Superman Vanquished Part 2
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Superman Vanquished

Part 2 Eden

Author: Lcross 

Superman laughs at the professor’s gag and floats quickly up through the opening of the well as the professor makes for the ladder. Moments later Superman and the professor are standing behind the waist high metal safety railing that runs around the open trench looking down into the radiation well from high above. “The air tanks I mentioned Superman,” directs the professor as he gestures towards two air tanks painted bright white on the far side of the lab.


“The monorail with its crane-hoist you see above the well is used to lower objects into and out of the radiation well,” explains the professor as he gestures at the freshly painted white support columns of two bright red twin steel rails that run the entire length of the radiation well to a steel overhead door. Mounted between the twin rails is crane hoist that moves on the twin rails to load and unload cargo. 


“The test objects are trucked in and unloaded with the crane and I’m in business,” says the professor.


“You’ve outdone yourself this time professor,” commends Superman as he stares past he open lead doors of the radiation well to the reflective floor; viewing the well from above affords Superman a better view of the array of energy projecting disks that point downwards.


“Can the angle of the disks be adjusted professor?” asks Superman.


Certainly; all the disks can move 90 degrees to 35 degrees vertically; the four outer disks can move 45 degrees towards the center of the well horizontally; this allows the computers to bombard any object with amplified radiation to the fullest extent possible,” explains the professor.

“The radiation well is a dream come true; the answer I’ve been searching for to solve your…problem.”


The professor turns away from the well and says, “Come, I’ll show you the control center,” as he gestures Superman away from the well and towards the back wall of the spacious lab towards a lead paneled door. The professor faces another numeric keypad mounted on the brick wall next to the door and enters a series of numbers. There is the loud sound of compressing air as the large lead paneled doors rise laboriously on struts from within the radiation well and begin to come together as part of the lab floor. The lead doors come together and shift slightly with a thud closing off the well from the lab. Blooms of air vent into the lab and dissipate as twin steel panels slam together blocking access to the escape shaft and the ladder leading to down to well. A mechanical voices echoes loudly through the lab loudly, “Radiation Well Secured,” 


“Can’t have folks falling into that contraption,” jokes the professor as he enters more numbers and the lead panels divide opening the way to the control room.


The professor and Superman enter the completely lead lined control room chucked full of various types of computers and flat screens; there is a bank of computer servers on the right wall attached to a large UPS. There is a large 50” plasma screen mounted on the wall directly adjacent to the control room entrance that is presently showing computer encryption program. There is a young man in a white lab coat seated at the console facing the screen entering data. “You remember Eden don’t you Superman,” asks the professor?


The young man rises quickly and cheerfully offers his hand to Superman and they both shook hands. “Hello Superman! It’s been a long time! It’s great to see you again! I saw you on CNN yesterday; you saved all those kids out in Smallville.”


Eden is a handsome boy, 23, blue eyes, almost 6 feet tall, and has blonde hair cut short and is apparently thrilled at Superman’s visit.   

”Of course I remember Eden. Hello Eden,” said Superman. “You’re looking well; as for the school bus – that’s all in a days work. How is your graduate work progressing,” asked Superman? “You must be almost finished.”


“Thanks for asking sir. I have just about completed my graduate studies,” smiles Eden. “As soon as that is complete I’ll be finished at MU.”


“Anyway, Superman this the control center for the radiation well; completely lead-lined as is the well itself.  State of the art computers – servers – secure communication via internet; the government even threw in a satellite feed – the hot setup,” explains the professor. “Unfortunately until we get the radioactive samples from the Army there is not much else to show you; the well is a like a gun with no bullets.


“All very impressive professor; thanks for the tour but I have another appointment so I’ll have to leave you both,” explains Superman as he turns to leave. “Good bye Eden.”


“Good bye sir,” chirps Eden as he returns his work at the console.

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