Milking the Stallion Part 21
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Milking the Stallion 

Part 21: The Cure


“Professor Hamilton?” asked Superman as he stood at the doorway leading in a dimly lit laboratory.

“Yes Superman, come in,” answered the bespectacled professor who walked out of the shadows, almost deliberately.

Superman walked in confidently and stood in front of the professor with his arms folded. The dim light outlined and accentuated his well-defined biceps and his partially squeezed pecs arms like two mounting mole hills, one casting shadow on the other. The mighty S emblem subtly expand and contract in rhythm to those pecs with each breath the Man of Steel took.

In comparison to the swimmer-built bulk of a hunk, the professor stood half a head shorter, half balding and looking frail, though his eyes betrayed immense knowledge and intelligence.

“I heard you have finally come up with a solution to my problem, professor,” said Superman.

“Indeed I have, Superman,” replied Professor Hamilton as he held up a vial of liquid toward Superman. “This liquid is my concoction, containing a designer drug, aimed to permanently counteract the effects of the kryptonian sex drug. If my postulation is correct, they will reverse all damages, even those psychological effects like rampant sexual desires. But I have to be honest with you – it is toxic to human though it should be safe for your consumption. The question now is – do you trust me enough dare to try it?”

“Of course I do trust you professor. There is no one on earth who understood a kryptonian physiology more than you.” The Man of Steel took the vial from the professor and drank it up, his face cringed a second from the bitterness.

“Ok, now we try if the drug works. Come over to the examination table and lie on it,” said the professor as he walked beside to the examination table.

Superman walked over to the table and lie down on the cold metal table. He was feeling a little nervous. What if the drug failed to work? His life as a superhero will truly be over. No longer will he be a role model, a person to be worshiped and honored for the right reasons. He will be a danger to all mankind – an unstoppable sexual predator. How many lives had he destroyed? And how many more will he destroy? Superman closed his eyes as the questions hit home in his heart and mind. He will have to lock himself up in the City of Solitude for the rest of his life. Or worse, he might even need to himself into the Phantom Zone joining the ranks of Krypton’s most dangerous villains.

“Make yourself comfortable, Superman and relax,” instructed the professor as he placed two probe pads on Superman’s temples. A brainwave pattern began to read out from the meter attached to the probes. The professor placed another probe on Superman’s wrist to monitor the heartbeats.

“I will be performing some physical stimulation to see if we can get any extreme sexual responses. Are you ready, Superman?”

Superman looked at the Hamilton and nodded his head. “Yes, I am ready. Let’s do it.”

The professor walked over to the edge of table behind Superman’s head and began to caress his chests lightly. The heartbeat rate paced up a little as shown by the meter.

“That is due to nervousness which is a natural response, nothing sexual yet as indicated by the brainwave readout,” explained the professor.

The professor then focused on the nipples, twitching and tugging them, trying his best to arouse them. The Man of Steel was surprised at the expertise of the professor. He lifted his head slightly to watch his own crotch. Amazingly, his cock remained lifeless. Normally, those arousal would be enough to send him into sexual madness.

Superman’s heart beat faster as he realized the drug is working. Maybe he could be cured after all. His normal life would return and he would be able to go freely around fighting crimes again. His relationship with Lois Lane could be salvaged. And maybe he could deal with the bastard Lex Luthor once and for all.

The professor seemed unfazed with the results. He walked over to Superman’s crotch and began to knead the red package softly, constantly monitoring the meters for any responses.

“Seemed good so far,” muttered the professor as he stopped and took a metallic rod, size of a pen, out. He switched the power of the rod on which began to vibrate. The professor then expertly placed the vibrating cold rod on the soft cock through the red fabric, focusing on the underside of the cock. He slowly moved the rod over the balls and finally placed the rod between the butt cheeks, stimulating the sphincter. No apparent responses. The professor switched off the rod and placed it back on the equipment tray.

“You did it professor!” exclaimed Superman excitedly.

“Phase 1 test – passed,” declared the professor as he looked at Superman with a wink, smiling, obviously pleased with the results. “It is time for phase 2. This may incur more violent responses. For your safety and mine, I will be cuffing you up with this special titanium alloy. It would not hold you forever, knowing your strength but it can at least hold you for a while for me to complete my experiment.”

