Superman Vanquished Part 13
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Superman Vanquished

Part 13 The Teflon Boss

Author: Lcross


It is Wednesday morning; three days after Eden lured Superman into Professor Larsen’s Radiation Well and subdued him by amplifying radiation emitted from a few tiny partials of kryptonite! Eden sits nervously at the bar of the upscale strip club nursing his club soda as a janitor mops the floor; it’s 11AM and the show will not start until late in the afternoon therefore Eden is presently the only patron at popular club. The giant bartender/bouncer returns and gestures towards a door at the back of the club. Eden gets off his bar stool, picks up an 8” x 10” manila envelop and throws a five on the bar. He slowly makes his way past the empty dance stage towards the door indicated. Eden stops before the door, hesitates for a few seconds, and then opens the door. He quickly climbs the stairs to a landing above and faces a closed solitary door. Eden knocks lightly on the door and waits. “Come in,” yells a voice from within. Eden nervously opens the door and enters. He is immediately greeted by another large man in a golf shirt and Dockers that immediately frisks Eden thoroughly from chest to toe. “He’s clean Boss,” states the big man as he leaves the room and closes the door behind him.


Eden turns and faces the man infamously known as the Teflon Boss, reputed head of all organized crime in Metropolis. The man seated behind the desk clearly does not look like the sort of individual that would be a crime boss. He’s a handsome young man about thirty five years old and has wavy blonde hair and deep blue eyes.


“Have a seat,” says man behind the desk as he continues to look at the 8” x 10” color picture Eden used as his calling card. The man turns away from the window overlooking the club below and looks directly at Eden and asks, “I’m Evan Frost; and you are?


“Eden…just Eden,” replies Eden nervously.


“Well, Eden…just Eden; is this authentic?” asks Evan Frost.


“Yes sir,” replies Eden.


“Please…call me Evan,” says the Teflon Boss as he slides the color photograph of an unconscious Man of Steel sprawled facedown across the desk to Eden.


“I have more,” says Eden proudly as he pulls a photograph out of his envelop and slides it across the desk. It is another picture of Superman. He is unconscious, hanging upside down, his cape and arms dangling above the floor suspended by his boots.


Before Evan can react Eden produces two more photos and slides them across the desk. The first picture is of Superman on his knees in an open orange gang box. Eden is standing behind Superman whose hands are behind his back. Superman’s red cape is pulled taut wound around a large hook and knotted holding him erect on his knees in the open steel box. Eden has his hand under Superman’s chin holding his head up towards the camera. Superman hair is sweat soaked and disheveled; he has a dazed vacant look and there is a cruel looking black ball gag inserted deep into his mouth and held in place by leather straps that buckle together behind his neck. The second picture is an overhead view of Superman compressed tightly into the same steel trunk before the lid is closed. He is folded facedown on his knees in the box with his wrists handcuffed tightly together behind his back.


Eden’s eyes meet Evan Frost’s; Eden shrugs his shoulders and says, “I was afraid Superman would wake up and make a fuss so I cuffed his wrists and ankles and then ball gagged him to keep him quiet. With all due respect, I’m here to claim the bounty sir…Evan,” says Eden  


“If this is some sort of college prank kid you’ll be very sorry,” warns Evan.


“This is no prank sir…Evan; why would I lie to you; I don’t have a death wish. I am here in good faith to claim the bounty on Superman – dead or alive – 20 million dollars,” explains Eden. “I have taken considerable risk by going after the bounty. I could have just as easily failed in my attempt and be sitting in county lock up as here chatting with you. Any number of things could have gone wrong – power outage – computer glitch – complete system failure as all this technology…I borrowed…to subdue Superman is cutting edge and far from proven much less reliable; not to mention the fact that Superman is not stupid. Let me ask you this. Have you seen anything in the papers or on TV pertaining to Superman in the last few days?” challenges Eden.


“Actually…no,” concedes Evan as he looks at the photographs again. “But you can understand my skepticism – we are talking about Superman the Man of Steel – super strength – super speed ability to fly – invulnerable,” explains Evan.


