The Last Kryptonian Chapter 6
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The Last Kryptonian

Author: Wrstlr

Some editions by SuperheroFan

The following characters Superman, Clark Kent, Toyman, Metallo, Lex Luthor, Parasite and Jax the Last Kryptonian are the property of DC comics. No copyright is intended and this story is just an individual author’s fantasy.

Chapter 6: Superman’s Public Humiliation with Toyman’s Toys


Clark Kent took a couple of days off over the weekend to recover from the invasion of his fortress of solitude and all the damage it underwent. He took some time to clean up all the debris but was unsure if he would ever be able to return to it since everything it stood for in his mind had been violated and destroyed.

He flew home to his adopted parents farm in Smallville, buried his long-time closest friend and pet Krypto out in the fields in the dark of night, and just contemplated what he was going to do with the rest of his life.

Ma and Pa Kent could tell that he was depressed and tried everything that they could to convince him that this was something that he could handle and move past.

The world needed the hero Superman as much as the man Clark Kent. Clark just saw no way that the two could exist together anymore in this world. He felt like he was going to have to make a choice either be one or the other full time. Until such a decision was made he just felt that it was for the best that he stays away from everyone in Metropolis and the Justice League.

It actually took Green Lantern showing up on the Kent farms front door steps and talking to Clark to persuade him that the world, as well as Clark himself, needed to be both. Not fully convinced though Clark decided that his friend was right and the Justice League would be there to support him through this all.

So that night with Green Lantern as his companion Superman donned his suit and flew back to his apartment in Metropolis, fully intent to return to his duties as both people the following day.


For the past three days the city of Metropolis had been having its usual criminal activity and destruction. The other Justice League members always came when they could but speculation was beginning to creep into the public because no one had seen or heard from Superman over this period. This was so unlike him that even some of the tabloid papers began to report that he had abandoned Metropolis and splashed those stories all over their headlines.

The people of the daily planet just refused to accept or report like that believing that Superman was just away on a more urgent mission and would return soon.

As for Clark Kent he was having a lot of animosity built up towards him. His unannounced absence over the past week meant Lois, Jimmy and others were having to pick up his work as well. They were starting to resent him because this situation seemed to happen with more frequency lately and it was unfair to them and they told Perry White as much. Perry knew that when Clark returned they were going to have to discuss this and figure out what could be done.

Superman arrived at his apartment with Green Lantern that Sunday evening. He thanked Lantern for the company and asked if he had time to come in for a little more chat about what all was going on in his life. Lantern agreed and flew into the apartment to join Superman for a drink and to make sure that everything was ok with Superman.

In the apartment both heroes decided to shed their hero costumes and just be their normal everyday personalities. Lantern actually had just been working out before he headed to the Kent’s so he changed into his boxing trunks that ran down his legs loosely to his knees and an extra-large T-shirt that barely fit down to his waist on his six-foot frame.

Clark actually put on similar loose-fitting clothing and joined Lantern in the kitchen where he fixed them both up a glass of Brandy on the rocks. They walked into the living room and sat together on the couch and started to talk a bit about how defeated Superman had felt after his encounters the last week.

He even mentioned about how each villain violated and took advantage of him sexually in their own perverse ways. It was a good thing that they were wearing loose clothing because all this discussion was making them a bit erotically charged and the clothing kept their members well-hidden and out of noticeable view from each other.

Clark then stood up half way through his drink stating, “I need to take a shower GL. Please feel free to stick around though and finish your drink and we can talk more when I am done.” This was an invitation that Lantern just could not pass up and he agreed to stay for a while longer.

Clark saunters off to the bathroom, undresses from the loose clothing and steps in the shower stall with its see-through glass and turns on the hot water. Shortly after Lantern gets up from the couch in his 6-foot frame and walks to the open bathroom door.

