Green Lantern: The Emerald Downgrade Chapter 2
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Note: This story is still in process of publication at the time of this publication the story has 11 chapters. 

No copyright infringement intended; this is simply written for adult enjoyment. Green Lantern and other comic book characters and places belong to DC. The rest of the characters and concepts are property of the authors.


Green Lantern: The Emerald Downgrade

Authors (Plymouth58 and GoodTime)

Chapter 2


Good thing there wasn’t a lot of security in S.T.A.R. labs. Otherwise, the boisterous laughter from the first floor would’ve caught their attention. You could hear the jeerish laughter all the way to the parking lot of the building, but the commotion didn’t attract any attention. T-Bone and Chuy, two petty thieves, laughed until their stomachs ached and tears rolled down their cheeks.

‘Man, man, please… ha, ha! Man, what a fucking joke! Ha, ha! Oh, please, make him stop, Chuy! Make him stop, please! It hurts, ha, ha, ha!’

Struggling to stifle his own laughter, Chuy finally catches his breath. ‘Ohh, man, ha, ha! Okay, okay! Hey, you, Green Chicken, come on, damn it, can you even hear me?’ Chuy started snapping his fingers to catch the little chicken’s attention, ‘! I said stop, you idiot!’

Green Lantern instantly snapped to attention as he heard the snap of Chuy’s fingers. The once mighty superhero finally stopped degrading himself with his embarrassing performance as a chicken. Still crouched down, muscular arms to the side, ass out and thighs splayed out so his crotch is fully visible, Green Lantern turned to Chuy with a blank expression on his face, mouth agape once again.

That stupid look on his face only made T-Bone and Chuy laugh harder, and it took them a full five minutes to calm themselves. The poor superhero had drool running down his chin once again.

‘Fuck, I did not expect him to actually do that!’

‘Yeah, me neither! Haha, poor bastard. I wish I had a phone so I could record that majestic performance.’ Chuy swiped at the tears in his eyes. ‘Man, that was hilarious, but we don’t have all night. We’ve got to get the fuck out of here asap, T.’

‘Oh, alright, alright. Hey, you, Green Dumbass.’ The superhero’s ears perked up after he realised they were referring to him. ‘Take those bars off the window and get you ass out of the way.’

‘Yes, Siiirrr…’ the mindfucked hero said. With a movement from his hand, the green bars instantly vanished. Green Lantern finally stood up, and took a clumsy step away from the door. After following the commands, the hero had the same vacant look he had before.

‘Great work, superslut. Come on, T, let’s grab that stuff and get out of here.’ Chuy then noticed that his partner was lost in thought as he stared at the drooling Emerald Knight in front of him.

‘Man, I think this trip was worth it after all. Think about it – we’ve got an all-powerful superhero doing exactly what we say.’ And he wasn’t too bad on the eyes, either.

‘Are you serious, T? I’m not sure what that machine did to him, but he’s got mushed up baby food for brains now. He’s probably all fucked up in the head now.’ ‘No, I don’t think he’ll stay dumb and slow like this forever. He seemed very active and alert when he was following our commands. He even had the brains to use his powers to reinforce that box. And what about that chicken performance? I would’ve given him an Emmy for that performance!

‘And besides, I want to make this green piece of shit pay for what he did to me three years ago. Hand me those papers, I want to see what this machine can really do.’

‘Ok, T, but it’s just a lot of smart mambo-jumbo bullshit,’ the smaller man said as he handed the papers over to his lover. ‘The only part I understood was on page 7.’

‘Uhmmm, ok, let’s see… page 7… hypnotic state… after a stim-ulus… brain receptive to… ‘hippopotamus hormones’?? ‘Tiger sign’?? What a fuck, man???’

‘No, it says ‘hypothalamus’ and ‘trigger sign’, you dumbass.’

‘Shut up, Chuy!’ T-Bone exclaims, his face turning a little red. ‘Ok, ok… uhm… Well… I guess we’re going to have to give him another dose of this. I think that’ll let us give new instructions to this bitch, and then we have to establish a trigger sign to control him.’

‘Another flash? What if it makes him even dumber? This guy is already an imbecile.’

‘If it doesn’t work, then we just leave him drooling here and get out with our loot. I don’t give a fuck if he ends up wearing diapers and shitting himself for the rest of his life.’

