Superman Harem Slave Chapter 5
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 Superman Harem Slave 


Chapter 5

 By Msclvir based on a plot by Mikechesty

List of Characters

Su’zin-Superman slaved 


Osham- Chief Minister of Abdul 


Shareem-light slave trainer 

Abu-dark slave trainer 

Rais-Captain of the Emir’s Guard 

Ra’id: Emir of Carbudali

            Wa’di – bath slave

            Karlesh – The master of records


Su’zin was led into the chamber.  He saw that it was not just a “gym” but also had some instruments of restraint.  Other trainers were both training and disciplining other slaves.  Although there was an occasional female slave, the vast majority of the slaves were male.  Many of the trainers carried what appeared to be cattle prods to sting if the slave did not comply immediately to the command.

Abu led him to a corner where a substantial chain hung down from the bars above a cage of sorts, with no apparent doors.  He took the end of the chain and locked it to Su’zin’s collar. For several hours Su’zin was given explicit instructions on slave commands, both verbal and non-verbal.  Several other slaves would illustrate the positions for stand, come, sit, stand down, lay down,  display, bow, attention and a few others.  While chained to the training cage, he would repeat each position until Abu and Shareem were adequately satisfied he had learned to behave as the subservient animal he was becoming.  Superman felt so degraded to be used in this fashion. Even as Clark Kent, he had always commanded some respect.  Given his height and musculature, he would normally have been intimidating just by his presence.  Now he was treated as all of the slaves were accustomed to be treated by the palace staff. 

Finally, his chain was unlocked and he was allowed to return to the bath chambers and relieve himself.  He was growing increasingly hungry and his stomach was growling incessantly.  When he had left the steel toilet that afforded no privacy to him, he made obeisance to Shareem, who seemed less harsh than Abu and waited.

“Yes slave?” he asked.

“Please master, I am very hungry.  May I have something to eat?” begged the super hero.  

“Here–eat this for now.  You’ll be fed with the other slaves later.” said the trainer as he tossed Superman what looked like a square biscuit.  It was hard but thick and crunchy.  Superman knew he’d best not express any question so he endeavored to eat the small brick like object.  It was not very tasty and hard to chew.  Without any water to wash it down, he nearly choked trying to swallow it.”

“Hurry up slave” said Shareem.  “You’ve got to get to the cataloguing chamber.  Finish that slave treat before I take it away from you.”

“Yes Mashteer” said the despondent superhero as he tried to stuff the rest of the ‘treat’ in his mouth.   Shareem made the signal for a slave to heel so Su’zin moved to stand on Shareem’s left.  Shareem attached another chain leash to his collar and they proceeded to a higher chamber in the castle.  This area was still beneath the desert sands but was lighter and more pleasant.  Finally, they reached another door that was made of steel bars in front of a wooden door.  Abu pounded on the door three times and a very dark slave opened it.  Immediately he fell to his knees and said “Yes masters, what may I do to serve you?”

Abu said, “tell Karlesh that we have brought the new American slave to be catalogued.”

“Yes masters, just one moment” said the door slave as he unlocked the steel door and motioned for the trainers and Su’zin to enter.  After he had secured the doors again, he motioned for them to follow him.  He was a very muscular slave and approached Superman’s height.  His skin glistened as the recessed lighting shone down upon him as they passed.  His collar was golden and his cuffs plain and strong.

As they reached the end of the passageway, he also knocked three times upon a large steel door and was told to enter by a voice inside.

It was a chamber with a rather high ceiling.  There were filing cabinets and doors with locks upon them.  Now Abu made the gesture for Superman to take a display pose: chest out, groin thrust forward, eyes down, hands behind the small of his back.  Then Abu gave him a gesture to kneel.

“Ah! At last we see the new slave.  Good looking too!  How is the training going?” asked Karlesh.

“It is on schedule” said Abu.  “We are here to catalogue him.”

“Take him to the photography chamber, while I gather the other things I will need,” said Karlesh.

Again the hand motions indicated for Superman to get up and heel.  Shareem moved forward with the chain leash and led him to a large room with photography equipment.

“Oh no! Not this” said Superman, “not naked! You can’t photograph me naked!”.

“Did you say something slave?” asked Abu.

“Please sir, you can’t do this to me!” said the Kryptonian with a distressed voice certainly never heard out of his mouth before this ordeal began.

Abu grabbed the slave collar and began to choke Superman with it.

“Listen to me slave! You had better get used to being used in any way your masters choose! One more outburst and I’ll use the slave prod on you!” screamed the trainer.   He then grabbed the chain and yanked the superhero down and threw him to the floor. 

