Superman Vanquished II Part 2
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Superman Vanquished II

Part 2 Felix

Author: Lcross


Exactly an hour, later Eden meets Felix as planned at the Riverside Mall’s west parking lot with his cargo safely tucked in bed of his pick-up truck. Surprisingly Flex does not look like a typical thug that would associate with a criminal band. Rather he is a professional looking man about 39 ears old; he is neither exceptionally tall nor well built. Felix has brown eyes and brown hair that is clipped short and has a light application of mousse.  He is wearing a dark suit and tie and is surprisingly pleasant considering the likely line of work he is in. As the man draws nearer to Eden’s parked truck he gets out and walks to back to the tailgate. “Eden?” asks the man confidently.

“I’m Eden sir,” replies Eden nervously.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Eden.” The man then comes directly to the point, “Is Mr. Frost’s recent acquisition is in the bed of that pick-up truck?”

“He’s in the box,” quips Eden.

“Good, would be so kind as to follow me?” asks the man.

“I’m right behind you sir,” replies Eden. With that the man turns and returns to his car and drives away with Eden following close behind.

They drive for about twenty minutes and reach a commercial park on the east outskirts of the city know as Willow Groove. The expansive park contains numerous single story masonry structures housing various businesses and their storage facilities. Eden continues to follow the mysterious Felix as he navigates the maze of streets within the commercial park until they reach a small relatively secluded compound enclosed with a security fence. The sign on the compound fence reads “CROSS ENTERPRISES LIMITED” and has various smaller signs that warn of no entry. The Mustang stops and Felix enters a series of numbers into keypad mounted on a steel post and the security gate slides opens. Both the Mustang and the Ram proceed through the gate that closes behind Eden. There are several buildings in the compound and the Mustang drives through the illuminated parking lot and heads for a windowless brick building with several large steel windowless overhead doors and one steel windowless personnel door.

One of the large overhead doors opens as the Mustang approaches. The car and the truck drive through the open overhead door, and park within the building. Eden turns his engine off and exits the cab of his Ram and meets Felix at the tail gate of his truck as the overhead door descends and closes.

“My name is Felix. What do think of this place Eden,” asks Felix?

Eden gazes around the interior of the building; it is dimly lit and is empty except for a desk with a chair near the side personnel door. On top of the desk is a laptop computer. In the back of the building is large cube shaped object covered completely with heavy black room darkening curtains. This portion of the building easily measures 80’ wide by 40’ deep with a 14 foot high ceiling. The walls are cinder block and the high ceiling has exposed steel beams.

“So this is the place where Superman is going to get worked over,” asks Eden hopefully.  “It is perfect: no windows or skylights. “Hey…what’s behind the curtains,” asks Eden?

“Please, have a look,” offers Felix.

Eden leaves Felix and walks toward the back of the building to investigate.  Eden reaches the back end of the building and pulls aside one of the heavy black curtains revealing a large cage. He laughs and remarks, “A cage for mighty Superman! Mr. Frost can turn this place into a private zoo and charge admission. I should have asked for more money!”

The large cage under the tarp is 16” by 16’ by 12” high with a sold steel top. The cage is constructed of thick highly polished black steel bars; the entire cage is secured to the concrete floor with large blue hexagon bolts. The cage is set back several feet from the back wall and in the center of the cage is large 2’ x 2’ square floor drain covered by a heavy iron grate that was bolted down. The large cage door is closed but the large brass key is in the cage door lock.

“The Man of Steel caged and on display; the tarp is an excellent safe guard.” comments Eden with glee. The cage is presently empty with the exception of a cruel looking steel frame over one of the building floor drains. The small frame is made of the same highly polished black steel as the cage and is anchored to the floor with small blue hexagon bolts.  The frame consists of a long bar, with a short vertical bar with a neck tray with leather restraining strap. There are steel horizontal cross ties at each end. At the end of each steel cross tee are thick heavy black leather restraints with steel buckles to accommodate wrists and ankles. A vertically bar rises from one cross tee and it was topped off with rod with a large cruel looking black dildo attached to it. Eden snickers wickedly and says, “Wow – imagine Superman strapped down on that evil contraption!”

Eden pulls aside the curtain that hangs from rings that slide on a curtain rod mounted at the top of cage on each side. Eden opens the cage door and enters. He circles the frame as Eden looks around and smiles. High above in the corners of the cage is an array of high intensity lights that illuminate the interior of the cage. There are also surveillance cameras and speakers mounted high above the floor of the cage. Eden continues to circle the steel frame as Felix joins him outside the cage door. Eden exits the cage and circles the cage from the outside and suddenly smiles widely as he comes upon an impressive array of whips, cock harnesses, collars, leashes, paddles, gags, leather hoods and other assorted toys hanging on a large steel wrack behind the cage. One item that stands out amongst all the toys is a cruel looking metal head cage with a red ball gag attached to an adjustable rod.

