Green Lantern: The Emerald Downgrade Chapter 4
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Note: This story is still in process of publication at the time of this publication the story has 11 chapters. 

No copyright infringement intended; this is simply written for adult enjoyment. Green Lantern and other comic book characters and places belong to DC. The rest of the characters and concepts are property of the authors.


Green Lantern: The Emerald Downgrade

Authors (Plymouth58 and GoodTime)

Chapter 4


Tyron stroked Chuy’s shoulder lovingly as the smaller Latin man played with his lover’s big, dark nipples. The feeling of Tyron’s cum slowly trickling out of his throbbing anus made him smile.

He stirred, and squeezed his sphincter twice, enjoying the sensation of wetness oozing out of his aching ass. Knowing that the wet puddle under his buttocks kept getting bigger and bigger, staining Kyle’s couch, made his smile even wider ‘I love you, Tyron’ he mumbled.

’ love you too, Jesús’.

They shared a long kiss as they enjoyed the post-coital silence that enveloped the both of them. After a couple more minutes of gentle caresses and sweet kisses, Tyron spoke up:

‘You were amazing, Chuy. I never thought you had a humiliation brewing in that head of yours.’

Still in a daze, Chuy looked at Tyron with glassy eyes. ‘Uh? What’s that?’

‘Having the best sex of your life after watching that fucker debase himself for our amusement.’

Chuy giggled softly, a hint of blush coloring his cheek. ‘I know it’s weird, but you know, I”m kinky, and…’

‘Don’t worry, baby. I’m not judging. It was hot for me, too.’

‘So, you don’t think I’m a crackpot weirdo, Tyron?’

‘I think you’re a crackpot filthy weirdo, just like me. A crackpot weirdo muy caliente. That’s why I love you so much.’

‘Aww, I love you too, papi.’

‘And I love when you’re that fucking corny, you pretty dirty cabroncito.’

They held each other, sharing kisses until they both began to feel cold. The skinnier Latino started shivering a little bit, which prompted T-Bone to stand up.

‘Let’s look for some clothes, Chuy. I don’t want you to catch a cold.’

“I’m sorry for ripping your shirt, T”, said Chuy, pulling up his jeans.

“I’m not, baby. After a fuckfest like that, you can rip all of my shirts, sweetcakes. Come on, let’s take a look at our choices.”

As they both got up off the couch, they looked down at the passed out hero in front of them. He was spread out on the couch, with a soft smile on his lips. His massive pecs rose and fell in time with his breathing, both ripped arms hanging limply on the armrests.

‘What do we do with him?’ Chuy asked T-Bone. Kyle was snoring softly, and he had a very visible wet spot on the crotch of his uniform. The view of the muscled superhero sleeping so peacefully gave T-Bone an idea.

‘Hold on, you’re going to love this, baby.’ T-Bone said, walking to the kitchen and coming back with a glass of warm water. ‘Now, watch this. I saw this prank on Youtube.’

Chuy expected him to throw the glass of water in the sleeping superhero’s face. Instead, Tyron slipped the glass under Green Lantern’s hand, submerging the tip of his fingers in the warm water. Almost immediately, a dark spot began to grow out of Green Lantern’s crotch.

‘Is he… he’s pissing himself! Holy shit, T-Bone! Ha, ha! You’re a genius, man! I wish I had a camera. I wanna see his face when he realizes he pissed his uniform!’

‘Ha, ha, yeah, me too! But, let’s leave him to lie in his juice for a little while longer. We haven’t fully explored the place yet.’ Leaving GL, spreadeagled on the couch with a soiled uniform and the door wide open, the two thugs started looking through the rest of the condo.

‘What’s with all these books, T? Do you think he runs a bookstore on the side or something?’ Chuy said, pointing at a row of bookcases in the back of the living room. This place gets more and more boring with every step. That is, until they discover Kyle’s studio. ‘Jackpot! This must be a 50 inch screen in here. We can watch the Lakers game tonight.’ He also noticed with delight that he had two video game consoles, loads of comic books and action figures displayed on racks.

‘This guy has a pretty decent setup, but he might be the biggest nerd I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s still a virgin.’

‘T, look at this!’ Chuy said excited from across the room. He was looking at Kyle’s drawing board. There was an unfinished drawing of a superhero armed with a giant scifi canyon, fighting a five headed dragon over what seemed to be the top of the Chrysler Building. Even the ever dismissive T-Bone was a little impressed.

‘Ohhh, shit, that’s bad-ass! Look at that! When he said he made comics, I thought he made some boring office crap, but this is actually cool.’

‘Yeah, I really like his style. Maybe we can order him to draw my next tattoo.’

T-Bone slipped his hand on Chuy’s hips, gently kissing him on the neck. ‘I’ll make him draw something for me, too. You. Naked. Like that chick in Titanic. Naked on a couch, with Green Lantern’s power ring on a chain around your neck. You reckon he’ll like that?’

