Superman Vanquished II Part 3
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Superman Vanquished II

Part 3 Superman Powerless

Author: Lcross


Eden lifts the tarp off the steel gang box and unlocks the padlock with a small key. He quickly unlatches the cover and opens the heavy hinged steel cover as Felix looks on standing beside him holding a leather collar and leash. Within the container is the familiar red and blue clad Superman doubled over folded on his knees in the steel box with his wrists handcuffed tightly together behind his back. Superman does not react as the cover to the steel box opens to its full extension.

“Whew!” exclaims Eden. “Someone needs a shower,” remarks Eden as he waves his hands in front of his nose.

“Indeed! Is Superman still alive?” asks Felix.

“He’s breathing…see,” observes Eden. Eden looks at Felix and says, “I guess there is not much fight left in Superman. I knocked him down pretty hard with kryptonite four days ago and he’s been stuffed in this steel box ever since then.”

“My, how the mighty have fallen,” laughs Felix as he reaches down and grabs a fist full of Superman’s sweat soaked hair and lifts his head. Superman has a dazed vacant expression and his face is sweat soaked as is his entire costume. There is a cruel looking black ball gag inserted deep into Superman’s mouth and retained there by leather straps that buckle together behind his head. “My…you certainly did a number on Superman!” observes Felix.

“Nothing personal…strictly business,” replies Eden defensively.

 “Superman! Superman! Wake-up. Sit up on your knees,” commands Felix as he shakes Superman’s head side to side and then releases his grasp of Superman’s hair. His head drops and slumps back down into the box. Superman remains motionless.

Felix screams, “Now Superman! Or I’ll see that someone pays a visit to all your friends at the Daily Planet. Yes Superman…I know Clark Kent and Superman are one in the same!”

Superman quickly grunts a muffled plea through the ball gag and shakes his head to clear his mind as his muscular arms shift behind his back as they struggle in the handcuffs. Superman eventually manages to kneel upright in the box on his knees.” Superman is a pitiful sight on his knees, ball gagged and his arms handcuffed behind his back. His eyes squint and blink wildly trying to adjust to light after four days in darkness. Superman’s hair is sweat soaked, disheveled and matted down and he is unshaven; his magnificent red and blue costume is soaked with sweat and he reeks of body odor. Superman has a confused and dazed expression as Felix remarks to Eden, “See Eden; Superman can be obedient.”

Superman makes no protest as Felix quickly wraps a thick black leather collar around Superman’s neck and buckles it up very tight. Superman closes his eyes and swallows hard as Felix attaches a chain leash with a leather handle to one of the chrome rings attached to the leather collar while Eden snickers in delight.

“My name is Felix. I am your master for the time being. You will refer to me as sir or master. You will obey me without hesitation or punishment will be swift. We know who your friends are Clark,” explains Felix to a bewildered Man of Steel. “Do you understand Superman?”

Superman’s eyes remain closed tight as he quickly nods his head in acknowledgment and then hangs his head in shame.

“Will you obey me Superman?” asks Felix.

Eden snickers as Superman nods obedience.

“Excellent. On your feet Superman,” commands Felix as he tugs roughly on the leash. Superman obediently shifts in the box exerting great effort as he begins to laboriously rise unaided out of the box. He grunts through the ball gag and strains as his arms twist and struggle in the handcuffs. After great exertion the red and blue clad Superman manages to stand erect but very unsteady in the steel box before his captors with his head hung down.

Eden laughs and jumps out of the truck bed to enjoy the show from the floor. “You’re a very impressive figure in person Superman…even filthy and stinking of sweat; you’re much taller and muscular than I imagined; you’re pictures do you no justice,” observes Felix as he looks the strapping man up and down.

“I’m told young Eden here has cleverly stripped you of your superpowers. Is that true Superman?” asks Felix.

Superman nods his head.

“Try and break out of the steel handcuffs Superman?” commands Felix.

Superman obediently twists his arms and shifts his body weight from one foot to the other, grunting through the ball gag and flexing his large biceps that bulge within the tight fabric of his bodysuit, as he tries to break the steel handcuffs but cannot.

