Milking the Stallion Part 23 (Final)
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Milking the Stallion 


Part 23 (Final Chapter):  Mind Broken


“I want you to find him at all costs – dead or alive! And Ruin too!” yelled Lex Luthor into the phone followed by a loud angry slam.

With a sigh, Lex laid back on his chair alone in his office as he anxiously played with his cigar smoke in the dark, barely lit by the light of the clear full moon shining through the tall window panel behind his desk. It was an unsettling night. The air was still and stifling.

There were no news from Ruin for the past two months. Neither were there any sightings of the Man of Steel himself. It was as if the two people had disappeared right from the face of the earth. The sudden appearance of Parasite in his premises was equally disturbing. That infernal creature had singlehandedly destroyed his multi-million dollar laboratory and the entire stock of Superman’s precious cum. Lex ground his teeth at the very thought of the foul creature. He swore vengeance silently to himself.

It was all too coincidental – that Parasite, who was securely locked behind the bars for years, could break free and of all places, to appear right in LexCorp. Lex knew he is double crossed. And for all his shrewdness, he had not expected Ruin to risk to employ such powerful adversaries that even he dared not dream about.

He stared blankly at his own shadow on the table pondering his situation. Suddenly another shadow of a head emerged from the edge of his shadow. It startled him for a second. But he knew who it was. Welcome to my parlor said the spider to the fly, Lex thought to himself gleefully with a slight smirk on his face. The LexCorp building is his fortress with layers of traps hidden beneath lead covered walls. So long he is in this building, he knows he has the upper hand.

This is showdown time.

Lex turned his chair round confidently and looked up through the window at the muscular figure with a huge flowing cape floating outside. The window opened automatically with a flick of a button on the side of his chair.

“I have been waiting for you, Superman. Come on right in,” said Lex as he sloughed comfortably on his oversized armed chair.

The Man of Steel glided in gracefully and landed right in front of Lex Luthor. The tall window made of super reinforced glass closed back up behind.

Superman’s expression was dark and solemn as he stared right down at Lex Luthor. Lex looked back up lazily right into the Big Blue’s eyes. The silence was uncanny.  Lex knew he had to maintain his composure and play his cards right. Afterall what could possibly happen to him? This is Superman – the man who does not believe in killing even the most repulsive villian. This foolish conviction is in fact his greatest weakness, greater than even his weakness to kryptonite. And Lex knows how to exploit it to the fullest as he had time and time again.

“So?” Lex finally broke the long silence, tired of waiting of a response.

Superman’s eyes suddenly softened as if in defeat. To Lex’s biggest surprise, the towering giant knelt down.

“Forgive me, Master Lex,” said Superman meekly.

It was pure music to Lex’s ears.

“I cannot run from all those dreams and yearnings anymore – they have tortured me, haunting me day and night,” continued Superman. “I have finally seen my true calling – to serve you – to be enslaved by you. All those justice talk is nothing but illusion – I never truly believe in them. To satisfy you is my sole goal in life.”

It is the workings of the insidious mind bending kryptonian sex drug. It had finally broken Superman’s very moral fiber and sensibility. The corruption is complete! And Lex, the first mortal man to give Superman the sexual satisfaction under the influence of the mind bending drug is forever ingrained into the mind of the righteous hero as his only sexual master. So great is this yearning, that the Man of Steel must have completely lost his own will.

Lex moved his hand forward and caressed Superman’s cheek. The defeated titan looked back up to his master like an obedient puppy. He closed his eye for a second and let off a little stifled moan.

“Stand up,” instructed Lex.

The sexy beefcake stood up as instructed. Lex stood up and moved behind Superman. He grabbed those bulging biceps, accessing their hardness. He could feel the biceps tensing in his hands. The hardness was incredible. Lex smiled to himself in full satisfaction and lifted the arm up. He leaned forward and smelt the armpit. It was deliciously musky. He stuck his tongue out and lapped the armpit, tasting the hunk’s sweet muskiness.

It was wonderful.

It excited Lex tremendously, sniffing and lapping this male god’s armpit. And it certainly is exciting the Man of Steel as well, who let off an audible moan.

Lex stopped after a while and let the thick arm down. Maintaining his position behind Superman, he guided Superman to the right facing a life size mirror on the wall.

“So strong, so beautiful …,” muttered Lex, his voice nearly choked by his own excitement, as he caressed the mighty biceps followed by the mounting pecs, feeling their firmness.

Lex traced the S symbol that sits sexily on the chest.

“Super … Sexy … Slave … Sperm,” whispered Lex tauntingly into Superman ear.  

