Superman Rasslin Fun Part 2
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Superman Rasslin Fun 

 Author: Rhmrz

Part 2

The Man of Steel was led onto a metal table. The dull metallic surface  was in stark contrast to the colourful blue and red costume that adorned Superman’s muscular body.

The staff member spoke “normally we would request you to remove your super suit Superman, but for the purposes of speeding up the process I  don’t think it will make much difference.”

Superman looked around, always eager to help, “Ok, no problem. what will  I wear in the wrestling ring?”

The staff member smiled “Your famous costume of course!” At that moment there was a knock on the door, and Jean Howard, the business owner, walked in. “Ah Superman, thank you again for your participation! We are always trying to find unique ways to raise money for charity!”

Superman smiled, always the good citizen “Always glad to help. How much  have we raised so far?”

Jean did some mental sums in his head “hmm, let’s see, we had the broadcast rights of $2Million, ticket sales of $1Million, so $3Million so far.”

Superman was surprised “that’s excellent, is that the record so far for the USA in terms of charity raising?”

Jean “I think we are close, but maybe we can find a way to get some more money…..”

“hmmm, what about souvenirs or something?”, Zane suggested “possible…although hard to arrange now….actually, I know….!”

Jean’s eyes lit up…he gazed at both Superman and Zane. “how about however loses the match will have his clothing stripped from his body piece by piece and auctioned off?”

 “ok, sounds good!” everyone chimed in.

(Superman’s Thoughts): “We were in the change room, thinking of extra ways to raise money for charity. Jean came up with the bright idea of the loser having his wrestling clothing stripped and auctioned off by the victor. I thought this was a brilliant idea! It would let me see what Zane actually looked like underneath all that combat gear….After  all, no way it would be me…the man of steel, that would lose the  match!”

The horn for the match rang through the stadium. For a moment, the crowd were silent, but soon roared as Superman and Zane walked out from the change room door, along the walkway, towards the wrestling ring.

Whilst Zane was seen by many as being arrogant, the same could also be said for Superman. Smug, and proud, the muscular hero gave many people confident looks. Many of the crowd were dreaming that they wished Superman could be dominated and have the smirk wiped off his face. They were also wondering what Superman would be like without his costume….But they knew it would be impossible, as Superman was stronger than Zane…

The referee was standing in the centre of the ring. Superman and Zane walked to either side of the referee.

“Introducing Zane “The Tiger” Norris!!!!”, the referee could barely hold up Zane’s giant arm up as the crowd cheered.

“Introducing, Superman, The man of steel!!!”, the referee raised Superman’s left arm up high! It was a pleasing sight, the outline of Superman’s biceps, triceps, pecs and even nips could be seen amongst the famous blue and red costume. Superman smiled, and gave the audience a confident, smug look on his face, almost as if saying that this match would be a piece of cake.   (Zane’s Thoughts): “Soon, soon….the mysterious parcel was delivered to me earlier….come half time I will go and retrieve it….Superman will be utterly decimated….”   The rules were then read out “Ok, this match will be split into two rounds! If the loser of round one will have three pieces of his clothing removed and auctioned off! The loser of round two, the deciding round, will have all his clothing removed and auctioned off!” The crowd roared to an intense frenzy.

(Zane’s Thoughts):”Ok, pity I forgot to get that parcel so from locker, so probably I will have to lose the first round, but once I get that parcel…I will win for sure…hahahahah….”

*DING DING DING* “Round 1…….BATTLE!!!”

The two muscular men faced each other off. As Superman knew quite well that he could easily beat Zane, he decided to let Zane have it easy for a while, but there was no way he was going to give Zane the honour of stripping him of any of his costume.

Superman and Zane faced each other off, they first grabbed each other’s biceps and squared off.

(Superman’s Thoughts): “Zane’s biceps are surprisingly hard…I wonder what he is thinking as he is squeezing my muscles. Probably thinking they are rock solid!”  

(Zanes’s Thoughts): “Superman’s biceps…even though they are indestructible…they still feel hard but yet yield to the touch…mmmm, sexy!!”

Soon, both Zane and Superman were rolling around on the ground. A black figure in combat gear, khaki pants, dark vest and green T shirt, wrestling with the famous Superman, complete with the super suit consisting of blue shirt with the famous ‘S’ insignia on it, red cape with yellow ‘S’ on the back, yellow belt, blue tights and his red boots.