Trying to be sneaky Lantern decides to watch Superman while he is taking his shower by peaking in through the opening. He starts to pull on his 9-inch cock through the fabric of his shorts while admiring the backside of Superman in the shower. He stands watching Superman under the overhead spray of the shower for about 5 minutes just jacking off watching the whole-time hoping Superman doesn’t turn around and see him.

Superman is aware of Lanterns presence though, due to his super hearing and motions for Lantern to go ahead and join him in the shower stall. Lantern quickly strips revealing his fully framed six feet tall body, extremely hairy chest region to match his arms and legs, dark skin and fully erect nine-inch cock with the hood retracted showing the glans.

Lantern enters the shower stall and steps up behind Superman and begins to give him a rubdown from the neck and backside down to the waist. Then he reaches around and starts to jack off Superman’s own erect cock which he himself has been working on. They turn and face each other under the spray and each jacks the other off. They continue stroking each other until they explode simultaneously after about 10 minutes. Leaning into each other afterwards to steady themselves they embrace in a hug for a few minutes more before turning off and exiting the shower. Lantern then quickly dresses now confident that his friend is relaxed and heads out of Clark’s apartment back in his shorts and T-shirt.

Clark heads to the bedroom to rest for the night feeling slightly less depressed.

Toyman’s Warehouse:

Toyman had returned to earth a couple days before to finalize his preparation for another encounter with Superman. With Jax and the Revenge Squads help he had developed some new adult novelty toys to use on Superman when they next encountered each other.

Toyman also decided that this time the sexual display would need to happen in a public place where the general public could observe and or record the entire act as it took place. He finally decided that the best possible location would be Metropolis Public Park picnic and hiking area, it was always busy and full of people who would be easy marks to steal from and sure to cause major commotion forcing Superman to respond to the scene.

The Toyman built 4 humanoid sex robots based on Rafael Carreras. Each android was about 5’9” inches in height and had a similar muscular build for a man weighing about 165 lbs. He made their skin dark to match the color of Rafael’s own natural skin tone. Each doll had a full ten-inch uncut dick when fully hard and was still about 8 inches when soft and covered by cargo shorts they wore. The dolls went freestyle under the shorts. The cocks were made to ooze a kryptonite pheromone precum when being sucked on and shot liquid green kryptonite after being worked on for so long.


Rafael Carreras

He also set up the dolls with an anal opening so that they could work themselves on Superman own cock for the public to view. Toyman would also be a part of the scene working over Superman’s body with the help of the dolls and new toys they created. The only problem that Toyman could see was how to originally weaken Superman to let the orgy begin.

As this was going to happen in the open Toyman would need to get Superman close to something to expose his to the kryptonite. What he came up with astounded even the Toyman himself. Ready for the encounter the next day Toyman went off to sleep in his room for the night with the biggest grin possible imagining the horrors Superman was going to face. Just before drifting off he sent a message to Lex telling him to talk to the others and have them service and watch his actions on the monitors in hopes to weaken and take advantage of Jax while he took care of Superman.

Jax’s Ship:

While Jax was off resting in his private chambers Luthor was still working at the ship’s computer trying to break into more information and gain more control of it. His progress was extremely slow and the most progress he had made was to see more of the Seeders diaries of their two years with Jax.

He had learned that Jax was from the Andromeda Galaxy and originally was in a system with a red sun which is why it seemed he now had the same abilities as Superman with the yellow sun. Lex still wanted to know more about Jax though. Who is he really? Where is he originally from? What is his hatred for Superman coming from? Those questions would have to wait though as he received the message from Toyman saying that tomorrow at 2pm was when the attack was going to happen and to ensure that Jax was on the ship watching and the others were keeping him sexually charged the whole time in hopes to weaken Jax.

Luthor walks around to both Metallo and Parasite and informs him of the plan and time. They all then return to their own cells/quarters to rest and be ready for tomorrows events. Tomorrow was going to be a big day for everyone.

