Milking the Stallion Part 22
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Milking the Stallion 


Part 22: Twins


Parasite leaned forward down to the quivering blindfolded Man of Steel who had absolutely no clue of his predicament and peeled off the eye mask in the most deliberate manner. The dim light felt overpowering to the pale lipped superhero. His vision was a complete blur at first and gradually sharpen. The black figure that knelt before him between his thighs slowly came into form and color. It took him a complete astonishment. Instead of the small and petite professor, there before him was a muscular purple monster with a huge suction mouth like a leech.

“Who …who .. are … you?” asked the bound and helpless superhero, his voice stammered breathlessly.

“Don’t you remember me, Superman?” the Parasite retorted mockingly. “Your forgotten friend from the high security prison cell, devoid of all human contacts.”

The voice – it is so familiar. Superman closed his eyes for a second and opened his eyes again in with a dreaded fear.

“Parasite,” replied Superman silently. Realizing his grave situation, he tried to summon his last remaining strength, if there is any, to free himself from the cuffs. Every muscle fiber that was formerly indestructible and mighty, trembled and quivered helplessly. Superman was too weak to even lift his arm. After some futile attempts, the former god laid his head back, soaking in perspiration, in complete resignation. The Parasite laughed in the most sinister manner – the sight of his most powerful adversary weak and helpless is absolutely sweet. So many nights had he dreamed of ways to take his revenge on Superman, yet none of those fantasies comes as close as this.

“What do you want? And what did you do to the Professor?” asked Superman.

“What do I want? I want your life, Superman! All your energy – to the last drop!” cried out the Parasite menacingly.

Superman gulped in fear. He knew right before him is a maniacal adversary capable of anything and this adversary has a vengeance to settle.

Satisfied he had driven fear into the once fearless superhero, Parasite continued,” The professor is not really an innocent party you know? As matter of fact, he is the one who freed me on his alter ego Ruin. He wants you dead as much as I do!”

“I don’t believe you,” said the Man of Steel in disbelief.

“Clark, Clark, Clark … I can read thoughts of whoever I drained! Not even the professor knew I had that ability. Boy, what a surprise when I drained him! Who would have thought the old frail scientist and the enigmatic Ruin is one and same person. Talk about double identities! Do you know it is he who managed to replicate the highly addictive kryptonian sex drug. It is he who collaborated with Lex Luthor to set up the trap for your downfall. They had you in their palms on the day you walked into LexCorp. That’s really dumb of you I must say, to trust anyone so much. The professor hates you! He hates your good looks, your seemingly eternal youth, your strength. He hates you so much, that he wants to get to know you, to study you like a rat, finding all possible loopholes against your invulnerability. And from the vast information he gathered, plotted your downfall.”

Superman felt utterly betrayed as the truth sank deep in his heart – somehow he knew deep in him that the Parasite is speaking the truth. On the hindsight, the Professor did instigate and encourage him to confront Lex Luthor.

“Truth bites. But hey, the pain won’t be for long. I will relieve you of all your emotional pain. Soon you will feel absolutely nothing and embrace the eternal darkness!”

Superman closed his eyes in helplessly. Is this the way life will end for him? Escape seemed impossible, not without any feasible energy left in him.

“Look at your balls! They are now shriveled and dry,” said Parasite as he held Superman’s defeated balls and squeezed them. Superman cried out in pain. “I could crush them so easily now, erasing your virility and manhood permanently!” Parasite gripped the balls even tighter.

“Uggggghh! Please ….,” pleaded the former god in pain.

“The almighty Superman is begging me?” mocked the Parasite as he laughed maniacally and continued, “Where is that proud superhero that sent me to years of misery? Where is that superhero that is worshiped and admired by all men and women? Where is he?”

The Parasite paused and released his grip on the bruised balls.

“You still have a little energy left in you. That energy is sustaining your heart beats and brain functions,” as he placed his palm over Superman’s heart over the defeated S shield. “That remaining energy is surprisingly stubborn and resilient even to my absorption, keeping you alive. But I know how to remove that remnant of energy left in you. With my superior knowledge thanks to those intelligent people I have sucked. I have learned quite a few interesting things about my body. My cells function like an energy sponge. And my sperms are apparently the most energy hungry cells in my body. I wonder if they are capable to sucking your remaining energy dry! Let’s test that postulation. Haha.”

The naked Parasite knelt up showing his erect purple cock. Superman looked up at the cock – it is large but not as large as his own. Suddenly the erect cock began to enlarge and elongate right before Superman’s eyes. Superman’s eyes traveled up Parasite’s body in complete bewilderment.The Parasite was literally morphing like a butterfly and slowly transformed into a being that looked exactly like Superman himself in all his naked glory.

“Do you find me sexy?” asked the Parasite as he caressed his own new exquisite form. “This was the virile you. I thought it would be interesting and funny to see you being fucked by yourself to death! Hahaha”

Superman looked back down in horror as he saw the same monstrous erect cock that he once possessed. He swallowed hard in dreaded anticipation. Parasite leaned forward and effortlessly pulled the metallic the cuffs holding Superman’s wrists off the table, followed by the cuffs that held his ankles. The Parasite, looking exactly like Superman, is indeed the new Superman, strong and fearsome.

“No need for these anymore, you are no longer a threat.”