Superman and Zane rolled around when finally Zane was on top of Superman, pinning Superman’s arms high above his head, whilst Superman was lying on the ground. It was a position that Superman was not familiar too, yet he found somewhat …..pleasant…..Superman hadn’t had any contact with Lois recently…and these …positions, reminded him of what he enjoyed, but hadn’t done in a while…. Superman managed to shake Zane off, and push Zane onto the ground face down. Superman decided to wipe the arrogant smile off Zane’s face now, and twisted Zane’s giant muscular arm behind his back….

The referee, went up close…..”GOING ONCE……”, Zane was still helpless ….”GOING TWICE….” Superman beckoned arrogantly to the crowd…..”SUPERMAN WINS ROUND ONE!!!!!” The crowd cheered, yet there were many who wished it was Superman who would lose.

(Hobo in the crowd’s thoughts): “Superman…he’s so masculine…I wish he was beaten….I want to see him down…I want to see his costume taken off… chance now looks like it….humpfff”

The referee declared Superman the winner and whilst Zane was on the ground genuinely defeated, the referee raised Superman’s right arm high into the air in a sign of victory. Not many people noticed, but a few hobos saw that Superman was sweating….this was odd they thought…as Superman never sweated….they saw a slight dark patch in the centre of his chest where the ‘S’ insignia was, and as Superman’s right arm was raised, there was a dark sweat patch forming in Superman’s right armpit.

Zane “The Tiger” Norris, was also sweating profusely….his entire green T Shirt, was soaking in sweat.

 “Ok, Superman! Since you are the winner, we will now auction off four pieces of Zane’s clothing, of your choice, for charity!”   (Superman’s Thoughts):”Ha. I definitely wiped the smile off his face. Now to humiliate him in the name of charity!”

“Ok Superman, which item from Zane, should you remove first?”.

“His combat vest”. Superman had the “honour” of removing the thick black vest from Zane’s muscular sweat soaked chest.

The vest itself was soaked in sweat. Superman detected the sweaty scent from the vest straight away. Superman raised the vest high in the air! “Shall we start the bidding? ten thousand… twenty thousand……fifty…thousand….going once….going twice…..SOLD!”….the black vest was won by a wealthy corrupt businessman sitting in the crowd….the businessman exchanged his payment details with the gym staff and was soon holding the sweaty vest….and enjoying it…

“Ok Superman, which item from Zane, will you remove next?”

“His green T shirt!” Superman felt something stir when he removed Zane’s vest, but it was definitely stirring as he saw Zane’s muscular  outline through the now skin tight sweat soaked green T shirt. With  ease, Superman knelt on the ground, placed Zane’s head in his lap, and reached for the T shirt, and raised it slowly up….revealing sharp and hard six pack…..well defined pecs….dark nipples……biceps…, and up over Zane’s Mr T hair styled head. Superman then held the shirtless Zane, but found him incredibly slippery to the point that Zane slipped out and Superman had to catch him again by holding him under his arms.

 The green T shirt was then sold for even more than the vest, and the winner was again the corrupt businessman…who again enjoyed the sweaty scent from Zane ‘The Tiger’ Norris.

Zane was shirtless…lying on the ground on his back in exhaustion…..his biceps were large and covered in veins, his dark nipples glinting with sweat, just as the rest of his body, shiny from  glistening. He skin was mostly golden, with the occasional dark mole scattered over his back….    (Zane’s Thoughts): “I hate this…it should be Superman who is defeated…but no matter…it will only be a matter of time….!”

“Ok Superman, which item from Zane, will you remove next?”

“His combat boots!” Superman bent down and removed the dark black combat boots from Zane, revealing Zane’s bare feet. “no socks eh?” commented Superman smugly, as he tickled Zane’s sole with his fingers…

This was extremely humiliating for Zane, but Zane knew the tables would be turned soon…..

As before, the corrupt businessman won the combat boots, again enjoying the sweaty scent of Zane.

“Ok Superman, which last item from Zane, will you remove next?”

“His pants!!”. Superman unbuckled the khaki army pants from Zane, and slowly slid them down…first exposing Zane’s white underwear, which was not modest at all in disguising Zane’s generous package, since the sweat had made sure the underwear was now skin tight. As the pants were slowly removed, no doubt done that way in deliberate fashion for Superman to  relish the moment an arrogant man has his smile wiped off his face, Zane’s giant muscular thighs and calves were revealed. The pants were yet again won by the corrupt businessman and passed up. The businessman accepted the pants, and even tried to sniff at the crotch area, the closest taste of what he desired…

(Superman’s Thoughts): “Zane “The Tiger” Norris, semi naked, wearing only his underwear….a pity I couldn’t continue taking his clothing off, but rules are rules.”