Jax came into the main chamber to see that everyone else was asleep and decided to check up on Superman. He sat down on the chair and watched as Superman returned to Metropolis and the events that went on in Clarks apartment with Lantern. Jax realized that in order to completely destroy Kal-el, Lantern and the other Justice League members were going to have to be occupied elsewhere so that they could interfere. The answer then came to him in a flash, he would hire the bounty hunter Lobo to capture and detain the other members of the Justice League.

He had encounter Lobo before and was familiar with his methods from when he was with the Seeders and would set it up to look as though they were the ones who were hiring Lobo and wanting him to detain the Justice League members.

Jax unlocks the computer security and sends out the hiring message and contract to Lobo hoping he will accept. Jax then resecure the computer terminals and goes back to his quarters to review more of the analysis he retrieved from Superman’s fortress. The more he studied the crystals and analysis the more Jax learned that Superman’s species was nothing more than thieves that made their technology off of his races backs long before even Jor-El had located his pod and cavern.


The 6am morning sun felt good on Superman’s face as he flew his normal patrol through the township. The went slowly this time in hopes that the people would notice him and to reassure them that he was here and still doing his job. Even when he stopped a simple convenience store robbery he went to the onlookers and shake their hands apologizing for his absence the past few days.

Superman’s confidence was beginning to return but he knew a long road was to be faced and it was going to be a struggle for a while to earn back every citizens trust again. Superman arrived at the store room of The Daily Planet a full ten minutes before he would normally start his shift as Clark Kent. He did a quick change and snuck out to the main floor as the day crew started to file to their desks. Along the way he bumped into a smiling Jimmy Olson who seemed none the worse for the wear after his encounter with the Parasite and hospitalization.

“Hey Clark, Nice to see you decided to come back to work. Now you can do your own work again.” Jimmy sneered upon seeing Clark. “Sorry, Just some major family issues right now Jimmy.” Is all Clark could say in response. Lois is already busy working at her desk when Clark reaches his.

“Hey Smallville, Nice to see you made it today. Maybe you will catch a nice story, NOT!!!” Lois kids as he takes a seat. Within five minutes after sitting down and reviewing his messages Clark hears Perry White bellow out, “Kent, In my office now.” To which Lois chimes in, “You’re in trouble now Smallville.” Clark gets up from his desk and heads towards Perry’s office.

Just as he gets to the door ready to apologize for his absences and not being able to do his work Perry cuts him off, “Shut the door and sit-down Clark.” Clark does as instruct and Perry immediately begins to lecture him about his absences and how much is critical to the Planet.

“You have not even produced a printable article in over a week. I understand that you have had personal and family issues but this is your job and you need to produce to continue working here. Today I am going to give you an easy assignment. I just need you to do crowd reaction from the reopening of the Metropolis Public Park Picnic area. You think you can handle that?” Without any objection Clark agrees filing this as one of those things he will have to endure to regain the respect of his bosses. It seems like such a task is beneath him with everything else he has written about but understands that this is for the best.

The dedication is to happen at 1pm which gives him plenty of time to catch up on his paperwork and messages. In his messages he sees that Dr. Hamilton called asking for him to visit for his checkup, which is just the cover he uses to say that they need to discuss something more urgent. Clark has just enough time to stop by and see Dr. Hamilton before doing his assignment at the park.

Dr Hamilton’s office:

Superman flies over to the Doctors office and speaks with Hamilton. “I think you need to know. I have completed my analysis of what happened to you and those that the Parasite attacked. It seems that Rudy now not only drains energy but the lifeforces of his victims. He absorbs this now through touch and even can absorb their memory. The good news is that this effect is only temporary and lasts only for 24 hours. He also not only takes their life forces, He also obtains their weaknesses or illnesses. Hopefully this is something that you can use the next time you encounter Rudy.” With that Superman and Hamilton say their thank you and goodbyes.

Clark heads to the Park for the reopening dedication ceremony. In a nearby phone booth he does and quick change from Superman to Clark Kent and walks towards the big crowd gathered together to see the opening of the area.