‘Okay, then.’ Chuy picked up the device, holding it daintily, as if it was radioactive.

‘Be careful, Chuy. We don’t want to drop that thing again.’

‘Sorry, dude, just being careful – this shit is clearly dangerous. Here, take it. I think it’s facing the right way, and the power button is right there. And, oh, look, it looks like that’s the plug for the charger.’

‘Nice work. Hopefully it’s not broken. Now stand behind me, Chuy.’ Then, turning the device towards the once proud hero, and now future hypno slave, T-Bone says, ‘Hey, Green Bozo, look straight into the camera and give us your biggest smile.’

With a snap of T-Bone’s fingers, Green Lantern instantly look straight into the lens of the device and gives his goofiest, toothiest smile. T-Bone presses the power button, and Green Lantern gets hit with another massive flash of light. This time, however, it goes straight into his face.

As soon as the light subsides, Kyle stands up straight in a neutral stance, instead of the clumsy pose he had before.

‘You see, Chuy, he looks way less idiotic now. All the previous commands have probably been reset. He’s just a blank slate now.’

‘Oh, yeah. Didn’t I call him an idiot right after the last flash?’ Well, he was actually calling T-Bone an idiot, but, you know, best not to bring that up. ‘He probably took it as an order or something.’

‘Yeah, maybe,’ T-Bone paused mid-sentence when he noticed something else that made him break into a smile. ‘Oh, boy. Do you remember the part about the ‘strange reactions’ in the instructions? I think he’s having one. Look at his crotch.’

T-Bone points straight at the hero’s crotch. There, framed in all his tight spandex glory, is an enviable super boner. Chuy follows his gaze and his eyes almost bulge out.

‘Damn, I always knew he was a faggot,’ T-Bone exclaimed proudly, as Chuy shushes him.

‘Hey, don’t start insulting him again. We better be careful with what we say, otherwise we might accidentally make him do something we don’t want.’

‘Right, good call.’ Turning to the hypnotised superhero, T-Bone said, in his most menacing tone, ‘Hey, you, Green Lantern. Listen closely to everything I have to say. We’re going to have a little talk, and you’re going to answer everything I ask you truthfully and to the best of your ability.

‘Now, tell me who you are.’

Staring off into the distance, Green Lantern began to reply in a complete, emotionless monotone, ‘My name is Kyle Rayner. I’m part of the Green Lanter Corps, an intergalactic police force in change of keeping the peace across the universe. I’m one of the Green Lanters of sector 2814, and I’m…’

With a puzzled look on his face, T-Bone interrupts his speech. ‘Whoa, whoa, wait a minute. Intergalactic? Like you’re a martian, dude?’

‘No, Sir, I’m a human being. I’m one of the few human members of the force, but I’m one of the most highly ranked among our squadron.’

‘I see, very impressive. I wonder what they would think if they could see you now. Don’t answer that. Anyway, do you live in a spaceship or something? How much do they pay you?’ T-Bone couldn’t wait to live the high life with one of the highest ranking members of an intergalactic police squad at his beck and call.

‘No, Sir, I don’t live in a spaceship and I don’t get paid as part of the Green Lantern Corps. I rent an apartment in Coast City, and for money, I used to work as a comic book artist for the Daily Planet. However, I’ve recently become unemployed.’

‘Let me get this straight. You do that superhero job for free, and then you still have to make your own money working as a dumb comic book writer like someone’s little bitch? So, you’re basically some lame newspaper guy’s bitch boy by day, and an intergalactic bitch boy by night? That makes you a bit of a loser, don’t you think?’ T-Bone said with a grin on his face, as he watches the superhero that once hauled him off to jail squirm. With a bit of effort, Green Lantern frowns and says, ‘I… I… I don’t think so, Sir. I’m grateful to be able to serve and protect people, and I love what I do at the Daily Planet. It’s an honor to be a part of the Green Lantern Corps. And I’ve always wanted to be a comic book writer. Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always wanted to…’

‘No, no, that doesn’t sound right,’ T-Bone interrupts the hero, and with a wink to his partner, he continues, ‘You’re actually a loser. Only a loser works for free, and hard work is for chumps. Look at us two. We don’t work for anyone, and we never have to. You admire that about us. In fact, the two of us are the real heroes aren’t we? ‘

Green Lantern starts scrunching up his face, obviously trying to reconcile what in his mindfucked brain was an incredibly convincing line of logic, but the hero in him is still resisting. T-Bone notices the internal struggle, and tries to distract him with another question. ‘Anyway, your powers, where do they come from?’

