Milking the Stallion Part 20
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Milking the Stallion 


Part 20: Secrets Revealed


“Most interesting … ” muttered the man in lab suit as he observed through the microscope. while jotting down notes. It was late at night, no one was around in the laboratory at Lex Corp except this scientist.  The lights were off everywhere else except his desk. His unruly hair and unshavened face suggested countless sleepless nights. But the studies on Superman’s precious sperm were too intriguing. Not to mention the constant pressures from Lex Luthor to discover a way to fertilize human eggs with those sperms. There were limited stock and time is running out fast.

A sudden screech sound of the door coming from the corner of the laboratory startled the scientist, breaking him from his deep concentration.

“Who is that?” The scientist asked out loud while peering into the darkness. Minutes of uncanny silence went by. “Hello?” asked the scientist again as he stood up from his chair.

Suddenly a purple figure lunged out from the darkness and grabbed the scientist.  A purple glow filled the room for a few seconds and there was darkness again except for the table lamp. The comatose scientist slumped to the ground.

“Talk about pleasant surprises. Ruin never tell me about this. Ha Ha! Superman’s very own sperm – right here within my grasp!” exclaimed the Parasite as he walked up to the table. He took a swipe at the creamy gloo on the petri dish with his index finger. He threw his head back and moaned in exquisite pleasure. His purple body glowed intensely for a few seconds. The infusion of energy was exhilarating, far exceeding what he had experienced from those human victims.

“Woah …. this is powerful stuff!” muttered the Parasite to himself. “I need more of these.”

The Parasite’s eye glowed crimson red, his vision improved tremenduously from that small does of cum and he could see into the dark. He looked around and spotted a huge stainless steel cylinder. 

“Ahh har! Just what I am looking for.” The Parasite moved over to the cylinder which was sealed tightly at the top with some locking mechanism. He reached for the seal and plied it open with his bare hands. His new strength took him with a surprise. Copious amount of white gas fumes emit from the jar as the liquid nitrogen evaporate off. In total recklessness, the Parasite reached into the cylinder with his bare hand. The extreme coldness would had froze a normal hand but incredibly it did nothing to his hands.

The Parasite smiled and took up a large sealed container. He opened it and stared right in. There it was – the  laboratory’s entire remaining stock of Superman’s cum right in the  in it. He could sense the aura of energy right in those whitish gloo. 

“Hello, little boys,” said the Parasite into the jar with the most sinister smile.”Your little lives shall end today. Your daddy is gonna be next. Hahaha”

With that, the Parasite greedily gulp up the entire content of the container. The effects were immediate. His body glowed brightly, lighting up the entire laboratory. Veins popped out just beneath his skin and his muscles began to grow in bulk and strength. He was totally infused in the energy of the mighty god. There were so much power that he began to levitate up in mid air. He threw his head back and let off a scream.

Slowly it subsibed and the Parasite slowly descended back to ground. He had never felt anything close to this before. His absorption of powers had always been limited and his previous encounters with Superman never allowed him to absorb more than a fraction of what he had just experienced. But it seemed all that had changed, his capacity for more power seemed unlimited.

The Parasite spotted a shiny surface and stared at himself. What he saw shocked him greatly. The infusion of powers have actually physically morphed his body. In fact, he is now taller and bigger than the Man of Steel. His muscles were well defined unlike previously. But his face …. it was hideous beyond words. If his face had represented his last link to humanity, he had just lost it. His pupils were so dilated that they filled up the entire eyes. And his mouth turned large like those of a leech.

“God … what have I just turned into …” muttered the Parasite to himself.

Suddenly the laboratory’s light turned on and the door opened.

“What the …”

The Parasite turned around immediately, flew toward the person at the door and grabbed him before he could finish his statement. A short burst of purple glow and the parasite let go of the wasted man who dropped to the floor like a jelly.

“Interesting,” mused the Parasite to himself.”Thank you Dr Rhamsdin for those precious information.”

The Parasite closed his eyes for a moment. Incredibly, he morphed his body to that of Dr Rhamsdin. He looked at himself, shocked at his new ability. The infusion of power had not only morphed his appearance and strength but also provided him with a new ability to take on to the form of his victim. He stripped the wasted doctor and dorn on his clothes.

The fake Dr Rhamsdin proceed to the doctor’s own office . He looked round and went up to a picture and side it aside. He opened a secret compartment and in there lies a vial labeled KV. The fake Dr Rhamsdin smiled to himself.

“I don’t like the idea of sharing victory with another person. Though I should thank Ruin for his help first. Never be an ingrate! Hahaha.”

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2 thoughts on “Milking the Stallion Part 20
5 (1)

  1. PARASITE is rapidly evolving. With ever increasing ecstasy, he revels in his future, oncoming direct encounter with the S U P E R M A N to fully develop his drive for more strength. To dominate the SUPERMAN is an all-consuming desire!!!

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