‘Aww, Ty. We can make him like it. We can make him do anything we want.’

Both thugs had to suppress the urgency to fuck again right there.

They finally get to the last stop of their self-appointed tour – Kyle’s room. They spare no time rummaging through the drawers, and pick out a t-shirt each.

‘Ahhh, I haven’t worn anything this clean in a month. Hmm, smells good.’

Chuy giggles to himself as he picks up some briefs from Kyle’s drawers. ‘I’ve never seen men’s underwear made out of silk. I thought that was a girl thing. Do you think those are comfortable?’

‘Only one way to find out. I’m sure you’ll look sexy. Also, everything here is basically ours anyway, and we’ve got all the time in the world.’

After seeing Chuy in that pair of briefs, T-Bone decided to confiscate the entire drawer. For Chuy, of course. Sorry, Kyle, guess you’re going commando. As Chuy looks throug the rest of Kyle’s underwear drawer, he hears a delighted chuckle from inside Kyle’s closet.

‘Woo-hoo, take a look at what this fucker has in his closet, Chuy! There’s an entire box filled with panties and bras!’ T-Bone said, holding a white thong with a pattern of hot pink strawberries on it. ‘I knew he was a faggot.’

‘Really? He said he was straight though. And you made him tell you the truth.’

‘Well, what else am I to think? He even has skirts, hot pants and blouses in here…’

‘Hmm, I don’t think those are his. Maybe he likes to hire hookers, have them dress up for him. The girl who used to live next to us, Bambi or Krystal or something, she wore stuff like this to work.’ Chuy picked up a bright red vinyl skirt, barely wider than a wallet. A pair of anal beads lay right next to it in the box.

‘Yeah, maybe. Or maybe he’s always been a secret pervert and he steals these from his neighbours for the thrill of it. I tell you, superheroes look all goody-goody on the outside, but behind closed doors they’re all fucked up, like everybody else. Like that movie we saw on TV, the one with the blue guy with the giant dong… that… uh, ‘Switch man’!’

‘It’s ‘Watchmen’, you silly!’

‘Yeah, whatever. The only thing I remember of that movie was that behind closed doors, superheroes are all sick and depraved. Wait, that gives me an idea. Pick up that box, Chuy. We’re going to use it.’

‘Ohhhh, cool, T! Lace drives me wild, baby….’

‘Not for us, loco!’ On second thought, he added, ‘I mean, not right now, maybe later. Right now we’re gonna wake up our green sleeping beauty.’

Both thugs headed back to the living room. The mighty superhero was still asleep peacefully. He seemed even more smiling than before, his handsome face being the vivid image of peacefulness. T-Bone walked over to him.

‘HEY, RAYNER, WAKE UP!!’ the thug roared, and kicked the couch hard with his heavy lumberjack boots.

‘Uh?!’ Kyle grunted, and blinked his bleary eyes. At first, he didn’t recognize the men in front of him. He couldn’t even recognize where he was. He could barely think. He felt hungover – dizzy, nauseous and with a splitting migraine.

“Uhh… uhhh… uhg? uh?” he grunted again.

“Ha, ha! He sound like a monkey. Hey, Chimp Lantern, wake up, dumbass!”

“Uh… uhhhaa… whaaa… what happened?”

“You don’t remember, Kyle? You came back from the street and found us fucking in your couch. You were so turned on that you began to jerk off like a chimp in heat.”

Kyle covered his face with his hands as his memories came crashing back. Yes, he did do that. And the rest of his memories came flooding back. The two handsome men in front of him were Boss and Papi. He’d arrested them, he had gone to run their errands according to the Green Lantern Corps regulatory procedures, and upon his return he had found them having wild sex on his brand new couch. The spectacle had been so incredibly erotic, that had been unable to control his urges and had began jacking off to them. What a way to behave for a high ranking member of the Green Lanterns Honor Guard!

Chuy and T-Bone didn’t know what to expect after Green Lantern waking up. They half thought he would finally break free of the trance. But, to their delight, big superhero Green Lantern, Earth’s mighty guardian, blushed until his entire face turned deep red. Like a little kid, he used his hands to cover his crotch in a clumsy attempt to hide his embarrassing accident.

Kyle was so mortified that he couldn’t find the words to say. He was sitting in his Lantern Corps uniform, covered in his own jizz, in front of two criminals. His confusion grew even worse as he realized just how soaked he was, and that the smell wasn’t just cum. Was that… urine???

‘Wha- what is this?? Did I…did…?’

The two thugs just looked down on him with big condescending smiles.

‘Oh, that! Don’t worry, Kyle. We know you always wet yourself when you’re too horny or when you’re under too much stress. It’s fine, Rayner, everybody close to you knows you’re incontinent.’

‘What??!! No! Of course no! That’s not right! This… This has never happened to me before! I haven’t even wet the bed since I was four years old!’

