Superman Powerhouse to Plaything Part 2
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Superman Powerhouse to Plaything

Part 2


           The man of steel awoke alone, still groggy, thanks to a night of tormented dreams.  Erotic and vivid imaginings of beautiful man on man sex, most of which starred him and the young man from the club.  At first they all seemed innocent enough.  The boy thanking him for rescuing him from the clutches of an evil pimp, and Bobby thanking him and in awe of his overwhelming strength and of the near perfect body of earth’s greatest champion.  Of course the dreams slowly became seedier.  One began with Superman arriving at the nightclub, and seeing Bobby dancing in his boots and firemen’s hat.  Waving his cock around like a fire hose.  As the dream continued, Superman who had been drinking shots of tequila at the bar climbed upon the stage and after kissing Bobby deep and hard on the mouth, pulled down his blue trunks and let Bobby kiss and suck on his beautiful cock, which Bobby and the stud of steel both enjoyed immensely, as did the crowd that gathered.  As the dream continued Bobby bent at the waist and allowed the man of steel to insert his powerful cock into his beautifully smooth, willing ass.  They fucked like beasts, all to the rapturous applause of the crowd, the dream ending with the man of steel about to release.  The original dream simply repeated itself, and by the end of the night it was Superman’s turned to be the willing pincushion for Bobby’s beautiful tool.  The man of steel was a slave to Bobby and his own homoerotic cravings.  In every imaginable position the thick beautiful cock fucked the horny man of steel while the crowd roared.  The hero always ended each dream the same, degraded and defeated, his face a mess of sweat, and semen from Bobby’s cock, as well as a load of his own super cum that he had been forced to spray into his face as Bobby’s skilled fingers milked his prostate. 

As the sun rose the man of steel awoke drenched in his own sweat as well as a jizz soaked stomach from his many nightly emissions.  He soothed himself with the realization that it was simply a dream, and nothing more.  He staggered into the bathroom to shower off the sweat and cum, his reward for his lustful dreams.  It was a humble beginning to another day.  As he washed his magnificent body with body wash he washed away any thought, of the dreams or the younger man who had inspired them.  He was Superman after all defender of truth justice and virtue.  Unbeknownst to the dignified hero however the wheels were in motion, to make the man of steel into something closer to the plaything of the dreams, than the powerhouse he normally was.



                Bobby Hudson emerged from the taxi cab, dressed in a pair black leather sandals, a pair of blue low slung surf shorts, and a snug fitting pink polo shirt, with black ray ban sunglasses that shielded his beautiful peepers. 

                He looked up at the enormous building that rose from the ground and blocked out the sun, one of the biggest trees in Metropolis’s concrete jungle.  Atop the building in giant stone letters EDGECOM ENTERPRISES.  It was the worldwide base of operations for the telecommunications giant that was formed by none philanthropist and media mogul Morgan Edge.  The financial power of Morgan’s company even rivaled Luthor Corp, for supremacy in the most powerful markets throughout the world.

                After getting over the awe the building inspired the twenty one year old paid the cab fare and begin his march towards the buildings entrance.  Once inside the windowed front doors he glanced around, his eyes searching for a reception area.  Once he found it, he felt a pang of doubt strike him cold.  He quickly scanned the enormous lobby and found a newsstand.  He followed a group of business men inside and began loitering around the magazines, self-doubt seeping into his head.  He knew that what he had to tell one of the most respected men in Metropolis might not be believed initially.  After all having Superman fly you to an apartment completely naked for what you envisioned might be a rendezvous was not the easiest story to sell.  Superman was after all the lover of Lois Lane, and some gossip rags even had the pair soon to be married off.  He had his first and only second thought of the day.  He grabbed an issue of Muscle and Fitness with a shirtless Henry Cavill on the front flexing.  He glanced through the pages of the magazine while his mind formulated a new plan.  It was only a few minutes before a new plan filled the young man’s devious mind, a plan he was sure had a much higher success rate.  He left the small newsstand behind heading towards the reception desk full of resolve and confidence.

                “How may I help you?”

                Asked a plain looking secretary dressed in a professional grey suit, and her soft blonde hair pulled back into an unflattering bun.

                “Yes, I believe a Ms. Grant works here.  I had spoken with her yesterday, I have an appointment to meet with her.  I have some juicy gossip that I just know she will love.”

