Superman Rasslin Fun Part 6
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Superman Rasslin Fun 

 Author: Rhmrz

Part 6

The Rolls Royce drove at high speed, out of the bustle of Metropolis in high into the outskirt mountains. The roads were winding, rising higher and higher. Obviously expensive real estate territory. Luxurious mansions were found here, and Lex Luthor’s was no exception. Perched high above Metropolis, the views were spectacular.  It was one of the many homes Lex owned. Not as grand as Lex Manor, but this one was a more modern, high tech sort of home.

The Rolls went into the driveway and down into a parking lot. The driver stopped and opened the door. Lex stepped out, smiling. He then turned back to the car, looking at the costumed hero slumped on the floor. Zane stepped out, looking smug, twirling in the air playfully Superman’s yellow belt that he had removed earlier. Lex grabbed Superman’s wrist and dragged the hero out of the car. Zane offered to help, but Lex was determined to savour every every moment of this. Lex’s mind briefly flashed back to all the humiliating defeats at the hand of Superman….Nuclear Man, The Kryptonian criminals, the new krypton on earth…. and the very first time he met Superman. He wished he finished him off earlier….or at least enjoyed him more.

Lex then bent down, grabbed hold of Superman’s ankle and dragged the hero into his mansion. Superman’s faint groans of weakness were music to Lex’s ears. It could only get better from now. Whilst Superman had been exhausted, the long ride in the Rolls Royce helped to clear his mind. He felt his strength slowly returning, although he wasn’t sure exactly how Zane managed to defeat him. Whilst he was being dragged along the smooth marble floors inside Lex’s mansion, Superman suddenly twisted and broke free from Lex’s grip. Superman shook his head, his strength was slowly returning and he put on his best heroic stance, hands on hips, facing Lex and Zane.

“I don’t know what you two are planning, but this is over.”

Zane went up to Superman to restrain him but Superman pushed him aside easily. The muscular Zane went crashing into an ornate vase of Lex’s, shattering it instantly.

Lex sighed “there goes two million dollars”

The Man of Steel, went to Zane and retrieved his yellow belt back. As Superman went to remove the belt from around Zane’s trim waist, the muscled adonis groaned and quickly realised Superman’s intent, grabbing the former man of steel’s wrists and halting Superman’s progress with the belt.

“Oh no Superman, this belt is mine now and I ain’t giving it over to a weakling like you!”, Superman stared at his tormentor with a murderous rage.

“Let go of me now or I’ll”

“You’ll what Superman? Beat me like you did in the ring? Or will you continue to moan with my every touch?’

Superman’s gaze faltered as his resolve broke a little at the feel of Zane’s grasp

‘I-I…just want…my belt’

‘Oh no, I bet there’s something better that you want’ Grinning, Zane forcefully pulled Superman’s wrists until the hero’s hands were tracing the ridges of Zane’s abs. 

‘That’s what you really want isn’t it Superman? You want to feel me up, to worship me, to acknowledge the man who beat you, the man who mastered you’

‘N-no, I-I just want my belt back’

‘No you want to caress my abs, palm my pecs and grope my muscles. You want me to humiliate you all over again’

‘N-no I just want…’

‘You want me, totally dominating you, controlling you like I did in the ring. You want to give yourself to me over and over again and humiliate yourself, because you know deep down that doing that, being a pussy, letting yourself become my slave turns you on like nothing else’

Superman’s whole body trembled, his face displaying an internal struggle, while his hands, guided by Zane’s own continued to feel up the muscled wrestler.


‘Yes you do, you want this, otherwise your dick wouldn’t be tenting your briefs like it is’ At this, Zane thrust his own erect dick into Superman’s forcefully grinding their groins as the man of steel let out a strangled moan and began to worship Zane’s body of his own accord. Superman was feeling every muscle on Zane’s body, arousing himself more and more.

‘That’s it, old man of steel, give it to me, give me your devotion. You can feel yourself getting weaker worshiping me. Every time you feel me up that pleasurable arousal runs through your body, draining your strength and bringing you one step closer to defeat and the best part is you’re doing this of your own free will’.

