Superman Vanquished II Part 4
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Superman Vanquished II

Part 4 Midnight Visitor

Author: Lcross


It is nearly midnight and Superman nears the beginning of his fifth day of captivity. It has been over two hours since his nasty fall from the bed of Eden’s pick-up truck and Superman is slowly regaining consciousness. He shakes his head gingerly and tries to clear his head that pounds with pain from the large bump on his forehead sustained from the fall. Superman’s vision slowly clears and he tries to take stock of the dire situation in which he finds himself. He is restrained in a brightly illuminated cage with his arms extended high over his head and held together in place with handcuffs – the connecting chain threaded behind one of cage’s black steal vertical bars. Superman groans through the ball gag still stuffed in his mouth and as he applies his weight to his feet and rises from his slump relieving the pressure on his wrists held in the cuffs. He manages to stand weakly erect backed tightly against one side of the large steel cage. He strains as he tests the strength of the handcuffs that holds his arms stretched above his head. After several seconds he determines that the struggling to break free is futile. Superman can only stand back against the cage bars with his arms restrained above his head.

Superman squints as he looks up into the high cage at the blinding high intensity lights that shine down to floor of the cage. He lowers his line of vision and takes stock of the strange looking frame on the cage floor secured over a floor drain. Superman swallows hard when he notices the black dildo mounted on a ram rod attached to the perverted black steal frame. His imagination begins to run wild when suddenly one of the black curtains is throw aside. Standing outside the cage is Evan Frost, AKA Metropolis’ Teflon Boss!

Superman gulps and closes his eyes and hangs his head when Evan starts to laugh. The man laughing at Superman’s predicament does not look like the sort of individual that would be a crime boss and criminal mastermind. He’s a ruggedly handsome young man, tall, about thirty five years old and has wavy blonde hair and deep angry blue eyes. Evan is wearing a dark Armani suit and a designer tie. After Evan has had his laugh at Superman’s expense he quips, “I just finished the best steak and lobster dinner I have ever had…I would have invited you…but I heard you were tied up!”

Evan snickers at his own joke and looks Superman up and down with great satisfaction and gloats, “I warned you Superman…months ago to stop meddling in my affairs.” Evan suddenly glares with hatred at Superman and boasts, “Now you see the folly of neglecting my warning Superman.”.

Evan appraises the defeated red and blue clad superhero for several moments as Superman stands before the victor in captivity with his head hung in silence. Evan studies Superman from his red leather boots up to the S emblazoned across his powerful chest. “Look at the Man of Steal now: stripped of his mighty superpowers and completely at my mercy…your fancy red and blue costume soiled and you stinking of sweat.” 

Superman gulps and stares down at the floor as Evan continues. “Well, what shall we talk about?” asks Evan as he swings open the cage door and enters the cage and stands before Superman adjusting his tie. Evan grabs a corner of Superman’s crimson cape and feels the fabric and then releases it as he looks at Superman’s face. “Looks like a nasty bump on your forehead Superman…Felix must have a bad temper,” observes Evan

“Oh, I forgot,” says Evan as he reaches up startling Superman. He reaches forward and around behind Superman’s head and unbuckles the ball gag and pulls it out of Superman’s mouth. Superman twists his jaw and sighs in relief at being free of the large ball that has been inserted in his mouth for over four days. He coughs and spits up drool as Evan tosses the ball gag to the floor.

Evan grabs hold of the leash around Superman’s neck that dangles down Superman’s chest and is attached to the leather collar Felix buckled around Superman’s neck and tugs at it roughly. “I was going to let Felix extract this information from you but I think you’re a reasonable man. Where is the…I believe Eden calls it…kryptonite. Where have you hidden it Mr. Kent or do you prefer Kal El?”

A look of fear crosses Superman’s face as he remembers Evan knows everything about him thanks to Eden – secret identity – his job – his friends – his family in Smallville. He coughs nervously and clears his throat and answers sullenly, “In my Fortress of Solitude.”

“And where is this Fortress of Solitude?” asks Evan impatiently as he tugs the leash roughly pulling Superman’s head forward with a jolt.

“Near the North Pole,” answers Superman gloomily.

“Hum, it would seem inaccessible to mere humans without mounting a lengthy and elaborate expedition to the artic north. It would entail weeks of traveling. Well, you’ll just have to go get the kryptonite for me Superman,” explains Evan as he stops releases the leash and then stares at Superman restrained to the cage bars.

Superman raises his head in bewilderment and stutters, “Me…retrieve the kryptonite? How would…that be…possible…you’d let me go?”

Evan pulls a wrist watch from his pocket and steps in close to Superman and shows him the timepiece and asks, “Do you recognize this Superman?”

Superman’s eyes grow wide and he gulps and says, “Jimmy’s signal watch…I gave it to him…how did you get it…what have you done to him?”

“Yes…Yes…I know all about the signal watch you gave your pal Jimmy for emergencies. He was very cooperative after I showed him the photos Eden snapped of you after he kayoed you with kryptonite. He’s safe for now…but unless you cooperate I’m afraid poor Jimmy is going to have a fatal accident,” threatens Evan.

“Please don’t harm Jimmy…he’s my friend,” begs Superman desperately as he pulls at the cuffs that restrain his arms above his head as he tries to step away for the cage bars. The cuffs prevent any forward movement and Superman slumps back and leans weakly against the cage bars with a pleading expression.

“Easy big guy, easy!” comforts Evan. He suddenly leans in close to Superman and digs his index finger into the S emblazoned across Superman’s muscular chest. “If you cooperate no harm will come to any of your pals at the daily Planet or Professor Larson.”

“Who is Professor Larson?” asks Superman feigning non recognition.

“Don’t be coy Superman; I know all about your friendship with the professor. I’m still looking for him…he could prove useful; but I do have you best pal Jimmy Olsen tucked away safely where you’ll never find him,” replies Evan as he drops Jimmy’s wrist watch to the cage floor and crushes it with his shoe on the concrete floor.

“What do you want me to do?” asks Superman grimly.

“At dawn tomorrow morning Felix will release you. Step into the morning sun and regain your powers. Fly to your…fort up north and bring the kryptonite back here to Felix. He’ll instruct you from that point on,” explains Evan.

“I’m to be released,” asked Superman in amazement.

“A temporary reprieve to get the kryptonite Superman; don’t get your hopes up – you’ll be back in captivity before you know it. If you do not return to Felix with the kryptonite within an hour I’ll have Jimmy Olsen killed,” warns Evan coldly. “And don’t try anything funny or Olsen dies as well as all the rest of your pals…you can’t protect them forever … eventually they will all have unfortunate accidents.”

Superman hangs his head in and sighs. “Well Superman; will you do what I ask? Will you bring me the kryptonite?” demands Evan.

Superman looks at Evan sullenly and weakly replies, “Yes I will bring you the kryptonite…please…please…just don’t hurt my friends.”


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