The Last Kryptonian Chapter 2
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The Last Kryptonian

Author: Wrstlr

Some editions by SuperheroFan

The following characters Superman, Clark Kent, Toyman, Metallo, Lex Luthor, Parasite and Jax the Last Kryptonian are the property of DC comics. No copyright is intended and this story is just an individual author’s fantasy.


Chapter 2: The Menace of Metallo


Superman streaks home after his confrontation with the Toyman fully nude and in a state of confusion and curiosity. Why did the Toyman disappear when it seemed he had the upper hand? How did he let the Toyman take advantage of him like that this time since he never really was a threat in the past? How come he was unable to resist the sexual advances of the Toyman as well since he thought he was in charge of his sexual urges at all times?

Superman was relieved that he was able to streak away before the public and police noticed his nakedness and assaulted body. The bad news was Toyman got away and was able to take advantage of the man of steel in a way he had never before.

There was nothing stopping Toyman from doing this to him again and maybe even more with all the toys and implements he already has at his disposal. That thought made Superman shudder because he really did not know what kind of sexual appetite he had and this kind of episode of being forced just violated all he knew about sex. It also got his to wonder about sex with Lois if she ever found out that a man, under any means, got him erect and made him cum.

The more he thought of this encounter the more his mind was troubled by the events and complete utter defeat and helpless situation that he was in.

Jax’s Ship near Jupiter:

Allowing the Toyman some time to gather himself and absorb his situation Jax went on about examining all the strange toys that Toyman had created.

Walking around in full nudity for Toyman to see and admire this magnificent being. The concept of toys like this for sexual pleasure was a strange concept to Jax. For him and his kind sexual excitement was direct physical contact and stimulation. Watching Toyman use these toys against Superman though seemed to bring him some wicked type of sexual pleasure that he needed to explore more.

Jax also wanted to figure out what this strange radiation was that these toys, and himself, seemed to be radiating and how it affected Superman. Turning to Toyman and getting his attention Jax says, translated by the computer, “I am here to take revenge on the one you call Superman and I need you and others like you to help me do that. He destroyed my home, my people, and my culture. Now he will lose everything including his life. I need to fully understand all you know about this hero and his kind. I need to know everything about these implements that you created and how they create the effects that you did to him. My name is Jax and for now that is all you need to know but if you answer my questions in time, I will let you out of your cell. If you agree to my terms just say yes and your name.”

Toyman took no time at all and in defiance says, “Why would I help you. I had that lummox for myself and you took him away from me. When I get out of here you will experience his same fate.” Then Toyman turned his back to Jax.

Jax says, “You will come to understand that my fight is not with you but that Superman and I are fated to meet and one of us will kill the other. I plan for him to be the one that dies. Which mutually benefits us both. For now, I will let you be in hopes that you change your mind and will educate and assist me in my destiny.” Jax picks up all of the Toyman’s toys and walks back to his viewing room for more exploration and observation.”


Superman stepped into the shower for a second time tonight to was himself up and try and clean up the physical signs of what happened to him. The mental pictures and defeat though were something that Superman could not was away.

Superman turned on the hot water of the shower to full blast and closed the door to the bathroom so that a thick curtain of steam appeared before he stepped into the shower. Clark stood naked in the shower letting the water hit the top of his head and stream down the remaining of his muscular well-built 6’5” frame for a solid 10 minutes.

Finally, Clark turns his face towards the shower head and lets it spray him in the face before grabbing his loofa sponge and bodywash soap. He takes extreme care to wash of any and all signs the cream that was rubbed on him. Superman also takes extreme care to was his manhood and anal regions in hopes to scrub away any and all physical traces since he had no idea what long term exposure to that cream, as well the cum that he released may have.

While Clark usually got his sexual release and relief in exploring his body during his showers this time it just was not the same. He still got excited and semi-hard but it just was not that same. He could not even bring himself to jack off and cum as usual. He was just so unsure about everything and had more questions than answers at this time.

After his shower Clark goes to his bedroom and pulls out his kryptonian journal to dictate the encounter but decided to leave out the sex exploits at this time. Feeling confident enough that he could relax Clark lays down in his bed and falls asleep in the nude with no covers leaving his bedroom windows open.

