The Final Conquest of Superman Chapters 19-20
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The Final Conquest of Superman

The Man of Steel Faces His Most Powerful Adversary – Dark Trinity

Author: Jay (Johnhorman)

DISCLAIMER: This story contains graphic violence and brutal sexual scenes which may offend. Please do not read if sadism, brutality and sexual erotic violence are not something you find palatable.

Chapter 9

After the members of Dark Trinity left, Luthor’s deepest evil side rose to prominent once more.  This was the truly evil part of the twisted criminal’s nature- the taboo side which made Luthor’s cock rage and his mind fill with fantasies so dark that, for most, would have been beyond thought.

He removed the suction hose from Superman’s massive cock…and instructed his cohorts to tie and gag Jimmy Olsen, then bring the young red haired stud to the blind superhero.   In his sex crazed condition, Superman was in a state of hardened readiness.   There was only one thing on the deposed hero’s mind—-satisfy the cock…SATISFY THE COCK….SATISFY THE COCK!!!!

Luthor watched as the young cub reporter’s naked torso was lowered onto the already violently thrusting cock of the captive hero.   As the huge cock penetrated his friend’s ass, the pain of the ripping, tearing member sent wave after wave of searing pain through the helpless reporter.  His screams seemed to have no effect of the captive hero—the sex crazed hero’s mind was completely focused on driving his cock deeper and deeper into the ravaged ass of his former friend-ramming and raping relentlessly.

As Jimmy Olsen’s ass was shredded and torn by the massive cock, he teetered on the edge of consciousness- blood pouring from the ever widening rectal chasm.  Luthor was using Superman’s cock as a widening and lengthening wedge—reshaping the young man’s ass into an ever growing fuck hole.  The pain reached new levels of intensity and Olsen lost consciousness, and then slumped against Superman’s chest.  Luthor Corp technicians watched as the hero’s cum filled the gaping wound where once there had been an asshole.

They knew that the recuperative power of this cum would caulderize and heal.  This would be the perfect time to reposition the cock, testicles and ball sack and create a cunt for frontal fucking.  Superman essentially had been manipulated into being the destructive vehicle by which Olsen would be transformed into Mark Shepherd’s new fertile fuck boy. The deposed hero would be forever held responsible for this gross physical injustice and grotesque disfigurement by his friend, Jimmy.  This would serve a number of perverse purposes in both Luthor’s and Shepherd’s future plans.

Although blind, the fallen hero was fully aware of what he had just done.  As his cock re-hardened against his will, he wept.  The little that remained of his self worth further crumbled and summarily dissipated.  He was no longer human—it was time to accept his new role of sexual “monster” and pervert, one which had been so beautifully carved out by Luthor and his cohorts. Pure and simple—the defeated hero was now a total sex slave of the highest depravity-forever devoid of his self control, humanity and compassion.

Luthor had triumphed—his defeat of his old nemesis was now complete.  He stood watching the beautiful and grotesque debauchery before him, smug and serene in this grandest of accomplishments.


Chapter 20

Mark and the other members of Dark Trinity had not been back at their villa for more than 30 minutes when Mark entered the ape-boy’s hospital room.  The eunuch still looked amazingly handsome and virile, though he was barely able to open his eyes.  He has lost a large volume of blood

Bearing a child had damaged the eunuch’s internal organs beyond repair and his life was ebbing away –his time remaining running out like sands through an hourglass. His eyes lifted and a faint smile greeted Mark as he entered the room.

Numerous tubes entered and exited the young man’s body, each one essential to his life.   Two technicians stood by to adjust dials as necessary. The young man’s breathing was in short panting gasps.  An oxygen mask provided life giving assistance to the eunuch’s breathing.  Mark stood by the young man’s head and ran his fingers through the thick wavy hair of the beautiful jungle boy.

Mark spoke slowly and deliberately: “You have given me a son.  Your purpose is life was to bring me pleasure, take my seed, conceive and carry my son to term.  I’m proud of you for doing that.  My son is beautiful and doing very well.   He is going to grow to be a wonderful son to me.”

The eunuch spoke, his words barely a whisper: “Our son is beautiful. I have seen him.”

Mark frowned and immediately responded: “There is no OUR son.”  He is MY son.   There is no OURS and no US.   You have done your job and it’s time for me to say “good-bye”.   Even as I speak, my cock throbs and leaks pre-cum…and not out of love or lust for you. It is because several years ago I captured and brutally killed your ape-shit father. Then, I stole his son, turned him into a man-whore…fucked him….impregnated him….and made him my own boy. And now, the son I produced and you carried…I’m taking.  Like father….like son…so they say!

