Superman Rasslin Fun Part 3
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Superman Rasslin Fun 

 Author: Rhmrz

Part 3


(Superman’s Thoughts): “uuhhh, can’t think straight….pleasant feelings….I close my eyes….something is happening to me…but yet…I still can’t focus….I can only focus on warm…fuzzy…..feeling….uhhhhh.”

(Zanes’s Thoughts): “very interesting….I’m enjoying groping Superman….perhaps the reason he is like this is because I’m stimulating his erogenous zones…he must not get a lot of action…maybe I’m ‘reminding’ him of what he desires…Now, let’s see what the male erogenous zones were….the package, the feet, neck, ears, eyelids, inner thighs, under his arms….behind the knees, his ass….”

Zane decided to test out his theory, disguising his sinister ‘experiment, he got Superman into a Boston crab position, which meant Superman was lying face down as his legs were bent high into the sky with his shins underneath Zane’s armpits. At this moment, Zane used his fingers to stimulate Superman behind his knees, through the blue fabric. He let Superman’s legs fall to the ground. Superman turned around, half dazed, the hair on his head soaked with sweat. Zane grabbed Superman’s red booted feet and squeezed, again noticing the softening of Superman’s body and the hairs on his neck rising.

(Zanes’s Thoughts): “I’m testing whether Superman has erogenous zones, which I think he does. They do seem to be similar to the human male. I’ve tested his package…that was a clear success…then I went for behind his knees, again very good…Now I grabbed onto his red booted feet and squeezed. I can feel the shape of Superman’s feet inside the boots as I squeeze. I can feel his toes…his soles, and hard heels….” 

(Superman’s Thoughts): “uuhhh, can’t see properly…..all fuzzy….but pleasant…..something good is coming….soon, not yet, but soon I feel…..Zane is squeezing my feet inside my boots…feels nice…”

Superman shook his head and momentarily cleared his head, he managed to stand up straight and compose himself. He had to beat Zane, and decided to end this fight soon. He could feel his mind returning, and stood there in his classic hands on hips pose to face Zane. The two men interlocked, and Superman managed to get Zane on the ground. There was panic in Zane’s eyes, would this mean he would lose his underwear as well? 

(Zanes’s Thoughts): “Nooo!!! after all that progress I made with Superman’s erogenous zones, it should not come to this…must not lose!!!!” 

(Superman’s Thoughts): “I don’t know what happened before, but I can’t let it happen again. I’ll check out with STAR labs what happened to me later, but for now I must win this match.” The crowd cheered at the climax of the fight, it looked obvious that Zane would be the loser. But then suddenly as Superman was about to grab Zane, he slipped from his grasp. Zane jumped up and embraced Superman in a bear hug. Superman tried to get a hold of Zane desperately, but it was impossible due to his slippery nature. Zane felt he had the upper hand again as he felt Superman’s body soften again… 

(Superman’s Thoughts): “Oh no….I’m getting weaker and dizzy again now….but pleasant thoughts…must ….resist….unnnnhhhhhgg.” 

(Zanes’s Thoughts): “Excellent, it’s working again! now to grope his package again!!!!” 

Zane touched the now very hard package that Superman had. Fortunately for the crowd it was far away and they didn’t notice, but Zane definitely did. Superman tried hard to disguise his boner, but the only way to do that would mean he needed to get into a position where he was lying face down. Superman brushed Zane off, and then leapt on Zane, causing him to fall down onto the floor. Good, Superman thought, at least he managed to do two things, this boner would be disguised, and Zane was on the ground.  

Superman lay on top of Zane, and they stayed in this position for a while. 

(Zanes’s Thoughts): “hmm, I can feel his hard package on my ass….It seems like he subconsciously enjoys it!!!!”

Zane didn’t want Superman to get the upper hand for much longer and twisted his leg around Superman’s and wrestled the once mighty man of steel onto his back. Superman tried to push Zane away but each hand kept sliding off Zane’s muscular chest. 

(Superman’s Thoughts): “uhhh,, got to get Zane off me…he is towering over me…all I can see is his sweaty chest…his large pecs and dark nipples…his six pack…he is dominating me…..” 

Zane let his body fall onto Superman’s….and his hands leapt into action, groping Superman’s package again, squeezing it, teasing it with his fingers. Like with Superman’s feet before, Zane was able to sense the shape of Superman’s tool and two precious balls underneath the red briefs, just by using his stubby fingers. They were generously sized, soft and yet hard at the same time. Each squeeze seemed to make Superman weaker. 

(Zanes’s Thoughts): “Good….his tool and his balls I can “see” with my fingers! they are so huge and generous….now to try something else. I will use one hand to tweak is package and then my other hand will grope his other erogenous areas, like his neck, the hair on his head, his eyelids, his underarms and his nipples!!!!” 

The crowd roared as it seemed like Zane was winning. The hobos and the underworld in the crowd could not believe what they were seeing. Could it be the once might man of Steel that would lose the match? They all wondered that they would do if they managed to get their hands on Superman’s costume AND see his naked body! 

(Superman’s Thoughts): “got to get him off me….but what are these pleasant feelings? uuhhh… I dreaming and am I really at home with Lois? uhhhhh…don’t know……I can’t think…so fuzzy, I can only feel….things happening to my body….I can feel rough hands on my neck….so nice……there are fingers running through the hair on my head…..the same fingers touch my eyelids….now someone is raising my arms above my head…….” 

Zane was definitely dominating Superman now…who seemed his mind was elsewhere…yet he was enjoying it. In fact, EVERYONE was enjoying the moment now! Zane had the mighty man of steel lying on his back, and now was raising Superman’s arms above his head. To continue the stimulation on his erogenous zones, Zane focused his attention on Superman’s sweat soaked armpits and massaged the dark patches of his blue shirt. Zane squeezed and pinched the muscular hollows….and then decided to see what they were like….Zane moved his face closer to the sweaty hollow and inhaled….It was a nice cologne style scent, masculine yet sweaty…

“mmm, Superman, your sweat smells nice”, Zane whispered inside Superman’s ear, and at the same time, nibbled at his ear…. 

(Superman’s Thoughts):“Where am I?…so pleasant……sleepy….I can feel it coming now….soon….soon…” 

Zane then groped around Superman’s ass…feeling the roundness of his cheeks and used a finger to again “see” what Superman’s ass would be like…even daring to ‘penetrate’ it using his stubby fingers. As before, one hand had been continuously groping Superman’s package, whilst the other was exploring another area. The combination of this for half an hour could only mean the inevitable would happen soon. And Zane could sense this. The sweaty man of steel buckled, breathed deeply, eyes closed, arms and legs relaxed and then tight, relaxed and then tight… 

Suddenly he saw Superman’s mouth open and gasp, even the crowd heard it. They thought it was a cry of pain, yet Zane knew very well what it was…..And indeed, as Zane looked down at Superman’s package, it was a darker colour, but the crowd was oblivious to this. But then he thought, once we get to the stripping, it would be obvious what it was. At least to the buyer anyway. 

(Zane’s Thoughts): “I think he has cummed. The great man of steel.his body is not moving much…he is limp…..I also….think…he is mine. ahahhaahahah” 


The referee, went up close…..”GOING ONCE……”, Superman was not moving ….”GOING TWICE….”……Zane beckoned arrogantly to the crowd…..”ZANE WINS ROUND TWO AND THE MATCH!!!!!!!!!”

The hobos and the crowd roared in frenzy! they stood and hooted!!!! They all knew what was to happen! 


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4.5 (4)

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