Jax’s ship:

Back in his viewing room Jax watches the hero Superman clean himself off in the shower and the rest of his nightly activities before drifting off to sleep. Jax notices that Superman left his windows open and was nude and decided that he could slip in and get a brief up close view of this member of the house of El.

He quickly flies out of the ship and into Superman’s apartment while he is sleeping. Landing right next to the bed he notices that Superman is beginning to sweat again and toss and turn due to Jax’s proximity so Jax quickly backs up some distance so as not to wake up the hero yet.

He was not ready at this time to have their encounter, Much to Jax’s astonishment though when observing his intended victim, he was able to see inside and watch was Superman was dreaming about, and a smile came across Jax’s face as he noticed that Superman was just reliving the defeat and rape by the Toyman over and over and unknown to Superman he was getting hard and fully erect while sleeping.

Jax stayed watching for about 30 minutes Superman’s sleeping form before flying back to the ship. Upon arrival Jax goes in and checks on the Toyman who is still awake and bitter at this moment.

Jax asks “Is there anything you need?” Toyman just says, “Go away.” So Jax reads his mind and sees that Toyman wants to see what the news has to say about what happened. He Turns on a hologram monitor to the local metropolis station for the Toyman and walks away.

Toyman gets to see the local news about his robbery and his escape as they call it but unfortunately, he is disappointed that there is no coverage about his conquest and sexual exploits. Toyman then lays down and decides that next time they will get the whole story and falls asleep for the rest of the night.

In his room Jax lays down to relax knowing that he has total control and that this member of the House of El will fall to him when the time is right. He starts to rub himself down again and grabs the bag of toys that the Toyman had in hopes to learn how they give erotic release as well. Jax then closes his eyes and gets some rest for a few hours to be refreshed to learn more and observe more the next day.


The next morning Clark showed up for his morning briefing at the Daily Planet later than normal. Jimmy and Lois started teasing him about him having a hot date the night before, knowing full well that wasn’t very likely. Clark decided to play along with the gag and stated, “yeah with a hot dude like you Jimmy.”, then Clark leaned over and gave Jimmy a peck on the cheek.

The room falls silent for about 3 minutes or so because no one in the room expected this, including Clark. Clark excuses himself from the room trying to laugh off what just occurred not really believing what he just did. Clark locks himself into his office and avoids everyone that he can for the remainder of the day.

His mind was still such a jumble even though the effects of the red kryptonite popper showed all signs of having worn off. He was unable to work on his assignment because his mind kept wondering to the kiss and thoughts of sex. Finally, he convinced himself that the poppers effect must still of had some residual effect and once they wore off, he could explain his actions to everyone.

Perry then later in the afternoon calls Clark and tell him that a development in his assignment has come in and that he needs to get to the shipping piers to investigate. Clark leaves immediately by the elevators and takes a taxi to the Piers hoping to focus on his assignment from Perry.

Clark arrives at the docks 20 minutes later and notices that all these shipping containers from Star Labs had been tossed around, open and scattered throughout the yard. Clark deduced that that someone was looking for something in particular in these crates and that an appearance as Superman would better serve his purpose of investigation.

Clark goes and hides behind some cargo containers and gets ready to remove his outerwear only to realize that he forgot to replace his Superman costume since the encounter with the Toyman. The recollection of that encounter and defeat hit him and shook his usually unwavering confidence. He superspeed away from the docks not even verifying that no one see’s him and races to get a new costume. Luckily there was no one in the area to witness his actions.

Clark arrives home and begins to undress from his alter ego clothes and opens the hidden closet to his costumes and grabs one. Suddenly he becomes hesitant as he takes the costume pieces out and prepares to put them on. His lack of confidence was becoming a little more apparent. It takes him all of 3 minutes to suit up, usually takes less than a second, and be ready for action.

Now suited up Superman decides that a better starting point would be to go to Star Labs Superman arrived at Star Labs and talked to the scientist and was informed that the main thing they were expecting was a robotic stimulation unit that would allow a robot/cyborg to feel nervous stimulation and excitations like a regular human. He learned that the unit was to have already arrived and was missing. Superman assured the scientist that he would get to the bottom of this and return the suit to them.