‘Ohh, right, I forgot that wasn’t part of your original set of instructions. Let me fix that for you, Kyle. SLEEP.’ Chuy said, snapping his fingers.

Kyle Rayner fell back asleep, but unlike before, he didn’t seem peaceful or dazed. He frowned and looked like he was concentrating. It looked like the real Kyle was trying to regain control.

‘Mmmnnnghhh… leave… leave me… alone… get out… out of my house… bast… bastards… I… I…’

‘Wow, he’s trying to fight back. Do you think we should give him another flash, T?’

‘Hmm, nah, I don’t think so. Maybe later.’ Then, turning back to Kyle, he said, ‘Hey, relax, Kyle, calm your tits, princess.’

‘Don’t… don’t call me that… you son of a…’

‘Eeeasy, easy. You love being called princess, remember, Rayner? It turns you on whenever someone calls you that. In fact, anything derogatory makes you horny. You love being reminded how much of a fag you are. You want everyone to know that you’re hungry for dick.’

Kyle began to get hard again.

‘Yes, because you know you want them to treat you like that, deep down. You know you like that shit. You deserve it. And, Kylie, we know you keep wetting your bed. It’s okay, you can’t blame yourself for stuff like this. I know you’re dreadfully embarrassed, but what can you do? Just give in and accept it.’ Chuy says as he tries to ensnare the hero once again.

‘Besides, you know you secretly like it. What else can you expect from a big, closeted pervert like yourself, right? You love the smell of piss, too. It never fails to turn you on,’ Tyron said, giving Chuy a supportive look.

‘Mnnn… mnooo… noo… not true… no…’

‘Oh, it isn’t? Then why are you hard as a rock, you pansy ass?’

‘I… I… I don’t know… p-p-please… please… stop… please…’

‘Yeah, that’s right, I love to hear you beg, bitch! Now, tell me about the box of underwear in your closet, Kyle. Remember, you have to tell me the truth, no matter how embarrassing.’

‘Nnnn… nnnoo…no… my exgirlfriend… other women… it’s all from them… they leave those things there… I… I leave it in the closet for… I don’t know… I don’t know why… forgot them I guess…’

‘Bullshit. I’m going to tell you the real reason right now, and you’re going to believe every word: You don’t want to throw those out because you love girly stuff like that. Any self-respecting man wouldn’t be caught dead with those things, but you’re not a man, are you? You keep those things to remind yourself that you’re a sissy.’

‘And you’re wrong, they didn’t forget those things. You begged them to leave them for you, as a pathetic attempt at building your own collection. They dumped you when they realized what a big faggot you are, so they give you those to mock you and your true faggot self.’

“NOOOoooooo… no… that’s… that’s not true…”

“Oh, fuck, Ty, I’m getting horny again!” Chuy said. With those words of encouragement, T-Bone got excited himself.

“Yes, it’s the truth. In fact, you don’t even own any other underwear or any other clothes. The stuff in the drawers, those are mine and Chuy’s … I mean, Papi’s over here. That box is the only thing in this house that you own. Don’t you remember wearing those tight red thongs under your Green Lantern uniform that last time you went to fight… what’s his face? Parlafax? And you love the feel of those frilly lace panties when you’re alone in your house.’

‘Please, stop… stop, I… I’m not like that… leave… meee… just stop, please…’

‘Like I said, I love it when you beg, faggot, but you know it’s useless. Useless, just like you. Now, when I snap my fingers, you’re going to wake up, and everything I said will be your new reality. We’re exactly where we left off, but now your tiny brain won’t get all confused. Now, wake up, Green Moron.’


Kyle Rayner opened his eyes with the same mortified expression as when he first realized he pissed himself. His eyes were red and his lips were trembling. The brave Emerald Knight looked like he was about to burst into tears. ‘Please, Boss, Papi! Don’t- don’t tell anyone about this! Please!’

‘Nahhh don’t worry, Rayner! Calm down, we won’t tell anybody you’re an incontinent wanker. Your secrets are safe with us! .’ Tyron tried to reassure Kyle by putting his big hand over the anguished hero’s ripped shoulder, and giving him an affectionate squeeze. Kyle couldn’t help but look up in awe at this towering hunk of a man. He and Papi were so amazing…

‘Now, it’s almost time for the Lakers’ game, and Chuy and I want something to eat. Why don’t you take off your piss-soaked clown costume, slip into something more comfortable, and order a couple of pizzas for us, pretty princess?’

‘Yes! yes, of course, Boss, right away!’ Kyle replied with a submissive tone and a blush on his face. ‘Thank you so much, guys’, he added with a soft, feeble voice.

As the defeated superhero retreated to change out of his defiled uniform, the pair of thugs shared another long, passionate kiss. They could probably squeeze in another fuckfest before the pizza gets here.




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