The Last Kryptonian Chapter 5B
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The Last Kryptonian

Author: Wrstlr

Some editions by SuperheroFan

The following characters Superman, Clark Kent, Toyman, Metallo, Lex Luthor, Parasite and Jax the Last Kryptonian are the property of DC comics. No copyright is intended and this story is just an individual author’s fantasy.

Chapter 5B: Superman Revenge Squad. United?

Jax’s Ship:

Upon his return to the ship Jax puts all four sleeping individuals into their cells and activates the energy bars to contain them. He even has released a gas in each cell which will keep them knocked out until he awakens them each. Jax is beginning to question exactly who he is and what his objectives truly are.

After witnessing the effect black kryptonite had on Superman at Luthor’s Lab he wonders if it will have the same effect on him. Splitting his personalities of being a logician, commander, and defender to make sure that they were all focused on the same objective is something he required.

He also speculated that by splitting these and then reabsorbing them into one through intercourse he could absorb the radiation power of the black kryptonite in a controllable manner that he could use to ensure that every potential side of Superman was defeated by him. A true and total defeat before death.

Knowing that the other 4 are secure Jax opens the lead box containing the Black Kryptonite bathing the entire ship in its radiation. Once the black fades there are three versions of him in his full 9-foot height and similar builds in body.

One of which is currently wearing the Harness and Jockstrap which was made for him, the second is completely nude and hairless all over like a newborn baby, and the third seems to be an older version of the three with some greying chest hair and some minor wrinkles developed on his brow and cheek lines.

Each version represents a personality of his in regards to who he really is. The primary personality for Jax seems to be the defender who when they start to discuss their goals keeps the focus on the death of his people and loved ones, the second personality is the logician that believes House of EL robbed and destroyed his kind and needs to know all about their kind. Then the third is the commander who is all about the plan and its objectives.

They all come to the realization that they are of one mind though in that the invaders that are called Kryptonian’s are the reason for their pain and hatred which is why they are willing to team with these common criminals that are in their cells to obtain their objectives. Once they seem to be of one mind it just seems to them that they need to reunite as one body again. It is then proposed by the commander that the best way to reunite is for them all the share sexual relations with each other which may lead them to reunite.

They each start to explore and rub one another stimulating themselves into raging 14.5-inch hardons that are fully erect. It is then decided by the commander that of the three personalities the defender is the best suited for the mission and should be the one in the middle sucking and being fucked by the other two. This is agreed upon and they take their positions. The logician starts to fuck the defender’s mouth while the commander starts to plunder his rear end.

They fuck like this for a period of about 10 minutes when the other two start to convulse as if they are cumming but their bodies fade away. The defender is the last to cum and collapses on the floor. The black kryptonite fades and no longer seems to have a radiation signature to it. Gathering himself Jax stands up and closes the lid to the lead box. When he examines himself, he notices that his body now seems to have the radioactive signature of the black kryptonite but it is dormant.

Trying hard to focus with his mind he notices that his hand starts to emit the black radiation. It seems that Jax is able to control and focus all his different radiations at will now. Jax’s physical body has gone through some minor changes as well. He now has some light grey hair on his head and chest. He has a greyish groomed bush around his cock and nuts now and the intensity of his coloration is something he can control through his mind.

Jax is now more focused than ever on his objectives as well as knowing that his working with these measly humans is just a means to the end he wants. In the end he plans to destroy them because they are just as bad as the House of El in his mind.

Jax locks up the lead boxes with the red, white, and black kryptonite removing the green one to make some new playtoys out of. He creates a couple of barbells, one for each peck with a kryptonite rock on each end, He creates a prince albert cock ring out of solid green kryptonite for himself, and finally a green kryptonite infused ball stretcher and cock cage for Superman to wear.

Physically he is fully ready once he has these toys installed for his encounter with Kal-El but he will need one of the other 4 to assist him with the piercing and installations. Jax then writes out his plan for the other 4 to look over when they come to and what their purposes are:

Toyman is going to be responsible for showing Superman exactly what it is like to be under the influence of a sexual trance and play session using toys that he already has and new ones they will make.

Metallo is going to destroy Superman in a forcible way by fighting him, overpowering him and utterly destroying him by using underhanded tactics and skills with which he is most familiar to the point that Superman either submits to his rape and torture or is to helpless to stop it from happening.