“Mmmmm …” replied Superman as he closed his eyes biting his own lower lips in excitement, like a little man slut, obviously aroused by those suggestive words.

Incredible, thought Lex. These mere suggestive words are able to arouse and trigger the normally aseptic Man of Steel. The corruption of the drug is deeper than he thought. It destroyed his mind and has turned him into a true sexual deviant. Any suggestive words and actions would trigger his insatiable sexual yearning. Lex is completely delighted. Future plans and possibilities played in his mind. He could effortlessly reduce the mighty god into a masturbating machine, supplying his seed to create a new order of indestructible army.

He would not only own the world. He could own the universe.

Lex’s hands moved to Superman’s hard sensitive nipples and began to pinch them mercilessly through the blue tights. The towering giant sloughed forward a little as he moaned and shuddered in excitement.

“You like that don’t you, you Man slut?” taunted Lex.

Lex continued his nipple teasing, tugging and pinching them. He could see Superman’s huge cock thumping against the small tight red briefs through the reflection on the mirror. The sight of the righteous god corrupted into a sexual slave, sexually tortured by his very own mortal fingers was a huge turn on for Lex. Unable to contain his own arousal, Lex nibbled and lapped Superman’s thick neck.

“Mmmph … uhhh …,” moaned the Man of Steel shamelessly.

Lex moved his hands down deliberately over the washboard abs, and further down across the huge ram rod, to the plump scrotum, cupping it. With the greatest expertise, he began to scratch and lightly squeeze the scrotum through the tight red fabric. It sent the mighty titan into a series of shudders followed by loud shameless moans.

“Yeah, feel it, my sex slave, feel it!” coerced Lex temptingly.

Superman’s hardness throbbed violently against the red tights. Precum began to seep through the red fabric causing a visible stain at the tip of the hardness. The sensitive balls swell up through the scratching and fingering, stretching the tight red briefs further , revealing the outline of the two juicy balls obscenely and yet enticingly. Superman squirmed uncontrollably but Lex held him tight by the chest with his other hand.

“Awww … awww … awww …. Master …. juice my nuts,” cried out Superman.

After the longest time, Lex finally stopped the ball torture. Using his fingertip, Lex stroked the shaft ever so lightly. The other worldly sensation caused the cock to fill up with blood even more, enlarging it further. More precum spurted out wetting the red briefs. Lex continued his light teases until the red spandex was thoroughly wet forming a clear outline of the entire shaft and its huge mushroom head.

“Now time for your milking,” announced Lex as he unbuckled the yellow belt and peeled down the tight red briefs. Out sprang Superman’s eager manhood in its full wet glory. Using one hand to grip and squeeze the swollen scrotum, Lex used the thumb and index finger of his other hand and began to strategically rub the sensitive wet head focusing on its underside.

Superman cried out in pure agony as the head throbbed excitedly, spewing off more clear viscous liquid.

Lex was pleased. The mighty titan is totally under his control.

“Yeah, that’s it … give me your precum, Slave,” whispered Lex close to Superman’s ear followed by a light nibble on his ear loop.

Lex grabbed the wet cock head fully with his palm and began to rub it continuously.

“Awww  … Mmmph … Awww,” cried out Superman as he bent forward in slightly. His hips began to jerk instinctively as the fire in his loin turned into an unstoppable conflagration. The thigh muscles tightened so much so they reveal themselves in every curves and undulation under the tights. His body trembled and broke into a series of uncontrolled spasms as Lex drove him up to the inevitable.

Lex stood upright behind Superman as he attacked relentlessly on the cockhead, fully in controlled.

“Give up your man milk. Cum for your Daddy! ” commanded Lex Luthor.

In mere matter of seconds after Lex’s command, the cock throbbed violently. Thick, milky white strings of super cum sprayed out in a series of copious spews. The spurts were so strong that the cum splattered across onto the life size mirror, coating the entire mirror with the thick cum. 

“Awwww … Lex … Awwww …,” cried out Superman helplessly as he convulse uncontrollably but held at bay by the mortal man called Lex Luthor.

Lex held the cock tight by the head as he smiled in triumph. The intense orgasm finally subsided. But the super cock remained hard and firm in Lex’s vice grip.

“Mmm, more juice in those firm balls,” said Lex as he messaged the firm plump scrotum with his other hand.

“Yes, Master. Milk me dry!” said Superman breathlessly, panting hard in between each word.

“I will take all your sperm and turn them into my army,” said Lex.

“Yes Master. Take my sperm. Do all your sick experiments with them. It turned me on. It satisfies me,” replied Superman. His cock throbbed excitedly in anticipation to the suggestion. Pre-cum oozed out from the slit and drip over Lex’s hand.