The professor used the metallic cuffs attached to table top and chained the Man of Steel to the table at the wrists and ankles with his legs eagle spread. Superman stretched and tensed his muscles against the cuffs. They were surprisingly strong though nothing had ever held him for long. The professor went over behind Superman’s head and put an eye mask over him, blindfolding the Man of Steel.

“This eye mask is made of leather with a thin piece of lead in between to effectively block your vision out. Vision is a sensory burden. I am cutting that out for your brain to focus on the stimulation you are about to experience. This would really put the drug to the test,” explained the professor.

“No problem, professor. Do whatever you want,” replied Superman, who is feeling more confident by the second.

The professor took another vial out from his lab coat. He opened the vial and placed it near to Superman’s nostrils. Superman’s super senses picked up the smell immediately. It was a familiar scent. And it immediately rekindled an all too familiar hunger and craving. Superman turned his head away from the vial trying to get away from the scent. The hand holding to the vial moved accordingly. There was no escape for the bound superhero. The scent, like a sinister lover, began to envelope Superman’s face with its deadly embrace. Slowly but surely, the super cock that was lying in dormant began to stir from its slumber. Superman could feel his balls contract against him while his cock stretch out against the tiny red briefs. The briefs could not hold his enormous cock which began to push sideways instead to the end of the waist.

The professor studied the meters. The heart beats are pacing up exponentially while the brain wave readout became messier by the second.

Superman let off an uncontrolled groan. “Ahhhh … what is happening Professor?” asked the blindfolded Man of Steel, unsuspecting any foul plays.

“Relax,” cooed the professor beside Superman’s ear softly. “Just go along with the flow. This study will let me determine how to adjust my formula.”

Having said that, the professor poured the thick liquid from the vial onto Superman’s S emblem. Using his palm, the professor traced the S symbol with the thick liquid, letting the pure and mighty S sign to completely absorb the foul liquid.

“The incorruptible corrupted and defiled,” said the professor, as he chuckled to the irony.

Instead of triggering his senses to danger, Superman felt even more aroused to what the professor had just said. He is the mighty Man of Steel. He could lift a building. He could create diamond from coal with his palm. He could melt steel with his heat vision. And he is impervious to both heat and cold. His abs are like the strongest block of bricks, capable of taking the most extreme punishment. And his spirit – totally pure. Now he is bound and trapped. His emblem of truth and justice corrupted. He is the proud horse tamed and whipped in spirit. And yet, he find this whole ordeal to be refreshingly sexy and arousing.

“I have been waiting for this day, Superman. Your ultimate defeat. I swore to myself that you will beg me to defile you physically and spiritually. I will have you completely destroyed!” declared the professor, his eyes glowed with an eerie evilness.

The professor went on to work on the Superman’s pecs that stood proudly like two indomitable mounts, squeezing and kneading them to obedience with his wrinkled palms. The deadly liquid soaked through the fabric onto the skin of the chests. The wet fabric stuck onto the skin, accentuating the friction on Superman’s nipples. It was an incredible feeling. Superman let off a stifled moan. The professor smiled to himself. The costume is now working against the mighty god.

The professor squeezed on one of the pecs with one hand, and using the other hand, he began to run his finger round the nipple. He then pinched and tugged continuously on the nipple, causing it to be taut and rock hard, protruding against the stretched wet fabric. The sensation was too much. Superman’s huge erect cock started to thump uncontrollably on its own against the red briefs. A wet stain began to appear on the side of the red briefs. Still the professor held on and continued to work on the taut tit, making it more swollen by the second.

The blindfolded Man of Steel moaned and groaned with some occasional coughs as the excitement overwhelmed even his breathing. His muscles stretched clearly through the tight costume against the cuffs as he tried to break free. He wanted so much to grab his own cock and relieve it of its needed release but he couldn’t. The helpless feeling made him even more aroused which spiral him toward further sexual madness.

“Please stop professor. This is too much …. Arrrrrgghhh. I need to … ccummm!” cried out Superman.

Ignoring his pleas, the professor began to torture on the other nipple. After some time, Superman became a taut sweating muscular mass, stretching and squirming constantly from the tit tortures with an occasional stifled moan and groan. The professor had literally snuffed out all sense and logic from the superhero, converting him to a shameless animal in heat.

“Where is your dignity, Superman? Your superiority? Your strength? Your integrity?” mocked the professor with an evil grin as he finally stopped.