Zane was right, the former wrestler was no longer guiding Superman’s hands, but leaning against the wall as Superman willingly worshiped his body, slowly giving in to the sensual seduction.

‘Good boy..give in. Now remove that belt from my powerful waist’.

Almost in a trance, Superman’s hands descended down Zane’s muscled torso, tracing his pecs, flicking his nipples and caressing his abs before following the V of his waist to the buckle of his yellow belt. Superman’s hands shook as he slowly undid the clasp and painstakingly undid the belt before sliding it from the loops of Zane’s pants. Once he was done, he stood there his gaze down and his penis erect, awaiting Zane’s next humiliating order.

‘That’s right bitch, you enjoyed stripping me even just a little bit didn’t you?’

‘N-no I-i just…wanted my belt back’

‘That’s a lie, you loved every second of it. Even now, feeling the warm leather in your hands you’re close to cumming. Almost as close as you were when you first stripped me in the ring’

‘T-that’s not true’

‘Sure it is, you’re addicted to me, to my body, to the way I beat and humiliated you to the way I forced you to cum in front of all those people and then made you crawl around the ring like a trained dog’

‘Oh God’ Superman’s trembling increased as pleasure flooded his body and set his loins aflame.

‘Yeah, you loved that the most didn’t you? being reduced to my pet, my toy. Forced against your will, the almighty Superman brought down by a tougher dude, forced to cum while being helpless to resist…made into my SLAVE, my personal little whore who begged me to do anything to him, isn’t that right?’

Superman’s cock was now leaking into his stained briefs as Zane slowly broke down his will to resist.

‘P-please don’t…’

‘Don’t what? don’t make you into my private whore? because I think we’re well past that now, so what don’t you want me to do huh bitch?

‘Please don;t make me cum again, not here…not in front of him’

Until this moment, Lex had stood paralysed by the erotic display before him, unknowingly falling into the same aroused trance as Superman. But hearing those words caused him to smile evilly and nod to Zane, urging him to defeat the alien once more.

‘Defeated Superheroes don’t make requests, they follow orders and they enjoy it. Just like you are now, they get achingly hard from just the sound of their master’s voice, ready to blow a load on command, ready to do exactly as they’re told and loving every minute of it’

Superman fidgeted as arousal flooded his body, he knew what was going to happen, what he was going to let happen, but he couldn’t stop himself, he needed to obey Zane.

‘Cum now boy’

And Superman did, unleashing another tremendous load that shot through his briefs and coated Zane’s ripped body. Superman gushed shot after shot of creamy cum until he was completely spent, falling to his knees before the former wrestler turned hero master. Zane roared in triumph as he himself unloaded in his pants, before steadying his breathing and looking down at the once again humbled man of steel.

‘Good boy, now take that belt and collar yourself’.

Superman didn’t object, he didn’t resist in any way, he just secured the belt around his neck and, with his face turned down, he presented Zane with the loose end of his new leash.

‘Now crawl bitch, stay on your knees where you belong’

Zane roughly yanked the end of the belt he was holding and forced the former hero of Metropolis to crawl over the marble tiles until he was kneeling before a very aroused and satisfied Lex.

‘Mr Luthor, I believe this bitch belongs to you… for the moment’

Lex couldn’t help himself, he reached out and took Zane’s shoulder and lightly caressed the bare muscle, rubbing in some of Superman’s expended cum like ointment, before saying;

‘Thank you Mr. Norris, let’s go relax and have some fun’.

Lex moved his hand to the small of Zane’s back, just above his muscular ass as he led his new companion into his private quarters.

Behind the two, Superman crawled, helpless, humiliated and resigned to his fate. Each step took him closer to his ultimate surrender and his sweaty costume only served to remind him how far he’d fallen. But despite everything, his eyes were glued to the clenching buttocks of his new master and his dick was as hard as steel, ready for his next performance.

The man of steel, went to Zane and retrieved his yellow belt back. Within moments Superman was wearing his belt again.

“Ok Lex, you win, what do you want with me?” Superman spoke weakly, all bravado was now gone. The smile on Lex was as huge as ever, (as was something else in his pants)…

“What do I want? I want everything.. I want to study you, know what your entire body is like, taste you, feel you…”

“you sick creep….but I have no choice. “

“hahahaah, no you don’t man of steel!”

