Superman Rasslin Fun Part 5
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Superman Rasslin Fun 

 Author: Rhmrz

Part 5

The referee then turned towards the crowd, and immediately start the bidding; ‘O.K. Guys and Gals, who wants to strip the Man of Steel?’ Roaring applause and cheering ensues.

Zane then went up and took the microphone from the referee’s hand, ‘First up, I know it’s not in the rules, but as the winner of the match I claim Superman’s belt as my trophy’ 

There were more cheers as Zane went up to Superman and with a devilish grin begin to unbuckle his belt, deliberately taking his time to fondle his cock until it was hard again and he was moaning like the bitch that Zane reduced him to. As Superman pants subconsciously in pleasure, Zane continued to pull the belt through the loops of Superman’s red briefs and leaned towards him and whispered: “This is gonna come in handy later on when I need to keep you in line, just think it’s a collar, leash and strap all in one”

Superman’s cock is tenting his costume obscenely as Zane backs away from him and despite the crowd he can’t resist. Zane uses the belt and straps the huge target that is his bulge. Holy Fuck! The moment the belt strikes Superman’s cock, the man of steel let out this ungodly moan as his hips bucked and his cock spewed forth a huge second load which just completely soaked his briefs and chest, leaving little rivers of super-cum slowly trailing down his legs. 

“Man that should sure drive the price of his gear up”, thought Zane. The victor and the referee then turned to the crowd expecting roars of outrage of gasps of disgust, but everyone is still cheering and whooping, only now there are catcalls of ‘slut’, ‘whore’ and ‘bitch’ all directed at the former hero of Metropolis. 

The crowds packed all the way up to the wrestling ring, with the ropes barely able to hold the crowd back. They looked like they would collapse at any second. Those closest to Superman enjoyed the view immensely. Now close enough to feel….to taste…the once powerful Man of Steel.

As Superman lay there totally exhausted, arms tied loosely to the ropes, no one noticed a hobo directly behind Superman reach behind his cape with his rough hand. Superman felt movement behind his back, under his cape. He felt the rough fingers through his costume, and it wasn’t long before those rough fingers slipped to the bottom of his shirt and touched his bare skin. The hobo enjoyed feeling the smooth sweaty silky feel of Superman’s back. Superman reacted to this new sensation, but was powerless to do anything about it. 

With the crowd mostly distracted by the bidding, the hobo’s hands again traversed the skin underneath the costume, feeling Superman’s buttocks, his ass crack…his back….biceps….shoulders…his hairy underarms…chest….nipples…..sixpack….pubes…..and sizable tool…

The hobo lingered there for a moment, ‘seeing’ what Superman’s cock was like by using his fingers. Superman reacted more sharply to the roughness of the hobo’s fingers to the delicate skin on his balls and cock. Superman’s eyes closed tightly, and mouth open in a mixture of exhaustion and what looked like pleasure….

Sensing the crowd would soon notice, the hobo “exited” Superman’s body through his costume and back into the crowd. The hobo smiled and sniffed his fingers which had enjoyed ‘dominating’ Superman’s most intimate places, and thus carried the characteristic scent of the man of steel. “mmmm sweet”….

The auctioneer and Zane turn to the crowd again.

‘That’s right ladies and gentleman, your hero is nothing but a slut who came at the very thought of being dominated by me! Now what do I hear for the big guy’s boots?’

“Ten thousand!”

“Twenty thousand”

“One hundred thousand!!!”

Zane was enjoying every moment of this. He decided to milk it for all it was worth. How the tables had turned! only moments before was he himself feeling helpless and being stripped by Superman. “Yes, come on up, who wants to bid for Superman’s boots?”

To get the crowd going, Zane walked up to the defeated hero. It was a pleasing sight. Superman – The Man of steel, with his arms tied to the ring ropes. His red booted feet splayed out in front of him.

The crowd roared….