I know you still despise your father…. that hate has so effectively fueled and motivated your amazing servicing of hot men, including me.  Don’t take this too personally….but I replaced you while I was away.   Another boy will arrive within the month and he will take your fucking place.  

It’s time for you to join your father…the two of you belong together.   He died because he considered himself too fucking powerful to ever be captured or killed….and you will suffer the same fate because you were stupid enough to trust the very man who murdered your father.  I love the irony-it’s too good to believe!”

Mark reached to one of the many switches controlling life giving sustenance…and clicked two of them to “off” position.  The young man reacted with panic and distress.  Mark smiled and clicked three more switches.   The young eunuch’s eyes grew wide and he mouthed the word, “WHY?”

Mark smiled and mouthed the phrase, “Because I can…”

With that comment, the leader of Dark Trinity switched off all life support and watched the life ebb from the young body before him. He thrust three fingers up the young man’s rectum to feel his last heartbeats through the ass rim.  The ass reacted appropriately—flexing and spasming as the boy’s eyes rolled back in their sockets and began to glaze over.

Mark had felt a profound “let-down” after leaving Metropolis…..his need to kill was always present and in Metropolis, that need went unfulfilled.  The eunuch would substitute for Superman.  It was also an erotic reminder of his exhilaration when Tarzan was executed and Batman and Robin terminated.   Killing was in his nature.   He removed the oxygen mask and used his large, strong right hand to completely cover the eunuch’s mouth and nose.  The young weakened man suffocated as his source of air was cut off.

The eunuch’s body vibrated with death spasms as energy left his body a cell at a time.  It was amazing to watch.  Mark was able to feel the slowing heart rate and eventual stop through the eunuch’s ass rim. What made it all so surreal to Mark and his partners was the added fact that there was ample cum serum on hand from Superman to rejuvenate the ape-boy…but it was not to be. Once again the trio was affecting history through carefully planned hero elimination.  Tarzan’s son would produce no more offspring—or potential heroes in the mold of a famous grandfather and even “birth-dad”.

This new son would grow to assume the mantle of his “seed-dad’—a truly murderous, powerful crime lord who now reigned supreme in the world of evil-doers.  Under Mark tutorage, and the influence of his two “uncles”, the young boy would learn all the appropriate behaviors which would guarantee another sociopathic product.  The boy would grow to become another killer without a conscience. 

As he pulled a sheet up and over the ape-boy’s head and face, Mark Shepherd read a communication from Lex Luthor which has just arrived:

“The Justice League is in disarray-overall panic over the loss of Batman, Robin and now the disappearance of Superman has ensued.  It’s even better than I had hoped for.   The time to strike again will arrive sooner than we may have thought…and I suggest we take out both Spiderman and Green Lantern next.  On another subject—-your new fuck-toy, Jimmy Olsen has been altered to your specifications.  Unfortunately the procedure as made him into a “mind-less” man-slut.  His sexual appetites seem endless–needs cock in his mouth…his cunt…and his ass constantly.  I know you will find this to your liking.

I hope you don’t mind that I used Superman to fuck Olsen’s frontal cunt first—his cum supplied the perfect healing agent for young Jimmy’s new hole.   I have sent the boy with a special escort to you—the two will arrive within 36 hours.  Use him well and use him often.”

As the three members of Dark Trinity raised their glasses to toast their latest accomplishment, the body of the ape boy continued to flex and spasm with residual nerve impulses.  The trio sipped their wine with one hand and stroked their cocks with the other.  Mark appropriately made a toast:

“Gentlemen, we take on the strongest heroes in the world and prevail.  Tarzan, his dick-less son, Batman, Robin –they are all gone and never able to thwart crime again.   Thanks to us-Superman now is reduced to a sightless, cream producing bovine.   His every minute of every day is spent in sexual hell- filling one container after another with new cum—while his tormentors think of new and insidiously depraved acts to add to his torment.

I’m sure Superman has wished for death many times in the last few days—but Luthor rules the once powerful hero—and his life will not be shortened while Luthor is in full control.   Superman has just begun to suffer….it is only going to get worse—MUCH, MUCH WORSE.

So here’s to Dark Trinity!  May we grow in our power…. in our desire and ability to stomp out what is good!  And to the Justice League….BEWARE!   One by one, the list of your members will fade.  We are on the hunt!   We have you in our cross hairs.   It is just a matter of time…..just a matter of time.  The question isn’t ‘IF’ we will kill you….but ‘WHEN’.  The day of your destruction will arrive…and SOON!


The end.

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