Lex stepped up and went close to the costumed hero, close enough to taste him, smell him. Lex walked around the magnificent specimen with stood before him. Muscular perfection was evident in the tight fitting costume. Ah yes, Superman’s famous costume. The red cape with yellow S, the blue ‘S’ shirt which hugged his biceps, six pack and pecs. Superman’s red briefs with was equally tight fitting with the contours and shapes of what lay underneath very prominent and masculine. A yellow belt which begged to be removed again. The blue leggings hugging muscular calves, connecting inside Superman’s red boots.

Lex’s hand went up to Superman’s head, he played with his hair. It was sweaty, thick and black. He teased Superman’s famous curl on his forhead. Superman closed his eyes as he was being humilitated, he could do nothing as he was being blackmailed by Lex. His mind thought on how to get out of this situation. No solution came up yet, he wished he had the answer soon, but for now he had to put up with Lex ‘assaulting’ his body.

“I like the feel of your hair Sruperman. It feels silky. I remember how I stole aa single strand of your hair from the Metropolis museum with my annoying Nephew. We created Nuclear Man, he was a match for you wasn’t he?”

“yes”, Superman replied weakly “he almost destroyed me, but I defeated him in the end”

“But no matter, I am in control of you now Superman. You do what I ask and I promise I won’t ‘destroy’ you. hahahahaha. From a single strand of your hair to now a full head of thick black hair. Lex pushed down on Superman’s shoulders, to which Superman bent his legs and lowered himself; kneeling before his greatest enemy.Again Superman closed his eyes, disgusted at Lex, but there was nothing he could do.

Lex relished the sight of the once indestructible hero down on his knees, helpless before him. He had waited years for this moment and with every defeat, his urge to properly humiliate and destroy the hero built until it became an all-consuming obsession.

Despite his status as one of the world’s most eligible bachelors, Lex had rejected all suitors as his obsession to defeat the hero of metropolis slowly morphed into an insatiable lust, suddenly no mere mortal was good enough for the prince of Metropolis, no he needed to fuck the alien bastard that had stolen his glory and now he had the chance.

With near reverence, Lex’s hand loosened his grasp on the former hero’s hair and moved both hands to the broad shoulders that were sagged in utter defeat and shame. Lex first slowly massaged those muscled mounds before edging the tips of his fingers beneath Superman’s shirt, feeling for the hero’s cape and slowly, sensually tugging it free. When Superman’s cape was freed from his shirt, Lex examined it some, feeling the incredible fabric that could withstand a nuclear explosion, before bringing it to his nose and inhaling. Ah, Superman’s sweat had soaked through his costume and dampened his cape and the sweet yet masculine smell that was totally alien to this world had permeated the cloth.

With reluctance, Lex removed the cape from his nose before turning to Zane and tossing him the cape.

`Hold onto this Mr. Norris we will have some use for this later’. Lex then turned his attention back to the kneeling man of steel and barked a command; `Stand up you alien scum’

Lex’s dick throbbed with joy the moment Superman, the once confident hero, rushed to heed his command, standing before Lex with his eyes turned down, compliant like a good slave. Lex then stepped up to the submissive Superman and ran his hands up and down the muscled torso, feeling the amazing definition and size of the hero’s unearthly physique.

When Lex had his fill of feeling up the hero he let his hands fall to the hero’s belt and slowly unbuckled the clasp, whipping the yellow leather from the costume in one swift motion and tossing it too to Zane.

Smiling, Lex put his index fingers in two of the belt loops attached to the man of steel’s red briefs and forcefully tugged the muscled hero forward. Despite Superman towering over lex, it was clear to any observer who was truly in control. Lex smirked at his helpless captive, before running his hands under the blue shirt of the hero’s costume, gasping at the sensation of his flesh touching that of his obsession’s.  Lex let out a small moan as his hands travelled upward, forcefully taking the shirt with them until Superman submissively raised his arms and allowed himself to be stripped. Once shirtless, the hero left his arms above his head as though surrendering all over again. Lex stepped back and appreciated the view. There before him was the most perfect male specimen on this or any other world, displaying his muscled torso for Lex’s pleasure and with his arms above his head, his dark sweaty armpits were perfectly displayed, begging to be licked and worshipped. But Lex knew now was not the time, he and Zane would have plenty of opportunity to debase this God through sordid acts.