*DING DING DING* “Break time now!”

Zane picked himself him, his face in shame and semi naked now. He feigned a humble nature to Superman, when both shook their hands. Normally both wrestlers would retire to the change rooms, but Superman used this time to sign autographs for the crowd. Zane lumbered to his change room. When he was inside, he closed the door and locked it securely. The shameful face soon became an evil smile, as he went to his locker, and opened it. To his shock, the package was missing. Zane panicked, he searched everywhere but it was gone! How would he beat Superman now?!

Zane picked up the phone and dialled his contact “Hey, I’m in big trouble now….that kryptonite I got from you…it’s missing…do you have anymore”

“What do mean it’s missing?!?!?!” yelled the other side

“I don’t know…I searched everywhere, it was in my locker, locked…now it’s gone. How will I defeat Superman now?”

“You idiot! that was the last bit we had!!! You will pay for this”, and the phone went dead.

Zane was now in panic mode, but he had to go out to save his pride. As a precaution, he rubbed himself with some massage oil all over, to ensure he was as slippery as possible. If he couldn’t defeat Superman using kryptonite, he was sure going to make it as hard as possible for Superman to get hold of him.


Round two was about to commence, and Zane emerged from the walkway to the ring. There was no cheer as everyone was more concerned about getting close to Superman, who was surrounded by a frenzied crowd. In the confusion, Superman thought there were hands touching his package, but he refused to believe that the crowd would be like that and gave them the benefit of the doubt it was just an innocent ‘brushing past’. Despite that, Superman felt his package increase in size, reminding him of what he hadn’t enjoyed in a long time. Was it his imagination, but he felt slightly euphoric…there was something beckoning to him in his mind, some urge, yet he felt tired, and he noticed himself sweating. He wasn’t sure why, but now was not the time to figure out why.

“Ok, so, guys, the first round is to Superman! Zane “The Tiger” Norris, was defeated. His shirt, vest, pants and combat boots were auctioned off to charity. Who will win round 2? Will our lucky member of the crowd manage to get a full set of Zane’s clothing, or will the tables turn and see the crowd get Superman’s entire costume? We will see!!!”

(Superman’s Thoughts): “wow. Zane looks different now…I’m not sure what it is…but each muscle…every part of his body seems very clearly defined. Obviously helped by the fact I stripped him.”

(Zanes’s Thoughts): “damn, without Kryptonite, I’m going to lose. That bidder in the crowd will have my full set of clothing once I lose. He’ll get my underwear. I’m done for. I shouldn’t have agreed to his. But, is it just my imagination, but I feel Superman is tiring. I can see him sweating. I wonder what would have caused it? Oh, hang on…it looks like his package has increased in size! I did touch it, although indirectly with my head when my head was in his lap when he took off my T shirt. I wonder if that’s the cause of Superman being sweaty and looking tired? Or it could be part of his act….hmmmm”

Superman and Zane faced each other yet again. Soon the two muscular men  grappled. One was dressed in full heroic gear, whilst the other was almost completely naked, spare for his underwear.

Superman felt it very hard to get a hold of Zane, whilst Zane found it no trouble to hold onto Superman’s body. Zane grabbed hold of Superman’s biceps and squeeze and they came up close. Was it his imagination, but they felt less hard than before. Zane also noticed the hairs on the back of Superman’s neck rising as he squeezed. They grappled on the ground, Superman finding his opponent extremely slippery. Soon, Zane had Superman in a half nelson. The crowd rose in excitement. Was it an act or was it real? Unfortunately for Superman, this was no act. For some reason, he felt his mind was elsewhere, surrounded by pleasant, warm fuzzy feelings…

Disguised by the half nelson move, Zane moved his hand into Superman’s package and squeezed hard. It was an interesting feeling, because it was soft initially, but yet increased in size and hardness at the same time.

Zane also saw the tiny hairs on Superman’s neck rise even more with the squeeze. At the same time, Superman’s body felt softer, more pliable. Taking advantage of this, Zane grabbed Superman in a bear hug, squeezing Superman’s biceps, and his thighs in unison. Zane felt Superman’s body jerk in sudden energy…

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