Superman slumped down weakly against the examination table as the tit tortures stopped, gasping and panting. His costume totally wet with his perspiration. The room was overwhelmingly filled with his manly sweaty muskiness. The professor walked over to the side of the examination table right at Superman’s waist. He lightly caressed the thigh muscles which immediately tensed up in response.

“All these fabulous muscles will be mine,” mused the professor in a slight mocking tone.

The professor took the cold metallic rod again and switched on the vibration. Without any warning, the professor placed the cold vibrating rod on the succulent ball sack held tightly by the small red briefs. The sensation of the cold vibrating rod on his burning ball sack was completely otherworldly. Superman squirmed violently as he felt his loins burned to the next level of arousal. He must let off his cum. Superman tried to break free from the cuffs with all his might but the cuffs refused to bulge, holding him back firmly. There was absolutely no room left in the kryptonian brain for sense or logic. It didn’t occur to him why he couldn’t break free. All he know is he need to break free and jerk his cock off. The world could end for all he cared.

“Arrrgghhhh … professor …please,” cried out the Man of Steel.

“I am not even halfway done yet,” replied the professor coldly. The professor moved the rod to the base of the cock and traveled it along the cock to the tip, causing it to twitch and thump violently. Supeman cried out helplessly from the stimulation as he found renewed strength to fight against the cuffs that held him at bay but to avail. The professor smiled at the broken superhero.

“I have you right under my thumb!” declared the sinister professor as he mercilessly placed the vibrating rod right on the tip of the monstrous cock at the side of Superman’s waist.

“Ahhhh … Ohhhhh ….,” gasped the Man of Steel weakly as precum began to flow out from the stimulation.

The professor’s eyes glowed with glee at the overstimulated cock. He licked his lips in hunger as if he is about to consume this beefcake. Soon the entire red briefs were wet with Superman’s precum, giving a clear outline of the monstrous cock. The professor stopped finally and threw the vibrating to a side and climbed onto the examination and knelt in between Superman’s eagle spread legs.

The professor, in admiration of the natural swimmer’s body, began to gently caress the ribbed abs. His hands slowly travelled down to the side on Superman’s taut thighs, feeling those incredible muscles at work to free themselves from the cuffs. The hands began to glow in an eerie purplish hue. Superman felt strangely weaker.

“Coup de grace!” declared the professor as his body began to glow in a purplish hue all over. The professor began to bloat all over. His face began to change and transform, and veins began to show all over face and neck. The body expanded out so much that the labcoat began to stretch out and tore. The professor is no longer a small frail old man but instead is a large purplish monster whose size is on par with the Man of Steel’s.

It is the Parasite!

“Time to give up all your juice, Superman!” exclaimed Parasite, whose voice is thunderous and deep. The blindfolded Man of Steel was too delirious to realize the change in voice and his own dire situation. Parasite lunged down on the free meal that was all too easy for him to get. The monstrous suction mouth of the Parasite stuck over Superman’s mouth like a leech while grabbing the Superman’s muscular back, hugging him tightly, as if trying to snuff out the very life essence of the helpless superhero. The Parasite’s own crotch ground against the Superman’s over stimulated cock, sucking the precum juice out from the soaked fabric. The eerie purple glow enveloped both the bodies.

The Parasite’s body began to expand even more as it absorbed Superman’s power. Such level of absorption is unprecedented by the Parasite. In the past, he could only manage to absorb a fraction of this vast source of super energy. After the longest time, the Parasite finally stopped and knelt up between Superman’s legs. He is now bigger size than the Man of Steel and certainly stronger.

Superman laid back on the examination weakly. He is drained but his cock is still raging hard.

The Parasite flexed his arm and touched his own bicep. He was amazed at how taut and big they are. In fact, they are bigger than the Man of Steel’s now. He then touched his own pecs, abs and thighs, totally bewildered. Every part of him is firm hard muscle of unimaginable strength and power.

“I am more super than Superman!” declared the Parasite as he reached down and pinched onto Superman’s nipples. The Parasite clamped down on the nipples with his thumb and index finger and began to twist. There was no response from the Man of Steel except moans. The Parasite smiled – that was only a small fraction of his strength. The Parasite tensed up his own muscles and began to mercilessly twist the nipples. Slowly but surely, the moans turned into a loud wail, filling the entire room.

