Luthor had discovered something to control the Man of Steel and it seems to me it is working according to his plans. But, knowing a brilliant man like Lex, I don’t think subduing Superman is what his ultimate goal is. I need you to find out for me what he is up to. And tonight is the best night since he is now in another state in meeting with the federal government. In no circumstances are you to reveal about your collaboration with me. My goal is the ultimate destruction of this alien. He is a danger to all mankind.”

“Yes, Ruin. I will go now,” answered the Parasite. He is interested in this weakness that Ruin is talking about – surely not kryptonite, he hoped, since that is a known fact. Not to mention that the deadly mineral is extremely rare after the massive cleanup by Batman and Superman. But whatever it is, he will go along with the plans of this person – at least for now.

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