Splayed out from surprise, Su’zin gathered himself and quickly resumed a position on his knees as prostrate as possible before the slave trainers.  “Yes master” he said in a low voice attempting to restore himself to the good graces of Abu.

“Good slave!  Now…get up on the platform there” the placated trainer said.

Superman climbed up onto a white round platform about four or five feet in diameter.   Just then Karlesh entered with another Arab who was apparently the photographer.

“We’ll do the before shots before his tagging and the rest after his induction” said the Master of Records.   “Let’s get this over with.  We have a lot to get done with him today.”

“Su’zin, stand up straight and face the camera.” said Karlesh.

He adjusted the lighting to accentuate Superman’s body.  The man of steel was so embarrassed to know that he would be photographed in this way.    But he stood still as the photographer made several shots.

“Now the side” motioned the photographer.  “Then a lunge position–first one that hides your penis, then one that exposes it.”

Superman complied.

“Lay down on your back” was the next command. “Legs together” snap “legs apart” snap “penis facing your head” snap “penis down” snap “on your knees” snap “get down on your stomach” snap “stand up and face away from me”–and so it continued for about thirty minutes until every inch of him had been photographed including close ups and erections.

“Su’zin come!” said Shareem making the command motion to heel.  Superman was then led to another chamber that looked a bit like a medical clinic. 

“Lay on your back on the metal table!” commanded Shareem.  The Kryptonian felt even more exposed as he climbed up on the table awaiting his next command.

Now Karlesh brought another slave in.  This slave was somewhat modestly dressed.  He had a leather apron on and a chain belt around his waist. 

“Prepare him!” barked Karlesh.

The slave quickly secured Superman’s ankles, thighs, arms and neck to the table. 

“Now let us begin.  I hope it will not be necessary to gag you!”  Karlesh said with a note of warning in his voice.

Superman, unable to see over his chest or raise his head merely shook it back and forth in the best way he could.

Now the slave came over with an electric instrument.  Superman had never seen one before.  He also had stencils and placed them on a table next to the one where Su’zin lay bound.

“First the Prince’s mark!” commanded the Master.

The slave turned on the instrument which turned out to be a tattoo gun. He began to put a mark on Superman’s upper right pectoral.  Without the superpowers he had formerly possessed, a bold Arabic design was amazingly quickly placed on the chest of the man of flesh!

Then the right arm of the Kryptonian was raised and attached above his head.  On the side of his chest area, Arabic numerals were embossed and in Arabic letters the name “Su’zin”

Superman was miserable.  Not only was he a willing partner to his own enslavement but he was having to go all the way as if this were real!  Would the Slave Identification be permanent should his powers return?  This was so humiliating and even more so knowing who he was…or had been before he was struck down from the skies.  What could he say?  “Stop!  I am Superman!”  If they believed him, then he was in for more severe treatment no doubt.  If not, then perhaps they would think him mad and he might be discarded, mocked and degraded all the more.  He could hear the mocking derision in his own mind even now: “here ‘Superman’ take this up your ass!  HA ! “

The slave bowed as he finished

“Now turn him over!”

The manacles were unfastened and the super hunk was turned over onto his chiseled abdomen.  Then re-attached, the slave began to put the same numerals and name on his left buttock in larger configuration.  Lastly, he again put the seal of the Prince on his right calf.  It would be hard to disguise this slave as a freeman.

“Now, let’s get his height, weight and measurements” said Karlesh.

The slave again unfastened Su’zin and the slave made the motion for him to come!

Now the super being was being order by other slaves!  Could it get any worse than this?

While the slave called out the measurements to Karlesh, he was feeding the information into a computer file for the slave Su’zin.  Now that he was a piece of property or merchandise, the humbled crime fighter was a valuable asset to the Prince.  All was done according to Arab law.  The slave had no rights.  He was in the realm illegally.  It was allowed by law to seize illegal trespassers.  Su’zin had a deed of title to his person and he was owned by the Prince according to Arab law! 

“Now we prepare you for the ceremony! “ said Shareem mysteriously.

Superman shuddered at what else might befall him playing out this ruse.  If only his powers would return!  He could escape this nightmare!

Again, with his neck leash fastened, the super-being was led like an animal to another chamber.  This one was bright and the only slaves within seemed to be female.   As he was led in, with wrists securely fastened behind him, and ankles moderately shackled with a chain, he caught one than another once over with some nods of seductive approval from the other slaves.  His bobbing penis, began to distend as he caught his own natural hormonal responses kicking in.

He was led into something that looked like a cross between beauty parlor and health spa.

“Get into that chair!” an unfamiliar female voice spoke with command.

The woman was a Nubian dressed to intimidate.   She was a slave mistress – a trainer of women.  She also supervised the royal salon.