“I have the keys here Kal El,” snickers Eden as he dangles the cuff keys in front of Superman. “I drained Superman’s batteries. He can’t bend steel in his bare hands anymore.”

Superman makes a muffled curse through the ball gag and glares down angrily at Eden as he continues to struggle to break the cuffs.

“Enough!” commands Eden and Superman ceases the futile attempt to break the cuffs that bind his muscular arms behind his back. “It is clear young Eden has outfoxed you and has indeed stripped you completely of your mighty superpowers.”

 “Step out of the box Superman and stand here,” commands Felix. Superman complies and clumsily puts his red leather boots over the edge of the box one at a time almost stumbling and then stands unsteadily but obediently as told in the bed of Eden’s truck.

“Come along boy,” quips Felix as he proudly tugs the leash and leads a weaving and staggering Superman on the leash to edge of the tailgate of Eden’s pick-up. “Halt,” commands Felix imperiously and Superman stops and stands on the tailgate unsteadily glaring down at Eden who is openly gloating at the predicament Superman finds himself in.

Eden laughs and says, “Keep looking at me in that tone muscle boy and I’ll backhand you…looser.”

Felix drops the leash and steps behind Superman and caresses both his large biceps that are restrained behind his back. “You muscles are magnificent Superman. I have never seen such large and well developed biceps.”  Superman gulps audibly and nervously shifts his weight from foot to foot as Felix continues to rub Superman’s large arm muscles hungrily drinking in their hardness through the tight elastic blue fabric. Superman closes his eyes and swallows hard as Felix turns his attention away from his biceps and reaches around Superman’s muscular frame from behind with both hands and rubs the front of his red briefs.

Eden snickers from below and quips, “Superman is going to be Felix’s bitch.” Suddenly Superman grunts his disapprove of the uninvited grope through the ball gag and shakes off Felix’s hold.

“You have a lot to learn boy,” remarks Felix angrily as he roughly pushes Superman forward. “Watch your step Superman,” warns Felix as Superman falls forward from Eden’s tailgate face first and crashes to the concrete floor hard with a loud thud; as Superman’s head and chest hit the concrete floor Eden let’s out a wild burst of laughter. Superman twitches and struggles for a second or two and then remains motionless facedown on the floor. 

Eden nudges Superman in the ribs with his shoe several times trying to rouse him but cannot. His head is craned, his mouth is open and his blue eyes are open but stare vacantly out into space. “God news – bad news Felix; the bad news is that Superman is obvious not gay,” observes Eden. “But the good news is he is still breathing; just out cold from the fall,” 

“He’ll come too sooner or later,” says Felix a matter-of-factly as he jumps down from the bed of the truck and stands over the strapping superhero casually adjusting his tie. “I like it when straight guys initially resist my sexual advances. I’ve broken a lot of straight guys before. I’ll break Superman eventually.”

“Wow. You’re going to turn Superman into a fag?” gasps Eden in disbelief.

“Such a crude term…but yes; I have never failed to break a straight man yet.  But I will need you to make one additional item in addition to the kryptonite collar,” replies Felix.

“What would that be,” asks Eden with interest.

“I’ve been thinking. Since a kryptonite collar will harness Superman’s superpowers I have another item that will be of tremendous value once modified accordingly,” explains Felix as he pulls a metal cock ring from his pant pocket and tosses it to Eden.

“A cock ring?” observes Eden as he instinctively catches the cock ring. Eden looks at the cock ring disapprovingly as he wipes the item clean on his jeans and quickly pockets the ring. He wipes his hands on his pant leg as he inquires, “What do you want me to do with that…thing?”

“I need you to infuse it with small particles of kryptonite. Once the cock ring is securely in place I believe the small particles of kryptonite on the ring will sexually arouse Superman. I plan to drive him insane by denying him sexual release. In other words I won’t let him ejaculate…at least not without sexual concessions on Superman’s part.”

“Wow!” gasps Eden. “Mr. Frost must really loath Superman. I only did this for the money; it was not personal.”

Eden continues to wipe his fingers on his pant leg. “Sure, I can infuse the ring with tiny kryptonite particles,” replies Eden. “After I run it through the dishwasher; God knows where it has been,” mutters Eden under his breath with disgust.