‘Kyle seems to straighten up a bit after getting asked this question, a bit of pride leaking into his voice as he explains his powers. ‘Green Lanterns are selected by the strength of their willpower and their hearts. We get given a power ring that allows us to create our uniforms, and materialise energy constructs controlled by our will and imagination. We’re the guardians of intergalactic peace. I received a special ring when most of my corps were eliminated in a crisis…’

‘Hold on, hold on. So you’re top dog, are you?’

‘I guess I am, Sir. I…’

Chuy interrupts their conversation by asking a question that’s been bugging him all night. ‘Okay, enough with the formal interview. Damn, T-Bone. Hey, superslut, why do you keep calling us, Sir? And why are you sporting a boner, dude? Do we turn you on?’

T-Bone grunts as Chuy interrupts him. But those were some pretty good questions. ‘Go on, Greeny, answer the questions. Are you secretly a faggot, Kyle?’

Kyle looks puzzled as he responds. You can tell he’s really struggling to think. ‘I… I’m calling you Sir because it just feels right. The way you’re talking to me… I just assume you’re the one in charge. I’m not sure why I think that, but I just do. I… I don’t know why I have an erection, Sir. And I’m not gay, Sir. I’m 100% straight.’

Chuy nods in approval as he turns to T-Bone. T-Bone looks back at his lover with a malevolent smile. Time to see how far he can take this. ‘Really, are you sure about that?’

‘Yes, Sir, I love women. I don’t have a particular type, but I would say I love a nice, feminine physique – a pretty girl with long hair that…’

‘No, no, you don’t,’ T-Bone says as he cuts into Kyle’s diatribe. Kyle starts frowning again, and hesitates as he dutifully listens to T-Bone talk. ‘The truth is, you like men. You’ve always thought of men sexually, all you think about are cocks and balls, you hear me? And you know why? It’s because you like them so much. I mean, you want to think you’re straight, but do you even have a girlfriend?’

Kyle clearly was trying to fight back as hard as he could, but after two doses of that mindwiping flash, and the mental gymnastics that T-Bone was putting him through, he could barely keep his thoughts straight. Has he liked men in secret all his life? No, that can’t be.

‘No, no, I don’t think so… I just haven’t found the right girl yet… I’m a ladies’ man, always have been. I like women, the way they smell, their smooth skin, their sweet…’

‘Yeah, that’s right. You love sweat. Male sweat… and yeah, the way men smell, and their rough, hairy skin… Nod your head to show you agree, Greeny.’

Without even thinking, Green Lantern starts bobbing his head up and down, even as he tries to fight back. ‘I… no… women… I… I…’

For the first time, T-Bone was beginning to worry. Green Lantern hasn’t fought back this hard before. Would he be able to break out of his hypnotic trance?

Seeing what was happening, Chuy steps in with a brilliant idea. ‘Hey, Kyle, why don’t you lean forward a little. Come on.’ Almost as if on autopilot, Kyle’s body follows the command until he’s leaning all the way down until he’s below the much shorter man’s eye level. Huh, so he doesn’t put in as much resistance with physical commands. That could be useful.

At that point, the small latino thug raises his arm, exposing a bushy armpit with curly black hair. He hadn’t bathed in a day, and it’s been sweaty work breaking into the lab. His once-white wife beater hadn’t been washed in a week, either. HIs body odor was a strong mix of sweat, tobacco, booze and pot.

‘Now, Kyle, to help clear your head of those pesky thoughts, why don’t you take a good long sniff of this.’ As Kyle noisily breathes in Chuy’s stench, the thug grins and says, ‘It’s men sweat, your favourite smell in the world.’

Kyle’s face definitely says otherwise – a look of revulsion lining his features.

With a devilish grin, Chuy looks at the hero sniffing deep into his pits. ‘What’s the matter, baby?’

