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Hi, dear reader.

This post is to comment about an update to the blog.

First, this month the blog was attacked by a lot of spam comments, so I installed a new Anti-spam plugin. This plugin works very well but has only a limited free time usage, so I will have to change to another soon. I already have one in mind. If you have sent a comment and you don’t see it in the blog, two things may have happened: 1) the plugin marks your comment as spam or 2) I have not approved your comment yet. I usually try to approve the comments as soon as I receive them but, some days, because of work, I am not able to do it. On the weekends I have more time, so please wait till next Saturday or Sunday for approval. If your comment is not approved by the weekend, you can send me a message to my email address:  Also, you can contact me via my social media or send me a message by the contact form. Both are on the contact page, the link is in the menu at the top of the blog.

Second topic, yesterday March 19th I had some problems with a plugin. Maybe some of you noted that the blog was not available with the normal content for some time. I have to use a backup copy to restore the blog, but after that I am not sure all is running correctly. The first time I restored, the plugins weren’r restored (I don’t know why) so I had to restore the plugins separately. It looks like it worked. But now that I am making this post I note that my editor for wordpress (Elementor) doesn’t recognize some of the plugins that I use for posting some sections, like: More posts you may like, popular posts, etc. I will try to correct this without needing to restore the blog again.

Third topic, yeasterday at night  I tried to modify something in the blog, maybe you are seeing some changes now, the changes of yesterday I think were the responsable of causing some missing posts and the the homepage and others pages to be unreadable. I think everything is right now. Sorry for the troubles.

Please, if you see a problem related to anything in the blog let me know. I have already checked some things but maybe you see something I don’t.

Best regards.


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