Green Lantern: The Emerald Downgrade Chapter 3
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Note: This story is still in process of publication at the time of this publication the story has 11 chapters.  

No copyright infringement intended; this is simply written for adult enjoyment. Green Lantern and other comic book characters and places belong to DC. The rest of the characters and concepts are property of the authors.


Green Lantern: The Emerald Downgrade

Authors (Plymouth58 and GoodTime)

Chapter 3


‘Cool. I like it,’ said T-Bone with a big smile. He was pretty excited as he looked at his new place. He wanted some alone time with Chuy after such a long day, so as soon as he hopped off Kyle Rayner’s back, he immediately sent him off to do some errands.

Kyle Rayner actually had a pretty decent place. At least, it was better than any place T-one had ever lived in before. Kyle wasn’t a pretentious dude, and he wasn’t the biggest fan of interior design, but some of his artistic ability definitely shone through in his decor. The place was clean and minimalistic, dominated by neutral colors. There were abstract paintings hanging on the walls, along with framed photos and awards from art and design competitions.

Honestly, this wasn’t really Chuy’s style. ‘It looks pretty boring to me, but it’s nothing we can’t fix up.’

Still on a high from this big win, T-Bone excitedly asks Chuy if he wanted to take a look around.

‘Hey, Tyron, wait, man…’

T-Bone raised an eyebrow. Chuy only called him by his full name when he was really angry. Well, two things really. When he’s really angry and when he’s…

He turned to the sound of Chuy’s big belt buckle dropping onto the floor. His wife beater had already been chucked off to the side, and his faux diamond nipple rings were in full display. The rhinestones reflected the light in fierce flashes, which looked tantalizing in contrast with Chuy’s dark, bronze skin. It made his boyfriend look like a two-dollar hooker. And T-Bone loved it.

‘I’ve been honry as fuck since you started mindfucking Dick Lantern in the lab. I know it sounds weird, but…’

The last thing to go was Chuy’s baggy jeans. He dropped them mid-sentence. His fully erect cock had already made a big wet spot on his yellowing jockstrap.

T-Bone approached him and began kissing him tenderly. Among the long list of lovers, male and female, Chuy was easily the most passionate. The small Latino loved sex in all its forms, almost as much as Tyron did, which meant they had a vigorous sex life. There were no shyness and reservations here.

But, today, Chuy pushed his body against T-Bone with a hunger and aggressiveness that he’d never experienced before. It was like he was trying to merge their bodies. Chuy’s tongue slipped past T-Bone’s lips, thrashing like an eel out of water, exploring every nook of his mouth.

His left hand was desperately trying to unbuckle Tyron’s belt, while his right hand caressed T-Bone’s back. T-Bone could feel Chuy clenching and squeezing the well-developed muscles in his back.

As soon as Chuy got the belt undone, he slid to his knees and pulled T-Bone’s pants and jockstrap down in one smooth motion. He took a big whiff of his lover’s crotch, and began licking with abandon.

‘Oh, baby! Oh, fuck!’ T-Bone moaned, gently massaging Chuy’s shoulders as Chuy focused intently on engulfing Tyron’s big fat cock in his eager mouth. T-Bone was lost in ecstasy, moaning lewdly to Chuy’s ministrations, when he felt Chuy get off his cock with a loud pop.

Before he could protest, Chuy pushed him onto a sofa. It was soft and comfortable, and the color of oatmeal. He was excited to break it in, and maybe leave some stains on it for good old Kyle to clean up. A second later, the small skinny Latino was sliding down on Tyron’s painfully erect penis.

‘You know the drill, baby. I want to ride you as hard as I can, so try and push me off.’ He gave T-Bone’s cock a squeeze using his inner muscles, prompting the bigger man to thrust violently up and down with his pelvis.

‘Fuck yeahh, ride my cock! Ride my big fat cock, you fucking faggot!’

’Holy shit, Tyron! Give me more, fuck me harder, cabrón!!’

Meanwhile, Kyle Rayner, the mighty Emerald Knight of the Green Lantern Corps, was walking back to his apartment. His arms carried a couple of plastic bags filled with purchases that he was commanded to buy by his new tenants.

Kyle didn’t see it that way, of course. The thugs had completely brainwashed him into believing that he held them both in a “correctional facility”, but really, they were living rent-free in his apartment. They even made him think that, as an intergalactic officer of the law, he was doing his sworn duty by being at their beck and call, including doing errands for them!

To induct them into their new life “in jail”, Kyle was instructed to buy bottles of tequila, whiskey and rum; six packs of all their favourite beer brands; a dozen packs of cigarettes; and a big bag of snacks and chasers. He paid for all of this with his own money, of course.

