Superman Powerhouse to Plaything Part 1
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Superman Powerhouse to Plaything

Part 1

                The Man of Steel patrolled the calm starry night’s sky, scanning the streets below with his X-Ray eyes.  The streets of the city he had sworn to protect were unusually quiet.  It was a wonderful scene and filled the proud hero with a sense of calm serenity that he was certain was similar to the gratification genuine humans got from the act of sexual release.

                It was near eleven thirty as he continued his patrol of the evening sky, the harsh wind whipping his mop of black hair around making him seem even more masculine and powerful.  His sense of calm was broken however by the dense sound of throbbing base music.  Suddenly an explosion of fireworks illuminated the night sky and the man of steel gazed at the lights perplexed.  It was clearly a violation to detonated fireworks within the city limits of the great city, and so he headed off in the direction of the throbbing base, and towards where his eyes had spied the fireworks which continued to explode in the sky above his adopted city.

                Within seconds he was at the steps of an old storied grey building that was once a bank, but was now Fame, Metropolis newest night club.  The name was spelled out in gaudy pink neon letters above the cathedral style doors.  The fireworks continued exploding above the night sky and the bass became strong enough to rattle even Superman’s ear drum.  He was greeted at the door by a thick black fellow with a faux hawk dressed in a designer suit and sunglasses.  He put his hand on the blue spandex covered shoulder of the hero.

                “May I help you?”

                “You would be wise to remove your hand young man.”

                “You would be wise to watch your tone.”

                The hero gazed incredulous at the man who was clearly in good enough shape to fight a normal man, and likely win.  Of course Superman was no ordinary man, but it clearly was not fazing the muscled stud at the door, guarding it without fear of earth’s greatest champion.  Superman decided to let the insult go without incident.  He knew the result if the two tussled, and it was enough of an ego stroke for him.

                “May I go inside and speak with the owner of this establishment?”

                “Do you have business with the owner? You don’t really look dressed for business.”

                The bouncer or whoever he was looked scoffing at the man of steel which made his blood boil.  He was quickly growing tired of his clear lack of respect.  Superman maintained his temper of course.  He was after all the virtuous and proud protector of all Metropolis’s citizens, even the ones who didn’t return his respect.

                “Well perhaps you may be able to help me.  Do you know if your boss the clubs owner has secured the proper permits for the setting off of fireworks inside metropolis’s city limits?”

                “Must be a slow night if you are worrying about paper work for fireworks, huh Supes?”

                The small crowd of bar patrons within ear shot of the conversation was chuckling, and the bouncer allowed a smile to bend his lips, which added more insult to the hero’s pride.  He was quickly growing agitated at the continued lack of respect he was being shown, by the brute.  It was clear that this was a lost cause. 

                Instead of continuing to banter with the thug the man of steel made the decision to exercise small force and gain entry.  He started to push past him and the thug put his hands on the hero and barely hindered the hero’s progress.  The bouncer saw this was a wasted challenge and released the hero from his grasp and instead resorted to barking into a hand held radio to whomever was on the other end.

                “Code K.  We have a breech.”

                The man of steel staggered past the front door pushing past a group of young people who were huddled in the doorway, having there identification scanned.  He rescued the end of the narrow corridor past the doorway and pushed aside the velvet curtain.  The place had been completely transformed.  The only thing that would give away the buildings former occupants was the caged in vault, which was where the bar had been erected.  There was a handful of fancy art deco tables scattered along the edge of the marble tiled floor, which made up the dance floor.  The dance floor had been halved by a pair of fashion runways which led out from the back to a pair of stages, with shiny brass poles that rose out of the stages center and to the top of the cathedral ceilings fifty feet above the marble. 

Superman scanned the crowd, mostly college kids, but some who appeared to be in there early thirties out looking for friends fun and possibly more.  He was looking for anyone who he deemed a threat or possibly even owner, when his attention was diverted towards the stages.  On the first stage was a young woman, wearing a flimsy lace bra, panties and heels who was shaking her ass for cash.  She was blonde with beautiful looking breasts, and a tight ass.  The hero strode confidently over to the first stage and climbed up, covering the young girl with his cape.  The crowd gathered around began booing.  Unfazed the man of steel picked her up in his arms and carried her off the stage.

He could see the crowd glaring at him angrily but it did not waver him from what he deemed as his duty. 

“I don’t need no saving.  You are not my idea of prince charming.”

The hero was taken aback by her confrontational attitude as they staggered through the crowd, which had begun raining down drinks upon them.  The beautiful girl finally frustration getting the better of her cocked a fist and drove it hard into hero’s stomach.  He was taken by surprise and released her as she tried to make her escape. 

