Superman Rasslin Fun Part 4
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Superman Rasslin Fun 

 Author: Rhmrz

Part 4


(Superman’s Thoughts):” Urgh, Zane… he’s destroying me, dominating me, must resist, but I can’t. He’s touching me, pleasuring me, draining my strength. I’ve got to resist, got to beat him…can’t let him win, can’t let him strip me in front of the crowd.

Oh no, he’s on top of me again. His firm body is forcing me to stay down, keeping me beneath him. Every time I try to push him off my hand slide over his solid glistening pecs, up and down his washboard abs, his body….so powerful, so strong. He’s bigger than me and stronger than I am, he’s more powerful than Superman and I can feel as his groin thrusts into mine, pleasuring me, making me hard and draining me of my strength. Got to stop him, but it feels so good, feels so right to submit to him, to let him dominate me to give in to the pleasure.

His hands clamp down around my wrists. I struggle to break free, but I can’t, I’m weak and his every move is grinding me into the ground, forcing me to submit, pleasuring me and making me weaker. He’s forcing my hands above my head and I’m helpless to stop him as he lays me out and sneers down at me, knowing that he has me right where he wants me. I watch in awe as he shoves his face into my sweaty arm pit and sniffs deeply, grinding his bulging but flaccid package into my firm erection, stealing more of my strength.

After he’s had his fill of my scent he moves his face next to mine and whispers “mmm, Superman, your sweat smells nice”. Then he nibbles on my ear sending bolts of pleasure to my groin and bringing me closer to my defeat.

I can feel it coming, I know that Zane is going to win, that I’m going to let him win, let him humiliate and dominate me. The crowd thinks this is all an act, but Zane knows the truth and so do I , he’s turning me on, making me putty in his hands, forcing me to submit to him and humiliate myself like never before.

As this realisation washes over me, I give up all resistance entirely. What’s the point? Zane has beaten me and now I’m just a play thing for him to enjoy and enjoy he does. For the next half an hour he toys with me, putting me in hold after hold, always rubbing against me, touching me, arousing me and forcing me to feel his strong muscles and breathe his manly scent. My body contorts and twists as he plays with me and constantly runs his hands all over me, distracting me with this pleasurable defeat. Finally Zane throws me over his knee, one hand going to my neck and holding me firmly in a light choking grasp, the other snaking down to my groin, hiding my erection from the audience while wracking my body with pleasure. I feel my back stretch as he applies more pressure, roaring in victory, but that is nothing compared to the sensation down below. My whole groin is encased in the palm of his large strong hand and as he locks the hold, his middle finger traces along my balls and to my crack and suddenly I feel it digging into my hole, penetrating me and breaking the last of my resistance. As Zane yells in triumph, his finger slips into my hole, plundering my cherry and I can’t stop myself as my ass clenches tightly and my body quivers as the pleasure builds and builds before I unleash my pent up arousal in a torrent of cum that spurts for several minutes before I lay helplessly in Zane’s punishing hold, awaiting my fate and surrendering to this muscled monster completely. I Superman, the mightiest hero of Earth have been defeated.”

(Zane’s Thoughts): ‘Arrrgh’ I’ve done it! I’ve done it! I defeated Superman. The strongest, mightiest champion of the world, the indestructible hero that’s never been bested and I just did! I played with him, toyed with him and used my superior masculine power to arouse and humiliate him until he completely surrendered by cumming all over himself as I penetrated his virgin hole with nothing more than my middle finger. And the best part is that the big blue boy scout isn’t even trying to resist me now. Any other dude would run like hell if they had been publicly humiliated like that or they’d beat the shit out of the guy that did it to them, I know I would. But Superman? He’s just lying limply in my hold, still moaning like a whore in heat as I continue to discreetly run my hands all over his body. Fuck! what a body. The hero is pure sculpted muscle from head to toe with definition and beauty that no mere mortal could dream of and you know what? 

All that power, all that muscle and all those pretty boy good looks were useless against me. But I’ll put them to good use, cause there’s no need for this to be a one off performance, so long as Superman agrees to be mine forever. Fuck who am I kidding? If he doesn’t agree I’ll just take him down again and again until he begs to be mine and we both know I can do it. I can feel my dick rising in anticipation.

Suddenly I look up and I remember where we are. Fuck! Everyone in the audience is gonna think I’m a fag like the slut currently dry humping my hand, what a good bitch. But no, everyone’s cheering, in fact no one seems to even realise that their hero just jizzed himself in front of them. They must think it’s an act, that Superman (Gotta rename him now he’s my bitch and I’m the SUPERman) threw the match for charity well I know what really happened and so does the Superchump.

As I think about this, I keep my middle finger on the bitch’s hole, lightly caressing his cherry through his suit as he moans and groans in ‘pain’. Holding Superman over my knee, stroking him and finger fucking him, keeping him weak and helpless in front of the crowd has to be the best experience of my life. As I apply more force to the hold and manage to penetrate him further, the referee comes over and counts out the pin, making official what everyone in the room already knows; I Zane have beaten Superman. When the ref yells ‘Three’, I whoop in victory and through my new slave onto the mat as I stand in celebration, my huge cock tenting my tight, white, wet briefs absurdly. Who cares that everyone can see I’m boned up, I just put down Superman, I dare anyone to do that and not get excited. Speaking of that bitch, he hasn’t yet been humiliated nearly enough. So walking over to his defeated form laying on the mat, I go and kick him, rolling him onto his back before placing my foot squarely on the ‘S’ on his chest. The crowd loves it and cheers even more loudly than before, but it’s still not enough. I want Superman to realise completely who’s bested him so I grab his thick luxurious black locks and drag him around the ring by his hair, making him crawl like a dog behind me. Let’s just say that this little show has the crowd near rioting.

As I head over to the corner of the ring, I grab a microphone from the ref before hoisting the helpless hero up and securing his arms in the ring ropes, displaying him like the life size trophy he is. I stand back and soak in the sight.

There he is Superman, the muscular Adonis with his handsome face, buff bod and prominent bulge, hanging helpless on the ropes. His head is lowered in defeat and he’s breathing heavily as a sheen of sweat coats his face and dampens the crotch, chest and armpits of his famous costume. A costume that’s about to be stripped from him along with the rest of his pride, fuck it’s hot seeing him like this. I snap out of my trance and move to stand in front of my new slave, my cock pointing the way. When I’m completely in front of him, his eyes focus on my bulging monster and he gulps loudly, gotta love when a bitch knows his fate. ” 



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