Superman And The New School Thug Part 1
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Superman And The New School Thug 

Part 1

Author: tynfyr


Two young black guys discuss the day’s events…

“Yo, man, this shit is crazy!”

“I know right, I thought i was tripping off them mollies, but this shit is for real!”

“Yea, let’s try it again, I still can’t believe it!”

“Alright, let’s see if I can lift that bottle of ketchup off the table and move it to the counter!”

“Oh, fuck, bro, it’s moving and it looks like it was even easier this time!”

“Damn, it’s almost like it’s teleporting or some shit!”

“Yea, bro, I’m glad you decided to rob that creepy old motherfucker!”

“That’s real shit, man, even though your bitch ass was scared as fuck!”

“What the fuck ever, bro, I was just cautious, that’s all!”

“Yea, right, old pussy ass, you still my bro though, turn on the tv and see what’s going on!”

“Fuck, look at that shit, it’s the ‘Superman’ dude, that fool is so lame!”

“Hell, yea, bro, see what that cornball motherfucker is talking about!”

“What the fuck, yo, how is he going to talk about the young people sagging and how it looks so bad!”

“I know right, aw hell, no, he’s saying it makes us look unclean and shows a lack of class!”

“Man, fuck that motherfucker, we need to teach him a lesson and I’ve got some ideas!”

“Well, don’t keep a brother in suspense, let me hear it!”


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