Metropolis Public Park Picnic Area:

A crowd of about 3000 people are at the ceremony for the reopening of the picnic area. At exactly 1pm the mayor cuts the ribbon announcing the park open. Clark gives the crowd time to rush and find where they want to set up and examines the new area. It has a small swimming area, a children’s playground with a paintball cannon, and over 50 acres of land to set out and have a good picnic lunch. Even a couple food trucks are parked on the edge of the area for those that forgot their own picnics.

Clark starts off with interviewing a few of the patrons then decides for a different perspective to talk to the food truck owners. Clark notices that one truck with clowns and ice cream painted on the side does not seem to be open. He knocks but gets no response so he walks away not aware that Toyman and his entourage of sex toys was inside getting ready to spring into action.

Clark feels he has enough to give to the editor to make the evening edition of the Planet and walks to a nearby phone and calls in the story. Just as he wraps up dictation of the story he hears the Clock tower in the church nearby ring out 2pm.

Jax’s Ship:

Earlier in the day Luthor and the other members of the Revenge squad went over their plan again. They knew that Jax would receive an alert that Toyman was attacking and he would sit and watch the scene. They each decided then that would take a position near Jax and begin to service him once in hopes of making him cum and weaken some.

Parasite would take Jax’s cock and stroke and suck on it. Metallo would kiss and rub him down even offering Jax his own cock if so inclined. Luthor would work on the anal end of the behemoth fingering and using the dildo and vibrator they made to stimulate Jax even more hopefully making him erupt in cum multiple times. Luthor then headed over to the computer to try and break through its security.

When Jax came in later that morning all outfitted in his harness, jockstrap and new piercings he went to work creating and refining more toys to use and abuse Superman with. Parasite and Metallo assisted him in the creation of these devices.

At exactly 2pm the alert screens came up showing the chaos at the park and knowledge that Toyman was enacting his plan. Jax immediately walked over to his familiar chair and leaned back absorbing the scene on the screen as the panic at the park started to settle in.

Metropolis Park:

At exactly 2pm the food truck with the clowns and ice cream on the sides completely folded down releasing a bunch of children with water guns as well as the four sex dolls loose running all over the picnic grounds spraying anyone and everyone with their guns.

Only the four sex dolls did not shoot theirs because it had a special payload. The children’s guns dissolved the clothing of the people they sprayed causing even more mass hysteria. Clark Kent having just finished dictating his story heard the commotion and stopped a 5’8” male with his shirt completely dissolved and holes through what was left of his shorts revealing his nice package asking what happened.

“This is just the twisted kind of thing the Toyman would do.” Clark thought and ran to an empty alley to change into his costume. Within minutes the familiar form of Superman arrived on the scene. He took a quick look with his X-Ray vision and saw that all the supposed children were nothing more than toys and decided that the fastest way to incapacitate them was to hit them with a solid blow to the back where their energy cells were located.

So, rushing around from child to child Superman hit each one of the doll children knocking them to the ground and powerless. Unfortunately for him the public saw what he was doing as him striking and killing innocent playful children. Picture after picture was snapped of this action with the crowd stunned.

Superman then arrives at the playground and locates the Toyman who says, “You killed my children you lummox. They just wanted to play and have fun. Well now you can play with these toys he says pointing to the four Rafael sex dolls he created. They unload their water guns and immediately Superman falls to the ground in pain.

The guns contained a mixture of their dissolving acid that was in the kids guns as well as an amount of green kryptonite which not only weakened Superman but dissolved his outfit and stuck to his now naked and unhindered nude body.

“Get him boys. The Lummox is ours to play with now.” Toyman states as he gets down from the jungle gym as the four sex dolls approach and two pick up Superman standing him upright in front of the Water Cannon.

The surrounding public watches in awe and snaps picture after picture showing the completely nude and helpless Superman held by these two Rafael dolls with little effort. Toyman walks behind the cannon and presses a button on the back which makes it fire out towards the helpless hero.

