Superman Learns to Wrestle
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Superman learns to wrestle…

It was a request he couldn’t resist. Superman had been asked to appear at a charity pro-wrestling match to raise money for under privileged kids in the neighbourhood. He would be handing out the prizes to the winning wrestlers of the tournament and mixing with the kids. He’d actually always been a fan of wrestling but of course he could never wrestle another guy himself in case he injured his opponent, but he followed all the big names and caught up with the fights on TV when he had time.

Arriving at the venue, a gym in a rough part of town, he quickly scanned the inside with his x-ray vision noting that there were just a couple of guys in a ring grappling on the canvas. He could see no audience or reporters to cover his arrival. Curious, he entered the gym and began walking up to the ring – the wrestlers inside seeming oblivious to his presence.

“Hey, guys, I’m here for the….”, before he could finish the sentence, a thick cloud of greenish smoke blew out from one of the corner posts, straight into Superman’s face. Clutching at his throat, he collapsed onto his knees and passed out in a few seconds.

Upon waking, Superman groggily opened his eyes and looked around the dimly lit gym. He suddenly realised that his wrists were bound behind him and that they were roped to the turnbuckle – he struggled in vain to free himself and could not understand why the strongest man on Earth felt so week. Strangely, his cape and outer garments had been removed leaving him standing there in just his red trunks. He started to panic and shouted out to anyone that was there; he soon got a reply.

“Hello Superman, thanks for dropping by.”

Superman knew that voice….someone approached from outside the ring behind him…he glanced back just in time to see the shine from a bald head as the figure leapt through the bottom rope. The man rose up in front of Superman until he could feel his breath on his face.

“Luthor! What the hell is going on here? I might have guessed you were behind this…now cut me free before someone gets hurt”.

“Oh, someone’s gonna get hurt Superman, but it won’t be me!” and with that, he sunk a fist into the man of steel’s gut, once , twice, three times before Superman’s head dropped down onto his chest unable to breath properly and unable to understand how he could not move. As Luthor came back into focus, Superman saw that he was wearing just a bright green pair of trunks that almost looked as though they were glowing. His muscles were pumped up and the veins on his neck stood out as he looked at his prey.

“You and me are gonna have us a little private wrestling match, Superstud, and the winner will get to choose a forfeit. You UP for it boy?”

“Don’t be so stupid, I’ll beat you to a pulp Luthor…if I ever get my hands free…”

Luthor grabbed the front of Superman’s trunks and pulled him closer, their crotches sliding against each others as Luthor spat into Superman’s face:

“No, you listen to me you big pussycat…you have been weakened when you inhaled that kryptonite smoke, your powers have gone…for now, so you and me are equal, man to man, understand? “

Superman glared into the eyes of his foe, knowing that he had to go along with this farce until he got his strength back. Besides, he relished the thought of tearing Luthor to shreds on the mat. A slight surge pumped through his cock as he felt Luthor press closer into him. Luthor grabbed a handful of Superman’s hair and pulled his head back. “So you ready to wrestle big man, or do I tell the world that you are just scared of little old Lex?”


“OK, Luthor, have it your way, I’ll take you on and wipe your face in the mat. Ready when you are.”

“Let him go boys.”

Superman felt a fumbling behind him as someone untied the rope that bound his wrists. Turning around he just caught a glimpse of one of the two guys he had seen grappling earlier. He was then roughly shoved forwards into the waiting arms of Luthor who trapped him in a body-hug. Luthor’s hands locked together at the base of Superman’s spine and slowly squeezed the hunks limp body. It was all Superman could do to hang there as he was tossed from side to side like a rag doll, his breathing coming in short grunts as Luthor flexed and dragged his victim to the middle of the ring. He suddenly let go of this hold and Superman sunk to his knees, clutching the small of his back.

“Get up boy, I thought you would put up a bit of a fight.”

He grabbed Superman’s thick black hair and shoved his face into the green trunks that were now showing a wet spot where Luther’s dick had leaked some precum. He rubbed the crime-fighters nose and mouth into his crotch forcing him to inhale yet more of the deadly kryptonite that had been secreted inside them. Superman groaned as he smelt the man scent in his nostrils and began to black out again, overpowered by the deadly chemical. Luthor suddenly kneed him in the jaw sending him crashing back to the mat, followed by a knee drop to the throat. Superman lay there gurgling and spluttering as he watched his enemy stand over him, gloating. Seeing a chance at last, Superman brought both of his fists high up into the crotch of Luthor; he doubled up clutching at his ball sac giving the hero time to crawl towards the ropes and try to gain some time away from those trunks. Slowly, he clawed his way up the turnbuckle and waited in the corner, breathing hard.