Jax’s Ship:

Throughout the day Jax is doing physical experiments with the Toyman’s implements to try and understand the radiation they and he gives off.

Jax even accidentally gets a minor whiff of the poppers which make him a little bit fuzzy minded but the effect only last a couple minutes. He notices during this time though that his skin is highly sensitive to temperature, touch, and much more heightened to sensations then before. He decides this effect is something he enjoys greatly and want the contents broken down to make more of this mixture. He is aware of the Toyman laughing at his state during this time as well and that he seems to be amused by Jax’s actions so he laughs with Toyman. Turning on the hologram monitor in the lab they get to watch the scene again from the bank vault as well as follow around Superman, who Toyman now learns is also Clark Kent through his daily routine. They especially enjoyed watching him during his costume change and both of these beings were stroking their cocks during this time.

The Toyman is beginning to act more comfortable around this alien being and they start having small conversations about their mutual dislike of the man called Superman. Jax hopes this relationship will develop more in time to a mutual trust between the two. Then suddenly an alarm goes off on the monitor and the picture switches to the Piers where Superman is in route after his visit to Star Labs. They both glue their views onto the monitor to watch the new activity.


Superman flies towards the piers from Star Labs after they tell Metropolis him about the unit. He is suspicious that either they whoever wants the unit still may not have found it. It is about 6pm when Superman arrives flying in over the bay just past a shipping door flung through the air into the bay. Superman lands on the pier to witness a figure coming out of a shipping container.

The figure is that of Metallo the 6’3″ 250 lbs. half robot half cyborg with a kryptonite heart not afraid to show his robot parts and half naked human flesh. Metallo bellowed out to the Man of Steel, “Finally you arrived. I’ve been waiting for you to arrive. Took you long enough to get here. I’ve got some new things that I can’t wait to test out on you.” The chest plate over Metallo heart is shut preventing the radiation exposure at this time. Suddenly Metallo rushes Superman and catches him square on the chin with uppercut punch hurtling Superman into a full shipping container which dents majorly due to the force of impact from Superman.

Metallo continues his charge and throws a cross at Superman’s head but Superman is able to catch Metallo’s arms before the punch impacts. Superman feels a charge that he was able to catch this punch but knows that he must end this quickly before Metallo opens the hatch to his kryptonite heart. Looking at Metallo’s face Superman notices Metallo seems to be getting enjoyment of Metallo this and makes no move to expose his heart to Superman. Metallo actually shows no hesitation or fear of Superman like he usually encounters.

“Wowee, what a rush this is.” Metallo roared at the top of his lungs. “I never thought I would ever have senses and sensations again and now that I do it is such an erotic rush.” Superman intercepts another fist directed for his face by Metallo and now has both hands captured. Usually at this time Metallo would have opened his chamber but it still remains closed as the two have a test of strength to see who will buckle first and it seems that they both have equal strength for about 30 seconds. Metallo then starts to buckle under Superman’s strength which feeds confidence to Superman which is short lived when Metallo yells “Surprise” and Superman feels searing pain in to points on his chest.

Metallo gained the ability to focus his kryptonite radiation into beams through his eyes and fired them directly into Superman’s chest which breaks the two men apart with Superman hurtling back into the side of a shipping container again. Giving Superman no chance to recover Metallo rushes him and starts to unload a series of vicious left and right hand blows to Superman chest and abdominal area.

The area on Superman costume where the kryptonite vision is burned through which does not get past Metallo. He grabs that opening and completely rips off Superman’s Logo from his costume. That area on Superman’s chest actually starts to show some minor signs of bruising which Superman has never seen before.

Metallo grabs Superman by his remaining costume and throws him about 300 feet away into another shipping crate. While Superman is going through the air Metallo postures holding up Superman’s crest like a trophy won in battle. Feeling his victory was imminent Metallo says, “Be ready Supes because I am going to be the man to knock you out. Then the fun will really begin. Right now, though I will make you feel so much pain and I will get so much pleasure from knocking the snot out of you. Striding towards Superman celebrating the whole time Superman is able to regain some faculties enough to reach out towards Metallo.