The hero was unfazed and grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her into his arms, and aimed skyward crashing through the glass windows that poured moonlight into the club.  He flew with her as she screamed and cursed the name of the man of steel, finally relenting as they arrived at police headquarters. 

“Please Superman, I am sorry for being such a pain in the ass.  If I get arrested again Dino said he is going to leave me in the clink.  He says I am costing him too much money.  Besides I don’t really need rescuing.  Now Bobby, that’s another story.  Please Superman.”

“Fine I will let you off with a warning.  If I ever catch you dancing at that club again, you are not going to get off with a warning.”

Without another word he was airborne on his way back to the club, back to rescue Bobby, which Superman assumed was short for Roberta, someone apparently more worthy of his efforts.

                He crashed through the ceiling his attention focused on the second stage, and he heard the crowd chanting Bobby, Bobby, and Bobby.  On it was a young man, wearing yellow fire fighter boots, a red fire fighter hat and nothing else.  He was wagging his erection at the men and women watching him with desire in their eyes.  The man of steel was gob smacked by the lack of shame in the young man’s vulgar display. 

                He stormed to the stage and tore his cape off and threw it over the young mans naked body.  Boos reigned down from the crowd and the music was abruptly interrupted.  The hero pushed his way through the crowd of people that had amassed by the stage to throw dollar bills in appreciation for his sexually rapturous performance.  They ended up outside the club, and the man of steel quickly took flight flying him to safety of his apartment.

                “Thanks for ruining my night!!!”

                The young boy had been thinking it since the man of steel arrived, to rescue him but hadn’t been able to say it since it was hard to be heard over the sound of flight.  He was still draped in the hero’s cape, placed delicately on Superman’s couch.

                “You may not realize it, but I was doing you a favor.”

                “Yeah right Boy Scout.  We all need saving right?”

                It was clear to Superman that this handsome young man was clearly worse off than he thought.  It also stung the hero more than a little bit to be so disrespected.  Here he was trying to help him out only to have his help invalidated by the terrible attitude of the young man.  It was clearly not the same Metropolis it had been upon Superman’s arrival.  Metropolis’s seedy underbelly was rearing its ugly head.

                “You may not thank me now, but believe me one day you will look back on this night and be thankful for my help.”

                Bobby peeled himself off the sofa and let the spandex cape fall carelessly to the floor.  He stood there naked, and he reached between his legs.  The hero watched gob smacked for the second time that evening. 

                “That is what you want?   Me to thank you.”

He started stroking himself right there in front of Superman.  The man of steel looked away as the boy continued to stroke his throbbing cock in the hero’s direction. 

                “Stop that this instant.”

                “Why should I?”

                “Because it is wrong.  I saved you.  You don’t need to thank me.  All the thanks I need is in knowing that you will leave the life behind.”

                “Oh that’s sweet.”

                Still stroking his cock the boy began marching forward to the standing man of steel.  Superman met the boy’s eyes and tried to show his true power and morale virtue.  The boy was leaking pre cum as he continued to manipulate his thick meaty cock.   Superman had seen his own cock, and the cocks of his classmates in college and high school after sports and recreation.  This was the first time he had seen another’s joystick being used in such a perversely sexual manner before. 

The man of steel gazed at the boy and found himself feeling aroused.  He tried to recall being in a similar situation, but it had never happened.  This young man was beautiful, with shaggy blonde hair, a huge toothsome grin, mutt and chop sideburns, and a dimpled chin.  He was tall and muscled, a six pack, which lead the eye to his wonderfully engorged cock that was as thick as his forearm and a health seven inches.  Superman gazed longingly at the throbbing erection, feeling over come with lust and desire. 

                “You should go.  It’s clear that you do not want my help.”

                “Whatever.  You can pretend like you don’t want me on my knees, sucking your big meaty cock but we both know better.”

                The boy saw the man of steels resolve weakening.  He was beautiful like that the boy thought, he almost look scared.  Bobby knew he could walk over to the hero tug the blue spandex down over his midsection and he knew what he would find.  There would be no limp lifeless penis, but a thick and proud erection for him to suck on.  Instead of, testing his theory however he simply walked away leaving the hero to stew in his own juices. 

                After watching the young man leave his apartment naked as the day he was born.

He turned and his eyes followed the nude young man out of the apartment.  Superman waited until he was sure that the young boy was gone before he retreated to the standup shower in his lavish off suite master bathroom.  He peeled off the spandex from his muscled body and let the steaming hot water cascade down his muscled flesh.  He found himself reaching between his legs and allowing himself the pleasure found in masturbation.  After his second release from the thought of the boy using his mouth on his cock, the man of steel staggered to bed and fell deep into a sleep.            

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