Just as the bidding was about to start, there’s a loud noise at the gym entrance…

Since the spotlight was on the ring, it was not clear who had entered into the room. It was a tall figure, his face was hidden in the dark. It moved quickly towards the ring. Even Superman was trying to figure out who it is. He didn’t have to wait long before it was revealed to be his arch enemy – Lex Luthor.

Superman’s eyes widened….he was in a vulnerable position, that was bad enough, but to have one of his worst enemies witness this, the man of steel could only imagine the horrors which await him.

Lex Luthor looked over the crowd with a sneer of superiority, he had waited for years for this moment, the moment when that alien trash would finally be brought low and seen by the masses as the vermin he is. Lex had been in the middle of negotiating one of the largest defence contracts in the history of his company when he had heard what was going on in this backwater gym not two blocks from his corporate offices. When he heard about the defeat, he dropped everything, brushing off the Chief of Staff as only he, Lex Luthor, could and ran the two blocks in full business attire to get here on time. Arriving at the gym, he had burst through the doors and brow beaten his way past security and arrived just in time as the bidding was about to start. He took in the view of the gorgeous muscled Zane standing in dominance over a defeated, broken and humiliated alien who had just been exposed as a perverted loser and he instantly became hard. At that moment, Lex knew what he wanted and more than that, he realised that price was no object. So as Zane tried to begin the bidding, he yelled out in his most authoritative tone


Amazingly the din of the crowd hushed instantly as all eyes focused on Lex. Not a sound was made which was why everyone in the room heard the weak plea from their former hero ‘No, please…not Lex. Please Zane I’ll do anything you want, just don’t let Luthor get a hold of my D.N.A.’.

Luthor laughed…”Ha…..your DNA? I already did that with a strand of your hair at the museum…..ah….your hair Superman….I wonder where else on your body you have hair?…”

The crowd was shocked at this plea, but nothing surprised them more than Zane taking Superman’s belt, looping it around the hero’s neck and cinching it tightly before wrenching the newly leashed hero’s head up so he could look him in the eye as he yelled;

‘You don’t make requests bitch, you do as I say because I beat you, I mastered you and now I own you got it!’ the collective gasps of the audience almost drowned out Superman’s submissive response;

‘Yes Master’

The audience cheered, Lex Grinned and Zane stepped up to the hero and forced Superman’s face into his bulging crotch before turning to Lex and saying ‘You wanted to say something Mr. Luthor’.

Lex loved that. The man who had dominated Superman had addressed him with proper deference. Lex knew that if he played his cards right, he could walk away from today with a Godly sex partner and a super bitch to service them both. With this thought in mind, Lex looked over the crowd before clearly stating, ‘I offer 100 million dollars for the entirety of Superman’s costume and a private…unveiling ceremony. Of course it goes without saying the Mr. Norris would do all the unveiling, after all I wouldn’t want to interfere with another man’s property’.

Zane grinned at Lex and gave a sexy wink before stating ‘I think that could be arranged…unless anyone wants to outbid Mr. Luthor’. There was absolute silence in the gym broken only by the muffled protests of the newly made slave.

‘Come then Mr. Norris, we have a party to attend I’ll have the money transferred to the relevant accounts first thing tomorrow’.

To the delight of the audience, Zane forcefully removed Superman from the ropes of the ring lifted the hero over his shoulder and proceeded to follow Lex into a waiting limo where he dumped his new slave on the spacious floor before moving over to accommodate Lex.

Lex barked an order telling the driver to take them to his mansion… Lex offered Zane a cocktail, to which he gratefully accepted…. both sipped their cocktails contently…whilst looking at the colourful figure slumped on the floor in front of them. The ride to the mansion would not take long….


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1 thought on “Superman Rasslin Fun Part 5
5 (2)

  1. Superman will soon be satisfying the insatiable urges of Lex as SUPERMAN succumbs to being the submissive slave he is already beCUMMING.

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