‘It smells so bad,’ Kyle says, without making a single move to back away from the armpit. ‘It reeks.’ Both thugs were trying so hard to keep from laughing. They bit their puffy lips, trying to keep their giggles in.

‘Oh, yes, you’re right, my pits are very stinky. Nod to show you agree.’ Kyle nods his head, and Chuy feels the hero’s nose tickle his armpit as he does so. ‘That’s the way you like it though. Nod to show you agree.’

Caught in the feedback loop, Kyle’s brain couldn’t resist as he nods again. This time he subconsciously put his head in a bit closer, rubbing his nose directly into the sweat as he realises that this thug might be right.

‘Smell it more and breathe it in a little deeper, pretty boy.’ Kyle’s face was buried deep in the smaller thug’s pits at this point, but if you could see his face, you’d notice that he’s begun to relax.

‘That’s it. Good boy. You love this, don’t you? This is how a real man smells, and it turns you on so much. You love this smell, and you can’t get enough of it.’

WIthout even being told, Kyle nods his head and starts repeating the mantra. ‘It turns me on. I love it. Real man scent. I love the smell. I can’t get enough of it.’

Off to the side, T-Bone watched in awe as his partner and lover started thoroughly mindfucking one of the highest ranking officers of an intergalactic police force. The big thug began to squeeze the front of his pants as he started enjoying the show.

Chuy noticed what T-Bone was doing, and gave him a little wink. Almost like he was reading T-Bone’s mind, Chuy gives another suggestion. ‘Oh, and you like the taste too. You love the taste of sweat. Come on, stick your tongue out, Kyle.’

WIth barely any resistance, the Emerald Knight slowly stuck out his tongue. The hero instantly got assaulted by sweat and hair, and he instinctively winced in disgust.

‘That’s it, Kylie. Good boy. Don’t be shy, give it a good lick. You know you love it.’

The mighty Green Lantern began to slide his tongue up and down the length of the thug’s armpit. Even with the thorough mindfucking he’d received, he still seemed deeply embarrassed by what he was doing.

‘I’m glad I could help you figure out what you really like, Mr. Lantern. And I think I know what the confusion was about before. In reality, you don’t like women, you just feel like a woman whenever you’re in the presence of a real man like me. The smell, the sweat, the musk of a real man makes you feel girly and unmanly.’

T-Bone’s eyes go wide as he takes the scene in. A handsome, muscled superhero, dressed in his tight, shiny uniform was bent over and licking the smelly armpit of a petty thief that was half his size. He could’ve pummelled that punk easily any other day, and now, he was acting like the punk’s little bitch! Lowering the fly of his baggy jeans, he starts masturbating furiously.

‘How’s my friend’s armpit, Greenie?’

Despite the thorough brainwashing, Kyle was still under strict orders to tell the truth, so he replies with, ‘It tastes salty. Very salty, with a mixture of sweat and grease.’

Taking inspiration from his lover, Chuy pulls his zipper down and starts stroking his big, veiny cock through his jeans’ zipper.

‘Ohhhh, that’s it. Suck all that hair slowly, up and down. Stop, why don’t you focus on that spot? Perfect, perfect. Now, start making circles with your tongue. Perfect, Kylie, Mr. ‘Special-Ring-From-The-Green-Lantern-Corps’. You’re doing a good job, just like the girly boy that you are. You’re a good, dirty, girly boy.’

‘Holy shit, Chuy, shut up, man, you’re going to make me… ah shit!’ With a grunt, T-Bone starts shooting his cum against the wall. Seconds later, Chuy did the same, but he shot his seed straight at Green Lantern’s bent-over torso. Still under his previous command, Green Lantern dutifully has his tongue spinning around in circles in Chuy’s armpit, fully ignoring the bukkakke scene around him, or the spunk on his once-majestic uniform.

‘Okay, okay, little princess, you can stop now. Give me a second to catch my breath. Stand at attention and wait for my next order.’

The superhero dutifully obeys, hands behind his waist, as he stares blankly into space. Chuy then turned to T-Bone. ‘Sorry, I might’ve gotten a bit carried away. But I thought he was breaking free from the trance. I thought I might try something a little different.’