“A Scold’s Bridal; it’s an antique; I bought it in Paris,” explains Felix. 

“I’d hate to have that devise fastened around my head,” replies Eden.

“Want to try it on Eden? Some young men find that they like being restrained and dominated once they experience bondage and discipline. You’re a good looking young man – I personally prefer blondes – I guarantee you’ll have multiple ejaculations. Gagged and bound naked on that frame in the cage – I guarantee you the wildest sexual arousal of your life – I’ll give you a free session,” offers Felix hopefully.

Eden gulps nervously and stutters, “No…thanks…sir. I’m…good!” Eden’s face turns red and he quickly turns away from Felix’s toy rack.

“You’d be surprised what I get an hour,” counters Felix.

A red-faced Eden replies, “I’m flattered that you offered your…services to me but it’s just not my scene sir; if I let someone tie me down, gag me and paddle my bare ass its going to a chick. No offense sir,” explains Eden.

“None taken and I did not mean to embarrass you Eden; it never hurts to ask a good looking guy like yourself if he’s interested in a little…fun. You never know until you ask,” smiles Felix.

Eden sighs and looks very relieved. Seconds later he looks at Felix and asks, “What exactly is your specialty if I might ask sir?”

“You may; but please call me Felix,” replies Felix politely. “I am a trainer. I specialize in behavioral modification. I use various means of sexual cruelty, depravity and humiliation to modify, or correct if you will, undesirable behavior and encourage strict obedience. Mr. Frost has retained my services to…well…severely punish Superman.”

“Cool beans Felix,” quips Eden.

“But first Mr. Frost wants me to obtain the location of a strange green rock of some sort from Superman.

“Kryptonite,” offers Eden

“Kryptonite…that’s what it is called?” asks Felix.

“You bet; and no one was supposed to know about kryptonite. Superman’s professor bud that I work for got careless around me. It’s lethal to Superman…the only know substance in existence that can destroy him. It’s weird…guns and bullets can’t scratch him but exposing Superman to this green rock is fatal to him.”

“The order of the universe is indeed strange,” muses Felix.

“FYI kryptonite is an alien element – thus not of this Earth – it is a remnant of Superman’s home world Krypton. Superman has more kryptonite hidden away encased in lead. As luck would have I did not have enough kryptonite to kill him…I was only able to knock him out…otherwise we would not be having this conversation.

“Kryptonite…Krypton…secret identities…strange visitor from another planet…such secrets…who would have guessed? Lucky for us that you keep your ears open,” muses Felix.

Felix continues, “Mr. Frost tells me you will be able to make some sort of harness for Superman when I obtain the location of the…kryptonite; a harness that will leave Superman powerless even in sunlight.”

“Sure can; it will make Superman an ordinary man,” brags Eden.

“Grand. It seems kryptonite is just what the doctor ordered. Call me in 24 hours. By then I will have the location extracted from Superman. He should be relatively cooperative given what you told Mr. Frost about Superman’s personnel life.”

“Can’t I observe the…modification process,” asks Eden disappointedly.

“I work alone Eden. Besides, remember, this not a game; one mistake and Superman will get his superpowers back and then we’d all end up in the crowbar hotel. Sexual torment and humiliation is the punishment the Mr. Frost has instructed me to ladle out to Superman. You’ve been paid handsomely for your services.”

Eden sighs and turns disappointedly and heads for his truck. Felix calls to him and says, “But when you return with the harness you’re free to have a few moments alone with the hero. By then he’ll be groveling on his knees in complete submission. I am very good at what I do. By the way, what kind of harness did you have in mind for Superman?”

“A collar infused with precisely calculated, weighed, measured, and cut kryptonite studs,” explains Eden. “I’m very good at what I do,” explains Eden as he gestures to the box in the bed of his pick-up.

“No doubt,” concedes Felix.

“I theorize tiny kryptonite studs fused into a lockable steel collar will mute Superman’s superpowers. Once the collar is locked around Superman’s neck he’ll be an ordinary man. Mr. Frost could lead him through Time’s Square in chains at high noon on a leash if he wanted to.”

“Kryptonite…a dream comes true. You’re brilliant Eden,” concedes Felix as he hands Eden a business card. “Here’s my cell number.”

“Well then, let’s get Superman out of my box and I’ll be on my way so you can have your fun,” offers Eden as he pulls a padlock key and handcuff keys on a small ring from his pant pocket.

“I’ll get a collar and leash for Superman. He might as well get used to wearing a collar around his neck.” says Felix as he heads for the toy rack.


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