“Did you say something?” asks Felix.

“I said I want something in return,” fibs Eden.

“And what would that be Eden,” asks Felix.

Eden replies without hesitation, “I want you to make Superman get down on his knees and suck my dick. Like I said I’m not gay but this a once in a lifetime chance! Imagine – Superman, AKA the Man of Steel – a mighty superhero submissively down before me on his knees polishing my knob. I want to blow my load all over his handsome Boy Scout face and then wipe my dick off in his curly black hair.”

“Such appetites Eden; we have a deal; it’s the least I can do. Now please grab a boot and we’ll drag the hero off to side so you can back out of here.”

Both men each grab hold of one of Superman’s red leather boots and begin to drag the large man. His muscular chest slides across the concrete floor as Eden and Felix move the unconscious hero off to the side. They both release the red boots simultaneously and Superman’s muscular legs contained tightly in the elastic blue fabric fall back onto the floor.

Felix looks down observantly at Superman sprawled out on the floor and asks Eden, “Isn’t that a rather ridiculous outfit to wear in public?”

“I never thought of it that way,” replies Eden. “He sure has the body for that very tight elastic bodysuit. Not for nothing but the guy is gorgeous…a young tall strapping man…and drop dead handsome too. I’m not even gay and he turns my head. I’ll even admit I copped a feel or two of his equipment after I had him out cold. He’s hung if you’re into guys.”

“It is a prerequisite to be into guys as you so delicately put it in my line of work,” answers Felix. “But the point I was trying to make is the bright red and blue color scheme. It so…garish! I would have gone with earth tones. That ridiculous cape and those clodhopper boots; a flowing sash and low rise shoes…that’s ticket. Not to mention the S emblazoned across his chest…that’s way over the top. And he goes by Superman…it’s so…20th Century.”

“Fashion is not my area but since you asked for my opinion I think his outfit is way cool,” replies Eden. “That tight elastic bodysuit shows off his perfectly proportioned muscular body…hey; if you’ve got it flaunt it. I like the red cape and heavy leather boots too. But what does it matter now what Superman wears…Superman is finished…he’ll never be seen of or heard of again.”

Well I intend to dispose of that…outfit as soon as I peel it off Superman,” promises Felix as he eyes the helpless hero hungrily.

“As you wish; have fun with your new muscle toy. Well, since it’s obvious three is a crowd and you’re not going to let me watch I’m out of here. Call me when you know where he has the kryptonite stashed away. I’ll get to work on the collar. As soon as I’ve completed my end of this deal I’m off to some tropical island paradise filled with naked women,” announces Eden as he steps up onto the bed of the truck and stuffs the tarp into the gang box and then closes and latches the cover. Eden exits the bed and slams the tailgate shut and take one last look at Superman sprawled out on the floor.

Eden makes the letter L with his right hand over his forehead and quips “looser” in Superman’s direction and gets into his truck and starts the engine. 

“Call me tomorrow night Eden,” says Felix as he moves to a control panel on the wall by the overhead door.

“Will do Felix; enjoy!” quips Eden through the open truck window. Eden’s truck lights and reverse lights illuminate and he backs his truck slowly out of the building as the security gate to the compound begins to open.

The truck tires screech and in less than 30 seconds the security gate closes and Felix watches Eden’s taillights quickly disappear into the darkness of the cool spring night. He closes the overhead door and turns his attention back to Superman who remains motionless handcuffed and gagged facedown out cold on the floor.

Felix takes off his suit jacket and walks over to his Mustang and passes it through the open window and lays it neatly on the driver’s seat. He returns to unconscious Man of Steel and loosens his tie and unbuttons the top button of his shirt. Felix unbuttons the cuffs of his shirt and rolls up his shirt sleeves. “I might as well get you settled into your cage Superman,” announces Felix as he rubs his hands together and glares down at the powerless Man of Steel. “Mr. Frost will be paying you a midnight call. He’s wants to see his trophy first hand before I start the…behavioral modification. Yes…that red and blue costume definitely has to go.”


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