The Parasite is going to take advantage of Superman by destroying him by posing as the people he loves and cares about and having them turn on him with rejection from Lois and aggression, cuffs, whips, and punishments from Jimmy for not following orders.

Luthor will then attack Superman even more by making him question all he thinks he knows about himself as a hero and sexual being by confronting him as someone that knows and understands what it is like to be someone that must protect everyone at all times but needs to every now and then be defeated and abused all the while having Superman enact those fantasies out with him on camera.

All of these are going to be public viewed spectacles where Superman believes that he is being the hero but the public will see him as judge, jury, and executioner and turn against him by withdrawing their support and approval of his new attitude.

 Even his own adopted parents will have no choice but to disown him and ask for his death which Jax will come in and deliver for them. Finally, after his defeat and death Jax says his plan is to leave and search out the remaining kryptonians, not revealing his true intentions to kill the villains as well before moving on to the next part of his life.

Jax suddenly receives an alert that Superman has flown to this location in the artic so he turns on the screen to witness the view of Superman’s fortress of Solitude, which Jax knows he must explore. Jax blocks the remote access to that probe. Leaves the computer screens up with each of their encounters on them and opens the energy bars to their cages. He wakes each of the villains up and tells them that they are able to look over everything he has about Superman and who he is to decide if they want to join him or not.

They have until he returns to decide but for now he must leave. Once they are all awake and alert Jax leaves the ship and flies off to the fortress of solitude.

Toyman, Lex Luthor, Parasite, and Metallo all start to stir and move about the ship after seeing Jax leave. When they approach the center table and read the notes and see the plan they begin to discuss between themselves if they want to go along with this plan. Metallo, Toyman, and Parasite really discuss this while Lex Luthor tries to play around with the computer and screens in hopes of learning more about who Jax really is and what his true objectives are. Thirty minutes of discussion the other three hear, “Shut Up, you can’t really be seriously considering this offer. Superman is our to destroy and this Jax is a tool we can use to achieve our objective and I know how.” Luthor boasts.

The other three turn just as Luthor pushes a button on a console which brings up one of Jax’s masturbation episodes from a couple years ago. Luthor instructs them to watch because this is how we destroy this being when the time is right and make him a tool for us. They watch the video for a full 30 minutes watching Jax edge himself and eventually climax a humongous load. All of them except for Luthor actually find this stimulating and start to edge themselves until they see Jax climax spraying rope after rope of cum all over himself.

Then Luthor pauses the film and asks them to tell him what they see. Each of the other 3 talk about how sexually provocative the scene was but nothing relevant to how to defeat Jax. “Amateur horndogs all of you. Take a look closely at his skin tone and the radiant energy around him as he gets more excited and climaxes.” All four of them notice his color starts to fade and the more he gets sexually stimulated and climaxes. Then as the scene continues they notice that he seems really weak until he is bathed in fresh radiation.

“That is how we control him, we will drain him sexually by draining his cum from him making him even weaker than we are. We will try this out on him when he returns. If I am right by the end of the night this being will be ours to control.” They all happily agree to this arrangement when Toyman smirks, “So what should we call this team.”

“The Superman Revenge Squad sounds good.” Metallo recommends and the other three concur.

“So here is to the Superman Revenge Squad.” Luthor cackles and they all break out in laughter. The rest of the time they continue to review their own personal encounters with Superman and Jax. Luthor tries to gain more access to the computer but only is able to learn about the Seeders and how they found Jax.

Jax returns to the ship and goes to his private quarters to store away the memory crystals and pheromones that he has collected. He does not believe that they need to know about those at this time. He enters the main room where the other 4 are located to see them all reviewing and talking about his plan to humiliate, humble, destroy, and defeat the hero known as Superman.

They did not even notice him seem to phase into the room but the do acknowledge him as he walks towards them. “So, are you willing to join me?” Jax asks to which they all affirm yes. “Good, then let’s celebrate with a large orgy and party tonight. I want you all to be a part in finalizing my transformation into a dominant sexual being. See those toys I want you to pierce and insert them into my pecs and erect cock. Then you all will service me until you all climax showing me all your enjoyment and experience as a sexual being. ” To his surprise all four of the villains seem to have no resistance to his request and strip revealing their nakedness and want for sexual release.