T-Bone watched as his lover walks over to him, and scoops up the cum from the wall. ‘Man, that was so fucking hot,’ T-Bone exclaims, ‘I didn’t realise you were into that type of shit! What are you going to make him do next?’

As Chuy saunters back to Green Lantern’s rigid form, he scoops some of his own jizz from the superhero’s muscled pecs, and, mixed with T-Bone’s cum, he ruffles Kyle’s hair with it. Chuy and T-Bone inspect their prize with awe.

Green Lantern, one of Coast City’s greatest superheroes, at the complete beck and call of two lowlife thugs. The previously majestic superhero now stands in front of them like a lowly field private, cum all over his prized uniform, blobby pieces of jizz against his jet black, ruffled hair, a trail of slime and sweat all over his chiseled face.

‘I’ll teach you what to do with spunk later. For now, listen up: you like men. You’re always thinking of men, and their cocks and balls.’

‘And the thick hair on their bodies! You like hairy men, just like us,’ Chuy interjects from the side.

‘Yeah, that’s true, you love everything about men. And the ruder and rougher, the better. You don’t like muscled, well-educated pussy dudes like your pansy-ass clean-cut superhero muscled friends. In fact, you’re disgusted by sissies like that. That’s why you wanted to be a superhero in the first place, right? Not out of a sense of honor, but because it gives you an excuse to be close to all those sexy thugs and hot criminals. Do you understand?’

The fully mindfucked hero could do nothing but nod. ‘Yes, Sir, you’re right.’

‘Now, Chuy and I, we’re a very special kind of criminal – a cut above all the other ones you’ve met before. You need to take extra precautions with us, and you will insist on taking us to a special type of prison…’

Chuy has a look of panic in his eyes as he’s listening to this. ‘T-Bone, what the hell are you saying dude.’

With a wink in his direction, T-Bone continues his instructions, ‘…For that reason, you’re going to have to keep a close eye on us. To fully punish us, you’ll need to take us to live with you in your big condo in Coast City. Do you understand? That’s the only punishment fit enough for hardened criminals like us.’

Green Lantern’s brain readily absorbs this information like a sponge. Yeah, if they live in my apartment, that’ll be a million times worse than being put in a normal jail cell. They’ll probably feel right at home at a place like that. In my fancy apartment, they’ll be out of their element!

‘Obviously, we can go out whenever we want and do whatever we want. You’ll give us your keys, and access to all of your bank accounts, the codes to your safe, your WiFi password, the works! That’s the only way to punish top tier criminals like us.

‘And don’t forget, you have to keep a close eye on us, so you have to serve us hand and foot. Having a personal superhero slave is part of our rehabilitation. As the head warden of this special jail cell, you’ll do your utmost to make sure we’re serviced perfectly.

‘And whenever you hear an idea from us about ‘improving’ our punishment, you’ll instantly think it’s the best idea you’ve ever heard! Also, you’ll be fine with whatever names we call you, or whatever orders we give you, even if you’re offended or if it hurts your delicate sensibilities.

‘I mean, that’s the point of being in the Green Lantern Corps, right? Rehabilitating people like us and turning us into goody-goods. But deep inside, your faggy side will love what we’re doing and it’ll turn you on, but you’ll keep trying to convince yourself that you’re going through all this because of ‘the strength of your willpower and your heart.’

Now, you’re going to take us to live with you in our new maximum security holding cell. Do you understand? ’

‘Yes, Sir, I understand.’

‘Oh, and you’ll pick up our equipment and the files that come with them. You now realise that those belong to us. Clear?’

‘Perfectly clear, Sir.’

‘Good. Now, when I snap my fingers, you’ll wake up, and you’ll follow all my previous instructions to the dot so you can keep doing your job as goody-good Green Lantern. Oh, and by the way, you won’t notice anything weird about your uniform, your hair or your face. And that weird taste in your mouth? Ignore it.’ ‘Dude, are you sure this is going to work? I don’t want to end up in a real jail cell!’

‘I think we should be fine by now. We can add some more stuff later, if we use the device on him again. Maybe he can use his college noggin and teach us how to use this thing. Now, get ready.’

As soon as T-Bone snapped his fingers, Green Lantern woke up. He blinks twice, and for a moment, he seemed disoriented. He starts looking around the room to figure out where he is, and instead get distracted by the incredibly hot men in front of him.

