Superman Rasslin Fun Part 1
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Superman Rasslin Fun 

 Author: Rhmrz

Part 1


The buildings were run down; most of them boarded up, with rusty nails which stuck out dangerously, the walls covered over with messy graffiti. This seedy part of town had been largely neglected by Metropolis City Hall. Until one day, an old warehouse was bought by a local businessman, Jean Howard. In no time, it was converted into a boxing ring and gym. And so the old run down building was revamped and renamed ‘Superbox’.

Whilst this area was notorious for crime and unemployment, the gym had provided employment opportunities for the local hobos. Without Jean’s help, they would have continued to beg for money and rely on community handouts. Jean trained them to perform manual tasks such as cleaning and setting up the gym and boxing ring. It wasn’t long before Metropolis City Hall awarded a prestigious Mayor’s prize to Jean for services to the community. Jean was flattered, and commented that his greatest reward was to serve the community and see it improve. One of the staff members suggested a PR boost could be achieved if Superman were involved with the gym in some way.

“Yes”, Jean thought, “that’s a good idea. Perhaps I could invite Superman to a charity wrestling match with Zane “The Tiger” Norris, the former champion body builder and wrestler?”

“But Superman will defeat Zane easily!”, the staff member exclaimed

“Maybe we can brief Superman not to use any of his powers?”

“Didn’t he do something like that with Lex Luthor a while ago on a distant planet?”

“Yeah, I think so, what happened there?”

“Well, I heard Superman took Luthor to a distant planet where his powers were negated. Anyway, I heard Supes got thrashed initially but then managed to get the upper hand. Mind you, we’re holding the charity match here in Metropolis and not on some distant planet”.

Jean decided to contact Superman first, and messaged him via the Daily Planet. Within a few moments, a familiar blue and red figure appeared at the gym. Hands on hips, Superman arrived at the gym, complete with red cape billowing dramatically in the wind. “Jean? I understand you wished to see me about a charity promotion with your gym?” Superman was a pleasing sight.

“Yes, please come into my office”, Jean showed Superman through the gym to his office.

The once hobos, now staff members of the gym, were excited to see this perfect male walk through their gym. Tall, muscular and with a famous super-suit which hugged every muscle. The workers imagined what Superman would be like without his costume. If only…..

“Well Superman”, Jean sat in his chair “I was thinking about a charity wrestling match” Superman smiled smugly “you know I’ll win…”

“Yes, and that’s the point, what can we do to make it interesting?”

“hmm, not too sure. let me have a think”

“Can you not use your powers?”

“Impossible. I mean, it’s easy not to fly or use freezing breath, but my invulnerability can’t be turned off like a light switch”

“Hmm, I have an idea. Just don’t fly, nor use your laser eye beams or freezing breath, and just play along with him for a while? We expect the match to go on for about an hour, so at the end you will win anyway. Do you think you can do that?”

“Sure…I’ll make it look like I’ll give him the upper hand. Maybe even let him ‘defeat’ me as well?”

“Yeah, but then of course you will always win. Anyway, I’ll leave it to you how you want to structure it. I’m sure you will totally surprise us with something unique and interesting!”


“Good. To get maximum publicity, I’ll advertise your involvement now via the Daily Planet. Thanks again Superman!”

(Superman’s Thoughts): “I was invited to a charity appearance in a run-down part of Metropolis. It soon became clear that it was going to be a wrestling match. It would be interesting to see how this will play out, as obviously I will win. However, as I stand for truth and justice, and the American way, anything to help charity out I will assist...”

That evening, the Daily Planet announced a charity wrestling match with Superman VS Zane “The Tiger” Norris to be held in 5 days time. Tickets would be $500 each, with all proceeds going to helping the local community and also charity. Within minutes, all allotted tickets were sold. So popular was it, that even broadcasting rights were negotiated.

5 days passed in no time. Superman and Zane both shared the same ‘star’ dressing room. This is where they would prepare for their ‘acts’. Wrestling was to be the highlight of the night, but before that, Superman would show off his powers in a controlled environment and recount his greatest battles. 

Little did Superman know that many of the audience were from the underworld and indeed many of the staff members secretly hated Superman for thwarting their petty crimes in the past. Not that they hated him physically though! They all imagined what Superman would be like without the costume…what his body would be like…..

Whilst Superman was on ‘stage’ reminiscing about his battles with Luthor, Brainiac and Terra Man, far away in the change room, Zane was talking to someone on his mobile. Zane was a large muscular figure, huge. Larger than Superman. Almost like a Russian version of Mr T. His hair was blonde, and in a style very much like Mr T. Also wearing combat style gear: Khaki pants, black thick boots and black SWAT style vest.

“Yes, yes, I know what to do. Yes, I received it yesterday”, Zane spoke quietly and put down the mobile. Zane’s face was serious, but then it changed…to a very disturbing smile…..complete with darting eyes….

As Superman was finishing the end of his speech, Jean spoke on the microphone “Ok Superman…It’s time for you to get ready for your match! Guys, get ready….in 30mins….the action will begin!”, he announced with all the aplomb of a circus ringmaster. Two former hobos escorted Superman to the room where Zane was.

Zane stood up as the Man of Steel entered the room. Superman shook his hand “Hi Zane” Zane returned the handshake. Superman was surprised at how firm it was, and was also slightly in awe of Zane’s figure. Whilst Superman was tall and muscular, Zane was even larger and taller.

(Superman’s Thoughts):I recounted my battles against some of my deadliest foes…Luthor, Brainiac, Terra Man. None were of any match to me. I confounded all their schemes. The audience were mostly burly men, who enjoyed every word of my recollections. After my talk, I was led to the star ‘change room’, where I met Zane Norris. A muscular man…larger than myself…his muscles were larger than mine, but obviously I would beat him..He had an air of arrogance, dressed in combat gear. I imagined what his face would be like when I would naturally easily beat him in wrestling…He won’t be smiling much longer!…” 

“Superman, Zane”, the worker spoke, “we’ll do the weigh in’s now. Who wants to start?”

Superman wasn’t very well versed in what a weigh in was, “Sorry, what’s a weigh in?”

The worker and Zane laughed politely. “It’s an examination of your physique before the match!”.



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