                Bobby was acting his arrogant best, like he had been rehearsing the pitch all morning.  Of course he was a confident, some may even say cocky young man something that had served him well when he applied for his job at Metropolis’s newest night spot FAME.  The middle aged woman eyed him somewhat suspiciously, but nonetheless issued him a guest pass.

                “Here you are.  This Guest pass will allow you access to the 40th floor where Ms. Grant works.  The elevators are just over there.”

                Bobby smiled and attached the pass to the waist of his shorts and strolled confidently over to the elevators.  The burly security guard eyed him up the whole way, but didn’t obstruct his oath.  Bobby was on cloud nine as he stepped inside and was greeted by a well-dressed elevator operator, with olive skin, and greasy black hair combed back.  He spent the entire elevator ride imagining what the young elevator attendant would look like sucking on Bobby’s cock. 


                Clark Kent was wearing his glasses and dark suit sitting at his desk, listening to Jimmy tell him all about what Superman had done the night before, while they waited for the editors meeting to end and get the days assignments.  Clark was sipping on his coffee and trying to pay the story the rapt attention Jimmy felt it deserved as he excitedly rambled trying to get every detail right.  It had been clear to Clark and his heroic alter ego that Jimmy had been harboring a healthy crush on him for quite some time.  This truth however remained unspoken of course.  Jimmy tried to keep up his hetero sexual pretense, despite the fact that most everyone had never actually seen him with a woman romantically.  Lois was in an editor’s meeting with Perry White and Morgan Edge.  They were working on assignments for the staff to work on.  Cat Grant was in her office watching footage from the previous night.  She had received a tip from an unnamed source of a Superman sighting at Fame, and was cursing herself for calling it an early night.  She was interviewing a who’s who of Metropolis’s elite only moments before the man of steel arrived to rescue the two dancers, which Superman had mistakenly assumed were being forced to dance against their will.  That they were somehow involved in the Metropolis’s sex trade. 

                She slammed off the editing machine with a fist and stormed out of her office heading towards the coffee room fuming at her laziness.  She had no idea that just outside the doors the story she never knew she wanted was about to come waltzing in. 


                Lois, Perry and Morgan adjourned there morning meeting and Lois met with the bullpen of reporters in the conference room, to dole out assignments for the day.  Morgan found Cat pouting in the coffee room, while Perry retired to his office meet with the paper layout man to being mapping out the lay out for the paper. 

                “What seems to be the problem this morning Ms. Grant?”

                “Nothing, just missed another chance to get an interview with Superman.”

                “Well I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself.  The only person who seems to get Superman scoops is Lois.”

                “Yeah wrong place wrong time.  Story of my life.”

                The handsome Edge, with his bald black dome, and his salt and pepper goatee, with muscles patted the sexy shapely blonde with a fondness for tight fitting skirts, and cleavage barring blouses on the back.  She smiled at the tiny gesture of affection and sipped her coffee before leaving the break room behind, her boss close behind.

                “Ms. Grant.  I have someone here for you.  He says you had an appointment.”

                “I don’t have any appointments today, Gladys.”

                “He says it’s really important.  He has an eye witness account of a Superman sighting.”

                Cat rolled her eyes and followed the secretary to the front desk where she first laid eyes on Bobby Hudson.  She was certain that he was full of it, but something compelled her to at least talk with the young man.  He was handsome enough, perhaps if nothing else she could bed the young man, she found herself thinking.  It’s not like she really had anything else to do, she had already finished the days gossip column, and it would be at least a few hours before Perry e-mailed it back to her with the changes he had in mind.

                “I am Ms. Grant.  Ms.  Cooley says you have a story about Superman?”

                “Yes I do.  I would rather not talk here.  It seems too crowded.”

                “Where did you have in mind?”

                “Anywhere but here.”

                She was certain that her initial suspicion about the young man was correct.  That he was a bullshit artist of the first order.  Of course by the end of their meeting she would know all she needed true or not, the story would be told, and a plan would be hatched.  When it was over Superman would be called to heel.


                They drove in Cat’s BMW convertible to a place that Bobby assured her they could have the utmost privacy, while she got the details of who this young man was out of the way first.  He lived alone in an apartment had flunked out of college, used to be a star pitcher back in his hometown and was attending Metropolis U before he blew out his shoulder.  The scholarship was gone, but Bobby had no intention of going back to small town Kansas life.  He started getting involved in the party scene, and developed a taste for hard drugs.  He found the easiest way to pay for it was to sell his dreamy body, either by dancing or hooking, usually men but on the rare occasion a woman would want him for the night.   