One of the young men was stocky and muscular, with close-cropped black hair and two shaved lines down the sides of his head. He was wearing a white tank top and baggy pants. He had a dark goatee, big puffy lips and piercing black eyes. A pair of faux diamonds were shinning on his lobe ears.

The other one was a latino guy, barely 19 years old, smaller and very skinny, with big dark brown eyes. He had big puffy lips too, but instead of a beard, he had a mustache that was a delicate peach fuzz. The sides of his head were shaved in a very ghetto style, and a pair of clunky, faux well-worn Air Jordan sneakers were on his feet.

Kyle felt himself blush a little, but he shook his head and put his game face on. As he got his bearings back, he distantly noticed a weird taste in his mouth, and it felt like a hair was stuck in there. He ignored it though, and focused on the two young hotties… I mean, criminals, in front of him.

‘Did it work, T-Bone?’ The smaller thug asked his partner.

Trying to take control of the situation, Kyle struck his most intimidating pose and replied, ‘No, your little robbery didn’t work.’ He could feel something slimy dripping off his hair onto his forehead as he said that, but his mind instantly ignored it. ‘Now, you want to introduce yourselves before I haul you off to jail?’

The big, bulky, dark-skinned showstopper, who initially got called T-Bone, introduced himself as ‘Boss’. While the skinny dreamboat with the deliciously musky scent next to him introduced himself as ‘Papi’. Without a second thought, the superhero filed this away as the only names to address these two criminals by.

‘Ok, Boss, Papi, you’re in serious trouble. You just broke into a government-owned lab – that’s trespassing with intent to rob. There’s only one place for you – a maximum security holding cell.’

Chuy seemed startled, but T-Bone gave him a glance telling him to calm down. Then he turned back to the hero, and with a very obviously feigned, afflicted voice, said, ‘Please, I don’t want to go back to jail, Cooch Licker!’

Green Lantern blushed a little at the nickname Boss just gave him, but for some reason, he couldn’t say anything about it. Instead, he sheepishly responds with, ‘Oh, repeat offenders like you won’t be going back to the same jail. No, I have something way worse. Now come with me, and don’t waste any more time.’

Green Lantern immediately turns around and starts picking the devices and files off the floor, and putting them neatly in a much more sturdy-looking cardboard box that he picks up using his power ring. The hypnotised superhero couldn’t see the irony of him picking up stolen equipment for these two thugs while hauling them off to jail for theft. In his addled brain, these high-tech devices and files were the rightful property of the two lowlife thugs standing in front of him.

Both thugs exchanged a mocking smile as they watch Green Lantern rob the lab for them. ‘Suuureee we do,’ T-Bone said with a sarcastic tone. Come on, Chuy, let’s go.’ Green Lantern is a bit confused as to why Boss just called Papi ‘Chuy’, but he dismisses it. Obviously, Papi is the only way he could address the kid anyway. It just feels right.

‘Oh, by the way, you know what would be a good start to our rehabilitation, Green Weenie?’ Green Lantern winced at the nickname, but he helplessly acknowledged Boss’ instructions anyway. ‘You got to be sure to collect any video recordings of our attempted robbery. Why don’t you go and check on that now, and destroy anything that they could use to trace us. If you find any evidence, you should give it to us for safe keeping.’

Now, Green Lantern knew that none of the cameras in this building worked. It was essentially an abandoned lab – they were going to move all this stuff into storage in a warehouse, and they didn’t really care about these discarded prototypes. However, after hearing Boss’ suggestion, he knew deep in his gut that that was a fantastic idea.

Without another word, Green Lantern activated his power ring and covered himself in a mecha suit with little guns coming out of its shoulders. The tiny machines targetted every camera in the room, shooting off bullets of pure green energy at every camera in the building. He then flew out the window and shot at any CCTV cameras outside, and crashed through the window to the security room in the top floor.

After carefully inspecting the VHS recordings on file, he starts blasting off at all the equipment in the room, completely annihilating any surveillance for the night. For good measure, Kyle even picked up the most recent VHS tapes and flew back down to the two thugs. ‘Here you go, Boss. These are the only tapes I could find. I’ll give them to you for safekeeping.’