Once again, Lex stepped away from his prize and sat on a comfortable antique chair with low arm rests which sat perfectly level with the top of Lex’s thighs.

`Take off your ridiculous boots and pass them to Mr. Norris’.

Lex watched gleefully as Superman hopped on the spot, awkwardly removing his boots while keeping his head down. Each balancing hop served only to cause his ripped muscles to flex and bounce in an erotic display. Finally when Superman was done, he approached his conqueror Zane and without ever raising his gaze, placed his boots at Zane’s feet before returning to his spot in front of Luthor.

`Now use that heat vision of yours to remove the crotch of your briefs and pants. For the first time since being subdued by Zane, Superman looked directly at Lex. Shock, humiliation, anger and fear flashed across his expressive blue eyes before he nodded in resignation and set about his task. Superman focused intently on the crotch of his uniform and burned a perfectly circular hole in his costume. Once done, the excised fabric fell away and Superman’s impressive manhood was freed, erect and pointing straight at the ceiling.

 `It seems you’re enjoying this alien’


`No What?’


`Better, but you still lied to me’

`No I didn’t I… yes master, please forgive me’

`It’s not that easy. Lying to me is a serious offence slave, one for which you will need to be punished’.

Superman’s eyes welled with tears of shame as Lex simply patted his lap, his silent instruction clear. Like a naughty school boy, Superman lurched forward and settled his body across Lex’s lap, lying face down with his feet and head touching the floor either side of Lex’s feet. In this position, his hard cock was perfectly in line with Luthor’s equally rigid tool and his every slight movement cause his loose erection to rub against Lex’s clothed one.

`I think this spanking should be bare, don’t you slave?’

Superman nodded his head, excitement and arousal flooding his already stimulated body. The very idea that Lex Luthor; his greatest enemy, was about to spank him like a child thrilled him to no end. His excitement was only heightened by the thought that he had allowed this to happen and was continuing to allow this to happen all because his arousal had overpowered his very common sense.

Lex wasted no time in relieving Superman of his remaining garments, certain that if the hero were to give any further thought to the situation he might rebel. So with a haste conjured by lust, Lex tugged the pants and briefs of the former hero’s costume off his flailing legs, almost throwing the submissive man of steel to the floor in his rush. Once removed, Lex separated the briefs from the pants before throwing the latter to Zane. The briefs he examined, noticing they were still damp with sweat and pungent with the odour of Superman. He poked his finger through the hole he made his new toy burn in the briefs before smirking and sliding the soiled garment over his captive’s head, ensuring that Superman’s mouth was aligned with the hole in the crotch.

“Now, I believe ten lashings should be sufficient, correct?”

Superman nodded.

“I can’t hear you, Slave. How many spankings would you like?”

Superman clenched his teeth and snarled, “Ten.” He would have used a lesser number, but knew any foolish argument would only prolong his humiliation.

“Excellent. One.” At the number, Lex’s palm cracked down upon Superman’s bare muscular arse. He had been expecting it, but the sting was still a shock and the sound seemed incredibly loud in the silent room. Heat bloomed against Superman’s left arse cheek and he knew he would be lucky to sit down by the time Lex finished.

“Two!” Lex said and repeated the motion on the other cheek.

“Three!” and “Four!” followed in quick succession and Superman fought to breathe normally. It was remarkably painful and he realized he had never been spanked in his life. He had been beaten and bruised, a consequence of saving the planet, but never spanked.

Despite the increasing sting, he nearly breathed a sigh of relief. Almost halfway done.

“Five!” however, caught him a bit lower and he jerked forward in surprise, feeling a jolt of something other than pain.

“Six!” hit the same spot, even harder, and Superman bit his lip against a gasp. It felt almost… good. To his horror, his cock twitched and began to swell. Dear Rao, not now! Please not now.