And it arouses Lex. He feel his own loins in fire. He has the mightiest man reduced to a sexual fiend right under his palm. It is the best power trip he ever felt.

Lex pulled the cape aside revealing the firmest pair of butts. He cupped one of the butts followed by the other. Firm and hard, just the way he likes it. Grabbing Superman by his waist, Lex ground his own hardon through his pants onto the crack between the two muscular mounts.

Superman groaned out loud. “Ahhh yessss …. Master Lex … Ahhh! “

Superman’s erect cock throbbed as it freely swung up and down from Lex’s humping. Lex stared enthralled and aroused further by the sight of him debasing the Man of Steel, of him, a smaller mortal human fucking the sexy, indomitable, beef god. It drove him to new sexual high. Lex humped the ass even harder and faster until he felt himself right at the edge. With the greatest effort, he pulled himself back just in time, panting and sweating profusely.

Lex took a deep breath. He is going to use this god for his own complete gratification. He tore his own shirt up without unbuttoning, followed by his pants and boxers, revealing his own full naked self. Lex, though having a good physique by human standard, paled in comparison when beside the beefcake of all beefcakes.

He turned and swept off all stuffs on his office table in one single motion and sat on it. Lex pulled Superman’s by the arm turning him over and grabbed his head down, kissing him deeply while feeling every inch of his strong back muscles. He felt giddy as his tongue explored the mouth of this god, tasting him. The truth is he is jealous of Superman. He wanted to be this handsome, muscular man himself. He wanted to have those powers. And he wanted people to worship him like they did for Superman.

But now, he has something as good if not better.

He owns this god.

Like a dog.

For his own use.

Lex stopped after the longest time, catching his own breath. He ogled at the muscled body that reveal themselves temptingly under the bright blue tights. And those six pack abs that is to die for – they made him feel light headed. The S crest sat sexily between the mounting pecs with its diamond tip pointing down like an arrow sign, right at the huge erect beautiful wet cock that is throbbing enticingly. 

Lex gulped excitedly. He wants that powerful cock. It is the cock of all cocks – right within his reach. He spread his legs out as he leaned back down on the table at an angle supported by his elbows.

“I want you to fuck me, Superslave. Show me what you can do with that cock!” commanded Lex.

“Yes, Master,” replied the Man of Steel obediently.

Superman held Lex’s thighs as support and began to insert his throbbing wet cock into Lex’s nether region. 

It was incredible. The cock feels warm in his ass. It is painful yet comforting at the same time. Lex let off a long moan.

“Awwww, yesss …. God …..Yes!” cried out Lex as the cock began to fill him out.

Superman began to hump into Lex’s ass in slow defined strokes, taking care not to hurt his master. After making sure the ass is acclimatized to the huge cock, the humping became stronger and faster.

“Ahhh … Ahhh … Ahh,” cried out the evil genius continuously. The thought of him being fucked by the strongest and sexiest man further accentuate the excitement and satisfaction.

“Do you want more Master?” asked Superman.

“Yes!” replied Lex.

Superman stepped up his humping even faster, faster than any normal human can do – like a relentless battering ram on an electrical motor. The super cock is indeed designed to satisfy. The edge of the thick mushroom head curled at just the right angle, rubbing strategically at Lex’s prostate glands.

“Awwww ….. more …,” cried out Lex as he was being fucked senseless.

“You sure master?” asked Superman.

“Yes Superman! Yes! Do me! Show me how super you are!” replied Lex loudly.

“As you wish, Master,” replied the Man of Steel coolly.

The huge cock began to vibrate violently in addition to each powerful stroke. It sent Lex to a sensual overload. He cried and moaned out loud. Tears of pure gratification and excitement formed at his eyes. The sensation was so intense that it literally fried his brain. Huge spurts of cum flew out from Lex’s cock uncontrollably, spurting onto his own face, hair and body. Superman stuck his vibrating cock inside hitting all the right spots for maximal sensation. It sent Lex into waves and waves of uncontrollable convulsion ….




Hours later.

Lex dropped and lied on the floor facing up. His eyes were rolled up white. His face stoned and pale. His body shivered occasionally as if it has undergone the most intense electrical shock. And his own cum was all over his face and body.

Superman stood beside Lex, fully costumed, looking down at his old foe. There was sadness in his eyes.