Superman himself is feeling a little strange and sensitive to the embrace of the dolls holding him as a set up electrodes shoot from the cannon and attach to him his pectorals, nutsack, cock, ears and feet. They have a light green tent on the ends which is a tacky kryptonite glue they use to stick to his nude six-foot five frame.

“Time for a charge” Toyman giggles as he presses a remote button he now holds. Superman’s body receives a major jolt in all the areas the electrodes attached. Superman’s body spasms from the electricity and his heightened skin sensitivity makes all those areas spasm and swell.

 It brings him to fully erect 2-inch nipples on his pectorals, His cock grows to its full engorged length of 12 inches with a soda can thickness in it. The ones attached to his ears make Superman toss his head around like in complete ecstasy as if someone was kissing and nibbling his ears. The ones on his feet acted like vibrating massagers making Superman even more unsteady on them.

Pictures are being taken by the onlookers left and right at this sight. The look on Superman’s face is simple to make out. He is in sexual bliss at this very moment. “Now listen here you big naked lummox. My dolls and you are going to give you the best time you have ever had. You are going to be our sexual plaything right here and right now. Every time you try to resist one of us or you try to suppress your response you are going to get another zap like this one.” Toyman says while pressing the button sending Superman into another immediate round of spasms and sexual responses.

Not giving Superman anytime to recover while he is being shocked one of the Rafael clones leans in and French kisses Superman who only can moan in response. The second doll holding Superman then begins to rub and tweak his nipples pulling on them as far as they would stretch which only causes Superman to moan more and swallow the first dolls tongue even more aggressively. The third and fourth clone approach and start to give Superman the massage of his life edging his cock, oiling his body all over, and rolling his nuts around in their mouths.

When Superman tried to pull away Toyman pressed the button and another shockwave was sent through Superman’s pleasure centers. Two more shocks and Toyman finally realizes that Superman is now completely their sexual submissive and under their control. “You are going to suck each and every one of my Rafael dolls here for 10 minutes apiece swallowing all the fluids they produce. You will take their full shafts down to their nutsack and if you gag or hesitate you will be shocked. You got that you lummox.” Toyman asks and Superman just moans in approval.

They then attach a set of nipple clamps to each with a chain between them that they can pull to direct Superman around like a slave dog. They wrap a collar around his neck with kryptonite pebbles in it and mitts on his hands to complete the image of Superman as a slave dog to them all. They then put Superman on all fours as the first doll walks up and shoves his ten-inch cut cock all the way into the mouth in one lunge. Superman initially gags for a second, receiving a round of shocks again, before he relaxes and is able to start sucking on the invading member.

Another doll has walked up behind Superman and started to finger his ass loosening it up for penetration later. He starts with one finger, then two, then even three. Superman bucks back driving the fingers deeper in him. The last two dolls start to suck on Superman’s rigidly hard cock alternating between the two. The ones that was fingering Superman pulled out his fingers and grabbed the set of anal beads rubbing Superman’s own natural anal lubricant on them. One by one he inserts them beads in all the way to the largest one. Superman’s ass is spread wide but then is able to relax a bit when they pull out only to be reinserted within seconds.

Ten minutes have passed and the first doll unloads his cum down Superman’s throat. Immediate realization that the cum is Kryptonite makes Superman gag only to receive another shock. This time the shock causes Superman to blow his own cum load into one of the dolls. The doll holds Superman’s cum in its own mouth, stands up and walks towards Superman mouth. He then proceeds to feed Superman his own cum before standing up and shoving his own cock down Superman’s now willing throat.

Toyman is just sitting the sides watching all this action knowing that after the next one blows his load he will join the action unloading his load in Superman’s ass. Ten more minutes pass and the second doll blows his cum down Superman’s throat again causing him to gag, a little less this time, but still resulting in a shock and cum into the doll that is sucking Superman.