To Superman’s surprise though he grabs Metallo shorts in the crotch region. He quickly pulls his hands away but forgets to release the fabric and Metallo’s shorts tear away showing Metallo’s 12″ cock which is radiating a level of kryptonite and liquid kryptonite precum glistens the tip.

The sight of the hard cock, kryptonite precum and mass of Metallo even started to arouse the Man of Steel. Metallo presses his advantage and smacks the hard member upside Superman’s face saying, “Yes Superman this is my cock and eventually you will feel it down your throat and inside that perfect ass of yours. I am going to beat the crap out of you with it and with my fists. Starting with my fists to soften you up first.” Metallo picks Superman up and starts to barrage his midsection with blow after blow causing Superman immense pain and bruising.

Superman begins to buckle and Metallo grabs his costume lifting him back up for more abuse. He then knees Superman hard in the crotch region which causes Superman to collapse in a heap on the ground. Metallo then starts tearing away the costume in pieces from Superman to fully expose his body to him.

When he tears away the red briefs, he notices a wetness in the crotch region of Superman and a very hard tenting bulge in the area. “Now Superman. Are you trying to tell me something?” Metallo snickers as he rips away Superman’s shorts to expose his crotch and full hardon.

Superman’s costume is now fully removed and in taters all over the ground never to be worn again. Metallo strides over the prone Superman and starts unleashing blow after blow starting at the legs until every part of Superman’s body is severely black and blue from the bruising. Every now and then a drop of Metallo precum would drip on Superman’s body intensifying the pain but he would not allow the pain to knock him out.

The blows while painful also had a bit of erotic sensation to Superman that he could not deny and his raging hardon was evidence that no one even Metallo could deny. So finally, after abusing all Superman’s arms and legs until they were covered completely black and blue Metallo then starts to unload on Superman’s face with fisticuffs upside the head as well as smacking his hard kryptonite erection on Superman face.

Intentionally making sure that his precum dropped directly onto Superman’s face increasing his pain and every time Superman’s mouth opened it was filled to the hilt with Metallo’s cock. Which caused Superman to gag or brush the cock with his teeth. Every time that happened a new blow was delivered to the side of the head. Metallo kept thrusting in and out for almost 30 minutes and there was nothing that the man of steel could do but suck on that mammoth cock.

Metallo then tired of this and turned around placing his ass on Superman face. “It’s time to eat Superman and every time I feel your teeth or you move, I am going to punch that fully erect cock of your and smash it and your balls to pulp until you get it right.

With Superman not starting to rim him after ten seconds Metallo unleashes a single blow to Superman’s cock and balls. Superman screams out in pain right into Metallo’s ass his tongue then slips into the crack a bit. Superman tries to pull back and another blow is delivered to his cock and balls which are now in pain. After a series of blows to his cock and balls the man of steel actually passes out and Metallo turns back around and decides to face fuck the kryptonian until he wakes up.

Jax’s Ship:

Jax and Toyman have been watching this abuse of the once mighty hero known as Superman. They actually get so sexually excited that Toyman strips his garbs to join Jax as being completely naked in the ship.

Watching Superman being completely overpowered and beaten to a pulp has Jax’s 14.5-inch cock fully erect and his is edging himself the whole time of the battle while Toyman is doing the same to his own 9″ thick uncut cock.

Toyman actually is the first to release his cum all over his cell and takes in the look on Jax as he continues to Jack off to Superman’s pummeling. This excites Toyman he gets hard a second time seeing that not only he enjoys watching the big lummox dominated sexually and destroyed. “If you want a better experience let me out of here and I will show you what it is like to have your cock sucked” Toyman asks.

Jax stops for a minute and scans Toyman’s mind determining that he is sincere and turns off the bars to the cell. Toyman comes out and kneels in front of Jax and starts to massage his erect cock while rolling Jax’s balls around one at a time. They are too large for him to grab both together. Slowly Toyman starts to lick the ball sack and shaft of Jax before starting to nibble on the slit of his cock. He takes as much of the cock into his throat knowing there is no way he can swallow the whole shaft. He is in such ecstasy at this moment that he blows a second cum load that sprays all over Jax’s legs and on the ship floor.