And, sure, his initial instinct was to keep a close eye on the two and have all these things delivered through an app, but after a quick conversation with his inmates, he realized that he had to do these errands personally. He was a Green Lantern! His determination and willingness to go above and beyond is what made him famous among other heroes. The only way to do this job right is to do everything himself, “like a little bitch boy servant” as Boss had said. That’s the only way those two criminals could see he meant business, and his strict regimen is the only way criminals of their ilk could be reformed and reintroduced to society.

Kyle had to duck out into a seedy neighborhood to pick up one of T-Bone’s packages. ‘He’s a good friend, very honest,’ T-Bone reassured Kyle. ‘He’s going to give you a big pack covered in plastic, and you’ll hand him $300. It’s just a little something from my time in jail.’ This all sounded pretty suspicious to Kyle, but before he could protest, T-Bone beat him to it. ‘You’re going to think that it’s just a bar of soap and other toiletries. You’re not going to ask him any questions, just go and pick up my pack. And don’t be cheap, Bozo. Give him a juicy tip.’

Something didn’t sit quite right with Kyle about this, but all rational thought left his mind when he saw T-Bone’s friend.

The dude’s skin was pale and covered with freckles, and he had the most delicious set of buck teeth sticking out of his mouth. His stringy, short red hair, and silver septum piercing completed the look. Kyle fought the urge to lick his lips as he tore his eyes away from the kid’s face, and gawked at the rest of the package. The kid was wearing a ratty t-shirt with the word ‘Barf’ printed in green letters; frayed gray pants with a couple of stains on them; and heavy, dirty black boots that stopped just below his calves.

Normally, Kyle would think this guy was a loser. But under his newly fucked worldview, he thought guys drove him crazy… or rather, they would, if Kyle was gay. That inner conflict was there courtesy of the two thugs – they wanted Kyle to constantly torture himself, turning him from a confident, straight man, to a perpetually conflicted, closeted gay man.

The dealer, Roy, immediately noticed the adorable look in Kyle’s bright green eyes, and the shameless tent in his pants. (Another one of the post-hypnotic suggestions – Kyle could never try to hide his boners.) Roy had a lot of experience with closeted men. He loved seeing what he could get them to do, and Kyle was acting like his usual target: someone with an uneasy mix of nervousness, anxiety, guilt, joy and deep sadness.

Roy had learned how to use that to his advantage. After Roy made the deal, he got a $100 bill from Kyle (as expected), and instead of showing any gratitude or excitement, Roy just said, ‘Thank you, pretty boy,’ with a deadpan face. He was smiling on the inside, though. He knew how to recognise a potentially loyal client.

Kyle reacted just like all of Roy’s other victims. First, shocked disbelief at the aloofness. Then a nervous smile, a rushed thanks, and a fast escape. They were all the same. This kid will be calling him for another order in no time, in a pathetic attempt to see him again. They choose him among the other dealers of the city, not for the quality of his product, but for the hope to hear a few kind words, or a bit of special attention. He could see it in the way the green eyed stud’s eyes lit up at being called “pretty boy” by another man. Shit, the guy had seemed about to cream his pants.

It’s always the confident and strong looking guys that were desperate for attention. He’d have him giggling like a schoolgirl at a concert in no time. If T-Bone wasn’t going to make him his boytoy, Roy might consider having a bit of fun with him in the future.

Unbeknownst to Kyle, his mind was dangerously close to its breaking point. If the creators of the device knew what T-Bone and Chuy were doing with it, they would have been horrified. A single flash from the device was enough to take down the brain’s natural defenses, making the subject susceptible to newly introduced information.

In the lab, they had massive success with that kind of stuff. But the suggestions given were brief and concise, in a controlled, quiet environment. They even noted that additional sensory stimuli could sometimes help reinforce the new information given to the subjects.

But giving a single person two flashes in a row, in such a short timeframe, would leave anyone not only open to receiving information, but to his entire mind and personality being remolded to the core.

In this case, it wasn’t just like Green Lantern’s brain had been stripped of any blocks to learning. There was too much exposure to the device. He was given the vague, confusing, irrational and decidedly insane instructions, with all kinds of aggressive stimuli. He had been insulted, ridiculed, called names, and be forced to reimagine his past, along with being instructed to debase himself in front of criminal scum, acting like a chicken, then licking the armpits of another man. He was used like a toy, and now he’s allowed himself to be reduced to a servant.

Obviously, Kyle’s life as a superhero was not exempt from trauma, but at least his brain had all its natural defenses up. Now, in its weakened state, his brain was trying to absorb a completely reimagined version of himself that was in conflict with his previous mindsets, memories and behaviour.

A subconscious part of him was screaming that something was horribly wrong, and that he was being defeated in a way that supervillains like Parallax hadn’t done. His conscious mind, however, was happily clouded with doctored memories of all the hot, sexy men he had seen today… and he couldn’t even admit to himself that he found them hot! Because he was straight… right? But why did he have a massive boner? The urge to touch it was killing him.