He clung to the knowledge that there were only four left and willed Lex to hurry before his humiliation reached epic levels. Lex, however, firmly held onto his title as the Bane of Superman’s Existence.

“Bloody hell,” he said. “My hand is aching. I should have used a riding crop or paddle.”

The thought of a leather crop smacking across his bare buttocks was not conducive to reducing his Superman’s erection. He tried to distract himself with other thoughts.

He concentrated so hard on distracting his thoughts that he was not quite prepared for “Seven!” and it angled downward slightly. Lex’s fingertips grazed Superman’s testicles and the resulting jolt sent the tip of Superman’s full-blown erection straight into Lex’s own clothed one.

The Villain gasped and Superman dropped his head, face flaming. He wondered if he could will himself into nonexistence. He waited for the inevitable laughter and taunting.Instead there was a tense silence and then Superman felt another crack, even sharper and lower than the last one, driving him forward even as Lex’s leg shifted minutely. Superman drew in a sharp breath as his cock hit Lex’s own once more, nearly tearing a moan of pleasure from him. He bit his lip hard to suppress it. Rao, his arse was a mass of fire, but he had never been so hard in his life.

Even worse, he had a bizarre urge to spread his legs and let Lex spank him harder… and touch him…

“Nine,” Lex whispered before he struck. Superman braced himself, but inhaled in surprise when two things happened simultaneously. First was the delicious friction of his cock slamming into Lex’s firm erection, but after the crack of pain on his arse, Superman felt Lex’s fingertips scrape over his testicles and then slide quickly up his arse crack. He shuddered and reflexively pushed into Lex’s thigh once more, desperate for more contact on his aching, throbbing erection.

Dear Rao, Lex had touched him and he now was humping Lex’s leg. Superman would never hear the end of it. He was doomed. He had become a sex crazed slave and at this moment he realised his heroic life was over.

Superman nearly sobbed as the final blow landed, followed by another touch to his swollen testicles and an upward brush that actually grazed his arsehole. Supermanfought valiantly, but eventually came at the contact.

Despite having cum not minutes earlier, Superman let loose another impressive load. Lex just smirked evilly, turning his attention to Zane.

“Mr. Norris, do be so kind as to dress yourself in your new uniform”

Zane looked confused before catching Lex’s meaning and robing himself in the hero’s former costume. When he was done, Lex threw him the briefs and admired the completed look. There stood Zane, his physique every bit as impressive as Superman’s own in the tight and brightly coloured costume, his more than impressive manhood hanging through the hole in the suit.

“Now Mr. Norris, come and claim your prize”

Zane chuckled and moved towards Lex, eying the exposed arse of Superman and getting aroused by the very idea of fucking the man of steel over Lex’s own lap…

Hours Later

Superman was totally spent, powers completely drained, costume stripped and placed on Zane. The hero lay unmoving, totally exhausted after Zane and Lex had finished with him. Each had no mercy, enjoying Superman to the full. Just as Superman felt it was all over there was one final humiliation organised by Luthor.

“You know Superman, whilst I rescued you from the boxing ring, did you really think the rest of the audience could have resisted having a go as well?”

Superman lay on the ground, weak, but could do nothing.

“Did u know that most of the crowd are from the Underworld? Well, this house does get lonely sometimes….”

As if to puncutate Luthors last sentence, the doorbell rang. “Ah, I wonder who that could be?”

Luthor smiled, and said in a feigned soft voice “or whom it could be ahahhah”

With that, the door opened, and the underworld flooded in. Whilst Lex’s mansion was large, it was soon a full capacity, and each were not leaving, till they had their fun with Superman!

The vultures moved in, one by one they enjoyed the bare naked flesh and nuzzled his limp costume to enjoy the full essence. For Superman, there were unspeakable days, and perhaps years ahead!


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3 thoughts on “Superman Rasslin Fun Part 6
5 (3)

  1. Being transformed in the trance is sexual submissiveness, striving for ferocious ejaculation of my own musculoskeletal response, captivated by my own throbbing tool, aching to release the very essence of muscular manhood…

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