He pulls off Jax’s cock and states “I will show how all the toys are used if you would like.” Which causes Jax to grin and start edging himself again. He actually even kisses Toyman lightly then turns back to the monitor. Toyman sits down and turns back towards the screen in hopes to feel the cum from this alien known as Jax. A giant smile spreads across Toyman’s face at what all has happened.

Metropolis Pier:

Metallo actually face fucks Superman for a good five more minutes before Superman’s eyes open to see his mouth impaled with Metallo’s Cock. Metallo sees Superman awaken and starts to tease Superman’s ass saying, “Well now it is time for me to fuck that perfect round ass of your and shoot my load of kryptonite cum to permanently weaken you by shooting my kryptonite cum into you directly keeping you stuffed until it is completely absorbed into your body.” Metallo slides down Superman’s chest.

Just for the heck of it gives another harsh punch to Superman Cock and balls which have only gone down slightly besides being knocked out. Metallo grabs a leg with each hand and raises them up so that Superman’s pucker is in perfect alignment to sees be reamed by Metallo’s cock.

Another punch to Superman’s cock and balls causes him to pass out again and Metallo begins to make his thrust towards Superman’s asshole only to see he is swinging wildly in midair.

Jax’s Ship:

Sensing that Metallo is about to fuck Superman, Jax flies to earth to capture Metallo. When he arrives Metallo is in full thrust ready to penetrate Superman’s Ass. Metallo thrusts again and again but is actually fucking air in Jax’s ship by now but the force is enough that he climax’s and Jax is right there to have Metallo’s cum spray all over him. Toyman sees this all is just astounded by how fast Jax is and the load that Metallo can shoot.

Metallo shuts down for a bit to reenergize himself unaware of his surroundings and opens to see Jax walk away with Metallo’s cum on his chest and legs.

As Metallo tries to follow Jax hits a quick switch which brings up energy bars that as Metallo approaches cause him to short out so that he must stop and back away. The ships computer translates as Jax says “Relax, I am a friend who like you wants to destroy Superman. I hope in time that you and I can be friends like Toyman and I are.” To which Toyman walks up to Metallo cell to show himself. Toymay then gets a mental image to return to his own room and relax from Jax which he does with no question and his own energy bars come to life.

Jax sits back down in his chair watching the rest of the scene with Superman, all the while wiping up the cum from Metallo which also has the same radiation signature as him and seems to reenergize him a bit while on his skin. Curious he swallows a bit of the cum and gets even more energized so decides to eat all of Metallo cum that is on his body. What a rush Jax gets.

Metropolis Pier:

Superman awakens on the Pier with the Sun setting and his nude body still showing bruising from all the blows he took from Metallo. He has experienced enough healing yellow sun radiation though that he can move and fly again. Deciding he needs a recharge Superman flies directly into space to an opening where he can bathe in the yellow Sun’s rays. The bath of sun rays actually has a strange effect on Superman at first. It causes him a major erection and sexual release of cum which shoots off into space without even touching his cock first and then he starts to notice his body healing like normal from the radiation of the yellow sun. Once he feels recharged, he flies back to his Clark Kent apartment and sits on the edge of the bed trying to take in what happened and dictate it into his diary again.

Once more though he leaves out the sexual content even though he thinks it is something that needs explored more. He then walks in for a shower, types up his story for Perry and sends it the Planet and turns in for the night. Again, he chooses to sleep completely nude and with his windows open. This allows Jax, to again fly in and keep a distance enough to observe the man of steels thoughts while sleeping.

What Jax sees in Superman’s mind makes him smile again because he knows that while it was a defeat by Metallo. In a way Superman enjoyed and got off on being beaten. Jax is pleased because this means Superman’s total defeat will only be more gratifying for him by having Superman totally surrender just before his death to Jax. Mind, Body, Soul, and sexually submissive inferior being that Superman is in Jax’s mind.

To be continued…


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