It was here that slaves were brought to be prepared for auction or the first presentation to the harem or before official royalty

Superman was laid out into the working slave chair and fastened appropriately to the restraints necessary for the varied procedures that occurred in this place.

Here they put the “finishing touches” on the slaves before they were inducted into service.  They trimmed Superman’s nails, they trimmed his hair around the edges, they cleaned his ears and trimmed his eyebrows. Then a dentist came in.  Superman had never seen a dentist and of course his teeth were perfect, but he complied to the orders the dentist required.  It was so strange to him to be lying here naked and restrained surrounded by all of these women!  He was barely able to keep himself from having a complete erection!

Lastly, he was given several injections.  He was a bit worried about them because of his Kryptonian physiology.  He did not know that they were slow acting sexual stimulants.  The Harem slaves were given them once per week. but of course Su’zin did not need to know this.  He was just a slave. After he had been well prepared, two male slaves entered to take him for a final cleaning.  He was secured in a room hanging from two chains by his cuffs, the walls were tiled and when the door was shut,  steam began to fill the chamber.  He began to feel as if he might suffocate after a quarter hour when the door opened again.  Three slave women came in and began to scrub his body with some abrasive sponges and a type of aromatic soap-like substance.  By now, the hormonal stimulants were beginning to take effect.  The women, used to their task, paid him little heed.  The most difficult problem was that they kept pushing his now half-erect penis out of their way or bumping into it with their heads or legs as they moved about him.  Each time a shudder ran through him and he could feel a movement in his groin towards an impending orgasm.  He had never realized how his concentration and control had been strengthened by his Kryptonian super powers.  Now as his body betrayed him, he felt great shame.

“Looks like ‘big boy’ hasn’t had any for a while” teased one of the female slaves as she ran her hand over his lengthening shaft.

Another stroked her hand softly across his bum.  “Nicely shaped” she cooed. “Maybe the Princess will loan him out to me for an evening.  I could dig my hands into that for a few hours” she said as she ran a fingernail down his ass crack.   He shuddered.  “Ticklish, huh?” she snidely whispered.

Superman grew crimson.  He had not had anyone regard him this casually in his life-time–especially not women!  Here he was being discussed like some prize bull at a show.  He could only hope that it would be over soon.  They continued to mock him playfully.

“I suppose that he must have satisfied a few women with that cock.  Too bad it won’t be in voluntary service for the rest of his life–I mean, too bad for him!” another woman cackled as she bathed his swinging testicles giving an extra tug here and there He winced.

“But I do hate what they DO to them–it seems to take some of the ‘spunk’ out of them” said the youngest of the four.  At this they all roared with laughter much to the discomfort of Superman and the mysterious implications of their words brought another line of worry to his forehead.

After about a half hour of this pseudo-derision and humiliation, finally, they left the room and blasts of water hit him from four sides.  He reacted as best as one could under the circumstances, trying to avoid the blasts as best he could, but it was to no avail.  It was slightly chilled and caused goose bumps to erupt over his body.  Then, they returned to dry him off, taking care to fondle and caress him in the most erotic ways.  He of course, again sprung a full erection and actually began to drip pre-cum.

“Now don’t be don’t that boy,” said the most authoritative of them.  We don’t’ want to have to go through this again or have our Mistress think we didn’t do our duty.”  With that, she slapped his penis with her palm and immediately he ejaculated.

“You idiot!” she quipped.  Then she slapped his bouncing penis and slapped him with a back hand on his face.    “Girls, bring the kit!”

One of the women now came forward with a strange device that had a long slender plastic tube and a long attached hard plastic shaft at its end, possibly an eighth inch in diameter.

As the Kryptonian watched helplessly, the young girl inserted the shaft into his urethra until it was in approximately five inches.  Then she pressed a small pumping device that immediately began to suck out the remainder of his ejaculate.  Superman’s fingers and toes curled with the sensation of this new intrusion.  After this, another button was pressed and fluid began to flow into his organ.  He could feel it move down his dick shaft and enter more deeply through the prostate and even into the testicular tubes.  He shivered at the indescribable sensation.   Finally after about five minutes, the suction was resumed and all the remaining semen was thoroughly purged.

“Now you’ll be presentable for the ceremony this night” said the one who was obviously in charge.  He whimpered as they slowly pulled out the penal shaft and the remaining fluids dripped from his now very flaccid organ.

The next step was a flooding of the chamber with shafts of hot air and within a minute or two he was completely dry.  The four women then entered again and began to apply some sort of oil to his skin until he was glistening and every muscle in his body was acutely displayed.

“Now” said the authoritative woman, “you are ready for the ceremony.”

Superman, now very tense, pondered what this might mean.

(End of Chapter 5)

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