 With his arms draped across the top ropes, he failed to hear the wrestler behind him who snaked an arm around Superman’s throat, and with his other hand smothered his mouth. As his arms flailed wildly, Luthor quickly marched over to the corner and stomped a foot into the gut of Superman followed by some wicked punches that landed just short of his manhood. Again and again, Luthor pulled at the waistband of those red trunks and sunk his fist into that chiselled gut that was now showing signs of punishment. Superman struggled to breath as the choke tightened around his neck…he tried to shout through the hand that stifled him but all that came out was a muffled moan.

“What’s up Bratman…you trying to tell me something?”

One last stomp to his gut and Luthor walked away rearranging his swollen dick. This was hotter than he had thought. Time to finish him off. Ordering his henchman to release the choke hold, Superman slumped down the turnbuckle and sat on his ass, legs wide apart. His hand went to his dick which he was surprised to find was as hard as a rock. He managed to get to his feet and staggered in the direction of Luthor who quickly lifted him up in a crotch hold, and slammed him down on to the canvas. The sight of him bucking and bridging in his tight red trunks made Luthor drool and he quickly scooped him up again only to slam him down onto his outstretched knee. Pulling down on Superman’s legs with one arm, and choking him with the other, Luther admired the sight in front of him. He had the man of steel at his mercy and wanted some more fun. His hand brushed against the red trunks which were tenting from the strain of the massive cock held within. Suddenly, the head of it popped out from above his waistband, glistening and moist. Luthor grabbed it and started to bend it back forcing a groan of pain and pleasure from Superman’s lips.

“You ready to submit yet boy? I’ll break this off if I have to.”

“Fuck you, Luthor “. Superman replied, coughing as Luthor’s other hand tightened on his throat.

Luthor chuckled and smashed a fist into those super balls before pushing him off his knee. He then straddled the barrel chested hunk and began to pummel his face – fist after fist flying into his jaw. Blood eventually began to trickle from the corner of his mouth as Superman was unable to fend off the brutal attack.

“So Superman bleeds! Let’s see what else you’ve got inside you fucker!”

Spinning around, Luthor planted his ass cheeks directly over Superman’s nose and mouth forcing him to thrash about wildly on the mat, slapping at Luthor’s strong thighs with his hands, slowly suffocating under the stench.

Luthor reached down and grabbed Superman’s 9” cock which was bobbing about as he tried to bridge out, and bent down slowly wrapping his lips around the Supershaft. Moving up and down, he heard a growl of pleasure come from beneath him as more juice flowed from the cockhead.

“Come on boy, you WILL submit to me, and you WILL call me Sir!”

A surge went through Luthor’s balls as he rubbed them into his enemies face….he couldn’t stop himself shooting his load into the emerald trunks that encased his tool. They filled up with his juice and some escaped onto the lips of Superman sending him into a wild frenzy. He bridged up and began groaning again before emptying his sac into the waiting mouth of Luthor.

“I, I,…I submit to you, Sir.”

 Gob after gob of Superspunk filled Luthor’s mouth, dripping from his lips and chin as he tried, but failed to swallow it all. Flash cameras suddenly went off everywhere recording this victory, the photos of which Luthor would use against Superman if he ever tried to disrupt his life of crime again. With that, Luthor stood up and gazed down at the broken body of Superman, cum dripping down his legs that had seeped through his trunks. He knelt down and pinned Superman’s arms behind him, his face once again buried in Luthor’s wet crotch as he began to slap the mat slowly, counting him out. After ten, Luthor left the ring leaving our hero covered in a mix of blood, sweat and cum, slowly realising what had just happened, and the implications it might have for the future if this ever got out.

Nobody wants a gay Super hero, especially a losing one !

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2 thoughts on “Superman Learns to Wrestle
5 (1)

  1. Cool. Story I did not know existed. But Luthor let him off too easy, when he had him, and could have truly finished him off. (And nine inches was rather puny for the MOS; must have been an old, old story.)

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