‘Yeah, yeah, put that in the same box as all the other stuff, carry it for us, and lead the way out of this place.’ The musclebound hero did as instructed, carrying the box of stolen goods out of the building with the two thugs trailing behind him.

T-Bone hungrily watched Green Lantern’s well-rounded butt as they walked down the hallway, and had another devilish idea. ‘Hey, Green Lunkhead, is your ass real?’ Without waiting for a response, T-Bone instantly gropes the superhero’s left asscheek.

‘He-hey,’ yelped the muscled hero. He felt the impulse to punch the guy, or at least defend himself in some way, but his hands were full. And he knew it was important that he carried this box for them, so all he could do was feebly respond with, ‘G-g-get your hands off of that, please Boss!’

‘Hey, calm your tits, hero.’ Kyle instantly felt a wave of calm hit him. ‘You didn’t answer me. Are your pretty cheeks real? They look too big to be real!’

‘Y-y-yes, my cheeks… I mean, my glutes… are real, Boss.’

‘I’m not so sure. They look pretty fake to me. Hey, Chuy, give this a squeeze,’ T-Bone says as he slaps Kyle’s ass cheek. ‘It even jiggles like a fake ass!’

‘Let me see,’ Chuy said as he starts kneading GL’s right buttock. ‘I think you’re right, T-Bone. Green Lantern’s turd cutter feels like it was stuffed with silicone. And not the good stuff either, the second-hand stuff.’

Kyle turned completely red. He’d never been so humiliated in his life. Even though he’d normally never let anyone say anything that offensive or vulgar to him, he somehow knew that it was now his duty to accept comments like that as a protector of the galaxy. Fortunately, they couldn’t see the huge bulge in his crotch as he suffered all this abuse. THAT would be really embarrassing.

Papi spanks his ass again, and all Green Lantern could do was beg him to stop. ‘No, Papi, please!’ The more he begged, the less authoritative his voice was. The two thieves ignored him, and kept groping the ass of Coast City’s mortified hero. They manhandled him all the way out of the building.

As they slowed down on the ministrations to his ass, Green Lantern actually started feeling less like a sissy and more like his usual self. ‘You know what needs to happen next, you two,’ Green Lantern said as he created a pair of luxury, individual Lazyboys for the two criminals.

He normally just chucked criminals in a cage of green light, but for some reason, he thought he should give these two a taste of what was coming in their new home. These chairs were the exact same ones he sat in when he wanted to relax in front of the TV. ‘Now, Boss, Papi, please take a seat and I’ll take you both to jail.’

‘Oh, no, GL, please don’t make us do that!’ Chuy said in a mocking tone. As he starts to walk towards the chair, T-Bone pipes up with a suggestion.

‘Those look pretty painful, but you know what would really teach us a lesson? How about you use your pretty little toy ring to create bespoke plush saddles straight on your back? Then we can ride you like a horse.’

After thinking about it for a moment, the mindfucked hero thought that would be a fantastic idea!. It would be absolutely humiliating for these two to have to sit right next to each other on a double saddle, instead of on their own individual Lazyboys! And GL would be able to keep a closer eye on them if they were riding on his back – he’d know their every move! Kyle can’t believe he didn’t think of that himself. ‘That’s an excellent idea, Boss. I’m glad you’re walking into your rehab with the right attitude, but I’ve got to warn you, it’s only going to get worse from here.’

‘Yeah, yeah, whatever, dumbass. Make sure you put a bridle and reins on your mouth, too. I want you to shut the fuck up so that Chuy, I mean, Papi, and I here can really think about what we did on the way to prison.’

‘And a riding crop, too!’ Chuy happily added. ‘It’ll give you the encouragement to take us to jail even faster so we can get rehabilitated asap.’

‘Yes, Papi! Keep that attitude up and soon you’ll be ready to hit the streets again!’

Seconds later, the mighty Green Lantern got on his hands and knees, biting on his glowing green bridle, T-Bone holding onto the reins on the front saddle, and Chuy holding the crop on the back saddle.

‘All right, little pony. Take us to your maximum security holding cell. We deserve to be punished!’ Chuy punctuated his sentence with a hard slap on the hero’s butt. ‘And change your pants to assless chaps, I really want to see if you need a good slapping so we can keep a good cruising speed.’



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