Lex Luthor, the genius, his lifetime archenemy, is now reduced into a human vegetable …




Female reporter: “Lex Luthor, multibillionaire, philanthropist, founder of LexCorp, was found deranged in his own office. Preliminary results showed that he had possibly been injured by an electrical equipment in a private experiment resulting in serious injuries to his brain. The police did not suspect any foul play and the injuries were concluded as self inflicted. The president had offered his highest condolences to Mr Luthor’s family. The billionaire is now sent to a private hospital for treatment and therapy. LexCorp’s appointed interim CEO, Ms Contessa Erica, shall helm over the company’s daily activities. She has given the assurance that business will go on as usual. This is Lois Lane, Daily Planet, reporting.”

Male reporter: “Thank you, Miss Lane. Glad you are back with us in Daily Planet News. And I heard things are going smashing between you and Superman.”

Female Reporter: “Thanks Alfred. And yes it is great to have Superman back with us.”

Male Reporter (back to screen): “Superman, the Man of Steel is finally back after a long hiatus. There had been many rumours about his disappearance. But his recent gallant saving of a family of four from fire shows he is still the same old humble superhero we can all rely on. He has recently taken back up the leadership of JLA to fight crimes. The talks for world peace, helmed by the JLA is now undergoing smoothly. It seemed to me the dark days are over. All I can say is, welcome back Superman. The world needs you. And I, Alfred, salute you!”

A hand reached over to switch off the television. Max went over beside the window with a cup of hot coffee in his hand and stared out into the clear blue sky. His religious days are over. He had stepped down from priesthood ever since that fateful day. He felt it is the only right thing he could do.

But he had no regrets.

It was the best day of his life. A day he would never ever forget. The only hint of sadness was good things never seem to last. But he is glad his hero is back to his heroic (albeit heterosexual) self. He let off a sigh and sipped his coffee.

The world does need him. The sky does indeed seem bluer and clearer since he is back.

 The door bell rang.

Max walked over and opened the door. A bunch of flowers was on a floor at the door step. He looked around but no one was at the corridor. He picked up the flowers and read the card attached.

“Thinking about you.”

Who could that be? Thought Max. Must be some friends over at the church. He smelled the flowers. It was wonderful and sweet. Max closed the door and turned around.

He looked up and let off a gasp.

There stood Superman in his bright blue and red tights with the signature cape, with one leg curled up comfortably against the wall beside the sunny window. The sun shone in at a side, accentuating the beauty of the hero. A light breeze blew at his curls casually. Max stood there dumbfounded. Too beautiful, he thought to himself silently.

“Do you just come into someone’s place just like that?” asked Max finally.

“Not really, but I can leave if you don’t welcome me,” replied Superman with a grin as he turned around toward the window.

Max dashed forward and grabbed Superman by the arm to stop him. “Don’t go. I miss you,” said Max shyly, his face red in honest embarrassment, and held Superman by the waist. It felt so warm and so right.

“And I miss you too,” replied Superman with a biggest smile. And they hugged each other tightly.

“What happened to you? You got cured?” asked Max curiously.

“To cut story short, I was betrayed by someone I trusted. I nearly died under the hands of the Parasite. Ironically, I was saved by my betrayer who died in the process though. And by some twist of fates, Parasite’s essence not only sucked my powers, they also sucked the toxins out of my body. The rejuvenation of my body cells not only helped me to become stronger but also immune to the kryptonian sex drug after having been exposed to it once. I decided that Lex Luthor is too dangerous a criminal for a direct confrontation and went on to fake my addiction. It fooled him and I did the unthinkable to him with his guard down – I removed his ability to think.”

There was genuine sadness in his eyes. Superman looked vulnerable. This is the man who do not believe in killing, not even the most vile criminal. And to send someone to his madness is almost as good as killing. Max sensed his guilt and sadness. He hugged the Man of Steel tightly.

“You only did what you need to do. The world is a safer place now,” consoled Max.

A boyish smile broke back into Superman’s face.

“Though, so you and Lois Lane … you know … I just heard things are going smashing between you two,” probed Max curiously as he remembered the news.

“As friends. The drug did change something in me. Not change – realize. It opened my mind. I can be a sexual being and yet fight for truth and justice. They are separate entities. And truth is I enjoy gay sex – I feel at ease with myself, liberated. But I believe in having only one partner – someone to share my love and pleasure with. And you gave me that most innocent, truthful love.”

Superman trailed off into a silence and stared at Max in his eyes.

“So do you want to be that someone for me to share my life with?” asked Superman earnestly.

Max nodded his head.

As if on cue, they kissed.

“So, do you want to make yourself comfortable at my bed?” said Max almost choking, partly embarrassed by his shameless request and partly due to the long breathtaking smooch.

Superman looked at the bed then back at the cute ex priest, and gave the naughtiest grin.

“Yeah, let’s do,” replied the Man of Steel.”I’ll show you something super.”


**** The End ****


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