They arrived at FAME the place that Bobby felt the most at ease and after bribing the doorman Otis, he led her by the hand to the champagne room.  They had to bribe Otis the burly fellow who guarded the door with a fifty, but after that the two of them were pretty much on their own.  When she was sitting down in the comfortable pillow soft red chair, Bobby drew the curtain. 

                “Look Kid you are hot and everything but I don’t have time to get lap dances on work hours.”

                He said nothing and started the CD player playing it very softly.  The song was Goodbye Horses.  He began swaying his body to the music, even using a foot to push Cat back down when she tried to rise off the chair and head for the door. 

                “So I was doing my thing on the stage.  The crowd was really liking what I was doing, men women they were all gazing at me.  It makes me hard just thinking about making so many folks horny.”

                “It’s an impressive view.”

                The young man smiled at the compliment and put a foot up on the top of the chair, and reached for the strap of his sandal.  Cat undid it before he had a chance to touch it and he looked at the sexy woman approvingly, giving her a few crotch thrusts to the face in appreciation.  She could see the growing bulge in his shorts and smiled. 

                “So anyway, there had been a little bit of a disruption earlier.  My friend Samantha was dancing on one stage, me on the other.  One second she is there, the next second I look over and she is gone.”

                Cat was getting annoyed as he repeated the same trick with the sandal, this time though she let him take his own shoe off.  She was certain that he had said all that she needed to hear.

                “Yeah Superman trying to save someone, great story kid!!”

                He smiled at her seeing her frustration, but kept dancing.  She looked amazing, and he was so horny from the night before, and if it couldn’t be Superman who was giving out the blow jobs, she would not be a bad consolation prize.  Barefoot he turned his back to her and bent over allowing her a view of his hot muscled thighs from the back, the crack between his legs tented by his growing erection.

                “So seconds later, and the big blue Boy Scout is back.  He fights his way onto the stage draped his cape around me, to save my modesty.  Than without a word he flies me up into the night’s sky, and back to an apartment

                She was still certain that the young man was full of shit even as he was removing his shirt exposing his beautiful chest and abs.  He was down to just the shorts and Cat was starting to perspire.  He could see her beginning to enjoy the show, if not his retelling of the of the previous night’s events.  He knew his story lacked believability.  Of course Bobby was already thinking of ways to reproduce the night’s events this time without leaving any doubt.  He just had to get her on board.  He had no physical proof, but if he could get Cat to believe enough of it to turn into an ally than perhaps they could conspire to spring a trap for the man of steel.  A trap that would ruin him one way or another.

                “He flew you back to his apartment?”  

                “I don’t know whether it was his or not.  I do know this.  He wanted to fuck me.”

                “I bet he did.”

                “No you don’t but if you help me, you will.”

                “Help you do what?”

                “Help me stage an encore performance?”

                “Why do you want to ruin Superman?”

                Bobby thought long and hard about an answer to Cat’s question his eyes staring at her heaving tits as she watched him thrust his hammer in her face.  It was a perfectly reasonable query, but not one he had really pondered.  If he was being honest though he was angry at the man of steel.  Angry at his smug and morally superior attitude.  He hated being judged, from his family all the way on down.  It may not have been much of a reason but it was as good a reason as any Bobby felt.

                “I think it is about time someone showed him that not everything is so black and white.  That perhaps he shouldn’t be so judgmental.  That he isn’t this perfect being that he is fallible.”

                “Well you convinced me.  Bobby we are going to bring Superman down.  We will need help, but I think we can do it.”

                He pulled off the shorts, and waved his erection at Cat.  She was intrigued by his admission, and even more intrigued by the cock that was waving at her.  It was beautiful and begging to be sucked.  She knew she was going to fuck him, just like she knew that true or not the stud’s story could be used.  It could lay a trap for the hero, a trap he would never see coming.  One that would lead to his public ruin.  If she couldn’t have the man of steel as a lover, she would have him as an enemy, and with this boys help would ruin him.  She got off the chair and walked over to the young man and threw her arms around him and swallowed him up into her bosomy embrace.  They fucked each other in the foul champagne room, and over post coital cigarettes in the afterglow the pair hatched a plan to ruin Superman.

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