Parasite smirked as he threw away the cuffs to a side and went up and sat on Superman’s chest. He took the huge erect dick and point it at Superman’s lips.

“Suck my super dick Superman. Worship it. Worship the very proud dick you once possessed. Savor its taste!”

Tears welled up in Superman’s eyes. Never had he felt so humiliated. He could only obey for a chance of survival. He closed his eyes and opened his mouth apprehensively. Parasite did not wait for the Man of Steel to prepare himself and shove the monstrous super hard dick into the mouth. He grabbed Superman’s head and began to roughly face fuck him.

“Suck it! Suck it! Choke on it! Eat your own dick!” The Parasite commanded menacingly.

Superman choked helplessly as the familiar dick ravaged his mouth. Parasite ignored the signs of distress on Superman’s face and continued his rough humping for a few minutes. It was a complete power trip for the Parasite. Feeling himself close at the edge, the Parasite pulled his dick out in one swift motion and began to masturbate his cock at the S-emblem as the bull’s eye.

“Ahhhh …. Ahhhh….Yesss …Now feel my sperm draining you!” cried out the Parasite as he came in spasm.

Spurts and spurts of purple glowing cum splattered on Superman’s mighty S-emblem, tainting the bright red and yellow. The lethal cum began to seep through the costume. Millions of parasitic sperms attached onto Superman’s chest sapping up energy from his heart muscles. Superman began to convulse violently and his eyes flickered uncontrollably as the sperms began to ravage his heart.

“I have seen how many times you have survived death. There shall be none for you this time Superman!” declared Parasite.

With that, he flipped the fallen god over. He aimed his still erect monstrous cock at Superman’s ass and in one swift violent motion, tore through the red briefs like an iron ram right into the totally defenseless ass. The Parasite grabbed Superman’s mounting pecs tightly with both arms and began to hump violently into the ass. The semen coating the cock provided the needed lubrication but the cock was huge and the fucking was as rough as it could get. A slight streak of blood formed at the cock as the once invulnerable tissues around the ass were torn. Superman’s arms and once mighty legs flail about like a ragged doll with each powerful thrust.

Superman cried and groaned in utter pain as he was fucked by an exact twin of himself.

“Ahhh …. Ahhhhh ….Stop … pleaaase …. pain …. stop …..”

Tears welled up as Superman began to sob uncontrollably.

After minutes of intense fucking, the Parasite finally cried out loud, he held his large cock embedded deep in Superman’s ass like a plug as his deadly cum came spurting into the internal organs of the Man of Steel. Millions of the parasitic sperms coat onto Superman’s prostate glands and deep into the intestinal walls. The hungry sperms wasted no time and began to absorb the last remaining energy of the Man of Steel.

“Die Superman! Die!” Parasite cried out with his dick locked into the ass, making sure none of the deadly sperm leaked out.

Superman began another wave of convulsion, this time even more violently than before, as the deadly sperms ravaged his organs, sapping all the remaining energy from the prostate and other organs.

The violent convulsions finally stopped. Parasite knelt up and looked down on the near lifeless body in excitement. It was the moment he was waiting for. He flipped Superman over with the now purple S-emblem on the chest facing upward and monitored the heartbeat readout on the meter silently with great anticipation.

The beatings became slower and slower. Then a straight lifeless line. A beat suddenly appear as the Man of Steel’s heart struggled for a last time.

And finally it’s over! Minutes gone by and the line remained lifeless.

“I did it! Vengeance is mine! Hahaha!” cried out Parasite triumphantly as he beat his own chest in victory.

It was at this moment another figure walked in.

Parasite looked up and smiled, “Professor, you woke!”

“What have I done?” asked the Professor to himself. He was in his Ruin’s powersuit save for the mask.The professor looked pale and weak – as if he had been starved for days.

“Don’t you want him dead?” asked the Parasite in surprise.

“I am wrong. You have brought me to my senses. And now in replacement of Superman is a Superman who will actually bring great harm to the world. You have to be removed from this world!”

“Oh yeah? I don’t think so!” said Parasite, who is still in Superman’s form, climbed down from the table and stood up towering over the professor. With one hand, the Parasite grabbed the Professor on the suit and lifted him up, looking at him in the most menacingly way. “I have been kind to you by sparing your life on account that you have freed me, but now it is time for you to die!”

Suddenly a strong jolt of painful energy strike at the Parasite through the suit, stunning him.

“You may have Superman’s powers but now you have his weakness as well and your body’s natural affinity to energy means you will absorb all these kryptonite radiation too!”

Parasite’s body cackled in green energy and he began to lose his Superman’s form and transformed back to his original monstrous form. Parasite pushed the weakened professor off violently as he writhed in pain. The conflicting energies within him were too much for him to handle as his body bloated up. The Parasite began to convulse violently and then stopped for a few uncanny silent seconds.

Without a warning, the body exploded.




The professor slowly crawled out of the rubble toward the lifeless body of the defeated Man of Steel. He took his powersuit off and put it over Superman. Satisfied the suit was fitted snugly on the Man of Steel, the professor weakly clicked a button on the suit.

“Hope…. there … is …. still … time …sorry … Supes,” said the professor as he looked at the Man of Steel one last time. Blood dripped down from the side of the professor’s mouth as he breathed his last. The professor laid dead on Superman’s chest.

The suit began to glow in yellow bright light …

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