“That’s why I waited a few days before I came to you – Superman has not been around!” He’s not been in the news since last Saturday!” declares Eden. “I put him away Sunday morning!”


“How did you manage to do this? How did a college kid bring Superman down?” asks Evan as he looks at the photographs again.


“It’s not a new concept – brains over brawn – mind over muscle. I used science to defeat Superman – chemistry and physics. I could bore you with the Delphinium Theory of Reverse Effects if you had a few hours to listen to the scientific explanation. Or we can cut right to it and make the deal. Either way I have what you want and you have what I want,” remarks Eden as he shows the Boss a final picture. It is a compelling photograph of Superman down on his hands and knees with his head bowed low in submission – soaked in sweat and thoroughly trounced.


“A dream come true,” remarks the Boss as he looks at the picture of the humiliated champion. “Looks like I’m back in business and I have you to thank.”


“Yes; it is a dream come true – for both of us. Superman was good in his day; he had a long run but like everything – sooner or later it comes to an end. It was only a matter of time before he ran across someone like me. I have what you want Mr. Frost – I have a helpless Superman, stripped of his superpowers and locked in a box ready for you to take procession. I’ll even put a big red bow on the box.


“When can I have Superman?” asks Evan.


“Whenever your ready sir…Evan,” offers Eden.


“It will take me a day to get the money together. You know kid – I never thought someone would actually show up to collect the bounty on Superman. He’ll be worth every copper penny of the 20 million. With Superman out of the way I’ll make that 20 million back in no time at all. Do me a favor – keep Superman on ice for me and call me tomorrow night about 9. I’ll have the money put together by then. We can do a wire transfer – cash – your choice. Here’s my card,” says Evan as he drops his card on the photographs.


“I’d be happy to baby sit muscle boy for another day. I think its best to leave Superman right where he is – gagged, cuffed, and locked in the box until we make the exchange…believe me…he’s not going anywhere. As for the funds – I’ve open up an offshore account – you’ll find the account number on this card,” explains Eden as he slides a card across the desk to Eden. “You can have Superman when the money is in the account.”


“I’d like to see Superman first,” counters Evan.


“You’ve seen the goods,” says Eden. “I’m not working alone and I’ve taken precautions,” fibs Eden.


“OKAY…OKAY, relax kid; we’ll transfer the money by laptop. When you are satisfied the money is in your account can hand Superman over to me,” offers Evan.


“Excellent; out of curiosity what are your plans for Superman?” asks Eden. Of course you don’t have to…”


“Not at all; I think I’ll keep Superman alive…for awhile…and extract so long overdue revenge. I’ve a big score to settle with the Man of Steel – and Superman will being paying me back with interest,” promises Evan. “Which brings me to my next point. I’ll need someone to show me and my boys the ropes. I don’t want Superman regaining his superpowers. Are you interested in a – temporary job?” asks Evan.


“Certainly; I’d be happy to show you and your associates how to keep Superman powerless thereby quite helpless. As for the job I’ll throw my expertise in for free – part of the transaction. Actually there is nothing to it – you see, without sunlight Superman is like a dead battery – he’s useless without a jump start – he has no juice – he’s powerless. I drained him completely of power so just make sure you keep Superman in the dark sir…Evan,” explains Eden. “After all I have a vested interest in this too – I don’t want Superman looking me up someday when I’m drinking a frosty Margarita in paradise somewhere. Actually…Superman knows where there is an element that as fate would have it is lethal to him. You boys can either beat the location out of Superman or I can tell you who to threaten to make Superman squeal like a pig. Once I have the element I can fashion you a device that can harness muscle boy permanently; then simply put, he’ll be your…slave…sunlight or no sunlight.


“I like your style kid,” laughs Evan.


Eden rises and offers his hand. “Deal?” asks Eden.


Evan rises and the men shake hands across the desk as Evan replies, “Done.”


Eden smiles and collects all the photographs of Superman and places them back into his manila envelop and pockets Evan’s card. “I call you tomorrow evening sir – Evan. Good morning,” says Eden as he leaves the office.




Wait for Superman Vanquished II


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