Sweat dripped down from the Man of Steel’s forehead. The physical torture was grueling. Yet, his cock thumped even more against the red briefs. The Parasite looked down on Superman’s crotch whose cock was screaming for attention.

“That is only a small part of the energy absorbed” said the Parasite.”The real energy lies in those fat balls! Prepare now for the ultimate draining! You will be nothing more than a helpless eunuch, robbed of every drop of man essence and virility.”

The Parasite cupped the succulent scrotum with his giant hand, feeling the juice of the balls. He could feel the virility and the energy contained in those huge balls. And they are free for him to take. He caressed the wet cock through the fabric which throbbed excitedly in response.

“Too stifling isn’t it,” as he whispered to the cock. The Parasite grabbed the red briefs at the edge on the side and with one single stroke, tore the red fabric out, freeing the trapped cock and balls. The cock at once stood proudly staring right at the Parasite defiantly. The parasite smiled and grabbed the base of the cock and gave it a few deft strokes sending shivers down the spine of the weakened god.

The suction mouth of the Parasite changed its form into a suction tube and grabbed onto the head of the helpless cock.

“Ugggghhhh …. Yes! …. Suck my cock! Take my cum! Take them all!” cried out the blindfolded Man of Steel whose burning desires overwrite all feelings of weakness and fear.

The suction tube mouth of the Parasite began to extend down to the edge of the cock. Once fully enveloped in the deadly embrace, the Parasite’s snake like tongue began to flicker on the piss slit, lapping out every drop of the highly energized precum. The Parasite grabbed the plump scrotum with one hand and began to squeeze the balls lightly, coaxing them to give up their milk.

Superman cried out in total ecstasy.

The Parasite began to go down on the cock, pumping it while his tongue continued to flicker on head slit in the mouth. The sensation was so incredible that the Man of Steel stretched his muscular thighs to push his hips up, letting the Parasite to get all that he could give. In a matter of minutes, Superman let of a loud cry as his cock spew off huge spurts of thick, hot, milky white cum into the Parasite’s guts. The highly energized super sperms were immediately ingested in the monster’s guts, converting them to pure energy. It was most invigorating. The Parasite’s muscles grew even more as the sucking tube hungrily took and swallow in every drop of strong virile sperms the mighty Blue Scout could give.

For what felt like the longest time, the cums finally subsided. But the cock remained taut, standing proud, undefeated. The Parasite stared in delight. He is always up for a good challenge. He squeezed the succulent balls even more as he continued to stimulate the cock. In no time, Superman came for a second time. Then a third time. And a fourth time.

Hours went by.

Superman’s lips went pale as his cum is being mercilessly drained from his balls without any rest. His body was totally wet in sweat. His body spasm as he finally came again though taking much longer than his previous cum after hours of draining. His cum had became watery and in tiny spurts. However his cock remained strong and mighty, standing proudly while in deadly embrace by the the leech’s suction mouth. The balls were reduced to a fraction of the size of what they were. Yet, the Parasite continued to squeeze those balls for all their worth, determined to drained them to the very last drop of semen.

The Parasite smiled evilly. He knew the cock’s defeat is at bay. The Man of Steel is growing weaker by the minutes while he is getting stronger by the second. The years of yellow solar energy stored in Superman’s body in every fiber of his muscles and every cum drop of the balls shall be his to take and absorb.

Superman shook his head, his lips trembled weakly as his energy was drained to the last few drops. The Parasite knew it was close, and stepped up sucking and stimulation of the cock, pushing the Man of Steel right over the edge. Superman let off a cry as he came. His cock throbbed as his shriveled balls squeezed out all they could give. Only two drops of watery cum spurt out from the cock which was immediately lapped up by the demon’s tongue in the mouth. And there was nothing. Absolutely no cum came out as the cock throbbed in orgasm. The cum finally stopped and the mighty cock wavered, shriveling up into a soft piece of meat. There is absolutely no more energy left within the once mighty Man of Steel to sustain an erect cock.

The mighty cock is conquered.

Superman laid back weakly on the cold table. His body trembled and shook as they were robbed completely of their precious energy. His energy level is so low that even a teenage boy could defeat him despite his apparent larger size as his muscles were as good as useless.

“I have finally conquered Superman!” declared the Parasite.

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4.5 (2)

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