He was still around the corner from his apartment when he heard the ruckus inside. There were heavy thumps, slamming against the wall, and loud yelps. Was his house being robbed? Or worse, was somebody trying to help his prisoners escape? Kyle instantly drops everything his carrying, and springs into action.

Using his power ring, Kyle Rayner quickly turned into his superhero persona. His power ring turned his normal clothes into the majestic green of the Lantern Corps, with his uniform clinging tightly against every muscle in his body. It felt tighter than it normally did, especially across his crotch and ass, but he didn’t have time to think about that now.

Fortunately, the side apartments were empty so he didn’t have to think of any innocent civilians getting caught in the crossfire. Based off what he was hearing, there had to be four, maybe five people inside. That’s some pretty terrible odds… for the criminals.

He flung the door open, and in his most authoritative voice, he yells out, ‘Everybody freeze!’ He was the one frozen in place when he saw what was happening in his apartment – his two captives were naked, glistening with sweat, and having rampant sex on his brand new couch!

Kyle stood baffled at the door, and the normally confident hero tried to take control of the situation, but he couldn’t find the words to say. He was partially embarrassed, but the overwhelming feeling was confusion mixed with a bit of guilt.

Part of him knew that he should be furious, but he couldn’t quite put his finger as to why. He existed to serve his prisoners, so they could do whatever they wanted, even if it meant defiling his couch. Heck, they could be pissing on it if that’s what would help them get rehabilitated.

Another part of him wondered why his penis was so achingly hard. His boner stuck straight out the front of his spandex uniform like a pole. The pain was unbearable, and he longed to touch himself… but he was straight, damn it! But the smell of sweat and sex that filled his nostrils was so intoxicating. Without realizing it, his hand slid down his torso to his crotch, as he rubbed his hard dick through his uniform.

‘Hey, Kyle, you’re back!’ T-Bone’s voice snaps Kyle out of his reverie. He had a wicked smile on his face, and he didn’t break eye contact with Kyle as he fucked Chuy without breaking his stride. ‘Chuy, look, our big brave hero is back from his errands.’

The smaller man turned lazily, clearly lost in bliss. His half-lidded eyes were dazed and wet, and his mouth was hanging open. He babbled something unintelligible to hero, as he tried to match the pace of his lover’s hips.

‘Hey, Rayner- oh-oh, yes!- I know you love watching this shit – Ohh, fuck! You can sit next to us and stroke your tiny weenie if you want! Fu-u-u-u-u-ck, Chuy!!’ T-Bone said with a grin.

Chuy moaned and sporadically let out a couple of loud yelps as T-Bone began to move his pelvis even more violently. He was lifting his ass clear off the sofa with each thrust. You could hear the sofa creaking in protest, and you could swear the couch was starting to sink, but the couple didn’t slow their pace.

Kyle was still completely shell-shocked, but his hands seem to have a mind of his own. T-Bone thought this was the perfect opportunity to fuck with the hero some more.

‘Come on, you pansy-assed fuck, don’t be shy – ho-o-o- oly shiiitt! We won’t- oh, fuck! – We won’t tell anybody that the heroic Green Lantern is a fucking fruit!’

That’s all the encouragement Kyle needed. WIth a mix of guilt and relief, Kyle inched closer to the thugs. Without taking his eyes off them, he began to masturbate through his uniform in earnest, the fabric seeming to move in time with his stroking without any chafing or discomfort. The pleasure was overwhelming, but Kyle’s face was red as a tomato and his expression was one of anguish.

With a smile of victory, T-Bone turned away from the superhero and focused on focusing his lover. T-Bone was close to cumming at this point, and Chuy was completely lost in a mindless haze of pleasure. As he got close, T-Bone started talking dirty to Chuy:


Before Chuy could answer, Kyle piped up right beside him, his thrusting speeding up considerably at the encouragement.


‘Did you hear that, Chuy? I think we’ve finally turned Green Lantern into a fucking pervert! HOLY FUCK!!!’

That realization pushed Chuy over the edge. He screamed at the top of his lungs, diggin his nails deep into his partner’s shoulders as his bouncing dick shot cum all over Tyron’s muscled chest. Seconds later, T-Bone began emptying his nutsack, filling the skinny Latino’s rectum with a big load of thick cum.

Kyle finished third, and in his lust-driven state, he didn’t care that he was filling his prized uniform with bucketloads of cum. The intensity of his first gay sexual experience, along with his beleaguered mind, had him close to passing out. With his legs spreadeagled on his couch and a pool of cum soaking into his uniform, Kyle finally let himself relax. He didn’t care if this felt wrong. He was sure that it had been the best orgasm of his entire life.



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