The last two dolls rotate again feeding Superman his own cum then face fucking Superman while sucking him off. Toyman now knows that Superman is his and steps up to Superman’s rear. Unknown to Superman he now has the new street cone size 13” dildo in his hands ready to shove it into Superman’s ass.

Toyman removes the anal beads and unceremoniously shoves the new dildo in half way to Superman’s ass. Superman goes through sexual spasms immediately even without the shock due to the invading dildo in his ass. Toyman works the dildo slowly in and out until Superman’s ass can take the dildo to his full length.

All three work Superman over another 10 minutes getting moan after moan of ecstasy from Superman in Sexual Bliss. The third doll deposits his load with no gag reflex for Superman this time. Superman himself still unloads a third round of cum which he is again feed before the fourth doll starts to face fuck him.

Toyman removes the dildo and begins to shove his own cock all the way to the hilt into Superman’s newly rosebudded ass. Again another 10 minutes of action pass and the doll shoots his load into Superman causing him to dry heave cum this time and Toyman feels his climax approach when suddenly he is dislodged from Superman and spraying cum all through the air instead of in Superman’s ass as he planned.

Superman now so weakened from the loads of kryptonite cum in his stomach and all the sexual activity collapses in a heap and passes out. The dolls run away leaving him there alone where the crowd just snaps picture after picture picking up souvenirs of Superman’s costume or the sexual playtoys used on him for their collections. They have the best story in the world to tell everyone in the world.

Jax’s Ship:

Watching the scene starting to unfold all the members of the revenge squad watch and wait until they start to see the sexual attack before they service the behemoth Jax. They are actually taken back watching Superman hitting child after child and seeing them collapse like they are dead, they did not know they kids were dolls at the time.

Once they see the Rafael clones open up on Superman and leave him weakened and naked do they look and see that Jax has started to rub his mammoth cock. They take their positions that the agreed upon and start to work Jax over into his own sexual bliss.

Parasite starts to lick up and down Jax’s mammoth full 15” inches of tree limb thickened cock shaft. He even starts to nibble on the light foreskin now present on it. Metallo kisses all over the upper half of Jax and Luthor starts to rim Jax’s anal sphincter seductively darting his tongue in and out constantly.

All four men are sexually worked up and charged up. They actually are unable to last the full 40 minutes servicing Jax before they unload all over themselves. Still though they push on and try to make Jax climax and weaken. Luthor starts to work Jax with the dildo, Parasite takes as much of Jax’s cock into his mouth continually licking the tip and glans to stimulate further.

Metallo even kisses Jax a few times and nibbles on his neck and ears, even offering his cock for Jax to suck which he willingly does. By the time the assault on Superman is finished they all have climaxed a second time and passes out. Except for Jax who is still rock hard and needing to get off.

As the other 3 lie on the floor he decides to reward them and jack off and shoot about 5 ropes of cum over all 3 of them, a relatively small load for him and then walks away satisfied with what he saw and did.

Their actions had very little effect on him at this time but he knows that he must be careful and retires to his own quarters to clean up. He then flies back to earth to retrieve Toyman and bring him back to the ship.

Metropolis Park:

Superman awakens to find himself on a medical stretcher naked and extremely weak. The onlookers are still trying to get close and more pictures of him in this weak and nude state.

He needs to do something to offset the kryptonite in his belly and slowly being absorbed into this belly. The EMT’s know that he has ingested kryptonite directly and administer charcoal to help with the absorption of the material and then try to induce vomiting in Superman to expel it from there.

After vomiting twice Superman is strong enough to stand up on his own and gets off the stretcher even though they insist he should be hospitalized since he has never ingested kryptonite before and they have no idea how much damage it would cause. Superman assures them that he is ok, asks about the location of the Toyman and they EMT and local cop say they never found him.

Superman then flies directly into space towards the sun in order to get as much yellow radiation as possible wondering exactly what just happened to him. How was he put into such a sexual bliss like that? He had way too many questions and not a single answer.

To be continued…

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