Toyman and Metallo start to rub, tweak, pinch and work over Jax’s pectoral regions getting them stimulated and hard. To keep Jax relaxed Parasite starts to rub his neck and shoulders putting without really absorbing any energy from the nine-foot behemoth. With all three working over Jax Luthor was able to slip in and use the puncture device Jax left on the table to pierce each nipple quickly inserting the barbells and capping the other end on each nipple. Jax let a soft moan out as each barbell was inserted from the pleasure and feeling they gave him. They then started to work on Jax’s cock with their hands only to get it to its full girth of 14.5 inches and as thick as a normal human arm.

Again, while they were working Jax over Luthor slips in and pierces and inserts the Prince Albert ring into the piss slit and through the bottom of Jax’s cock head. With the piercings complete the four decided it was time to show Jax all the erogenous areas that a typical human has by doing it to him. Toyman as he had done before stepped up and started to french kiss this behemoth of a man.

Toyman’s tongue paled in comparison of size to Jax’s and was easily wrapped up and dominated by Jax’s hot mouth. That was until he felt a strange sensation of a wet mouth nibbling on his ear lobes darting a tongue in and out. Parasite leaned down and was doing this while still keeping his hand on Jax’s shoulders.

Luthor dropped to Jax’s feet and started to lick and slobber all over the behemoth’s feet. All of them noticed that Jax kept the hardon raging during their actions. Metallo took his tongue and started to bathe Jax’s pits with it. Lapping up his sweat and scent. This sent shivers through Jax because he had never experienced this type of treatment before. The four villains explore more and more Jax’s body nibbling on the new piercings in his body.

Washing his belly button and new treasure trail and bush that they had never seen before. Metallo started to suck on his balls and parasite was able to open his throat wide enough to take the full 14.5 inches from tip to the base working up and down on the shaft for about 20 minutes. Luthor even moved up and inserted his own cock into the receiving Jax’s mouth during that time.

All five men were in such sexual throws it just seemed like a matter of time before Luthor pulled out and shot all over Jax’s chest with ropes of cum. Metallo tugged on Jax’s balls and exploded all over Jax’s leg while still sucking on the balls. Parasite came off and unloaded on Jax’s chest while jacking him off. Toyman stepped up and unloaded his cum all over Jax’s hard cock and nuts for Parasite to use as lube drawing Jax closer to climax. Jax was unaware just how close to climax he was when he started to release rope after rope of greenish colored cum which bathed all four of the villains.

They were coated from head to toes with the ropes of kryptonite cum Jax released. Luthor then pointed out to the other about Jax’s color fading a bit, confirming his suspicions and they tried to continue working over Jax. Unfortunately, they were unable to continue due to their own exhaustion at the time but when they pulled away from Jax they could tell he was a bit weary from all this activity and that gave them hope they could take control of him in the future.

They then retired to their rooms to rest up and try again to drain this behemoth so they could control him. It seemed that their team had been formed. They each may have had their own plans but for now they seemed united. They feel asleep each assured that they were better off now and in control of each other. Just needing to wait for their individual opportunity to seize control.

Every time one of the villains woke up they went and tried to service Jax into a climate but as individuals they were unable to do so. They were never awake together at the same time to try and work on him again as a foursome over the next two days. Two days of endless sex and they only made Jax cum once during that time. They must do something more to make him climax more often but they must plan with a better strategy. While it was an enjoyable time for all the villains could never get Jax under their own influence as they hoped.

After one more day where all five of them rested they gathered together to discuss the particulars of their plan stages. Starting with the particulars of the plan for Toyman when he faces Superman.

They have created a new set of toys for Toyman including a new larger 13″ dildo the width of a street cone, a set of 5 anal beads starting with the size of a marble up the size of a baseball, a set of kryptonite tipped nipple clamps and chain restraints.

An electric simulation unit with kryptonite pads to attach to various body parts of Superman.

Jax also coats all of these toys with a faint coating of the pheromones he retrieved from the fortress.

And finally, they create an oral cock which released a minor amount of green kryptonite liquid as it was being sucked on. Armed with the new set of toys Toyman was flied back to earth to set up his plan for his second encounter with Superman.

To be continued…

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